10000 years after of the events at Camp hunger Games 2. The life below the clouds is unknown f how it is. Humans live in the floating islands of the land of Aerina, a place created by Pilar to protect the chosen ones. Now the time to re-discover the earth has arrived and the chosen ones will fight for it.

Hey Guys! So this is the third Camp Hunger Games! It will be completely different tho! Ok my only request for people to sign up is that they must be more than a month old and get on chat regulary I will choose where they go in the story and all that shiz!

The Characters

Gods and Goddesses

  • Pilar, Goddess of of the protection and mother of the light creatures
  • Blake, God of the Burning Lands
  • Tara, Goddess of the water bellow nature
  • TBA


  • Emma
  • Liza
  • Summer
  • Chandni
  • Jade
  • Jay
  • Nick
  • Justin


  • Toast
  • Erlend
  • Zach


  • Amber


  • Kaeghan


  • Jinx
  • Rebekah

The Dark Ones

  • Wesley, The Demon King
  • Cass, The Demon Queen
  • Lauren, The Eternal Maiden


So I am gonna be inspired by The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword so don't hit me cause that way I know what to do when Im not inspired.



The floating Islands created by Pilar...  

Chapter 1 - It came in like a Tornado... OH SHET ITS A TORNADO!

In the peaceful floating village of Aeria the wind blew softly... Everybody was walking around and getting ready for another work day. The green grass of the island moved around as Nick walked towards the market to open his shop. The houses where at the east of the island at the other side of the river that separated that part of the island. The water flowed from a floating waterfall that was said to be blessed by the old goddess of water, Tara. At the heart of the island was the market a big building of only one flat that had it's roof made out of silks holded up by wooden polls. At the north of the Market was another floating island that was connected to the main island by two bridges. In that island was a huge statue of a winged woman, also reffered as Pilar. The second bridge of the island led to the west part of the town. A set of two building surrounded by fences. That was the academy, where the boys and girls studied and learned how to be a good Aerian. The main building had a classroom, a cafeteria and two bedrooms. The second floor was smaller and had three more bedrooms, the showers and a office for the headmaster and Aeria's president, Justin.

The first bedroom in the bottom floor was used by Jay, the second one was used by Emma and Liza. The first one at the top floor was used by Chandni, Justin's daughter. The other two bedrooms where used by Jade and Summer.

The students woke up and headed down to the cafeteria, after breakfast they all headed towards the main exit port of the island. This was at the south of the island where a tower fancied into a lighthouse was used to guide the aerians through the night sky. Instead of cars people used some sort of giant birds to navigate the sky. In this comunity technology was used for the basics and most was made by windmills setted in distance island, the cables fileld with electricty where fragile and constantly snapped when a bird flied near it so people didn't rely in electricty that much.

The entire set of islands had a rough population of 50 maybe 60 people since numbers where controlled so that the islands didn't get over-populated. This was also to hide fromt he demons. The demons felt the life force of aerians and sometimes when the population was too big they manage to make their way to the islands breaking a tiny hole at the cloud barrier. They where mostly dorachas, a species of living blob that fusionated itself with other dorachas to form giant Dorachas. Their scientific name is Dorachius Le Explorus. The dorachas where carried by Thongats, an evolved form of bats filled with evil forces. Twelve years ago when the population was of roughly 200 people the dorachas and the thongats made their way to the island by flying and in the nightime slayed or suffocated about 150 aerians. All the parents of the actual academy students where slain while protecting their babies. The dorachas and thongats that survived now recide in the caves north the housing estate. They can't exit the cave since a fence was build there to protect the population.

Jay embraced Summer as they looked down tot he cloud barrier.

"Ready for this?" He asked.

"Yes" Summer replied smiling brightly.

Jade jumped up tot he edge of the port's wooden jump bridge and yelled "LAST ONE TO JUMP IS A SMELLY THONGAT!" And with that she jumped and whistled. A bright golden bird appeared and picked her up.

Liza followed and got on her purple bird and started chasing Jade.

Chandni smiled and got on her blue bird before chasing the other two.

Emma laughed as her ratchet red bird picked her up.

Jay and Summer followed.

"Ok so the rules for the race are easy, we must fly to Pilar's statue, then to the windmills and finally to the port again while zig-zagging through the floating rocks!" Jade cheered

"My father is going to kill us all..." Chandni murmured

"READY, STEADY, GO!" Jade yelled and everybody was out in a dash. Jade was leading since she was the first one to prepare. Jay was quickly catching up and soon blocked her air making Jade's bird flap aimlessly trying to stay up. "THAT IS CHEATING!" She said as everybody got infront of her.

Emma used her bird's ratchetness to get ontop Liza and with the feathers at her bird's tail tickled her and blocking her view. Liza nearly crashed into the market but flied up evading the silk roof. Summer had been flying low nearly touching the ground to catch speed. She flied up and started trailing over the bridge towards the statue.

Chandni was the first one to make it to the statue and turned around and headed towards the windmills. The wires where visible and everybody tried to evade them since it wasn't pleasant to be without hot water at the showers. Chandni still had her advantage postion after heading towards the port. Just then a noise was heard. Everybody's neck snapped and glarred at the cloud barried.

Just blow them the clouds started spnning like a spiral... It started moving up and then they realsied... It was a tornado! Everybody yelled Chandni to move as the torando emerged but her bird didn't react. The wind dragged Chandni towards the toranado. Emma risked it trying to grab Chandni's hand but a mass of wind moved towards her whipping her off towards a small island covered in red flowers. She hitted her head and layed there unconscious.

Jay and Summer tried to reach Chandni but they where pushed by the wind a giant rock that ahd the shape of a bitten abble. they layed inside the bite as they tried to get their breathe back.

Chandni was dragged isndie the tornado and dissapeared with it as it went bellow the cloud barrier... Liza and Jade flied tot he barrier but couldn't get through it since their brids didn't allow it. They then went to attend Jay, Summer and Emma and took them towards the academy.

Chapter 2 - The Chosen Ones

Emma, Jay and Summer layed on three beds in Emma's and Liza's bedroom, half the bedroom was painted blue and had a selection of paintings of old blue police boxs that where taking to the island by Liza's great great great great great great, you get the idea, mother and the other side was pink and had shelfs with ratchet looking dolls made with silk and feathers between the two beds was a coach where Jay was laying. Justin had been silent for half an hour pacing up and down the room. Liza and Jade leaned against the wall very tense. After a while Justin spoke.

"How did it happen?" He said coldly

"We where going around the island in the birds and this tornado appeared from nowhere and swallowed Chandni... We tried to stop it but it knocked us away... It seemed like it had a mind of it's own." Jade said.

"I hoped this would never happen... But I guess it was time after all..." Justin murmured

"Time for what?" Liza asked

"You will understand soon... You two should also rest." Justin said before leaving the room.

It was getting dark outside the academy and Jade and Liza each grabbed a pillow from the coach without moving Jay. They layed in the soft rug in the floor and slipped into sleep.


Meanwhile at Pilar's statue a section of it glowed and from it emerged three lights, a green light, a orange light and a light blue light.

"It was finally about time!" the blue light cheered

"So what do you think we should do now?" The orange light asked

"I don't know but I want to do some twerking in Pilar's face" The green light said before flying to the statue's nouse and shaking agaisnt it.

"Erlend come down now! We have to find the chosen ones!" The blue one yelled.

"Ya, ya, ya Zachary!" The green light, Erlend replied.

"Guys do you think butter still exists?" The orange asked

"Toast did ypur sexual fetishes survive the sleep? Wow" Erlend replied

"Shut it and let's find the chosen ones." Toast snapped and the three lights started flying through the island.

"Wow it didn't really change that much!" Erlend announced

"What did you ezpect? They only have small islands to build on, I suppose they were smart and used them to grow food rather than exploid it for some mineral or building fancy houses..." Zach murmured

"Look over there! it's the academy!" Toast cheered before flying towards it and smashing herself against a window "Ouch! Why do windows look so... Transparent?"

Zach rolled his tiny eyes before finding a open window and sneaking inside. "Follow me"

They all sneaked into Emma's bedroom and looked at the five sleeping teenagers. "I pick the ratchet girl and the one with her bra showing!" Erlend declared flying from Emma to Jade.

"Ok I pick the girl that is hugging that blue box!" Zach announced sitting ontop the box.

"I guess I get the couple!" toast cheered flying over Jay and Summer.

"Ok let's wake them up!" Erlend said grabbing a chair and with help of Toasta dn Zach lifting it over the center of the room. They left it drop making it crash against the floor. Every aerian int eh room lifted their head "WHAT THE HELL?!" They all yelled

"Pst, follow us, pst" Toast said before they left through the door. They all were after them in seconds, sleepy or not.

They exited the academy and started running up the stairs towards the statue.

When they arrived to the statue they saw how the three lights went through one of the statue's walls and a second after an entrance to the inside appeared. They entered it and saw the three lights floating over a tablet in the middle of the room.

"Welcome chosen ones." Zach started "We are-"

"-FARIES! My name is Erlend, butter porange is Toast and coldmannered blue is Zach!" Erlend interjected

"We are here to tell you that you are destined to go back to the lower lands and re-discover them... That is all we can tell... Since we don't remember anything else..." Toast said

"I REMEMBER WE HAD TO PRESS BUTTOMS!" Erlend said and started running over the runes at the tablet. Walls started opening revealing each a set of swords, there was also a map in a wall covered in dust. Only a hige forest was visiblñe in it, the other parts remained in mistery. "Ok so now you grab the weapons we help you get to the bottom lands.. OH YEAH TO GET THERE YOU NEED TO SING A THONG ABOUT THE REGION OF TARAMA! Hint: It is a forest, A HUGE FOREST!"

"Ok I have an idea..." Jade stepping infront the altar. She ripped of her clothes just on her bra and undies "It's going down, I'm yelling timber 

You better move, you better dance 

Let's make a night, you won't remember 

I'll be the one, you won't forget"

Jay chimmed in and started "The bigger they are, the harder they fall 

This biggity boys are diggity out 
I have 'em like Miley Cyrus, clothes off 
Twerking on a roseton, timber 
Crazy town, booty on, timber 
That's the way we like the war, timber 
I'm sticking it in oil spill 
She say she won't, but I bet she will, timber 

Swing your partner round and round 
End of the night, it's going down 
One more shot, another round 
End of the night, it's going down 
Swing your partner round and round 
End of the night, it's going down 
One more shot, another round 
End of the night, it's going down "

After an entrie glee moment the statue shaked and Pilar's eyes shot a green light towards the cloud barrier, creating a green light column and a hole to get to the lower lands... The adventure was about to begging...

Chapter 3 - The Spiral Prision

The five teenagers and the three faries looked down the edge of the island to the cloud barrier. The green light column seen in the distance. 

"Ready?" Toast asked

"Yeah." They all anwsered

"You must remember that the birds are not able to go through the cloud barrier. You will have to force to jump down the hole created by the goddess. The goddess blessed you all with freefall and has designated points you will have to discover to land on them." Zach informed.

"Wait what holes' Did we just get sexual?" Erlend asked after stopping chasing a butterfly.

"The goddess did a huge mistake when she made you inmortal..." Zach groaned.

"Lets go!" Toast cheered.

Everybody nodded and they all jumped down the cliff and got picked up by the bird. They all flied to the hole. Jade led the way and as soon she reached the hole in the clouds she jumped down. She started freefalling as the blessign of Pilar started working. A light glow surrounded Jade slowing her down as she exited the clouds barrier. She started seeing trees everywhere but where she was going there was nothing. It was a huge hole that went down a spiral. The other four had followed. They all landed at the top of the spiral. They looked around to see some sort of building at the other side of the spiral. They started walking towards them when.


From the floor, four stems emerged with flowers in their points. the flowers grew and explodded revealing mouthes. They looked like giant venus traps. The plants swinged and tried to bite Summer. Jay quickly sliced the stem of one with his sword. As the plants continued to swing around trying to bite everybody.

"Those are Plantikis, they are like flytraps but they actually have a brain, you must cut their stem to kill them!" Toast shrieked as on of the Plantikis tried to swallow her. Jade grabbed with her own hands two of the stems at the time and with her other hand she sliced them with the sword. Emma finsihed the last one with her own sowrd.

"You guys should look for the bright orange flowers in the floor, they are Plantikis hiden under ground." Zach advised as they advanced.

Sumemr saw three flowers and gripped her sword harder as she took the lead and the Plantikis emerged. She swung her sword cutting the three man-eaters off.

"Good job!" Jay cheered hugging her.

When they arrived to the stone wall that was partially covered in vegetation they spotted a wooden door in it. The door was pretty large and had an eye cut into it. Liza pushed the door open revealing what was inside.

A room that had stone column everywhere. Light entered through many of the holes in the ceiling. In the enter of the room was a woman in a black hood. 

"I've been waiting you." She said not looking up.

They all jumped a little being suprised. 

"Welcome to the Spiral Prison. This place has kept the evil locked up for centuries but now it is being opened..." She continued

"Did you see our friend? A girl tha-" Liza started

"-I have, if you want to find her you will have to exit through the door to my left." Suddenly a noise was heard outside. "GET OUT NOW!" the lady yelled pushing the five heroes and the faries outside. The door was locked behind them and a shinning glow was casty in it. Locked.


In the bottom of the spiral there was a dark pillar (hurhur it sounds like Pilar) that had always a dark glow. It was shaking restless as the heroes escaped to the forest. The glow started to leave the pillar as everything continued to shake. Smoke emerged the ground and two figures with it.

When the smoke dissapeared two beutiful figures standed next to the pillar. A woman with pale skin and blonde hair that was flowing in the fresh wind. She wore a black party death that had roses that decorated her shoulder. 

Next to her was a handsome man in a black suit. He had his hair carefully combed to a side. Without saying anything they started walking up the path towards the temple. The woman took off her high heels and grabbed them her bare feet stepping on rocks and pebbles.

When they standed infront the door the man tried to put his ahnd in it to push it open but a glow pushed the two elegant creatures to the floor.

"Wesley, I thought you were brighter than that. You could have already imagined that bitch would cast a spell in the doors." The woman said getting up emotionless from the ground. She walked towards the trees but Wesley moved in a dash that elft a blur of balck behind her. He pressed his hand to her back.

"Cassandra my dear, you could also have seen the dome that is surounding us, she may have not stopped us from leaving the cell but she is so far doing a good job making us stay inside the prison." Answered the man, Wesley.

"Actually, I was just remembering the blood that covered this when our stupid error ended up locking us on the pillar. Right there." She said pointing to a stone that was covered in moss "Right there the goddess slayed Miscy's soul" She crossed her legs and sat next to the stone, with her nails she started pulling the moss out.

"What are you planning? Necromacy maybe?" Asked Wesley

"I see that somebody finally is getting back his brain." Responded Cassandra. She stoop up and looked down to the stone. She had taken off the moss of some parts so it formed the drawing of a face, the face of a girl. She then walked to a Plantiki flower. The beast emerged but soon Cassandra grabbed it with her bare hands and snapped it off. She took off the leaves fromt he stem and broke them to pieces. She then dropped the pieces over the stone. A purple liquid that exited the leaves dyed the rock. She then went to a pile of stone blocks and from behind them she grabbed the horn of a deer.

She placed it ontop the rock and the stone started glowing. The dirt shifted and another set of shakes happened. From the ground a girl on a dress that looked like it was made out of rocks and dirt, she had the deer horn on the left side of her head. She smiled and looked from Cassandra to Wesley.

"Nice to see you again your highness." Miscy said.

"Quit being so polite and help us get rid of the dome." Wesley snapped and they all got to work.

Chapter 4 - The Great Forest of Taradis

The five heroes followed the path that lead out the Spiral's building. They reached a clearing, at the other side of the clearing was a silver arc that had letters of an ancient letters. Zach flied next to the arc and inspected it.

"This is the entrance to the forest of Taradis. The biggest forest of what is left of the world. Thanks to this forest the levels of oxygen in the world got to a very healthy level and-"

"-Yeah, yeah, yeah. They get it now here is the cool stuff! Some of the plants have demons inside and will try to kill you! And the habitants of the forest are some sort of big furbies!" Erlend interjected. Zach charged to Erlend pushing him inisde a log. 

"Guys I feel that Chandni's aura was here not long ago..." Toast says

"Oh yeah we must find the girl!" Zach said flying back to the group after nearly ripping off Erlend's wings. 

The group of heroes marched inside the forest. 

The dark trees that surrounded the spiral changed into white birch with light green leaves. Colourful mushrooms the size of a armchair grew randomly near the paths. Some trees that looked like they twisted ammong themselfs, yellow large fruits hung from the branches. Blue butterflies fluttered around and grasshoppers bounced from a pice of grass to another one. 

Then in a clearing they saw them. Humanoids with red skin dressed in animals skins, they holded rusty weapons made out of badly refined iron and bronze.

"Those are Guttingas, demons created to be part of the dark army when the world was destroyed. They didnt have weapons and used anything in their reach to kill and destroy. They destroyed many towns, but their population decreased over the centuries as they starved to death. They are the minority of out problems." Zach informed. 

"When I count up to three, we attack" Said Jade sneaking to a bush nearby. "One, Two, Three!" She yelled and soon everybody sprinted from behind the vegetations.

The six Guttingas looked around as Jade stabbed in the chest the first one. A second one with an axe that left little to desire charged at Jade in revenge but Summer stabbed it in the back. Emma grabbed a stone and threw it agaisnt a Guttinga that was chasing Toast, it turned arounda dn just then Toast grabbed a vine that hang from one of the fruit trees and pulled from it. A rain of the heavy fruits landed ontop the Guttinga. Liza skipped over there and stabbed him. 

Emma stabbed another one and pushed the other one to the floor after it tried to stab her with a bronze dagger. Jade then finsihed the last Guttinga standing by decapitating it. The sux hellish humanoids turned into purple vapour and sank into the ground.

A noise between the bushes was heard and everybody sucked on the air as they turned around. A little, round, hairy, purple creature standed there.  

"Me name is Rebekah!" The creature chirped.

"FURBY FROM HELL! NOOOOOOOOOOO!" Liza cried as she ran. She tripped and smashed her face into one of thr fruits. "Feck..."

"Guys don't get scarred! We are not gonna kill you, rape you or anything like that..." Rebekah the furby said. 

"Guys those are Mikis, they have a pure soul. Their job is to protect the forest the dark creatures." Zach informed.

Another hellish furby appeared bouncing through the grass. "REBEKAH I MANAGED TO GET THE GIRL AWAY!"

"Wait what girl?" Jade shrieked grabbing Rebekah and shaking her.

"She claimed to be called somethign like Chandal... Chancho? I dont know... But the Guttingas were trying to capture her. Right now she is inside the temple of the abyss!" Jinx, hte other furby announced.

"We can guide you over there with one condition..." Rebekah said.

"Sure, what codition?" Jade asked


Jade placed her in the ground and the two furnies started walking towards the largest tree of the forest. The others followed pretty scarred and aware this could be a trap. Jinx stopped everybody and nodded with her beak at a camp of Guttingas camping in the roots of the great tree. She and Rebekah runned into the grass and dissapeared. 



Rebekah and Jinx appeared onto the roots and started getting bigger and bigger, like a balloon.

"IT CAME IN LIKE A FURBY MOTHERLOVERS!" They yelled as they squieshed the Guttingas under their weight. After the Guttingas dissapeared into that purple vapour. "Ok let's continue."

After a while they reached the entrance of a huge abyss with only a fragile wood bridge to cross it. At the other side was a huge white building shapped like a lotus flower. 

"I detect this bridge has in it a curse so that only the pure souls can cross it." Zach informed.

"Having a ratchet soul is pure right?" Emma asked pretty scarrred of heights.

"Sureeeeeeeeee..." Toast said.

The group of furbies, humans and fairies started crossing the bridge as they got closer and closer to the entrance of the temple...

Chapter 5 - The Temple of The Abyss

"Why is this place so dark?" Asked Emma as she walked down the stairs.

"I dont know... Maybe because this place is older than yo momma!" Responded Erlend as he flied around.

"Don't be RUDEEEEEEE" Emma said jumping and grabbing Erlend by his wings.

"HALP NIGGEH TREING TO RAIP MI" Erlend said in his ghetto accent. 

"Guys look over there!" Said Jinx waving her beak at the room that extened at the bottom of the stairs. It had many columns that were decaying and cobwebs creating fake walls. 


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