Hey guys so it's a year since I did the first ever CHG and I think it's a good way of starting the summer by having a Camp Hunger Games... This one will probably be the best one yet since I have plenty of hilarious stuff on mind and it will be CHG1 level but not as kinky... Anyways sign up if you feel like doing so... You just say your name in the comments and that's it ^_^ 



  • Blake
  • Connor (Harai)
  • Eli
  • Lady
  • Bee
  • Ray
  • Rebekah
  • Erlend
  • Liza
  • Haley
  • Eden
  • Tristian
  • Nat
  • World
  • Nick
  • Zach
  • Jade
  • Jen
  • Claudia
  • Luke
  • Wesley
  • Travis
  • Justin


I woke up feeling dizzy as hell... My head just felt like some sort of bowl filled with cereals being shaked... Shaked... All the milk pouring out. Milk... Cereal... I'm hungry... I wish I had my rainbow chockstickle... I look around and see my surroundings, stone mossy walls and I'm resting on an altar, purple candles that gave birth to a ghostly purple smoke holded on statues of the heads of monstrous chicken with wide eyes circled by eyebags that seemed to be dunes of a desert. Am I in a nightmare and a vampire will appear and rip my body into threads? Or is it a wet dream where Kesha will appear and present me a set of muscled hotties that forgot their underwear at home... Please be a second.

I slowly turn my head to a side when I feel hot breath to my side. There stands a llama. "HOLY FUCKLES!" I scream as I propel myself to sit straight with my arms. The llama glares at me and blinks, this is more than creepy, too much for my body... 

"I'm Llama Du Rae. Yo momma left this for you." And with that the llama spit a ball of paper into my face. Moist. I feel how Du Rae's saliva treks down my left cheek as I grab the ball of paper and look up for the llama. However he is gone. I open the note and see the handwritting.

Hi Honey,

At the moment in prison or possibly escaping from prison. Remember the orchids garden I never allowed you in? Change the word orchids for marijuana. And the word garden for sub terrain complex that stretched under the entire town with miles of 'medical' plants planted. I drugged you and sent you here, an island I buyed with all the money I earned.

Anyways it’s in Indonesia' so don’t try come back home swimming because you will probably get tired and drown and get eaten by a Kraken. I made that place into a Summer Camp where you will have to manage tons of kids with the help of Llama Du Rae. The Island is called 'Quagneynye' 'Island' by the way.

P.S. – If you go home and find it’s just a pile of ashes don’t worry. I blew it up while a bunch of international police where looking through it. Killed them so bad…

Love, Mom.

Quagneynye that sounds so familiar… 

Chapter 1 – The Ritual

Lisa sat in the boat as the boat rocked side to side. With her where about 20 other teenagers as the boat crossed the water towards the island in the distance. Lisa got bored so she got up and started walking through the deck. She passed Nat who got so dizzy he was emptying his guts into the ocean. Then there was Tristian and Claudia who were reading a huge book covered in purple leather. She approached the girl and the boy and saw the drawing of a raw chicken with a Barbie inside of it and she gulped and spun on her heels towards another direction.

She saw Bee and Lady sitting on a bench watching the island. She approached them and looked in detail the island. It had dense vegetation but ruins had managed to rip through the green. In the centre of the island the head of a huge stone chicken laid on top of the mountain in the sea. It looked scary yet beautiful. She decided to stay in the bench and while she sat her tight jeans made some sort of rubbing against the bench creating a gassy noice. Bee and Lady glared at Lisa with wide eyes and Lisa stuttered. “It was tha chicken.”

Jade meanwhile was chatting off with Erlend about her latest book: “Pickle Sutra: Reloaded” an epic saga filled with passionate love between two pickles.

“I enjoyed that part where the carrot joined Guadalupe and-“ Erlend was saying just when George Andrews the hottest thing in the park shoved Erlend to a side.

“Pass for the royalty.” Said Andrews as he continued walking with his swagger. “The queen loves me more than anybody.”

Jade snapped into attack position as she glared at George Andrews. “You did what mate?” She spat as she walked towards him and grabbed him from the collar of his shirt.

“You can’t touch this.” George said before Jade slammed him against the metal fence that kept people from jumping into the sea. His gut pressed against the cold metal with such a pressure it felt like it was about to break.

“Say sorry to him. Now” Jade ordered as she leaned against his body to keep him from running away.





“N-“ George was about to finish the one syllabus word when Jade pressed him so hard against the fence that all the air inside his body was trapped and had no exit.

“What am I going to have to do to you?” Jade wondered as she slightly dug her red nail gloss tainted nails into his throat.

And just like that Claudia and Tristian appeared from thin air behind Jade. “IT’S WHAT THE BOOK SAID! THE GEM SHALL TRAP THE SOCKFACE!” They screeched in unison as they hugged each other.

“What did the book say after that?” Jade asked as she didn’t let go from George who was about to pass out.

“The sockface’s placenta shall be filled with hot dogs and sacrificed to the all powerful Quagneynye. So he grants us his blessing.” Claudia recited as Tristian did little jumps of joy.

“Sounds good, but no placenta stuffing, let’s just not give him the joy. HEY EVERYBODY COME HERE WE ARE GOING TO SACRIFICE SOMEBODY!” Jade declared and everybody gathered.

Nick and World tied George Andrews to a buoy as the started yelling rude stuff. The tightness of the rope rubbing against his skin. Rebekah grabbed an apple and placed it inside his mouth so he zipped it before Luke arrived and with a can of gasoline he bathed George.

Zach checked Luke out before whispering to him “You looked so hot with the gasoline, I’m surprised it didn’t set fire already.” Luke winked at Zach and they approached their lips towards each other just when Tristian jumped on top a crate.


Jen smiled as she pulled out a switch blade from her hoodie’s pocket. “I dibs his thumb.”

And with that everybody started cutting off fingers and strands of hair for the less bloody people.

“Ok we are ready.” Claudia said holding a lighter. She sat in front of the bleeding prisoner and closed her eyes. “Oh lord Quagneynye, master of life and generous progenitor of all of us. This sacrifice shall calm your thirst as we will become messengers of yours and inplant the seed into the womb mothers to wait for three days before it ripens so the womb mother can give birth to the king. We shall eat the Holy Fruit to celebrate that as we transmit your wisdom through air, water and land. This peasant shall prove you that we will do your saying as his life will be finally ended. Because not only you are life but you are also love. Please accept him even he isn’t deserving of your magnificent.

Quagneynye is life.

Quagneynye is love.”

And with that Claudia dropped the lighter onto George Andrews who transformed into a ball of fire. Erlend and Jade grabbed the buoy and threw it to the water. He floated on top of the buoy as he lit the blue with his tortured cries. As the boat reached the beach the fire ball was gone, but the eternal love of the chicken towards the teenagers who did such a perfect ritual would always be there.

Threw a rope towards the floor and tied the other side in the boat’s fence. After that, everybody started climbing down towards Camp Hunger Games, Quagnenye Island, Indonesia.

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