So I was looking at old blogs at the wiki and I came around this AWSOME mentor games and decided to make my own mentor games!


A mentor game is a game where you mentor and sponsor a randomly asigned tribute given to you, the tributes are generally characters from the triology but I don't like that since most of them are awsome, so I created my own tributes.

How to take part

  • To enter just post a comment that says: 'I want to take part' or something like that. I will give you one random male and one random female (they don't have to be from the same district.)


(Im in my ipad so i cant add tables >.<)

District, Gender, Name, Weapon, Mentor, Age

1M Zaphire 'Zaph' Bright, Axe and dagger, ClovelyMarvelous, 17

1F Silver 'Silvia' Golds, Throwing knifes and beuty, Obnoxious, 16

2M Paul Anderson, Sword and Hammer, Junior, 18

2F Pandora Wright, Spear and dual swords, Kekai, 18

3M Beep Wires, Electronics and axe, Midget, 15

3F Timera Volts, Electronics and crossbow, ClovelyMarvelous, 17

4M Kevin Seas, Spear/Trident and net, Anna, 16

4F Alexa Summers, Bow and arrow, Neonlights, 17

5M Demitry Deam, Knife and Dagger, Gruff, 13

5F Alicia Fear, Throwing knifes and dagger, Midget, 17

6M Tim Freed, Blowgun and knife, Neonlights, 12

6F Mel Jordans, Spear and sword, Anna, 18

7M Charly Stream, Axe and hammer, Deadly, 16

7F Helena Last, Axe and throwing axe, Gruff, 17

8M Morgan Feather, Knife and Axe, D3, 14

8F Karina Waxs, Poison and Dagger, Junior, 15

9M Peter Sever, Scyth and knife, Obnoxious, 18

9F Tina Drain, Scyth and spear, D3, 17

10M Angus Tribes, Sword and h2h combat, Kekai, 18

10F Rebecca Gaea, Throwing knifes and sword, Deadly, 16

11M Crop Mate, Scyth and dagger, D3 , 15

11F Lilly Bell, Crossbow and knifes, D3, 14

12M Xavi Worth, Spear and dagger, D3, 15

12F Thamara Inter, Stealth and poison, D3, 13

(all tributes mentored by will die first day so you have a chance to guide your tributes past the first day)



Knife - 50

Dagger - 75

Throwing Knifes (5) - 300

Spear - 500

Axe - 500

Blowgun - 500

Throwing axe - 600

Scyth - 700

Hammer - 750

Poison - 750

Electronics - 750

Sword - 800

Bow - 800

Crossbow - 800

Trident - 1000


Apple: 10

Dried beef - 100

Salad - 50

Soup - 300


D1 Bread (1/4 of a meal) - 20

D2 Bread (1/2 of meal) - 25

D3 Bread (3/4 of meal) - 50

D4 Bread (2/4 of meal) - 30

D5 Bread (1/4 of meal) - 10

D6 Bread (1/4 of meal) - 10

D7 Bread (2/4 of meal) - 20

D8 Bread (3/4 of meal) - 40

D9 Bread (3/4 of meal) - 45

D10 Bread (2/4 of meal) - 25

D11 Bread (1/4 a meal) - 10

D12 Bread (1/8 of meal) - 5

(suggest any other type of food)


Rope: 50

Wire: 75

Sleeping bag: 100

Matches: 100

Gloves: 125

Scarf: 125

Jacket: 150

Sweaming wear: 175.

Canteen (empty): 250

Canteen (with water): 500


Burn medicine: 500

Freeze medicine: 500

Bandages: 250

Acid/Toxic substances medicine : 750

Instant Relief: 1000


Map of arena: 500

Map of section of arena: 100

Tribute tracker: 750

Mutt tracker: 500

Taser: 750

Camouflage: 500

Tribute Info

Name District Odds  Score Status Place Death Personality
Zaph 1 Kind and Caring
Silver 1 Flirtarious 


2 5-1 Vicious
Pandora 2 Evil/Manipulative
Beep 3 12-1 Nerdy
Timera 3 Shy
Kevin 4 4-1 Leader like, self-confident
Alexa 4 Vicious
Demitry 5 Shy but cunning
Alicia 5 7-1 Confient and alert
Tim 6 Innocent and obedient
Mel 6 8-1 Quiet and Shy
Charly 7 6-1 Vicous and short tempered
Helena 7 Brave and alert
Morgan 8 20-1 Arrogant 
Karina 8 13-1 Inteligent and cautious
Peter 9 Confident and alert
Tina 9 15-1 Confident
Angus 10 Protective but vicious
Rebecca 10 5-1 Vicious and 
Crop 11 20-1 Scared 
Lilly 11 30-1 Shy
Xavi 12 27-1 Cunning
Thamara 12 27-1 Cunning

Chariot Ride

D1 Zaph's POV

I'm nervous me and my district partner Silver are going to be the first sponsors will see. We wear plain white clothes. Silver wears a white dress and a little diamond crown. I wear a white suit. Our stylist couald have worked harder in it, she keeps smilling at us.

D4 Kevin's POV

Oh great I only have a net as a tunic luckly those seashells and starfish help covering certain parts. Anyway I have a nice body, so why not showing it. Alexa wears a dress made of nets that luckly for her don't let her skin be shown. Then the first chariot exists.

D5 Alicia's POV

I get prepared as D2's chariot exits, they wear intimidating black armours with silver details. The girl Pandora  wears a chestplate under it a short black dress, she also wears a ponytail and a crown bathed in liquid silver that gives her the aura of a fighter. The boy Paul wears also a black Chestplate and black leggings. He also wears a crown made out of leaves bathed in liquid silver. The tributes from District 3 wear a dress and a suit covered in tiny screens that together make awsome animations; a lightning, sparks and neon like lines appear ontop of the background: the inner working of gadgets. District 4 is next, I can't help but look at the boy, Kevin I want the net to fall but I know that will not happen. My chariot is next, I smile and wave while my district partner is more shy.

D6 Mel's POV 

I quickly look behind me, District 7 is dressed with a green dress and a green suit covered in all kind of leaves. I can see the D8 male arguing with his stylist about his outfit. I can't make out what his costume is as my chariot is pulled away. I smile weakly and wave awknardly, I don't like being watched. I wear a golden dress and a crown that is a train. little drawings in my dressare revaled as we get faster: airplanes, cars, trains... they are made in bronze and I see a trail of golden glitter a behind me. My district partner wears a suit version of my dress and golden glitter continues falling from our costumes showing more and more pictures. I see a light and see that District 1's outfits have started glowing like diamonds.

D10 Angus' POV

District 8 are wearing patched outfits, their male tribute is shouting at his stylist as his hariot leaves. District 9 wear outfits made out of wheat they wear crowns made out of wheat. I'm dressed as a cowboy, so original. My chariot exits and I start waving.

D12 Thamara's POV

I like my dress it's black and is covered in black diamonds, it's like "Coal can also shine" . My partner wears a suit that is also black and haves diamonds. Atleast we aren't coal miners. The D11 Tributes are dressed in farmer outfits. Finally my chariot exits.

D1 Silver's POV

Holly Cheesecake! My outfit is glowing so bright! I love my stylist I bet everybody is watching me.

D3 Timera's POV

Finally the chariot stopped and the president starts speaking. After that we are leaded to our apartments. I'm finally alone.


Gamemaker note: Welcome mentors! You are required to chose the stations where your tributes will attend. Also I will be thankfull if you explained how your tributes will act in training. You may form teams between tributes but only if you have their approval. You have until Wednesday.



(they will go to their assigned weapon station)

(Chose 3 of the following 5 stations):

  • Stamina coarse (will increase stamin and speed)
  • Strength improval (will increase strength)
  • Edible plants (increases plant knowledge)
  • Survival skills (increases survival skills)
  • Agility coarse (will increase agility eg. jumping from tree to tree)

(Chose 2 of the following 7 stations)

  • Forest biome 
  • Desert biome
  • Mountain biome
  • Snow biome
  • Rainforest biome
  • Urban biome
  • Tropical biome


Let the Games begin!

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