This are important! :

  • No goddmoding (it's when you make the other characters do what you want) Example: Clove: She runs towards Peeta and stab him many times. Peeta tries to punch her but he fails. Finally Clove kills Peeta in merci.
  • You may not say how a tribute is feeling that is also godmodding. I will add a chart with the stats.
  • If your tribute dies please don't go mad at me this are the HG. You may post a comment saying RIP <your tribute>. But please don't reply in the roleplay comment :3
  • I decide when the day finishes, when mutts appear and if a tribute dies. Nobody else decides that :3
  • I will take part in these games but I'm not winning :3


Post a comment that uses this template:





Nothing more is needed since the personality and all that will be rped :3

In one hour from this update the games will start be fast and post yourself if you hadn't yet :3

Tribute Name Weapon
D1M Toxic Bow and Arrow
D1F Wikia Contributor Spam
D2M Kaeghan Throwing Knives, Bow and Arrow, Spear
D2F Nicki Throwing knives and bow and arrow
D3M Joan Knives and Traps
D3F Wikia Contributor Links
D4M  Kekai Scythe
D4F Alice Sword
D5M William Bow and Arrow
D5F Cassandra Barbed Whip
D6M Erlend A double-ended... nvm a curved sword...
D6F Berry Axes and throwing stars
D7M Wesley Axes and throwing axes
D7F Emma Bow and arrows
D8M Wikia Contributor Spam
D8F Wikia Contributor Vandalism
D9M Wikia Contributor Spam and Vandalism
D9F Wikia Contributor Newbness
D10M Adrian Spear
D10F Morgan Throwing knifes and shap-edged boomerang
D11M Wikia Contributor Links
D11F Wikia Contributor Spam
D12M Liam Spears and throwing knives
D12F Zara Bow and arrows, Throwing knives
D13F Dani M17 and granades

How to Roleplay

This is the example I always use in the role-play games ;3

The tributes raise into the arena and the time starts counting down suddenly the gong sounds

Then for example the user that roleplays Clove replies to that comment

Clove: She runs for a pack of knifes and grabs one.

The user must wait until another user postes until she/he postes again whatever the user does must be short.

I will roleplay the tributes that aren't used.

Example of how the bloodbath should work:

The tributes raise into the arena and the time starts counting down suddenly the gong sounds

Clove: She runs for a pack of knifes and grabs one.

Foxface: She runs for a backpack that contains a knife, a bottle of water and some apples in it. She turns around and escapes to the forest.

Cato: He runs to the cornucopia and grabs a sword.

Peeta: He escapes the cornucopia and goes to the forest without nothing.

D8F: She grabs a backpack with a box of matches, some water and jacket in it. She runs towards the cornucopia to get a weapon.

Clove: She spots the D8F and runs towards her. She throws a knife aiming at her leg.

(I will post a comment saying if the knife misses, injures or kills the D8F)

Knife: It goes into the leg of the D8F injuring her.

Katniss: She grabs a backpack with some ropes and food in it. She after turns around and runs towards the forest. 

D8F: She yells in pain and tries to run towards the forest.

Glimmer: She grabs a small axe and runs towards the D8F.

D3F: She grabs a backpack with electronic supplies in it she runs towards another backpack with food in it.

Cato: He runs towards the D3F and swings the sword towards her.

(I will post a comment saying if the knife misses, injures or kills the D8F)

Sword: It slices the D3F's chest killing her.

And the roleplay continues until the only remaining people in the cornucopia are the careers :3 then I will post a comment saying:

<number of deaths> cannons sound marking the end of the bloodbath

No replies should be posted in that comment after this.

After the bloodbath

You should post a comment (not reply my comment) saying where you tribute is and what he does.


Foxface: She picks finds a little cave and enters it, she have shade in it and she smiles when she hears flowing water.

(this is another comment)

Cato: He is in the cornucopia looking through the supplies

(other careers may reply to this comment since they are in the same place)

(end of example)


When all the users with living tributes have posted a comment I will post:

The sky darkens it is night. the faces of the fallen appear.

After this careers may start hunting, they may post something like this.

Marvel: "Should we go hunting?" He asks as he sharpens a spear.

Cato: "Why not?" 

Then i post a comment that says:

The careers go deep into the forest and start hunting.

They may post comments in which they talk but not in which they see other tributes I decide that. i will post a comment saying this.

As they walk around the forest they spot <tribute name>


They find nothing

After this second comment they may decide to go back to the cornucopia or set a camp where they are :3

While the careers hunt...

While the careers hunt other tributes may go to the cornucopia and steal things :3


Foxface: She runs to the cornucopia and she starts grabbing food. She then runs away.

After Day 1

The games will go on and on until only one stays alive I will decide the deaths if the tribute is thirty, hungry or sick. I will also sponsor tributes that do good roleplays. I also decide when a day ends and when the night ends.

What can be found in the Cornucopia.

1 - Inside the cornucopia

2 - In the mouth of the cornucopia

3 - Between the cornucopia and the plates (in a plataform)

4 - Near the tribute plates (in the sand under the water, there is no need to swim, just walk)

5 - In the sand (No need to get inside the water)

Object Location in Cornucopia Who haves one
Sword (3) 1
Axe (2) 2
Knife (6) 4
Throwing knifes packs with 8 knifes in each (3) 4
Spear (5) 3
Mace (3) 3
Whip (2) 2
Barbed Whip (1) 1
Bow (1) and arrows (20) 2
Scythe (1) 1
Curved sword (2) 1
Electronic supplies (1) 3
Backpack with knife, apples (3) and water bottle (3) 4
Backpack with wire and water bottle (5) 5
Backpack with food for 3 days (3) 4
Backpack with rope, box of matches and empty water bottle (2) 5
Crate with food for 5 days (3) 2
Backpack with traps (2) 3
Alice Backpack: fizzy drinks (3) and bacon (5) 1
Jacket (5) 3
First Aid Kit (3) 1
Slingshot (2) 5
Blowgun (2) with darts (20) 4
Burn Medicine (1) 1
Bandages (3) 3
Box of matches (5) 5
Camoflage paint (1) 4
Empty bottle (5) 5
Bident (1) 2
Sharp-edged boomerang (1) 3
Throwing axes (5) 3
Battle Axes (2) 1
Throwing Stars pack (6 in each pack) (3) 5


Place Who How Killer
24 D8F Axe in head Wesley
23 D9M Knife to head Nicki
22 D3F Throat slit by knife Wesley
21 D9F Scythe to chest Kekai
20 D11M Knife to head Nicki
19 D8M Knife to chest Joan
18 D1F Drowned herself after she swam under a plataform and couldn't get bac to the surface. Water
17 D11F Slipped and hitted her head against the cornucopia Water/Cornucopia
16 Zara Arrow between eyes Emma
15 Berry Knife in head Wesley
14 Liam Back sliced with scythe Kekai
13 Joan Fried Emma
12 Nicki Fried Emma
11 Adrian Neck snapped and eaten Anna (Mutt)
10 Alice Heart reaped apart by nails and eaten Anna (Mutt)
9 Wes Drowned as beated against the river's floor. Then neck broken with stone and eaten. Anna (Mutt)
8 Erlend Head exploded Anna (Mutt)
7 William Head exploded Anna (Mutt)
6 Morgan ? Anna (Mutt)
5 Cass ? Anna (Mutt)
4 Toxic ? Anna (Mutt)
3 Kekai Suicide/ Granade in mouth Himself
2 Kaeghan Bullet to head Dani
VICTOR!!! Emma
VICTOR!!! Dani

Tribute Name Location Odds
D1M Toxic Better place
D1F Wikia Contributor
D2M Kaeghan Better place
D2F Nicki Better place
D3M Joan Better place
D3F Wikia Contributor
D4M  Kekai Hell
D4F Alice Better place
D5M William Better place
D5F Cassandra Better place
D6M Erlend Watching you
D6F Berry Better place
D7M Wesley Better place
D7F Emma Her new mansion
D8M Wikia Contributor
D8F Wikia Contributor
D9M Wikia Contributor
D9F Wikia Contributor
D10M Adrian Better place
D10F Morgan Better place
D11M Wikia Contributor
D11F Wikia Contributor
D12M Liam Better place
D12F Zara Better place
D13F Dani Tiny Chat


2 words Hungah Island.


The arena is based in my series Hunger Islands, the arena is based on jamaica, it will haves beaches, forests and rivers. The cornucopai will be in middle of a cove, the cornucopia facing opposite side of the ocean, the tributes will be in the sand and small plataforms in the water will hold the supplies.


Anna IslandMod Monster

Danger level: Extreme

Being the arena based in my other series: Hunger Island, we can't miss Anna. She appears like a blonde girl and she will sneak behind tributes and tell them how bad they have been doing. After this she will snap their necks killing them and eat their corpse.

Parrot Mutt/Poison Claws

Danger level: Medium

A beutiful parrot that flies over the arena's forest. This mutts are peaceful unless tributes are enar their nests. They will fly to the tribute and slice the tribute's skin with it's claws. Then it will leave. The claws have poison and after 24 hours the poison kicks in and kills the tribute. To be saved from this the poisoned tribute must become a victor before the 24 hours end.

Beatle mutt/Skingrimmer

Danger level: Hard

Small beatles that go in huge groups, they will cover the tribute and eat their body while it's still alive.

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