So I decided to make this since I think nobody actually did it before! It's a fanfic, but with tributes instead of users! And Yeah Im finsihing it, like Im gonna finsih Camp and the Other Fanfic!


So just link me your tribute and give me any info that could help me at the time to write such as sexuality, friendships with other tributes and family... I will modify most of the backstories and shiz... So yah... Join...

The Students

Name District Age Gender Personality Sexuality
Cassandra Oracion 4 15 Female Quiet and Insecure Heterosexual
Shurima Hunt 14 15 Female Tough Heterosexual
Kayln Annith 6 14 Female Shy, sweet and Caring Bisexual
Katelyn Sheer 1 17 Female Witty, Sarcastic, and Slutty Bi-Curious
Jax Sheer 1 17 Male Funny and Egotistical Heterosexual
Vorel Preacher 1 18 Male Mischevious Pansexual
Trent Greer 6 18 Male Humorous and nice Heterosexual
Rosette Lilith 10 15 Female strong-willed, friendly, bubbly Heterosexual
Kirsten Barker 7 17 Female Secretive and stealthy Heterosexual
Konami Aretino 4 14 Male Childish Bisexual
Minene Rinth 2 16 Female Tough Heterosexual

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