The Campers!

Cabin One

  • Anna (Counselour)
  • Ryan
  • Jade
  • Wes
  • Annie
  • Daren Criss Magical doll

Cabin Two

  • Erlend (Counselour)
  • Kekai
  • Alice
  • Cass
  • Berry

Cabin Three

  • Oli (Counselour)
  • Mia
  • Dani
  • Kiki
  • Caylin
  • Marlene
  • Danny
  • Callam
  • Kitty

Cabin Four

  • Emma (Counselour)
  • Zach
  • Colin
  • Claudia
  • Justin
Death Chart
Place Name How Who Day
Died First Kaeghan Fell down a cliff Himself 1
... Colin Head smashed with rock while being drowned Mia 3, night
... Ryan Decapitated with scythe Kekai 3, night
... Justin Dagger on forehead Oli 3, night
... Annie Spear to stomach Caylin 3, night
... Kitty Impaled with spear Erlend 3, night
... Kiki Ninja star to the forehead Berry 3, night
... Claudia Slapped with fish and stomach ripped open with scythe Kekai 3, night
... Jade Back sliced with katana Alice 3, night
... Danny Turn apart by Kaeghan zombies KaeghanZombie 4
... Oli Eaten alive Kaeghan-is-a-zombie 4
... Mia Eaten alice Kaeghan Zombie-Breath 4
... Kekai Slapped himself with dead fish with death. John Hammer McFin 4
... Doll Bubble porn Cass 4, night
... Wes Bubble porn Cass 4, night
... Marlene Dagger to chest Dani/Anna 4, night
... Berry Sliced in half Zach 4, night
... Emma Raped with spear Erlend 5
... Zach Sliced in the stomach Alice 5
... Erlend Axe to head Dani 5
... Caylin Dagger on forehead Dani 5
... Anna Riped apart Zombies 5
... Alice Riped Apart/ Tagged Zombies/Cass 5
... Cass Riped Apart/Tagged Zombies/Alice 5
Died Last Callam Riped Apart/Tagged Zombies/Dani 5
VICTOR! Dani She liked a shoe Herself 69

Day 1 ~ A lovely holiday in a place next to a lake

A car arrived to the camp in it was a blonde gurl called Anna. She said bye to her mother and started walking to the entrance, the place was filled with pine trees and to the West there was huge lake. Anna saw Joan, the camp director was in the main hut of the camp. Anna walked in and looked around "Hi?" She said kind of scared seeing nobody at the house.

"Hi! Welcome to the camp!" Joan said "Im Joan the camp director"

"Nice to meet you." Anna said "Im Anna"

"Guess what? I don't care since you are the first to arrive you are the new Councelour of Cabin One. Get out of my view before I decide to grab the shotgun."

Anna sprinted out of the house and bumped into a boy with one word that described him, pervert. She looked at him and said "That guy is the devil!"

The boy who was called Erlend smiled and said "I like hot things." and started walking to the big house. More and more teens arrived and standed around the big house, which was locked. Moans and other noises escaped the house and two hours passed until a half naked Erlend and a happy looking Joan appeared through the door.

"Ok guys welcome to the camp! So I will give you each one a number and you go to that cabin ok?" Joan said "The boy that I just had sex with, I don't care what your name is but you are the counselour of two." Erlend smiled and started jumping towards his new cabin slapping the girl's asses. Some protested while others winked and giggled. Joan rolled his eyes and coninued "Ok so the counselour for Cabin 3 will be... The perf boy." A blonde boy that wore a Jack and Finn shirt smiled and said "I know I am perfect."

A girl with black hair called Mia rolled her eyes and said "So not falling for him..."

Joan scanned the crowd for the fourth cabin counselour "Ok I guess that the girl in the back will do..." He sighed as he pointed at Emma she smiled and started dragging her suitcase at her cabin. Joan continued saying names and giving them a cabin. After everybody had a cabin he dismissed them all "Ok so your parents payed for good holidays and this is how it works. You do whatever you want I give you food and everybody is happy. So before I grab the shotgun flee from my view."

Erlend smirked and said "I already saw that shotgun." Joan winked at him and everybody left.

Cabin One was a really nice house next to the shore of the lake, it had a small porch with hammocks in it. Inside it there are some beds and chairs and a table... It seemed very peaceful. Ryan was unpacking when Jade pushed him onto the bed. "What the..." Ryan said but Jade covered his mouth with a hand. "You, me share bed." Jade said with a smile and Ryan nodded as Jade moved her hand to Ryan's crotch and squeezed it. Ryan's eyes widened and Jade left the cabin with a smirk. Anna got near Ryan and tapped him on the shoulder "Are you ok?" Anna asked with a smile.

Ryan blushed "Now I have a boner... Where is the bathroom..."

Anna suddenly turned away and acted like she didn't hear anything.

Cabin Two was at the top of a small rock formation next to the lake. It had a wooden plank that was used to jump to the lake. The cabin had no porch but had a room for each camper. Cass had finished unpacking and decided that she wanted to get a tan. She was way to lazy to search for her bikini so she stripped naked and exited the cabin to lay ontop of a rock. Alice had also finished unpacking and exited the cabin she got near Cass and asked "Cass, did you ever got sun burnt in the vagina ever?" Cass' eyes widened and started blushing "N-not really..." Cass replied, she took a few seconds to regain her normal attitude and when she said the first thing she randomly thought about "Alice wanna go skinny diping?" Cass said and then facepalmed. When she removed the palm from her face she saw Alice naked with her frizzy haird falling over her boobs ready to jump to the water. Cass smiled and walked next to each other. They jumped with a scream.

Wes was sitting on a log near the shore when the two naked girls landed infrint of him with a splash. "HOLY SHIT!"

After this Wes fainted.

Cabin Three was like cabin Two but somebody had added some stairs so the campers could climb to the ceiling. Everybody started unpacking and Caylin was the first one to finish. She decided to go for a walk in the way Erlend appeared from behind a tree and waved a hand at Caylin. Caylin rolled her eyes and said "Bitch please, I have high heals higher than your standards!" And with that Caylin turned around to walk to the lake. There she saw the two naked girls and the fainted Wes. She walked up to Wes and touched his neck. Wes waked up and looked at Caylin "What chu gon do? What chu gon do?" Wes said. Caylin rolled her eyes and pushed Wes to the water. "What chu gon do bish?" Caylin said and walked back to her cabin.

Cabin Four was near the lake, it was painted white and had all the beds against a wall. Outside it there was a jacuzzi. Emma stripped to her bikini and jumped into the jacuzzi. All the others rolled their eyes and started unpacking Claudia jumped onto her bed and shouted "OMFG! IT'S SO FLUFFY I MIGHT DIE!" 

The time passed until afternoon. Jade has locked herself in the cabin not letting nobody get inside. Kekai has been in his room listening vocaloid from his MP3 player. Berry was with her laptop and she suddenly screamed. Kekai ran out of his room to see if Berry was ok. "What happened?!" 

Berry was panicking and said "The wifi haves a password!"

"No! We are going to die!" Kekai said

Erlend walked in "What is going on?" he asked

"Wifi haves a password!" Kekai said

"Shit no! No porn for all the holidays!" Erlend said

The three teens curled in balls and started panicking. Alice and Cass walked in, they were still naked but had towels covering themselfs. "Hey guys do you know there is wifi at camp?" Alice said

"The password is in the notice board" Cass said. Kekai, Berry and Erlend ran as fast as they could towards the notice board.

Suddenly a car arrived to camp from it a ginger boy called Kaeghan walked down. He started happily skipping towards the main house, but he tripped on his shoelaces and started rolling towards the border of a cliff that lead towards the lake. Kaeghan fell down the cliff and landed on a sharp rock. The rock went through his chest and he is obviosly dead. Joan saw this and grabbed a stick and went down to the rock and with the stick he made the corpse go to the water. He hits the body until it drowns under the water and doesn't go up again. He smiles and goes back to the big house.

Another three cars arrived and Marlene, Danny and Justin arrived they spotted Joan with some blood in the shirt. "Oh! Uh... I was painting the new cabin for the camp. Welcome!" He said nervously "So yeah... choose your cabins I'm busy to asign them now..." 

Marlene and Danny saw the people laughing ontop of the roof at cabin three laughing and giggling. They started walking to it. Justin saw the white cabin and decided to go there. As soon Marlene and Danny entered Dani greeted them. "Hi there guys!"

"Hi!" Danny said "Im Danny and that's Marlene. We saw all the fun you had in thsi cabin and decided to join it!"

Oli holding Mia's hand arrived "Guys Mia and me are married!"

"Cool!" Marlene  said

"OMG Marlene you are our daughter!" Oli said

"What about Danny?" Mia said

"We will do threesomes with him!" Oli said and with that they all started making space for Danny and Marlene. Mia moved into Oli's room and Dani found out that the sofa at the main room of the cabin was instead a bed-sofa. When she saw that the bed was bigger than the one in her room she moved to the sofa and gave Danny her room. 

Justin installed in a extra bed in cabin four and the sky started to darken everybody devided to have a bonfire and they started collecting wood and started the bonfire next to the lake.

Night 1 ~ A bonfire: LETS ALL GET KINKY!!!!

Annie grabbed a box of matches and lit some dried leaves. The pile of sticks set on fire and everybody cheered. Jade was trying to corner Ryan, he was clearly nervous and suddenly had an idea "JADE! LEAVE ME ALONE IM GAY! I LIKE IT UP THE ASS AND IM PROUD OF IT" Jade started making ew noises and started to search for her next victim. 

Kekai, Annie, Anna, Kiki and Colin sat next to each other with marshmallows on sticks. They toast them in the fire as Kekai talks about how fire reminds him to the princes of hell. Justin decides to start jumping over the fire until he suddenly trips and the jumping obstacle sets Justin's hair on fire. Justin starts screaming and Caylin grabs a stick and starts hiting Justin's catching fire hair. Emma somehow thinks that will make the fire stop and grabs a stick and also starts hitting me. Anna hearing the screams looks up and shouts "ARE YOU ALL STUPID?!" and with that she tackles Justin to the lake and start putting Justin's head under it. After the fire dies Justin has lost most of his hair and his hair is now in a messy navy style. "You owe me a big one boy!" Anna said and went bag to talk with Kekai who has been laughing the entire time.

Jade has been trying to find a new victim and finally she found it, Wes, that guy was filled with hormones and couldn't hold a boner on his pants. She approached him and smiled "Hi there!" Jade said making her boobs bounce. 

Wes blushed and said "h-hi..."

Jade smiled even more and said "You, me and a bed tonight."

Wes "O-ok..." and with that they started walking to cabin one.

Alice and Cass were bth sitting on a rock and are snuggling and kissing and smiling. Cass started kissing Alice's neck and asked "I heard that in Austria it's cold... Imma heat you tonight" 

Alice moaned and said "Ok let's do it now!" and both girls dissapeared into the rock hill of Cabin Two.

Kekai looked at Anna and said "Should we fuck?"

Anna shrugged "Okay..." And they started maing out.

Mia and Oli saw that everybody was going to fuck and looked at each other "Should we you know..." Oli said

"You finally ask me! Should we ask Danny to join us?" Mia said

"Sure and let's make Marlene watch!" Oli said exited

"Ew... How about no?" Mia said

"Ok..." Oli said and they both dissapeared dragging Danny with them.

As Wes awkwardly follows Jade he suddenly starts to realise that Jade is not a Shemale. "Eh... Jade..."

"Yes Wes? Are you a virgin?" Jade asked

"No... Jade do you have a penis?" Wes asked

"Ew fuck no!" Jade replied

"Ok then I think that... JADE IM GAY I LIKE IT UP THE ASS AND ENJOY IT!" Wes said

"Shit! Not again!" Jade said

"Wait did it already happen?" Wes asked

"Yes with the Ryan boy... this is humilating..." Jade said

"Be right back" And with that Wes dissapeared in the forest and started running towards Ryan "Hey Ryan! Wanna fuck?"

"Sure Wes!" Ryan said and they went to Cabin One.

Day 2 ~ Let's go Katniss Everdeen Glimmer and the TED rip-off!

Everybody waked up and walked to the big house's porch to have breakfast. Wes and Ryan snuggled into each other "Wes..." Ryan said blushing

"Yes?" Wes awnsered

"Who the hell topped yesturday?" Ryan asked

"Why the hell I should know? I was high on mashmallows!" Wes said

"Same here..." Ryan said and they both walked towards towards the main house. There where some tables on the porch and some benches. In a table next to the wall where some jars of milk and juices, cereals and fruit. Jade sat next to Zach who immediatly got up and walked to another table "I like it up the ass!" Zach said and Jade slammed her face against the bowl of cereals covering herself on milk and cereals. "I hate my life..."

Suddenly Joan appeared and walked to Wes and said load enough so that evrybody hears "Hey there Wes, your parents sended your plastic Darren Criss sex toy I left it next to your bed maki? mkai" And with that Joan turned around and left. Everybody looked at a blushing Wes and he said "Don't judge me... his ass is fab..."

After breakfast Wes ran to his cabin and started hugging the Daren Criss sex toy. "I wish you where real so much..." Wes said and hugged the doll even harder and suddenly some strange noises escaped the doll and Wes completly freaked out. "Oh gosh boy! You nearly soffocated me!" The doll said, it had turned to a human and Wes was freaking out. "You are him! Oh my gucking god!" Wes started bouncing and he suddenly slipped and hitted his head against the floor falling uncounsious.

Meanwhile everybody walked to the archery zone. Targets where neatly setted on one side of the forest and a crate with bows and quivers in the other. Everybody walked to the crate and grabbed a bow and a quiver. "Where is Wes?" Anna asked. "Fucking the doll" Caylin said with a shrug. Annie grabbed a bow and a quiver and shot neatly to the center of her target. Everybody followed Annie and started shooting. Most of them where horrible with the bow and arrow. Zach shot at the ground. Mia missed her target and her arrow got lost the arrow. Erlend kept trying to shoot people with 'love arrows' which made Dani angry who took away his bow and slapped him with an arrow. Kekai suddenly had an idea and shoated "Let's play arrow rain!" and he charged his bow and fired three arrows at once, everybody started screaming and ran away. Luckly the first arrow landed on a branch and the second got tangled on the leafs. The third one was falling and landed just behind Berry. She screamed and everybody started chasing Kekai swearing at him.

Meanwhile at Cabin One the Daren Criss shaked Wes until he woke up. "What happened?" Wes asked. "I don't care but I'm horny" Daren awnsered. From that moment Wes and the TED rip-off doll never exited the cabin, to be specific the bed.

Kekai continued running away and Alice threw him rocks "Im going to lumping kill you!" She screamed "And yes I use lumping instead of fucking! I don't know why! Cause fucking haves no lumps!" They continued chasing Kekai for some minutes until Kekai stopped.

"Guys, I forgot why you where chasing me..." Kekai said

"Yes I also forgot why!" Kiki said

"It totally doesn't have to do with the bows. Right?" Colin said

"Yeah... Should we go to eat?" Anna said. Everybody nodded and like dummies they walked to the big house.

After eating everybody (but Wes who is still locked at Cabin One) gather in a circle and decide to play truth or dare. Erlend turns first the bottle and it points at Anna "Anna, heuheuheu, trooth or dare?" he asks

"Eh... Dare?" Anna replies

"I dare you to show us your boobies!" Erlend shouts

"Im not doing that!" Anna shouted

"Then have sex with me!" Erlend said

"Ok... Ok im showing my boobs!" And with that Anna took her shirt off.

"They are so big!" Alice shouted

"Are they fake?" Dani asked

"I want to have them!" Danny whined

Anna was really red and covered herself she grabbed the bottle and spinned it. It pointed at Oli. "Oli truth or dare?"

"Truth..." Oli replied

"Tell us your biggest sexual fantasy." Anna said with a smile

Oli blushed and looked at his feet "A threesome with Jack an Finn Harries..." Some people laughed other blushed since that was also their fantasy.

Oli grabbed the bottle and spinned it. It pointed at Berry she bit her lip and said "I choose trooth"

Oli started thinking and asked "Berry how can you appear so young?"

Berry smiled "This is my deepest secret, it's cause I finded the citric fruits of youth, they make me eternaly young."

Suddenly Wes appeared walking funny "Shit, my ass hurts..." he said. Berry then turned the bottle. It pointed at Cass. "Ca-"" Berry was cutted out by Cass "A dare motha feckers!"

"I dare you to... Pole dance around a boy!" Berry said

Cass grabbed Kekai by the neck and started pole dancing around him. She grabbed his shoulders and twerked and other stuff. By the end of the dance most boys had a boner. Cass grabed the bottle and spinned it. It pointed at Justin "I choose dare"

"I dare you to act like you are my slave!" Cass ordered

"But..." Justin was about to protest

"Shut up! Or do you want me to whip you?!" Cass snapped

"This is..." Justin started

"Thats enough!" Cass said as she ripped a root from the floor. "Alice love spin the bottle for that slug." She said sweetly "Ok slug you better run!" And with that she whiped Justin in a leg. Justin started running and Cass chased him.

They kept playing this until it was night


"Dare" Said Wesley

"I dare you to start an orgy!" Oli said with a grin

"Oli WTF?!" Wes said

"You dared me to have sex with a fish now Im beating yo ass!" Oli explained

All of the following is censored since its +18 rated in a few years you read it ;3 Oh btw it included Oli shoving something big up Wes' something. Anna's boobs getting grabbed many times. Erlend perving people. And Kekai raping the ones that didn't want to join the orgy.

Day 3 - KEAP gets killed C;

Cabin 3 woke up with the two members that have ALWAYS been there Callam and Kitty. They have been mentioned ALWAYS. Mk? Mk.

Suddenly Caylin looked at the window and saw an KEAP monster of the lake. She shaked Oli until he woke up. "Oli there is something strange at the lake!" 

"Caylin what the fuck? Did you drink cum with weed yesturday at the orgy?" Oli awsered

"Just look at it!" Caylin said. They both exited the cabin and looked at the lake. There was a giant blue snake that suddenly spotted them. It shooted rainbows from its mouth at them and Caylin pushed Oli towards the side so a colourful laser didn't hit him. Caylin ran to the archery zone which was behind her cabin and grabbed two bows and some quivers. She passed one at Oli and they started shooting arrows. They went at the snake's body but nothing happened. The snake kept shooting rainbows and Caylin had an idea. "Shoot at the mouth!" She shouted. Oli shot an arrow that turned into flowers when it touched a rainbow laser. Caylin shooted and it happened again. After some tries Oli managed to shoot one arrow that went at the monster's lower lip. Caylin the shooted another one that landed on the monster's tounge. The snake shooted again and turned the arrows into flowers. But this time it wasnt only the arrows what got turned into flowers. The blood that came out of the wounds of the beast turned into flowers and in a few second all the blood of the beast turned to flowers. What was left looked like a rucksack filled with flowers.

After this they both woke up at the rock in which Kaeghan died. Drugs are bad my dear kids.

Alice woke up in the jacuzzi, she had this weird dream about having a threesome with Wes and a doll. And the worst of all: with no protection.

Cass woke up on a field. She had alot of sex with Callam. She layed on the grass naked. She opened her eyes to see a bear humping her. She screamed and punched the bear on the face. She then grabbed a rock and smashed it into the bear's skull killing him. She then victoriously humped the animal corpse and started going back to camp covering herself with the bear's fur.

Night 3 - This are all request so shush :3

Mia was hugging Oli as they where infront of a bonfire. Suddenly Mia saw Jade and had an idea. "Oli would you mind if I go lesbo for the night?"

"Sure why not?" Oli replied with a shrug

Mia walked up to Jade and started making out with her.

(I wanna finish this so hope you like this)

Kekai was sitting with Anna. Today he fished a giant fish and he was so proud of it that he dragged it around everywhere. Claudia was singing as Ryan played multiple instruments at the same time. Erlend joined and did the chorus, which where all about boobs and tigh jeans. 

Suddenly a the sky flashed and a the camp and the lake where covered with a dome. In the dome the image of a black woman with big boobs appeared. "Yo! It's shanna! Yo must kill each other niggas! If not me gonna squash yo with mah boobs! This is the Hungah Games! Yo hornycopia is Island with hornycopia on it. Supplies are at there! Bah the way: Hey yo nigga subscribe!"

With that everybody started to panic. Kekai slammed his fish into Justrin's face and started swimming. Emma was also swimming there. Both of them being the fastest swimmers arrived first. Anna was also swimming there and arrived to the island. Colin was about to arrive but Mia grabbed him and jerked him under the water. She started punching him on the face and the grabbed a rock and smashed it against his skull.

Kekai arrived at the cornucopia and grabbed some scythes and a backpack. Ryan was looking through some backpacks and Kekai sliced his neck from behind. Kekai deepened the cut and Ryan's head fell to the ground. 

Marlene was grabbing some supplies when suddenly Justin sneaked behind her with a sword which shinned in the moonlight. Oli tackled Justin and dug a dagger into his forehead as he said. "She is mah daughter!"

Soon the career alliance was created by: Oli, Mia, Kiki, Caylin, Dani, Marlene, Callam and Danny. They took most of the suplies and started targeting people. Caylin grabbed Annie's hair as she swinged a mace at her. She then kicked her in the stomach and dug a spear on her stomach.

Erlend looked through supplies and finded a spear he thought that was a dildo. He slammed Kitty on the head with it and then dug then impaled her.

Berry grabbed some ninja stars and threw them towards Kiki, they landed on Kiki's forehead and she fell dead. Mia yelled at Berry and threw a knife at Berry. Berry rolled to her side and jumped to the water. She started swimming back at camp.

Zach decided to grab a curved sword and a backpack. When He turned around he saw how Callam was about to stab him with a long knife. Zach swinged the sword and sliced Callam's chest injuring him pretty bad. Then Zach ran to the water.

The bloodbath was arriving to an end and the only remaining campers where the careers, Kekai and Claudia who was about to get away. Kekai grabbed Claudia and started slapping her with the dead fish. Claudia bleeded from the corner from the corner of the mouth as she tried to mutter something. Kekai then sliced her stomach open and then jumped to the water.

After some time the careers gather all the remaining supplies and Marlene treats Callam's injuries. Suddenly the sound of a rubber ducky starts to sound and Shanna appeared again in the sky "Hey yo niggas! Each quack means one of you died!" Mia counted 6 quacks smilling since one quack was caused by her.

Wes, Cass, the doll and Alice found each other at Cabin Four they decided to form an alliance. They locked the doors and started checking their supplies. Cass had a whip, some barbed wire, a can of beans and a water canteen. Alice had a katana, some rope, some bandages, and a canteen filled with soup. Wes got an axe, some chocolate, a bag of apples and a empty canteen. The doll got a crossbow and that's it. They suddenly spot Jade swimming out of the lake. Alice went to a window and got out of the cabin through it. She then sneaked behind Jade raised her katana and sliced Jade's back with an anime war cry. A quack sounded and Alice sneaked back into the cabin.

After some minutes Shanna appeared again and started singing a random shiz song, she had all the faces of the campers in a small section of the screen "So the campers that had passed away from Cabin One are Ryan, Jade and Annie." As she said each name the face of the campere went gray "From Cabin Two nobody died. From Cabin Three Kiki and Kitty died. From Cabin Four Colin and Justin died. Good night niggas!" 

Day 4 - Shiz gets cray-cray

Alice and Cass wake up both being pregnant "What the fuck!?" They both scream and starts slamming their tummies against the wall trying to kill the baby. Wes and the doll start saying it was each other which left Cass preganant. But after some minutes they leave the thing dissapear.

The careers where at the island where at the cornucopia and were talking about staying there all the game but suddenky Shana's voice was heard. "Hey yo chiken mc'nigglets! You have 30 seconds to leave the hornycopia or shiz is gonna happen!" The careers grabbed as many supplies as possible and headed to the canoes that where behind the cornucopia. As they dumped in the conoes the supplies Shanna's voice was heard again "Hey yo! 30 seconds ended! Shiz is gonna happen! Subscribe!" And from the water hundreds of Kaeghan zombies emerged. Dani, Caylin and Danny started rowing as fast as they could as Callam threw knifes at them. Mia, Oli and Marlene did a similar plan. Oli decapitated some zombies with a katana he grabbed. Mia rowed with one hand as she slammed a mace into the zombies with the others. Suddenly one zombie appeared next to Danny and grabbed him by the arm. Danny scream and tried to reach to a knife he had near but failed. The zombie dragged Danny to the water and the ginger zombies started ripping apart Danny as the others looked in horror.

The zombies continued swarming out of the water and the careers rowed faster. A zombie grabbed Mia by the arm but Oli sliced the ginger's arm with the katana. Dani has grabbed a scythe and was cutting through the heads of the zombies like if they where long grass. Bright red blood filled the lake as Caylin stabbed the zombies with a spear. Marlene was suddenly grabbed by the arm and jerked into the water. Oli jumped after and helped her to get back to the canoe. A zombie grabbed Oli by the leg and Oli dug the katana deep on the zombie's chest. He kept killing zombies for 3 minutes as Mia screamed and tried to jump to the water, Marlene grabbing her and not letting her. A swarm of zombies appeared and dragged Oli under the water. Mia was crying as the quack was heard and bits and pieces of her husband floated up.

The zombies keep floating from below the lake and soon it is impossible to stop them. The start breaking the canoes from bellow and water start flowing in. Mia is crying and Marlene shakes screaming her to react. Callam takes of his shirt and jumps to the water he starts swimming going under the water to dodge the ugly mutts. Dani also jumps but she grabs a bag and stuff it with supplies. She uses it to shield from the zombies. Marlene decides to dump Mia and grabs some weapons and starts swimming towards the camp. Caylin also jumps to the water and starts to swim towards the mainland. The zombies swim around Mia as her conoe slowly drowns. She screams as they rip her apart and eat her flesh. Her quack sounds and her body floats with the stomach wide open.

Kekai was walking through the archery station and he decided to grab a bow and some quivers. He then turns around to see pregnant Cass. Cass aims her whip at Kekai hitting him in the cheek. Kekai smashes his dead fish against Cass. Cass falls to the ground and they are interupted by Shanna "Hey guys wanna see mah peacocks?" And with that peacocks start appearing from behind the trees. Cass uses her whip to climb a tree as Kekai jumps to a tall rock. Kekai prepares the bow and shoots an arrow at Cass. The arrow went through Cass' shoulder. Suddenly a peacock reached Kekai from behind and ripped one of his testicles. Cass fell to the ground and was trampled by the peacocks leaving her unconscious. Kekai ran away with balls bleeding.

Kekai arrived to the woods and got the dead fish "General John Hammer McFin please kill me... You can be the new president of fish-topia... lead our troops to exterminate peacocks... Goodbye my best and only friend." Then Kekai slapped himself with the fish until he died.

Night 4 - Bubble Porn

Shanna appeared at the force field againa and with her all the faces "Yo! The suckas that died are: Danny, Oli, Mia and Kekai. Good night my niggas."

A parachute appeared next to Cass. There it contained a pink bazooka that had unicorns and rainbows all over it. Cass grabbed it and went to Wes and the doll, they were making out. Wes looked up and said in a girly voice "Cass me and Dary decided to pull divas and kill nobody... you ok with that?"

"Sure why not... THAT IS PRETTY USELESS!"

"Then kill us. You have no ovaries to do that!" Wes snapped back

Cass aimed her bazooka at them and fired. They two divas blew to pieces as she screamed "Taste my bubble porn!"

Alice standed there and looked at Cass "Cass..."

"Im sorry... I shouldn't have killed them..."

"No shit Cass! Lets be lesbo teen moms!"


"We just need to find Callam and kill him!" 

Both girls started runned out of the cabin and saw the ugly Kaeghan zombies. Aparently Shanna decided to put a force field around the lake to retain them. The zombies where hitting each other. Why? Cause they are stupid.

The careers walked around the camp and they suddenly they saw Anna running from the porch towards the forest. Dani grabbed her throwing daggers and started throwing them as her allies shouted "Kill her!" "Hit her!". Anna had an idea and run towards Dani and her allies. She run behind Marlene as Dani threw daggers non stop. The dagger went to Marlene's chest and she fell dead. Anna smiled as she grabbed Marlene's backpack and ran back to the forest. Callam started shaking Marlene as Caylin pleaded her to stay alive. She didn't the quack sounded.

Berry was sleeping on the attic of the main house, what she didn't know was that Zach had followed her. He grabbed his long sword and sliced her body in half. He then stole all her supplies and hid among the objects that where piled around the attic.

Day 5 - 

Emma waked up naked, there was Erlend raping her in a brutal way with his spear, cutting her in the inside blood flowing out. She screamed and screamed. Erlend shoved the spear deeper and deeper until Emma fell dead. Erlend took away the spear and blood was everywhere. He then raped the corpse himself and dissapeared from Cabin Three.

Zach walked through with the lake filled with zombies at his right. Suddenly he felt how something slidded around his neck. Alice where smiling as Cass held her whip against Zach's throat. Alice smiled and grabbed her katana. Zach said some not very nice to Alice. Cass tightened her grip around Zach's neck and Alice cut sliced his stomach. Zach felled dead to the rocks and Cass kicked him in the ribs. 

Erlend was sniffing his spear, it still smelled like Emma, he liked that. Suddenly he turned around to see Callam, Dani and Caylin. Dani grabbed one axe from her backpack and threw it towards Erlend. It landed on Erlend's head and Erlend fell backwards dead. He was hugging the rapist spear, his last wish before dying.

Suddenly everybody looked at the sky to be greeted by Shanna "Hey yo 6 nigglets! Yo have 5 minutes to go to the hornycopia. After this five minutes the Zombies will go mad and kill y'all."

Anna was the nearest to the lake and she started stepping ontop of the zombies as she made her way to the island. She arrived first and found a little cabe behind the bushes. She hid behind them waiting for the 6 minutes to pass. The careers started walking over the zombies to. Callam went faster than the two girls and arrived before them to the island he run away from them breaking the alliance. Dani smiled and had an idea. She grabbed a dagger and crushed it into Caylin's forehead not even advising her. Caylin fell to the sand of the beach and Dani smiled and threw all of Caylin's supplies to the water filled with zombies-on-sleep-mode. Alice and Cass also arrived the island they stayed together and walked into the forest and climbed a tree.

As the time ticked to an end suddenly everybody's weapons turned to dust and Shanna appeared in the sky. "Hey yo! Six minutes are over! And the games for this will be different! This will be like tag! I will randomly choose one of you and put a picture of you in the forcefield. All the zombies will track you and kill you. Unless you find somebody else and tag them! This will go on until only one of you remain! The first target is... ANNA!"

Anna started to breath really hard and run out of her cave. She saw how zombies started to flood into the beach and entered the forest. Anna screamed as she ran to the cornucopia. There she saw Dani. Dani ran away as Anna was desesperate to tag her. Dani suddenly tripped on a root and the zombies reached her. They ripped her head of and started ripping her to pieces.

Shanna anounced the next name "Cassandra better start running it's your turn!"

Cass panicked and looked at Alice "What are we going to do?" 

"Kill our selfs..."


"Hug me Cass..." 

"Ok..." Cass hugged Alice and they jumped from the tree. The screen went mad from flashing from Alice to Cass. Suddenly both girls regret it and started slapped each other to tag each other. Just as the zombies flooded in they saw they indeed loved each other and they started making out as the zombies ripped them apart.

Shanna erupted on glee and anounced "So here we have our two finalists! Callam and Dani! If you think that Dani is going to win click on the right titty! Of you think that Callam is going to win click on the left one!"

"So the tagged one is... DANI!"

Dani started to run towards a tall tree, she started climbing it and located Callam ontop of a tree. The zombies arrived and sorrounded the tree. Dani laaughed at them but suddenly they started to chop the tree... with their teeth... Dani jumped to another tree and started to reach to Callam. Callam climbed down to the ground and Dani jumped from the tree towards him. Callam started running away but Dani suddenly leaped onto him and tagged him. He kicked Dani on a leg tagging her back and he started running away. Dani stopped for some seconds and the zombies reached to her. One bit her in an arm and another one dragged Dani towards him. Dani screamed as they bit her but she had one idea. She slipped her shoe to her hand and threw it at Callam. It hit him on the nose breaking it and the tag went to him. Zombies left Dani alone, who was covered on scars and her clothes where torn apart. Callam screamed as he got reaped apart and his quack sounded. 


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