So yeah more blogs. Why? Cause YOLO. Though I WILL finish atleast season one of this :3

The Prologue

They arrived in spaceships that flied over the big cities. They then stayed there for weeks floating. We thought they where friendly though didn't do nothing. After one month they letted this balls of lights fall in the street. After five minutes they all exploded killing people but not destroying buildings. They came in swarms. Six legged green bug-like creatures and huge metalic robots. They took families into camps, they took the children away and left the adults there. When the children where taken in those spaceships they bombed the camps killing the adults. They putted this slugs in the teen's backs and the aliens took control of the teens. Now we need to fight back to get back what we need.

Episode 1: Our city is falling

Emma got down her motocycle "There is barely nothing left." She said with a dissapointed look. They have been looking for food on supermarkets for all the day. Tyler walked up to Emma and smiled 

"There is a warehouse on the next street" He said

"Ok we shall go there" Luka agreed and Emma got on her motocycle and went to the warehouse. When she sneaked inside it she gasped when she saw that it had many usefull stuff. She went back to her group and nodded. They all went to the warehouse and started climbing up the shelfs and grabbing the remains of food and other stuff. Wesley was at the top of a shelf when he felt how a claw grapped around his throat. One of the crawlers (the six-legged alens) shook him and threw him at the ground. Emma heard this and she got her M16 ready. Five crawlers emerged from the shelfs and started attacking. The humans started shooting but the bullets barely did anything. 

Luka ran away outside the warehouse and found a machine (the robot) He called the others and they started running away. Julia got shot by a machine. The lasers aimed at her head and the machine shooted and she fell dead. Oh no Cass has already lost Wes and now Kekai looses Julia. This isn't going to be happy to neither of them. The three survivors managed to run away and started running towards the base of The Miami resistance team.

They arrived to the building where the over 3000 survivors of the Miami bombings have gathered. As Emma entered the building a very pregnant Cass ran to her "Where is Wes? I noticed how the baby kicked today!"

Emma froze for some seconds "Cass... Wes is dead..." 

After this Cass screamed and started crying. Emma hugged Cass but Cass slapped Emma and ran away.

After this Jade was called to a meeting with TAP the head of the resistance.

TAP was an old woman that looked like the typical teacher that will kill you with one glare. She was a veteran in many wars and had been commited to be incharge of the resistance of Miami.

"Jade we have divided the resistance into 10 groups of about 300 groups. You will be incharge of the 6th group."


"Those bugs are taking over the city. We need to leave Miami soon or they will reach the base."

"Ok but where shall my group go?"

"Miami is a pretty dead spot. We are in a peninsula but Miami wasn't very important comapred to New York, Los Angeles and New York. The plan is to reach cities out of the range of Miami where we can hide and grow strong. When each group have reached their destination we will try to contact each others to re-unite and contrattack those bitches."

"Ok TAP"

"Now leave our groups are the last ones still inside Miami."

After this Jade ran out to meet up with her group. The best fighters where Annie, Charlie and Kekai. who have all been war veterans. They also had a bunch of teens Alice who was a med student together with Joan. Mia and her exboyfriend Oli who has lost his actual boyfriend Ian after he was taken away and had a bug sticked into his back. Erlend was a high school student but he was a great fighter and tons of other people that where uselfull in their way.

The 6th of Miami managed to make a car work and they started going towards the inner Florida as they left behind Miami and the giant structure that the aliens have built on Miami's heart.

Episode 2: Love in the Mist

Emma raced down the street with her motocycle as she cheeked everything ok. She hasn't seen crawlers or machines for quiet a few kilometres. Just as she reached a hospital she saw something that made her eyes widen. A crawler and 6 teens with slugs on their back following it. She had the urge to shoot the crawler on the head but just then she saw another crawler exit the hospital. Emma punched her motocycle and drived away. She drived about two miles and found a school. It was away from the town, away from the crawlers and away from the danger. 

She entered the school and started looking around. She checked her map and she saw it was the perfect place. From what the map said minor crawler groups where at the south and that they have left the north of the town of the town untouched. Emma walked down the empty hallways. She entered a classroom, it had all the tables and the chairs. Everything was usefull. 

She was about to reach her pocket for her phone but she reminded that just before the bombings the aliens caused some vibrations that killed all the electricitonics, phones, cars and other things. Emma had kept her phone with the hope that she could someday call her boyfriend and get an awser. She knew he was probably dead from the bombings or the camps but she still had hope.

Emma returned to the road and drived to the 6th of Miami. While she was inspecting they had advanced 2 kilometres. Not much. She walked to Jade who was leading the group together with Erlend and Oli. "Hey I found a school that could be perfect to camp and stuff"

"Good, anything else?" Jade replied quite pissed after having to make 200 combatients and 100 civils move. 

"Not much just a set of teens with bugs on their backs" Emma shuggred

Oli and Erlend both popped inbetween Emma and Jade "Where?" "How they looked?" 

Emma stared at them and took some seconds to awnser "The hospital. A blonde girl, A ginger boy, A dark skinned kid, An asiatic and A brunnete girl."

"Anna?" "Ian?" They both started poking Emma to try to get the awnsers.

"I never saw them before the bombing so I don't know. Maybe."

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