Hey Guys so the madness is back! But with no Kink... Anyways this one will be much more fun lol <3

You may ask to join these but when I close up the slots if youa sk to be in these you die. Ask Kaeghan about that... Closed slots... I may ask some people to join tho

The Camp!

Directress o the Camp:

  • Pilar <3

Cabin 1/Pistola:

  • Jade 
  • Sam 
  • Wesley 
  • Emma 
  • Alice 
  • Chandni 
  • Liza 

Cabin 2:

  • Nick 
  • Rebekah 
  • Blake 
  • Erlend 
  • Adrian 
  • Tami 
  • Mist 
  • Summer 

Cabin 3:

  • Sam 2.0 
  • Annie 
  • Callam 
  • Claudia 
  • Justin 
  • Caylin 

Cabin 4:

  • Kacey 
  • Jinx 
  • Zach 
  • Toast 
  • Tara 
  • Den 

Cabin 5:

  • Cass 

Introduction - Welcome to Camp Pilar Santa De Dios!

Jade's mom letted her daughter get off the car with a concerned look.

"Jade... Please don't blow up stuff... This time... Have fun please..." Mrs Rainbaws pleaded.

"Yeah momma I'll sure have fun!" Jade said before starting skipping to the camp. Just half-way through she remembered she left her stuff in the car and runned back to it. "MOMMA DON'T GO AWAY!" She yelled as her mom's car started racing. She started running and managed to stop it. She bishslapped her momma and grabbed her stuff before heading back to the camp.

She walked to the big house that was next to the water of the lake. Jade passed near many cabins. When she arrived to the main house. She was smilling as she opened it to see a ultra hot latino woman in bikini that had grey hair.

"Welcome to Camp Pilar Santa De Dios! The happiest place in the world! Im Pilar the directress!" Pilar said while shaking Jade's hand

"Wasnt the director Joan?" Jade asked confused

"That boy didnt do his werk so I sent him to chock lollipops, in other words. He. Is. Dead. HAHAHAHA IM SO FUNNY!" Pilar laughed as she smiled creepily "What is your name darling?"

"Jade Rainbaws..."

"Ok Jade, you may go to Pilala gift shop next door and boy yourself some nice stuff while other people arrive. YOU WILL LOOOOOOOOOOVE THE PISTOLA <insert kinky instrument here>!"

"Sure... I will..."

Just as Jade went to the shop Wesley arrived. He was semi-drunk, like always. He stumbled to Pilar. "HEY HEY HEY"

"Ew vodka in the air... This youth is getting each time worth..." Pilar said before grabbing a coke zero and gulping it in one go and burping. "Welcome to Camp Pilar la Santa, what is your name honey?"

"WESLEY LINI MISS! READY TO FIGHT THE EVIL COLOURS!" Wesley said before throwing up

"Ok Wesolini... Go and grab a mop and clean that mess... Or I'll grab the pistola..."

Wesley's eyes widenned and he nodded.

Next to arrive were sisters Rebekah and Jinx. "J-Jinx... The Shadows are watching..."

"Yes Rebekah, the shadows are nice. So don't be racist." Jinx said back patting Rebekah's head.

Pilar rushed out of the house. "If any of you two are drunk you may leave!"

"We aint drunk!" The both said. 

"Ok go to Pilala shop..."

After an hour everybody has arrived and Jade emerges out of the Pilala shop with a "Me Gusta Pistola" t-shirt and a "No mames" purple panties. 

Cass had a "Soy la dominatrix" Leather bikini set on when Pilar came out.

"Ok guys let's make the cabins!" She said with a clipboard on her hand.

"Girl i want my won cabin so I can <kinky kinky kinky kinky>" Cass snapped.

"Sure... Go on and masturbate girl! <kinky kinky kinky kinky>" Pilar said handing Cass the keys.

When everybody settled inside the cabins people started doing many activities. Erlend was in his *arrow upwards* Pilar *arrow down* Pistola t-shirt while he walked near the lake. Just then Kacey appeared from nowhere and tackled Erlend into the lake.

"CRAZY <bleep>!" Erlend gasped as he got completely wet.

"Hehehehehe you smell like pancake!" Kacey said before licking Erlend's cheek and diving into the water. 

Chandni was on a canoe resting inside in a canoe as she drifted towards the center of the alke. She didnt notice until something hit the canoe. She looked around to see an island behind her. She walked out and started walking around the island until she found a strange rusty bronze-gold coloured structure. Weapons covered in cobwebs layed in the ground next to backpacks that got trapped by vines. This is Hornycopia Island from the first and original Camp Hunger Games... The sent of the cum is still in the air...

Chandni was really freaked out as she rowed back to camp. Just as she reached the shore she saw Pilar with a huge backpack.

"Chandni get ready! We are going camping to Hornycopia Island!"

Night 1- Super Fun Crazy Time at Hornycopia Island

Chandni was still shivering when they forced her back inside the canoe and they started going to Hornycopia Island.

"Cass..." Alice asked

"Yes Alice?" Cass replied

"Remember that in that dream we died over there?" 

"Yeah, sorry for slapping you."

"It's ok Cass."

When they all arrived to hornycopia island Pilar threw at each teen a backpack with a sleeping bag.

"Ok guys so this is going to be a game! This island is haunted by the ghosts... There is legend says there is the ghost of the ginger zombies... AND OF THE HUMPING BEAR"

With that Cass jolted shaking the boat.

"Cass are you scared?" Caylin asked with a smirk.

"Kind of..." Cass admitted remembering the gross scene

"OH NO exclamation mark, exclamation mark, exclamation mark, one, exclamation mark, one, one, exclamation mark, one." Caylin said with a robotic voice

When the boat arrived to Hornycopia Island everybody got off. 

"Here is the first game of the night, you will all divide into your cabins and search for your flag, first cabin with their flag back in the beach will get a tv and fanfcy stuff for their cabin!" Pilar said clapping her hands together and bouncing her b00bs bpuncing too.

All the cabins go to the jungle each haves only one torch.

"This feels like slenderman..." Claudia muttered

"More like Kman..." A voice said. Claudia screamed and ran to the beach, grabbed a canoe and started rowing back to camp ending up in rowing in circles over and over.

Callam was walking around leading his group when he felt two lips in his ears

"I like my muffins buttered..."

"HOLY SHIZ!" Callam dropped the flashlight and ran away ripping his t-shirt off and swimming back to camp.

Cass was easily getting through the jungle alone with no group to wait for just then she felt something near her.

"Frisking you boobs prevents canc-" Cass swinged her arm punching the ghost in the face "AUCH!"

Den and Tara were the last ones of their group. They started making out when they heard the voice.

"I wonder if my d is longer than my hand..."

They ran away and jumped into the water.

Just then Cass found her way to her flag. her mouth fell open when she saw it, the ghost of the humping bear was poledancing in it.

She ran for it and grabbed a stone smashing it in the bear's skull. She then with her teeth made a coat out of the white fur and putted it on. Swag nigga. She returned to the beach with the flag.

"Congrats Cass! You will get all the fanfcy stuff by tomorrow morning!"

Day 2 - The search for Caylon

It was early on the morning when Caylin woke up covered in sweat. "AHHHHHHH!" She scremed kicking her covers off.

Annie run to Caylin's room dragging also her covers. "CAYLIN WHAT IS WRONG?!"

"CAYLON HE IS GONE!" Cayin screamed tears falling down her cheeks.

"Caylin... who is Caylon?"

"I don't know... But I miss him..."

"Do you want to go and find him Caylin?"

"This sounds like one of those disney movies..."

After a few minutes a search party has assembled:

"Actually, this is <bleeping> Lord of The Ring!"

Sam entered the cabin with a staff "WE SHALL GO TO THE MINES OF PISTOLAAAAAA"

Wesley rolled his eyes as he played with his sexy female elf outfit, he was matching with Liza who had a bow in her hand. "Woah we should first find directions!"

They all stormed to the main house

"PILAR GIVE US A MAP!" Jade in her sexy miner dwarf outfit yelled

"I CAN'T BE ARSED IM WATCHING TV!" Pilar yelled back

"Guys i found a map!" Callam chirped in his warrior outfit


In the map there was a map of the lake, the camp and the mountains.

"Wow I didn't know there was a ski resort..." Liza said


After this our heroes start their way to the ice towers, then they come across the lake.

Caylin goes in Dora the explorer mode and starts "Oh no a lake! What should we do?"

Sam coughs "Teh sea of monster you <bleep>"


"The sea of monsters ffs!"

After this all was a blur, they blew up the ski resort, went to jail and got locked up for 30 minutes before Pilar payed the amount of money. Then she payed the policemen to help her pull by the ears everybody to camp.

At camp she grabbed a wooden spoon and started spanking one by one each of the campers.

"HIT ME HARDER! PLEASE!" Wesley begged...

After two hours the night fell... IT WAS NEW YEARS EVE!

Night 2 - Grapes and shiz

Wow Grapes

Fireworks wew

Barcelona is better than London and Madrid

lul tick tock 


sex yeah!




Just as everybody woke up with headache they heard some horrible screams.

"LEAVE ME ALONE YOU <bleep bleep bleep>!"

Everybody ran towards the main cabin to see how Pilar was hugging the wooden pole that holded the porch of the Main House. Three cops were pulling her from the legs.

"KIDS COME HERE! TELL THE COPS THE WEED WASNT MINE!" Pilar yelled as she kicked one of them in the face and ran towards the entrance. As the cops chased her she grabbed a frying pan and smacked them in the face.

"GO PILAR!" Rebekah cheered

"Shut it Rebekah!" Jinx snapped

Kacey had grabbed a camera and smiled as she taped it all "A mad woman and three cops, a porn movie" She said as she got near to the scene.

Chandni ran with tears in her eyes and started pulling one of the cops from the arm "LEAVE MOMMA PISTOLA ALONE!"

Quickly Jade joined Chandni but was more aggresive she slapped one in the face before tackling him to the ground and started punching him.

Five more cops arrived and Sam grabbed his baton. "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" He yelled before smacking a cop in the balls with the stick. 

Tara giggled "More you shall not have kids any longer!"

Toast grabbed some butter and rubbed it all over her body before screaming and tackling another one and starting sumo fighting him.

Summer then joined and started twerking with Erlend to distract the cops, they made two of them puke as four more arrived and tackled them and made them stop, they looked like fish out of the water now.

Blake and Mist the cafetria ladies rushed towards there in their tiny aprons that covered their man-boobs. They started helping Pilar get rid of the cops that surrounded her by smacking them with spoons and sporks.

As Chandni got pushed to the ground Wesley rushed over to her yelling. He punched a cop in the face before getting tazed.

Cass grabbed her epic ghost bear coat before jumping ontop a cop and attempting to suffocate him with it.

Annie has grabbed a bow and arrow and was aiming at three cops "PUT YOUR MOTHERFECKING HANDS UP! NO!" They all obeyed but she was quickly trapped by a net thrown by another cop.

Claudia runned to one cop with a canoe rowing thingy hitting him until the stick broke in ahlf.

The thing was getting serious as some of those water tanks arrived. A blow of water dragged Justin, Kacey and Mist to the lake.

Callam and Caylin were making out behind the main house when they got blown by the water tank to the lake.

Sam1, Emma and Alice managed to sneak to the truck and crawled inside but got spotted and grabbed and thrown to the lake. Liza had a blunt knife and she pulled it to the throat of a cop "PUT YOUR HANDS UP!" It taked that for a net being thrown over her.

Nick, Tami, Adrian and Den had grabbed paintball guns from the recently built paintball field, they shooted the policemen in the balls stopping them for minutes as they whinnned in pain. Then the impossible happened, a redhead female cop arrived. She walked to them getting hit in the vag, she didnt even wink. She janked the four of them into a headlock at once, wow redheads really dont have a soul...

The battle was being lost as Jade got locked into the canoe hut after she managed to escape three nets by bitting them off. Cass was being tazed so many times she fainted. Wes and Chandni were pulling off cops but got beated down. Rebekah and Jinx were ontop Cabin 2 throwing rocks at the cops but the tank flushed them into the lake. Everybody was out. Pilar was pulled inside the tank while she screamed non stop.

Pilar was gone, everybody was laying in the ground or in the water devastated and crying.

Night 3 - It was all a test...

Everybody was sitting around the fire after they cleared all the mess. Everybody was tired and sad. SOme cooked marshmallows with their eyes looking at the rocks. Other layed hopeless in a rock sighing. Just then when a familiar flash to the old campers ocurred. The sky gave a slight flash and people gasped when Pilar's face appeared in the sky and everybody gasped.

"Not again!" Zach whinned

"Where is black nigga Shanna?!" Erlend demanded

"All of you shut up!" Pilar snapped "I kileld Shanna, she can't do the job seriously!"

"Pilar didn't the police take you away?" Nick asked

"It was all a test for the... TRAINING SCORES!" Pilar clapped her hands together and smiles 

"So we are gonna have to fight to death again?" Jade asked tilting her head

"Yeah" Pilar answered back

Jade grabbed a rock and way about to smash it into Emma's head when Pilar shoated "STOP! First of all let me read the scores!"

Cabin 1:

  • Jade - 11
  • Sam - 8
  • Wesley - 10
  • Emma - 8
  • Alice - 8
  • Chandni - 8
  • Liza - 10

Cabin 2:

  • Nick - 10
  • Rebekah - 8
  • Blake - 9
  • Erlend - 12
  • Adrian - 10
  • Tami - 10
  • Mist - 9
  • Summer - 12

Cabin 3:

  • Sam 2.0 - 9
  • Annie - 10
  • Callam - 4
  • Claudia - 8
  • Justin - 3
  • Caylin  - 4

Cabin 4:

  • Kacey - 3
  • Jinx - 8
  • Zach - 7
  • Toast - 11
  • Tara - 5
  • Den - 10

Cabin 5:

  • Cass - 11

Cabin Kierani:

  • Dani - 13
  • Kiki - 13

"And those are the scores, I chose them because your skill at the policemen flood, Erlend's and Summer's twerking skills are brillaint so they have the best score! MAY THE GAMES BEGIN!" Pilar cheered as 12 strips of land emerged from the lake conecting to the hornycopia island, they started going around the island at a seriosu speed like the lake was a cartwheel. The teens will have to run in ontop the strips this time, no swimming for too long or they will be dead if they stay way too long in the water. 

Everybody started running towards the lake, the odl people knew what they were doing and got to the moving land strips. The lake looked like a movimg cartwheel, it kinda made you dizy. Jade jumped into the first land strip followed by Erlend. They ran towards the cornucopia as in the other strip Emma, Alice, Zach, Cass and Claudia started running. Tara, Den and Kacey joined next strip but Kacey punched Den knocking him off. Den quickly climbed up and continued running. Next strip Callam, Caylin, Toast and Adrian joined. By when everybody was in a strip Jade was inside the island and in the crnucopia. Erlend followed. 

The cornucopia had it's walls covered in multiple types of guns and grenades. The backapcks were filled with Paella and nothing else. Behind the cornucopia there were 5 canoes Jade grabbed a handgun from the rack and a backpack. She spotted most of the newbies to the camp arriving and shot without thinking. BOOM! Tara fell to the floor with a bullet in her neck bleeding non stop.

Callam is the next one to grab a gun, he haves a M16 and starts shooting randomly. BOOM! Sam falls to the ground with a bullet in the chest. Liza screeches in horror as the bullet rain continues. She uses a paella backpack to get into the cornucopia. Callam's bullets ran out and he throws the M16 tot he floor before grabbing a shotguna dn two grenades before running off with Jade.

Caylin groans when she sees this and garbs a grenade and throws it towards Jade but it instead lands inside Den's backpack as he looked inside it to only find rice and seafood. BOOM! Den blows into 100 pieces and Caylin runs off to chase Callam and Jade tehy all stop and decide to climb up a tree to wait for the bloodbath to end.

Claudia and Kacey each grabbed some rifles and ran away. Just the Kiki and Dani made it to the island after swimming all the way over there (Cause they are hardcore gurls) just the Sam 2.0 with his handgun started shooting towards them. Dani stopped the bullet by grabbing it with her fingers and threw it at Sam 2.0 BOOM! The bullet pierced through Sam 2.0's head. Dani and Kiki ran to the cornucopia and grabbed a bazooka and a flamethrower. 

Jinx and Rebekah each had a M16 and a pack of grenades. They spotted Toast and Summer struggling as Kiki tried to burn them alive. Jinx grabs a smoke bomb fromt he cornucopia and throws it at Kiki smoking her. Toast and Summer escaoe with only paella packs and met up with the sisters.

Zach had grabbed a machine gun and a granade. He rand to Tami and grabbed her hai before palcing the grande inside her bra. He activated the grenade and ran away. BOOM! Tami's boobs fell off followed by her entire body breaking into pieces.

Cass was searching for a bazooka through the racks when she felt a little pat in her back. After this ist ran away gigling. Then Cass realized that Mist ahd strapped a C4 in ehr back. She ripped it off as Mist pressed the bottom. BOOM! The remaining weapons got covered in a sheet of blood.

Everybody but Mist, Blake, Dani, Kiki and the remaining pistola cabin members had fled the corn and were running down the strips.  Dani and Kiki winked at the pistola cabin and Wesley nodded in agreement. Jade, Callam and Caylin walked back to the cornucopia. They all started circling Blake and Mist who where liek pissing themselves. Blake screamed like a little girl and ran away leaving Mist away who was scratching the back of his head. "Umm... Hi?" BOOM! Kiki lit up her flamethrower and started burning Mist alive as the other started firing at him. They then threw grenades at him. He was more than dead.

"Alliance?" Kiki asked grabbing the back of C4's the corpse gripped.

"Sure" They all replied.


All the living campers have setted campa round the lake. The large alliance camped inside the cornucopia and have a huge paella feast. After a while the land strips stopped spinning and sank back inside the lake. Rebekah and Jinx have sneaked inside Cabin 2 and setted a landmine at the door incase anybody came inside. Toast and Summer claimed Cabin 4 hiding inside one of the rooms and setting a barricade at the door. Everybody else have scattered around the forest. Kacey was making her way towards the mountains...


Day 4 - This was a lake... Right?

It was about 8 in the morning when the melody from "We Can't Stop" started playing. The forcefield flashed once and the face of Pilar appeared in it.

"Hello remaining campers! This is the list of tributes that died yesterday night: Tara, Sam, Den, Sam 2.0, Tami, Cass and Mist. May they rot in peace! Anyways here is a little announcement for the tributes that remain at the hornycopia island. During the night time we have morphed the arena into a tropical island. Yes it's great! When youa ll get revived and hopefully come next year to lice hell again the camp wil leb a relaxing paradise! Anyways the hornycopia is now a volcanoa nd youa re now all sleeping at the tip of it. It will explode in exactly 60 seconds. Good luck!"

Everybody at the cornucopia looked panicked as they saw how steam was emerging under them. They started running downhill towards the water. All the trees have turned into palmtrees and the pebbles that surounded the island into sand. The Canadian canoes have turned into those epic tiki canoes and shiz. The Mountains that sorrounded the lake were gone and the lake was now a tiny salt sea.

Dani, Kiki, Wesley, Jade and Chandni got in one canoe and started rowing away.

Emma, Alice, Liza, Callam and Caylin got on the other one and followed the other canoe as the island shaked.

A last canoe was left in the shore as the teens rowed away. Suddenly Chandni noticed a shadow under her canoe and pointed at it "Look... There is something over there..." She muttered.

Kiki gave a sneak peak and smiled "I bet it's nothing."

She was wrong, a giant tentacle shooted out of the water. "SHIT!" Dani screamed as she jumped up

"I have an idea!" Kiki said with a smile "Let's feed him so we can get away!"

"Will he like paella?" Wesley asked looking at the pack.

"I wasn't thinking of paella" Kiki snapped back before kneeing Wes in the balls and pushing him to the water.

"WHAT DID YOU DO!? YOU ARE A CRAZY BITCH!" Chandni yelled at Kiki.

"Fine join him." Dani shrugged before pushing her off the canoe. Three more tentacles shooted to the surface and wrapped around yelling Chandni and Wesley. The tentacles dragged them under the water and the crystal blue turned into red. BOOM! BOOM!

Kiki and Dani eyed at Jade "Anything to say?"

"I have a C4 in my hand, get near me and I'll blow up the fucking boat." Jade snickered

"Good." Dani said before starting rowing again.


Meanwhile Rebakah and Jinx layed in the sand that surrounded Cabin 2 which has turned into a fishing hut. Each of them had a coconut in their hands and they tried to open them with a branch. The tropical heat was really annoying the two sisters and just then they saw a fat, hairy, brown cat with shinning eyes. It walked up to Jinx and started rubbing it's head against her leg. Jinx grabbed the cat and rubbed it's head before laying it on her legs. She layed against the cabin and decided to take a nap.

When Jinx woke up her t-shirt felt sticky and wet and it smelled like...

"THE FUCKING CAT PED ON ME! OH MY GAWD!" Jinx yelled making the cat jump off and start running away. Jinx got up and started chasing the cat firing shots at him while yelling. "WHEN I GRAB THAT PUSSY IM GONNA BEAT IT UNTIL IT BLEEDS!" 

Rebakah fell to the floor and started laughing.


If laughter could kill Rebekah's cannon would have been heard.


Meanwhile Claudia was walking around the jungle of palmtrees as the sky turned a pink-orange colour as it grew dark. She saw a fire in the distance and sneaked towards it. She saw two figures standing infront the fire glarring at it.

Claudia got her grenade ready and threw it towards the two persons. KABOOM! Their legs blew up and they fell backwards. Claudia then noticed something... They were red-heads.

Their skin was greyisha nd their eyes blank as they did gagging noises before dragging themselfs towards Claudia. They wore clothes made out of leafs. The Gamemakers clearly created mutts for the arena, in this case; Kaeghan-is-a-hawaiian-zombie. Claudia grabbed her handgun and shot twice. They fell re-dead with a bullet in their heads. The gaging noice continued as Claudia turned around to see how zombies emerged from a cave. Claudia started firing bullets as she backed off. She then noticed something, she was leaning agaisnt a tree and all her bullets were used. The zombies surrounded her before digging their sharp fingers and mouldy teeth on Claudia's skin.

BOOM! ---

Dani, Kiki, Jade, Emma, Alice, Liza, Callam and Caylin met up in one of the beaches, botht he canoes were destroyed. They all decided to look around for somewhere to camp for the night. Just then they saw a cave with it's entrance partially covered by vines. Just then they saw Nick curled up in a ball on a corner of the cave. Emma made her way towards Nick but then she heard the noice.



"Emma don't move it's a landmine!" Alice yelled after

"Oh god waht are we going to do?" Callam added

"I have an idea!" Jade said grabbing one of the vines. She walked up to Nick and shook him awake. "WAKE UP YOU MORON!"

Nick opened his eyes "PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!" He begged at the sight of the shotgun that was hanging from Jade's shoulder. 

"Only if you tell us how the hell we get Emma off the landmine without blowing her up." Jade snapped back.

"I don't know how..." Nick replied

"Ok you asked for it." Jade snarled before grabbing Nick from the neck and shoving him to the wall, a mini-pistol fell from his pocket and Jade smiled. "Anymore weapons you are hiding?"

"N-No..." Nick replied

"It better be that way or you will be dead in less than three seconds." Jade grabbed the vine and tied Nick's hands together and shoved him towards Emma. Alice had her M16 aimed at him so he didn't struggle. He was shaking as Jade pressed him back to back with Emma. "Don't move." She snapped as she tied both of them together. "Emma jump fowards when I tell you so, try to land with all your strength ontop of the kid."

Nick was now crying "W-What are you gonna do?"

"Make you pay for the fucking landmine joke." Jade snarled "Now Emma."

Emma took a deep breath before jumping, beep beep beep BOOM! Everything was covered in blood in less than a fraction of a second. Nick's body was pressed into the hole made by the landmine. Emma layed ontop. Her body covered in burns and she was bleedign fromt he mouth.

"EMMA!" Jade cried and pulled and dragged her out of the cave. "Caylin open a coconut!"

Caylin nodded and smashed a coconut aginst a stone. She gave it to Jade who poured the liquid over the burns and bruises. "Please, please, please..." She begged.

The sky meanwhile darkened and Pilar started chatting about the deaths.

Day 5 - Vials of Life

"Good morning everybody! The arena has been filled with a poisonous gas! We have also built two pramids in each side of the lake, at the top of each pyramid you will find 6 vials! These vials contain a potion taht will make you immune to the gas! You have until nightfall to drink a vial or you die!" Pilar cheered, everybody looked towards the lake and they saw two pyramids half buried in the sand, half sunken in the water. 

Jinx and Rebekah looked at each other and nodded. "Let's go!"

They started running through the walls of gas towards the pyramid. After a while they reachded the pyramid. It was composed of huge stone blocks covered in moss. The fact was that the blocks where so big they each measured 2 metres... Jinx jumped trying to reach the edge of a block but slipped and fell. After a while Rebekah kneeled and told Jinx to get on her back. Jinx did so and grabbed the edge of the blocka nd managed to jump ontop of it.

She then gave Rebekah her hands and helped her get on the first level. 

1 level complete, 99 to go.

Justin meanwhile had arrived to the other pyramid. He saw some vines hanging from one of the sides and used them to climb. He then tore them off incase somebody was following him. He climbed four levels before the vines ended. "Shit." He said trying to reach the next level. To make things even better the next level seemed even higher. Justin started tying vines together and attached a rock to it's end. He used it as a grappling hook. He started climbing the wall but. SNAP! the vine broke and he fell into the ground.

"We should divide into groups to reach both pyramids, if not there is no way in hellw e can all survive." Emma announced, she had made herself a walking stick since the back of her leg was covered in burns.

"Ok so what do you think off you, Alice, Liza and Jade going to the Pyramid North and me, Callam, Dani and Kiki going to the pyramid south?" Caylin asked placing her hands in her hips, they where red covered in blood after what happened yesturday.

"BACK OFF MY MAN BITCH!" Jade snapped

"HE KISSED ME FIRST SO I WIN!" Caylin retorted

"Ladies, ladies there is no reason to fight for me." Callam snickered "Jade C'mon we will have hot, moist sex after I get my vial, ok?" 

"Whatever." Jade groaned grabbing Liza's hand and dragging her towards the lake. Alice and Emma followed.

Kacey meanwhile had gotten to the thrid level of the south pyramid by basicly using a stone to break the block adn dig in some holes to put her feet inside and use it like a ladder.

Hours passed. Blake was at the 9th level of the north pyramid. What he didn't know was that Callam, Kiki, Dani and Caylin wherefive steps below.

Dani and Callam leaned against the wall and helped Kiki and Caylin climb into their shoulders. After thsi Kiki and Caylinr eached the next level and helped Dani and Callam each a vine to climb. They had vines wrapped around their waists to not have to find them.

Blake popped his head through an edge and smiled he grabbed a grenade and threw it. It landed next to Kiki's feet as she helped Callam reach the next level. BOOM! Kiki's legs blew up and she fell towards Callam who was still climbing. Her blood covered legless body impacted against Calalm's chest making him start falling off. At first he hitted his back against the edge of a level, then he fell off that level and hsi head crashed agaisnt the stone. BOOM!

Caylin yelled and tears started pouring down her face. She grabbed her hand gun and started firing at Blake. BOOM! Blake fell off his level with a bullet in his forehead. Caylin and Dani hugged each other. Caylin was about to start climbng to the next level but Dani stopped her "No. I want to give them a proper rest." 

Caylin nodded and they climbed down t the two blood-covered bodies. Each of the girls grabbed one of them and making sure their bodies didn't get even more damaged than they already where they reached the bottom level.

Caylin washed the blood off Callam's body, Dani washed Kiki. They usde vines to cover the bruises and cuts. they layed the two bodies next to each other and placed their respective weapons in each of their hands. Dani smiled under her tears and nodded Caylin to the pyramid "We must win. For them." Caylin noddded but not before giving Callam's lifeless body a kiss in the cheek. They continued climbing non-stop.

The sun was over the lake some hours later making the entire arena glow in golden shades because the gas. Zach had fancied a rope ladder made with vines and he was already on his 87th level. Liza, Alice, Jade and Emma are at their 92nd level at the opposite pyramid than Zach. Caylin and Dani where at the 46th. Justin at the 83rd. Kacey at the 90th. 

Toast and Summer where at there 98th. They saw the table with the five vials in it when they looked up. They once again climbed the level by leaning against each other to climb up. They did it again, covered in sweat and bruises from the times they had fallen. They snatched the vials and swallowed them in one gulp. They shrieked and hugged each other and started jumping. They then started looking through the arena. They spotted Caylin and Kiki down near the fog and smiled. There was no way they made it before the night up here. Then they spotted Annie. She was five levels bellow. "Shit she si moving fast" Summer mumbled seeing how Annie jumped agaisnt a wall and propelled herself with her hands up. "Quick hand me the C4" Toast nodded and opened her backpack giving Sumemr the weapon. 

Summer attached the explosive to the wall and covered it with some vines just as Annie reached the 99th level. She pressed the bottom and Annie flew off into the fog. Ten secodns later. BOOM!

Liza, Alice, Jade and Emma had amde their way to the table and each snatched a vial and drank it. They smiled and looked over at the other pyramid. They could see several red spots in the distance of the four deaths that had happened at that pyramid. They started climbing down before somebody sneaked on them with the intention of placing an explosive in their backs.

Zach made his way up to the top of the pyramid and grabbed a vial and drank it as he climbed down.

Just then Rebekah and Jinx arrived to the top of the other pyramid and grabbed the two last vials and drank them. No vials left in that pyramid. The person that could be saw bellow trying to make their way up the pyramid was good as dead.

Kacey made her way up to the top and drank her own vial. She shrieked when she saw Erlend two levels bellow and jumped off the edge and amde her way downwards. Erlend then grabbed one of the final two vials and gulped it down. He saw how Adrian also made his way up the pyramid and grabbed the final vial.

"Erlend. Give me the vial. Now" Adrian groaned.

"Sure!" Erlend said and threw the vial at Adrian. Adrian grabbed it but it slipped off his hands. "YOLO!" Erlend said before jumping down the edge and started following Kacey's steps.

Adrian's eyes widened and he started liking the pieces of glass to get some potion inside of him. It as useless. 

Justin. Adrian. Dani. Caylin. They where going to die and there was no way they could escape death this time. Dani and Caylin couldn't climb anymore their bodies about to colapse as they tried to reach the 50th level. They saw it was useless as the sun was setting and hugged each other. Justin made his way to the table and saw no more vials he yelled in frustation and then curled up in a ball next to the table. Adrian had his hadns against the table as eh muthed insults towards Erlend.

Their bodies slowly started to pale. Ther breathing rate slowed down. So did their heart beat. Thei blood freazed. Their eyes where covered in mist. Some closed them. Some didn't. 


Day 6 - Just A Trial For Life

Kacey was sitting on a tree as the sun rised and the mist dissapeared. She jumped down tot he ground and her stomach grumbled. She was hungry and her stomach grumbled she started walking around the arena in search of food when she saw a fig tree. She smiled and grabbed one making the thin branches shake and some leaves fall off.

Kacey bit into the fig and swallowed the juicy fruit. The thing is that she didn't notice that the fig was filled with little poisonous purple ants. The ants started crawling around her mouth and Kacey spit some of them out and started rubbing her tounge against her sleeve. Then the ants that didn't get out of her mouth started biting her. She started getting dizy and ran to the lake. She drank a gulp of salt water and spit the water out with some ants in it. 

She screamed as her body felt really hot and her tongue felt like they had palced a tennis ball inside her mouth. Kacey started puking into the sand while kneeing on a rock. Each time she was more and more hot. Until it happened.


Her heart had failed but the poison continued playing with her. The blood that had been produced was being allowed into the head but the veins that led out of the head had been corroded. Slowly the blood was accumulated in the eyes makign them look bloodshot. The poison was advanncing until it happened. The eyes exploded blood flowing out.

Meanwhile the Pistola Alliance was camping next to the pyramid. They were down to 4 members after they lost half of the pack yesterday. Jade hadn't opened her mouth since the anthem played and she saw Callam's face next to Caylin's. 

She had been drawing something with a stick on the sand. Nobody showed interess on what she was doing until Liza decided to pop her head to see what she had drawn. It was Callam.

"Jade do you feel better?" Liza asked

"That bitch got him killed..." Jade mumbled. All heads snapped to glare at Jade. That was the first thing she had said for a long while. 

The tributes where so stunned that they didn't notice Jinx and Rebekah sneaking through the bushes towards them. Rebekah grabbed a shotgun that the allaince had left next to a tree. She aimed it at Emma and riggered the weapon.

"NO EMMA!" Alice exclaimed pushing Emma to a side. The bullet went through Alice's chest and Alice fell to the ground lifeless. Liza grabbed her M16 and started firing at the two sisters. They both started running away but then one landed on Jinx's shoulder and another one on ehr leg. She cried out in pain slumping into the ground.

"REBEKAH RUN AWAY!" She cried as her sister stopped.

Rebekah nodded tears all over her face and dissapeared into the trees. Liza reached Jinx and pressed the gun against Jinx's head. The girl was bleeding really hard and Liza sighed.

"Thank me for not letting you here to bleed to death."


Blood splattered Liza's boots and she returned with her alliance. "Let's go and kill the other one." SHe comanded and the three girls started trakcing the girl down.

Zach was walking around the jungle when he spotted Summer and Toast. He was hungry and saw some rice fall out of their backpack meaning they still had plenty of paella. He climbed a tree and started stalking them through the trees. He was over them as they took a rest from walking. He reached his arm for the backpack but then. CRACK! The branch snapped making Zach fall ontop of Summer. Summer fell and hit her head against a rock, the rock dug a hole deep into her head. BOOM!

Zach got up and putted his hands up. "I-I'm sorry... I-I didn't mean to kill her... I just wanted to steal your food."

Toast's mouth widened into an 'o' but she then frowned "YOU STILL KILLED HER! AND IF YOU WANTED FOOD YOU COULD HAVE ASKED FOR AN ALLIANCE!" 

Toast was bright red and she grabbed her hand gun and shot Zach in the chest. BOOM! "Bye b**ch, Bye Summer..."

The anthem played after this and a Pilar's face appeared with a smile on it...

Night 6 - The Final Battle

"Attention Final 6, you must head to the Hornycopia Island and get on the six different plataforms so you can be lifted into the final arena! No killing allowed until you are over there!" Pilar clapped her hands and her face faded into the night.

Quickly all the tributes started running towards the lake and jumed in and swam towards the center of the lake. The hornycopia island looked compeltely differnet, it was mostly made out of black rock and had savana trees over it. A faint glow escaped it's top. 

Jade, Emma and Liza arrived to the island and went each to a circular plataforma and stepped in. The platafrm clicked and metal bars emerged the ground trapping them in a cage. They all wimpered at this but then calmed down seeing Erlend step inside another cage and also getting trapped. Rebekah and Toast quickly followed and got trapped. 

Six giant birds flew down and each snatched each a cage and started flying towards the darkness. The six teens grabbed the bars for support as they saw the birds. Each ahd it's own colour and bright feathers. They looked like coloured giant doves. Something strnage happened. It seemed like the darkness was ending and then the tributes realsied that they weren't heading towards the space. They where goign towards a bunch of clouds. A bunch of clouds that covered the entire arena.

When they have gotten through the clouds the six finalists had to close their euyes. It was suddenly day time and the clouds below them shined white. Infront of them were a set of giant floating islands. At the very center was an island with a town in it. In the top of the hill at the center of the town standed Pilar.

"Welcome Final Six. This is the little upgrade I did to the camp with the high ratings the show is recieved for it's censured scenes at porn pages! Anyways have fun killing each other!" Pilar announced before sitting in a bench and grabbing some popcorn.

The birds dropped the six contestants in small islands that floated near the main island. The cages fell apart and the six teens ran outside. At the center of each island was a weapon that wasn't a gun. All the guns and grenades the teens had somehow disappeared into thin air. 

Liza ran to the sword in the center and grabbed it and swung it over her shoulder. She then saw her brid waiting on the edge of the island and she got ontop of it. Her bird was yellow with some orange feathers. The bird apparnetly read Liza's mind and flied towards wherever she wanted him to go.

Meanwhile Erlend had grabbed a spear and gotten ontop his green bird and flied towards the main island. He landed in the roof of one huse. The houses here where built insdie hills so it was more like he landed ontop the hill but whatever. 

Jade had grabbed the katana and headed to the main island too, she jumped near Pilar on the market area. She sprinted off down the steps in search for other teens. 

Toast had an axe and was making her way from the huge statue of Pilar towards the bridge that connected with the market. 

At the top of the tower was Rebekah, she had a bow and arrow and was trying to spot somebody to snipe somebody. Just then Emma spotted Rebekah and jumped off her pink ultra-ratchet looking bird and with her throwing knives on hand. She grabbed one and stabbed Rebekah in the back of her neck.


"That is for Alice you <bleep>" Emma said before kicking Rebekah off the tower into the void.

Jade then spotted Erlend and ran towards him. She raised her katana but just then Erlend jumped backwards and prepared his spear. Jade sliced Erlend's leg. Erlend whines in pain and tries to stab Jade on the stomach but Jade cuts him in the hand, the spear falls out and Jade pushes Erlend into the floor. Just then BOOM! Jade falls ontop of Erlend. Emma standed behind with a knife on her hand. She had stabbed Jade in the back.

"She was a threat and I want revenge because you raped me with a spear!" Emma yelled and pinned Erlend tot he ground. Just then Liza appeared and swung her sword towards the two teens. Emam was forced to roll sideways with erlend to evade the blow. In the other side was Toast who ran towards Liza and kicked her in the back of the legs forcing her to stumble. Liza grabbed Toast's arm forcing her to fall with her. 

They all started a huge cat fight with their fists sicne all the weapons had been left in the ground.

Liza snatchet one of Emma's knifes and stabbed Toast in the shoudler while Erlend strangled Liza. Emma just crawled away and attmepted to grab Jade's katana. Toast saw this and grabbed Emma's leg and pull her towards her. Liza punched Erlend in the face to get rid of his grip and then it's when the crack was heard. A line was formed around the edge where the cat fight was happening and the piece of floating land started falling. Theya ll screamed and tried to push each other off to eb the last one to nto fade into the void. But it was hopeless gravity was the same everywhere. Liza yelled her brid to come and rescue her but it flied udner the piece of land and got it's head cracked by it.

Just then the cannon was heard and two of the living people glared at the corpse and it's killer. BOOM!


















































The killer was Erlend and the victim was























































Toast... (Sorry I random orged the killer and the victim >.<) Erlend had a piece of rock covered in blood in his hand. A crack on Toast's head. The piece of aldn seemed to stop falling and start rising towards the main island. It flew rigth infront of Pilar. Toast's body slipped off while doing so falling into the void. The three finalists looked confused.

"Now may the jury enter!" She cheered.

The post bloodbath victims arrived minus some excpetions (Kiki, Dani, Dani and Annie cause they either left or are inactive) Toast, Jade, Rebekah, Zach, Summer, Jinx, Alice, Kacey, Callam, Justin, Adrian, Blake, Nick, Claudia, Chandni and Wesley. Oh yeahd and the ginger zombie tribe!

"Ok why should they vote you Erlend?" Pilar asked


"Ok... Emily what do you have to say?" Pilar asked

"I should win because... I avenged you death Alice i have killed people i had blood on my friends i was pretty much a hero. I didnt kill somebody for the hell of it or for S***'s and giggles but i did i because i had too save myself and i wanted too have revenge on erlend for raping me with a spear looooool cus raping with spears are bad. Its okay if you dont want me too win i knew that i had too get blood on my hands too sit here i had too work for it." Emma said "Oh and don't call me Emily!"

"Finally Liza tell us your story." Pilar announced.

"Honestly, I can see where you would have doubt why I should win. But honestly, I would say give me a chance. I wasn't one to try and kill someone until the end. I killed you, Jinx, but you killed my friend and believe me, if I killed Bekah, you would do the same. Pretty much, I am just saying give me a chance before you throw me in the back, because I wouldn't be standing/sitting here if I wasn't a strong competitor." Liza said.

"Ok the jurors may vote." With that all the fallen tributes went to a table and wrote a name. After a while Pilar went to grab the votes.

"Placing third... With no votes... Erlend." Pilar announced

"DAYUM!" Erlend whined

"And the winner of Camp Hunger Games 2 by a 14-13... EMMA! CONGRATULATIONS!"

"WOOOOOOO! OK WHAT DO I WIN?!" Emma shrieked

"Knowing the truth about myself and a slot in Camp Hunger Games 3!" Pilar clapped

"SAY WHAAAAAAAAAAT?!" Emma snapped

"Ok this is the story of why you are all here... My name is not Pilar... It's Pilar, Goddess of the protection and mother of the light creatures. I created Camp Hunger Games to select a group of teenagers to be saved from the forces of darkness... In this precise moment the camp, my sanctuary is being destroyed by the demons... That is why I pulled you guys up here. The games where just a test to see your fighting insticnts. If you were worthy to being given Aerina the lands that will protect you until in a future the blessed ones get hang of the dark world that is being destroyed in this precise moment. I must head back to the lower earth now, I must help the other gods fight of the demons. Good luck." Pilar snapped her fingers revealing her alter ego, a woman with pure silver hair and a light blue dress and the iciest eyes ever. She smiled before running to the edge of the island. Feathers surounded her and she turned into a blue phoenix that dove bellow the clouds...

And that my dear is the start of Camp Hunger Games 3 - The Legend of Pilar.

Death Chart

Placement Name Killer/Method
First to die lmao Tara Jade Shot in the Neck
... Sam Callam Shot in Chest
... Den Caylin Blown up
... Sam 2.0 Dani Bullet in neck
... Tami Zach Blown up
... Cass Mist Blown up
... Mist

Sexual Kierani Pistolas Alliance

Burnt up/Shot/Blown up
... Wesley Octopus mutt/Kiki Eaten Alive
... Chandni Octopus mutt/Dani Eaten Alive
... Claudia Kaeghan Zombie Eaten Alive
... Nick Blown up Himself/Jade/Emma
... Kiki Legs blown up Blake
... Callam Head cracked open Blake/Kiki
... Blake Bullet in forehead Caylin
... Annie Blood loss/Fell to death Summer
... Adrian Heart Failure Toxic Gas
... Justin Heart Failure Toxic Gas
... Dani Heart Failure Toxic Gas
... Caylin Heart Failure Toxic Gas
... Kacey Poisoned Lethal Ants
... Alice Shot in the chest Rebekah/Herself
... Jinx Shot in the head Liza
... Summer Head Cracked Open Zach
... Zach Shot in Chest Toast
6th Rebekah Stabbed Emma
5th Jade Stabbed Emma
4th Toast Head Cracked Erlend
Second Runner-Up Erlend
Runner-Up Liza

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