So 16 users are going to be sent to an island and will be divided into 2 teams, they will do some trials and the looser team haves to vote a member out (I will write the trials :3). When 5 people remain the teams disolve and it's everybody agains't everybody :3

Old Teams

(#), (&) or (:3)- In an alliance

Team Tickledatpickle

  • Mist Scorchil (had 1 immunity idol)
  • Emma Lee (#) 
  • Vatonica Price (eliminated)
  • Ax (eliminated)
  • Gruff (had 1 immunity idol) (#)
  • Mia (#)
  • Kiki (#)
  • Dani (#)
  • Erlend (#) (haves marijuana) 

Team Badbisheslikeusarehardtocomeby

  • Berry Bitchlet (:3) (haves 1 fake immunity idol)
  • Dustin IDGAF
  • Wesley (eliminated)
  • Colin (&)
  • Kaeghan (had 1 immunity idol)
  • Jade (:3)
  • Em (eliminated)
  • River (eliminated)
  • Justin (&)

The New Teams

Team Tickledatpickle

  • Berry (haves 1 fake immunity idol)
  • Gruff 
  • Mia 
  • Kiki 
  • Dani 
  • Erlend 
  • Emma

Team Badbisheslikeusarehardtocomeby

  • Dustin 
  • Colin 
  • Kaeghan 
  • Justin
  • Mist
  • Jade

Day 1


The castaways walk through the jungle and they arrive to a lake they had been blindfolded so they don't know where they have been taken to. They removed their blindfold a kilometre ago and everybody is very happy and nervous. Joan, the host is standing next to the lake .

'Welcome castaways. During 30 days you are going to be stuck in this part lost away from the civilisation in Jamiaca, at the end of the 30 days only one of you will remain and he or she will win 1 million dollars, euros whatever!'

The participants start cheering when they hear something related to money.

'Ok I'm we have chosen teams randomly *cough**cough*'

Two flags stand behind Joan, one is green and haves a weed leaf drawn in it with the colour black and the other one is sunset orange it haves drawn in black a the silhouette of a palmtree and a sexy girl in a bikini leaning agains't the palmtree.

Joan points at the green flag 'Ok in team Tickledatpickle we have Mist, Emma, Vatonica, Ax, Gruff, Mia, Kiki and Dani' One by one they walk to the green banner, Dani stomps in Joan's foot. 'Oi! Don't be a bitch!' in return Dani just smirks.

Joan rolls his eyes and continues speaking 'And in team Badbisheslikemearehardtocomeby we have Berry, Dustin, Wesley, Colin, Kaeghan, Jade, Em and River.' As there name is readed each one of them walk to the sexy flag. 'We have the teams, good. Now you are going to do the first reward challenge!'

Reward Challenge

Joan smirks 'I hope you guys are good swimming 'cause if not you are basicly this challenge is about swimming, all of the team must swim to the other side of the lake and there climb up those ropes that are in the walls. At the top you will find 3 backpacks for each team it haves basic survival supplies and in one of them there is a immunity idol, I repeat one immunity idol per team... So if all is clear, 3, 2, 1, GO!'

Dani sprints to the water before anybody else. Wes follows close behind her and he jumps to the water. Emma pushes her way to the water. She also starts swimming. Emma soon reaches Dani and Wes and they start pushing each other under the water. All the others are about 3 metres behind them trying there best to shorten distances. Dani pushes Wes under the water and Wes grabs Dani's arm making her slow down. Emma haves a good distance from all the others including Dani and Wes and she arrives first at the other side of the lake. She smiles and grabs a rope, she starts to climb but she haves some problems climbing. Gruff arrives second to the other side since he took a chance when Wes and Dani started fighting. He grabs another rope and starts climbing. Gruff soon gets at the same level as Emma, everybody has arrived at the wall. Mia and Kiki are helping each other to climb the wall. Dustin is climbing at an alarming speed. Gruff and Emma arrived at the top and they both run to the pile of three green and black backpacks. Emma grabs one and looks inside to find two machets and a canteen, no idol. Gruff grabs both of the other backpacks and he looks inside one of them he find nothing except some rope. He opens the last backpack and finds the idol he grabs it and smiles. Meanwhile from team Badbishes Dustin and Kaeghan are racing against each other to climb the ropes. Kaeghan arrives first and he grabs a orange and black backpack, it contains the idol, he smiles.

Since the idols have been taken everybody starts helping everybody. Em helps River to climb up the rope. Jade climbs easily up the rope. When everybody has climbed up each team goes apart from the other and they investigate the bags, they find 2 maps in each backpack, the castaways examine them and soon they start walking to their new homes.

Team Tickledatpickle

IMG 2421
The team arrives to the zone the map marks, a lovely beach full of plants and possibly sea life. Dani, Kiki and Mia talk as they arrive.

"So how did you guys do in the challenge?" Kiki asks

Dani clenches her fists "Good until those two Emma and Wesser or something like that ruined my perfect chance."

Mia looks up and smiles gently "Don't get mad at Emma she seems a good girl."

The trio look at Emma who is talking to Gruff. "Ok so we have a problem, Emma is making friends with the Gruff boy. So we can't vote her out possibly Gruff will safe her." Dani said in annoyance.

"Ok I think I have an idea." Kiki said and she walks to Gruff and Emma that are sitting next to a rock in the beach. "Hi there guys, you did pretty good in the challenge so I have been thinking that maybe we could form an alliance together with Mia and Dani."

"I like the idea." Gruff says happily 

"I like it but... With Dani?" Emma says awknardly

"Don't worry about Dani, she is kinda competitive. That's all but since I think that we are not having Reward challenges that will spit us in a while she is ok." Kiki explains

"Ok if that's it I'm joining." Emma awnsers and soon they start walking to Mia and Dani.

"Girls we have more allies!" Kiki shouts but not load enough so that the others notice it.

Dani smiles and she shouts out load "Ok guys everybody come here! We are going to start to build our little resort!"

With that everybody looks at each other and soon everybody is working. Ax and Mist collect wood in the outskirts of the jungle. Vatonica grabs one of the ropes and starts weaving a hammock between two trees. Gruff and Emma are using the machets for cutting long branches and palm trees leaves. Kiki and Mia clear the zone from fallen leaves and branches and Dani throws stones at some coconuts to make them fall. When Gruff and Emma have finished cutting the palm tree leaves they see Vatonica weaving the hammock.

"Nice work!" Emma cheers

"Maybe you could do some more before the sky darkens." Gruff says

"I could try but you should start making a hut or something like that in case I can't make enough of them." Vatonica awnsers.

"Ok." Gruff awnsers, and Emma and him walk to Ax and Mist. "We start building our new house?" Gruff asks them.

"Ok" They both awnser at the same time.

Mia, Kiki and Dani also go to help. Dani grabs a rock and a machet and she tries to start a fire. Ax and Mist start putting long branches together trying to make a structure. Mia cuts some vines and ties the branches with help of Kiki. Emma and Gruff cover their new house with palm tree leaves. By when they are finished Vatonica has weaved 3 hammocks. "Guys I have little rope left so I guess that we will have to do with the three hammocks..." Vatonica says half dissapointed.

"Vatonica it's great, ok since the sky is clear who wants to sleep in the hammocks?" Kiki says sitting in one of the testing if it can support her weight. She after leans back and lies in the ropes. "Oh gosh these hammocks are so confortable!" She after gets up and looks at the others. "I think that since Vatonica built them he should choose and have one himself."

Vatonica looks around "Ok I think that Gruff, since he did a great work on the challenge and..."

Suddenly Dani sprints to the group "Guys I did it! I lit a fire!"

Everybody turns around to see the fire infront of the refuge. "Great job Dani!" "Wow you did it fast!" 

Vatonica looks at the fire and says "I think that Dani should have it then."

Everybody gathers coconuts and gather around the fire as the sky darkens.

Team Badbisheslikemearehardtocomeby


The team arrive their camp it's a big beach and haves a dense jungle. The neach merges into jungles in both ends. 

Berry looks around and says "Well, I think that we should start bulding."

And with that everybody starys gathering reources. Jade grabs some rope and puts it around some trees as a base for the ceiling of the refuge. Colin and Kaeghan grabbed the machets and started cutting palm tree leaves and branches. While Jade works on the base for the ceiling Berry is cleaning the ground. Wesley and Dustin decide to try and go hunting the grab two branches and borrow Colin's machet a second and they sharpen the sticks turning the to spears. Em and River help to bring the branches and leaves to the camp and together with Kaeghan, Berry and Colin put the branches over the ropes. and cover the holes that are felf with palm tree leaves. When they finish they gather the remaining leaves to make a mat for the floor. Wesley and Dustin return with their spears and Dustin with one of the backpacks filled with coconuts.

"Sorry guys but this fishes are really sneaky... But we got coconuts." Wes explained

Berry smirked "Next time use a trident."

Colin goes to the center of the refuge and with the machet and a stone he tries to start a fire, it takes him 20 minutes to make the fire and it is al ready dark when the fire starts everybody starts cheering.

Night 1

Team Tickledatpickle

Everybody goes to sleep comfortably Vatonica, Gruff and Dani in the hammocks, the others in the refuge. The fire heats them and they all are comfortable.

Team Badbisheslikemearehardtocomeby

They all go to the refuge and they snuggle near the fire. When everybody is nearly asleep Jade looks to her side and screams "OMG a Giant crab is next to me!" 

Wes looks to her dirrection alarmed to see a coconut crab, he grabs his spear and impales the crab with it. He after smiles and says out load "Good now we have some food!" After this they go to sleep.

Day 2

Team Tickledatpickle

Vatonica is the first to wake up and he yawns "Good morning everybody."

Gruff wakes up and mumbles something similar. Slowly everybody wakes up and they gather around the fire. Dani arrives and looks at them "What are we eating now?" 

Kiki looks at her "I gathered some coconuts." They grab coconuts from a pile and eat them. After they store the remaining coconuts in a hammock. Each of them start doing different jobs Emma and Gruff collect some more coconuts. Dani makes a bident out of a Y-shaped branch and she tries to go fishing. Mia and Kiki go to a rocks sumerged under the water and they look for some sea food. Ax, Mist and Vatonica try to make some more hammocks with vines but they break too easily. They continue trying to make hammock by getting thicker vines.

Team Badbisheslikemearehardtocomeby

Jade didn't sleep well since she kept feeling uneasy about the creatures that surrounded the camp. Berry decides that they are going to work in improving the camp.

Em and River decide to grab leaves and branches for making a wall for the hut. They take them to Colin, Kaeghan and Jade who fancy them into a wall for the hut, by the time it's challenge time they have 1walls and a second one in process. They are told to walk to a point in the map and they do so.

Immunity Challenge

The teams are taken to a beach wearing trunks or bikinis, Dustin is increadibly sexy. The beach haves two woden planks, one orange and the other green. They go from the beach to two plataforms, again one orange the other green. As the castaways inspect the setup Joan starts talking.

"Welcome again, I hope you had a nice rest, you will need it." He points at the planks "First of all each team will have 4 people that will run up the planks to the plataform, if you fall down to the water you may choose to either try again or give your turn to the next person. When you arrive to the plataform you jump to the water and swim underwater, underwater you will find 4 chests with the colour of your team. You grab one chest, I repeat only one chest and you swim back to the beach, there your other 4 team mates will have each 1 key that they only they can use, so you give one of them the key, they try the key and if it doesn't work they pass it to the next team mate and so on. The first to open the chest and join the four pieces that are in each chest wins immunity." Joan smile and looks at the teams and he says. "You have 2 minutes to discuss strategies."

After the 2 minutes Joan shouts "Time is up!" From Badbishes Dustin, Jade, Berry and Wesley go to the orange plank and they line up. From Tickledatpickle Dani, Emma, Ax and Kiki. They also line up in a line.

"The immunity starts in 3, 2, 1, GO!" Dustin runs up the plank at the same time as Dani, he haves certain advantage over her so he stops and he looks at her "Hey Dani!" he shouts at her.

"What you want?! If you didn't realise we are in a challenge!" Dani shouts back as she reaches him.

"I just wanted to show you this..." Dustin shouts as he lowerst his trunks a few centimiters but not enough to consider that he is flashing. Dani's eyes widen and she nearly slips of her plank, she hugs her plank as Dustin continues walking, he arrives to the plataform and he tries to spot one of the chests when he sees one Dustin jumps to the water and he dives under the water. Dani gets up again and she starts running to the plataform she jumps to the water and she dives. Dustin finds his chest and he starts swimming up Dani sees this and she swims to him and she grabs his chest and throws it deep into the water. Dustin haves to swim up to catch air as Dani looks around for a chest and she spots one, she grabs it and swims to the surface, Dustin soon grabs his chest again and he swims back to the surface and he starts swimming back to the beach. Dani arrives a few seconds before him and gives it to Mia. Dustin arrives and he gives it to Em. 

Jade and Emma race up the planks and dive grabbing the chests, they both arrive back to the beach nearly at the same time. Ax and Berry run up the plank and Berry being smaller is running faster. Ax gets nervous and he tries to speed up but this ends in him falling to the water when Berry is already at her plataform. Berry dives under the water as Ax haves to swim back and Berry soon spots one of the chests while she is swimming to grab the chest she sees another chest and she grabs both of the chests and she leaves one of the chests next to the plataform. She starts swimming back t the beach as Ax is back in the plank running his towards the plataform again. When he jumps to the water Berry is arriving to the beach. She throws the chest towards the key people and she yells at Wesley "It's next to the plataform!" Wes nods and he starts running up the plataform he is in the plataform when Ax finally finds one of the chests and he jumps to the water he quickly grabs the chest that is next to the plataform and he starts swimming back. Ax is a few metres infront of Wes but he doesn't slow. When Ax arrives to the beach Kiki runs to towards the plataform. Wes hands the chest to Kaeghan who opens the chest easily with his key. The team gather around the pieces and the start putting them together. Kiki keeps running but before she has arrived to the plataform the pieces are putted together.

"Ok! We have a winner! Badbishes wins immunity, they have the right to choose somebody from the other team to be sended to exile island, they can also someone from their team." Joan shouts "Guys decide it fast since I have a meeting with a sexeh thang tonight!"

The team gather around and talk with each other. "We decided that Ax and Dustin are going to exile island." Berry says.

"Ok, pickles go back to your camp. I will see you tomorrow in elimination. Bishes have fun with at camp. Ax and Dustin, you are staying with me. Im also gonna tell you that exile island haves one hidden immunity idol. Anyways, Im late so bye."

Exile Island

Ax and Dustin arrive to exile island both of them want the idol, Ax knows that many people want to vote him off and Dustin wants the idol incase something happens. Ax finds the first hint painted in red in a giant rock in the center of the beach. Dustin also sees the rock and he follows the hint both Ax and Dustin have different awnsers for the clue they both go different ways. At the end of the day none of them find the second clue.

Team Tickledatpickle

The alliance of Kiki, Gruff, Mia, Dani and Emma gather in the hammocks. Kiki and Mia sit in one hammock, Emma and Gruff in another and in the third hammock Dani lies.

"First things first, who are sending home?" Dani says.

"I think that we could send Ax" Emma suggests.

"I agree with her, Emma did a wonderful time and Ax messed things up! Did you see how pathetic I looked? Running up the plank with zero chances?" Kiki responds.

"But think, maybe he has found the secret immunity idol." Mia says

Gruff looks at Mia and he says "But I also have an idol. If he bounces the votes towards one of us I bounce them back towards somebody else."

"That's true but maybe, I don't know the person we bounce the votes to maybe is one of us." Emma awnsers

"But people know that I have the idol, I can save one of our team, anyways I think that everybody from our team is voting him." Gruff says.

They suddenly realise that all the team but them is already sleeping in the refuge. Dani leans against her hammock and she closes her eyes. Mia and Kiki snuggle together in the hammock and they start sleeping. Gruff and Emma do the same, Gruff snuggles close to Emma since Emma gave him heat and he falls asleep.

Day 3

Team Tickledatpickle

Kiki's alliances wakes up and they gather some coconuts and with the rest of they eat them. Mist comments in how he wants to vote out Ax. In midday a boat appears with Ax on it, everybody awknardly evades him.

Team Badbisheslikemearehardtocomeby

In midday Dustin returns and all of them cheer when they see him, they tell him that they are going to cook the coconut crab and everybody gets to work. Berry starts a fire while Dustin and Wes craft some tridents and they attempt to catch some fish but they fail. Kaeghan gathers some little crabs and he takes them to the beach, they cook the crabs and they eat. They all have good fun and they have a descent dinner, by when they have finished it's dawn.


Team Tickledatpickle walk to a beach, it haves 2 long benches, a fire and a hut. In the sea there is a boat waiting to take somebody back home. Joan stands next to the fire as he waits until all the team is sitted down.

"Ok so Im gonna explain you what is gonna happen now, one by one all of you go to that hut and vote for who in your team should leave the island. Gruff haves an idol so if he wants he may save the person who gets the most votes. First of all I'm going to rub some salt to your injuries. Dani, you nearly fell of the plank when Dustin nearly flashed, what did you have to say about that?"

Dani smiles and awnsers "As you see it was a moment of weakness but after that you saw how I won."

Joan smiles and turns to Ax "I have to admit that when you fell you ruined the work of all your entire team. Do you have anything to say about that?"

Ax remained silent.

"Ok, so Kiki you are the first to go and vote." Joan anounced and one by one people go and vote. When everybody has voted, Joan grabs the box with the votes and heads back. "Ok, the first vote is for, Ax. One vote Ax." He shows the paper. "The second vote is for, Ax. Two votes Ax." He shows another paper. "The third Vote is for, Dani. One vote Dani, two votes Ax. The next vote is for, Ax. One vote Dani, three votes Ax. The fith vite is for Ax. One vote Dani, four votes Ax. The sixth vote is for, Ax. Those are enough votes. Ax you have been eliminated by your team, please go to the boat." Ax does so and he leaves the island without saying anything. Joan grabs Gruff's immunity idol and he throws it to the fire.

Day 4

Reward Challenge

The teams are called early in the morning to walk to an valley that haves 18 giant cubes that have each side 2 metre squared. 9 of those cubes where mainly orange the other 9 are mainly green. Joan stands between the two set of cubes, a table overed by a cloth behind him.

"Good morning It's never early enough for a reward challenge! Isn't it?" Joan starts saying.

"Fuck you!" Berry shouts at him since she didn't have much sleep and it was 6 in the morning.

"Indeed fuck me." Joan says with a wink "Now since I guess you want to know what you may win if you complete the challenge." He pulls of the cloth to reveal a set of nets, a trident, two bidents, swimming goggles and some sets of swimming feet (Idr how they are called >.<) "Do you like it? A fantastic set for fishing, from what I heard none of you are the best at fishing with sticks." he turns to look at the blocks. "You have to push this blocks to complete a picture so basicly thats all. The challenge starts in 3,2,1, GO!"

Emma runs to the blocks and she sees that each block haves in one of it's faces a part of a landscape. Vatonica soon is next to Emma and he says at her "I have a picture in my mind of the entire landscape, help me guide the others!"

Berry sprints to the blocks and she sees the first two matching boxes, she sprints to one of them and tries to push it, she isn't stong enough to push it and when she spots Wes she yells at him "Wes come here and help me!" Wes does so and they start pushing the block Dustin tags along and they push the block very fast.

Vatonica starts telling the people where to push the blocks they already got two matching pieces. "Gruff and Mist push that box towards the left side of the two we already got! Girls push that box together with that other!"

As Vatonica gives the position of the blocks Berry, Dustin and Wes got two blocks together and Colin, River and Em also start moving a block, Kaeghan starts turning around a block so it is in position to be pushed towards the line, he calls Berry, Dustin and Wes. Soon they are also pushing the block.

A few minutes later each group have only one more block left, each team sprints towards the last block and they push it towards the lines. River trips and he falls to the floor, Em jogs to his aid. This makes team bishes slow down and by 5 seconds team tickledatpickle wins. They receive the prize and both team head back to their camps.

Day 5

Immunity challenge

After that Tickledatpickle had a day enjoying their fishing materials the Immunity challenge was anouncessed. The teams where gathered in a beach, the only thing that caught the atention of the teams was a long rope layed from one point of the Beach to the other. Joan was standing in the middle of the rope.

"Good morning, so another Immunity challenge! So somebody is going home. Let me explain what the challenge is about, it's Tug of war. 2 teams one rope you all know the deal. Each team choose a side."

Dani starts walking and she looks at Gruff "Cunt you coming?"

Gruff rolls his eyes and awnsers "Ha, ha, ha. Fuck you!"

Dani smirks "Maybe later."

When the teams are ready Joan walks steps back and says "First team to have somebody crosses the line, will win elimination! 3,2,1 Go!"

Dani is at the lead of team Tickledatpickle and she starts pulling with all her strengths, she haves Gruff behind and she starts shouting at him "Pull cunt, pull!"

"Sometimes I have the need of drown you in the sea!" Gruff awnsers.

River is at the end of the his teams side he digs his feet in the sand to anchor himself. Em is in the middle she is struggleling but she keeps up. Kaeghan is at the start of the line and he pulls of the rope with all his strengths. Berry Bitchlet is behind him and she is slipping in the sand but even though it seems they are winning.

Dani sees this and she shoats out load "GRUFF LOVES CUNTS!"

This sets some sort of message straight to Gruff's brain and he pulls with all his strengths.

Em slips in the sand and falls to the floor, this is followed by Berry falling in her butt but she continue pulling the rope. River looses grip of the sand with his feet and he falls. This causes all of the members to fall and Kaeghan is dragged over the line."Tickledatpickle wins immunity!" Joan shouts.

Gruff storms at Dani and shouts "In your face!"

Dani shrugs and says "You continue liking cunts!" With that she starts jogging back towards camp.

"Bishes I see you in elimination!" Joan shouts "Btw since I have some business I select who goes to exhile. Ehhhhh... Berry and Dani. Bye."

Exhile Island

Berry and Dani make good friends since Berry is a Mofo and Dani is a bitch but none of them find the idol.


He is in his cabin next to the sea. He suddendly recieves a call. "the 2 extra players have arrived." A voice said.

"Ok we will add them after elimination anything else?"

"Yes, they are sending A.I.M.M"

"No way." Joan said in disbelief.

Exhile Island

Joan apperars with a boat as the girls watch the susnset, she ordered them to get inside the boat and they did so they raced towards the Elimination Beach.


Everybody from team Bishes had been awoken and dragged to the beach. Joan arrived with Berry and he started talikng. "Guys you have to vote, be quick don't vote for Kaeghan because he haves the idol. What are you waiting for?!" They all hurried to vote and Joan run to count the votes. When he finishes he speaks again. "Ok. This are the votes: Berry, Wes, Em, Em, Wes, Wes and... Wes!"

Disbelief flashes in some of the members of the team as Wes stands up and walks toward the sea.

"Ok guys tomorrow is going to be the worst day of your lives so have a good rest." Joan said and he dismissed the team.

Day 6

She was there, in Jamaica she walks out of the airport. She was dressed in a safari suit and had a messenger bag over her shoulder. Her long blond hair flowed in the air. She smiled knowing she was the best at her job. Her name was Anna Island-mod Monster, she was a beast. 

Reward Challenge

People woke up and they where sended to go to a beach. In the beach Joan and a blnde girl where standing. Behind them two crates standed. Voices where heard from inside the crates.

"Welcome castaways, good news! This bitch-" Joan was saying before the blonde girl stepped hard in his feet.

"Joan 10 sit ups now!" The girl yelled and Joan started doing sit-ups. "Good, Joan this shall not happen again." She said when Joan finished in a sweet as honey voice.

"Okay, this 'girl' is Anna from today she is joining me as a host. She is also a great moderator so you better keep an eye with what you do." Joan explained.

Anna smiled and continued "Since many of you may think I'm joking we have prepared a treasure hunt each team will be assigned the key of one of this crates. you follow the hints and done. But of coarse I'm not letting you doing things so easily, I have a bunch of rules, no swearing, no violence, no annoying your team mates, no shouting more than 3 sentences ...(after 14203 more rules) and that's all, whoever brakes them gets taken back to camp. Ok Berry grab this" Anna throws a paper to Berry "and Gruff grab this." She throws another paper to Gruff. "Go!"

Both teams gathered in groups.

Berry reads out load her hint "The tallest wooden tower. That must be a tree!"

Gruff also reads out load his hint "Flowing tears to the sea. Hmmm... Maybe a river?" 

Dani ruffles his hair and smiles "Good work C-"

Anna grabs Dani by the arm and yells at her "Dani back to camp!"

After one hour of following hints the teams have manage to get Berry, Dustin, Gruff, Mist, Em, River, Colin and Emma. Leaving Vatonica, Kiki and Mia in team Tickledatpickle. In team Badbishes Kaeghan and Jade are the only remaining. After collecting all the hints they put them together and both teams run towards the keys. They grab them and start heading back to the beach. 

"Good job teams, you must have guessed that today both teams get a prize.Open your crates" Joan said.

Mia went to her team's crate and she opened it. As soon that she opened the crate a hand snaked it's way towards Mia's body and started touching it. Mia screamed and smaked the hand and from the crate a weird laugh was heard.

"Heuheuheuheueheuheuheu" The voice laughed.

"Team Tickledatpickle get an extra member! This is Erlend" Anna anounced.

From the crate a boy emerged and started touching the people. 

"B-badbishes open your crate..." Joan said as Erlend licked the side of his face "A-anna help me..."

"Wait a moment I'm checking the rules." Anna replied.

Jade opened the crate to find another boy

"Badbishes you get Justin as an extra member!" Anna anounced and then she turned to Joan and Erlend "Sorry but the rules say that while it is kept PG he can do whatever he wants. Joan sighed and Erlend continued licking.

Team Tickledatpickle

They arrive to the camp with Erlend who starts making 'friends'. Mia's alliance stay apart for some minutes and start talking.

"We need him." Kiki says

"No we don't he is a pervert!" Mia says

"He seems nice." Gruff says

"And I heard this romour that they may mix us so in case we are different teams it will be good to have other members in the alliance." Emma says

"Ok! I'm going to call him." Dani says and she runs towards the beach where Erlend is talking with the other team members. She whispers in his ear and they soon both are jogging towards the alliance.

Emma approached Dani and asked "How did you convince him?"

"I told him you will snuggle with him in the night." Dani said with a smile

"You what!?" Emma whined.

"Tough luck you wanted him in the alliance." And with that Dani left skipping.

Day 7

Team Badbisheslikemearehardtocomeby

They all wake up late, last night they was windy in their beach and they hardly could sleep, pieces of the roof flied away and one of the rope snapped making more leafs flie away. They are about to start rebulding their refuge but they are called to a immunity challenge.

Immunity Challenge

The teams walk to a cove, in the exit towards the sea there are two sets of rope bridges. Joan and Anna stand in the beach.

"Welcome" They both say at the same time, they both shut up and start whispering to each other who shall speak.

"So are you enjoying your new team mates? " Joan started "So since two new members joined the competion guess what? Tomorrow two members are leaving!"

Both teams are shocked and Emma gets near Erlend. Anna smiles and starts talking "Let me introduce you this new challenge." She points at the rope bridges. "You will go in pairs tied back with back, you will have to cross to the other side to win a immunity."

Joan then starts talking "But things aren't that easy. Both teams will be crossing over the bridge at the same time and they may push each other to the water. As soon the pair of your team falls to the water another pair may start crossing. Ok guys get in the pairs, you have 2 minutes"

After the two minutes slowly the pairs walked towards their side. Mia and Kiki where the first to walk, followed by Emma with Erlend and Dani and Gruff. Mist and Vatonica look at each other and decide to go together.

Team Badbishes take some more time but the pairs show up. Berry and Jade. Em and River. Dustin and Justin. Kaeghan and Colin.

Each pair puts it's backs facing the one of his' or her's one. Erlend enjoys how Emma's ass touches his legs but Anna gets near him and smacks him in the forehead. After this the teams walk shuffle towards the bridge of their team. Tickledatpickle go to the right side and Badbishes go to the left.

After 5 minutes of tired Badbishes falling and Erlend shacking himself against Emma, everybody is in a line ready to go.

"The challenge starts in 3, 2, 1, GO!" Joan and Anna shout at the same time.

Mia and Kiki are the first to go from team Tickledatpickle. Dustin and Justin are the first from Badbishes. They seem to both going pretty well. Justin being new to the island meaning he was healthier and Dustin who used a towel to cover himself from the wind. Mia and Justin are facing forwards and as soon as both pairs are in the middle of the bridges they start trying to push each other. Justin reaches Mia's bikini and gets a grip on it as Kiki kicked him in one leg, Mia slaps him and screams "I have enough with one pervert!" Justin falls backwards and he is about to fall from the bridge. Dustin tries to push Mia but when he pushes her he is already. SPLASH! Dustin and Justin hit the water.

Berry and Jade start running down the bridge Since Mia and Kiki were already near Badbishes' side they soon start to try and push each other. Kiki puts her leg in the other bridge nearly making Berry slip. Berry steps backwards and stomps in Kiki's leg making her yelp. Jade attempts to push Mia but she suddenly feels that her feet aren't in the bridge anymore. Berry has swinged Jade twards the other pair using the rope to keep them together. Jade impacts against Mia and Kiki and the two girls fall to the water. 

Dani starts running dragging Gruff behind her. Berry and Jade are caught by suprise and they also start running when Berry is about to push Dani, Gruff grabs one of Berry's wrists. Dani grabs the other and they jerk her to the water. Jade follows Berry. SPLASH!

Em and River start walking through the bridge, they don't arrive to the middle of the bridge before Dani puts her foot in their bidge and makes it tilt and make them fall. SPLASH! But Dani looses her balance and also falls to the water!

Kaeghan and Colin start running before Mist and Vatonica. Mist and Vatonica instead of running they decide to walk on a steady pace. Vatonica sees a point of the opposite bridge that looks pretty much unnastably. He kicks it with all his strengths and Badbishes' bridge wobbles alot, Kaeghan and Colin quickly sit themselfs in the bridge so they don't fall. Vatonica slips of the bridge and he grips the bridge. Mist panics and tries to pull him up. Team Tickledatpickle start cheering but he is seriously struggling. SNAP! The rope that held together Vatonica and Mist snaps and Vatonica falls to the water. This makes Mist loose his balance and fall to the water SPLASH!

Erlend and Emma start running, Kaeghan and Colin are getting up after Vatonica's plan failed. Erlend starts screaming "Make it bounce!" And then Emma gets the message and starts bouncing on the bridge. Kaeghan's and Colin's eyes widen and Erlend starts laughing "heuheuheuheuheuheuheuheu" Kaeghan then turns around and grabs Emma in a bridal style. They start running down the bridge and when they are near Kaeghan and Colin, Emma stifens her leg and kicks Kaeghan in the chest making him fall to the water. SPLASH! Erlend caries Emma to the other side.

"Team Tickledatpickle wins immunity! Badbishes see you tomorrow in Elimination you must remember you have each two votes." Joan says

"Since we have something special with the number two you must send two people to Exile Island! And since Tickledatpickle won they decide." Anna says

Team Tickledatpickle gather and decide to send to Exile Island: Emma, Erlend, Jade and Berry.

Exile Island

Berry remembering where the last hint was when she last visited the island, she managed to guide the group to the third hint. What she doesn't know is that Erlend has found a bush of marijuana. He stuffs some leafs on his trunk's pocket. The group manages to arrive to clue four but it's already night. Erlend decides to make the fire and he stuffs some of the leafs at the buttom of the sticks. Berry and Jade start the fire and they start laughing. Emma looks at Erlend and she says "What the fuck?"

Erlend smiles and grabs a stick and starts cutting it, he turns it to a wooden statue of a woman with big boobs. "It's a trick" He says and he approaches the drugged girls and he says "Girls! I finded the immunity idol! Here you have Berry, use it wisely." And with that he handed Berry the fake immunity idol. Berry giggles and kisses the idol.  Emma smiles and she snuggles with Erlend and they fall asleep.

"Erlend, are you grabbing my boobs?" Emma asks


Team Badbisheslikemearehardtocomeby

They are having a horrible night, since Berry was away they have no fire and without Jade they are having problems with the rebuilding the hut. Em is crying in a corner of the half ruined refuge. 

Day 8


Everybody walks to the beach, they are all nervous. They are sended to vote off the two members, when it's Jade's turn Berry grabs her leg and starts yelling "Don't go! You are my baby! They want to take you away from me!"When they are finished Joan grabs the first set of votes.

"Ok so this are the votes" He announced "Em, Em, Jade, Em, Em, Em, those are enough votes Em please go to the boat" Em is sobbing and she runs to the boat.

Anna steps forward and she says "This are the second set of votes: Berry, Jade, River, River, River, Justin, River, River, River please leave the island." River walks to the boat frustated.

Day 9

Reward Challenge

The teams walk to a valley, in the valley there is a strange structure. Joan and Anna stand at the entrance wearing black t-shirts that read 'The Maze Runner'. 

"Welcome to the reward challenge!" Anna says really exited "Today you have various rewards: An immunity idol, 3 sleeping bags, a set of bikinis and what will call 'the Alice pack' it consists of fizzy drinks and bacon to be fried."

Everybody cheers

"So this objects are all around this maze. You have exactly 30 minutes to find them and get out of the maze if not you don't get them." Joan says

"2 mintes to plan strategies" Anna says

After the teams enter the maze technical errors called lazyness happened and all the events that happened in the maze where deleted :3

This is who got what:

  • Immunity idol - Mist
  • Sleeping bags - Berry and Jade
  • Bikinis - Erlend and Emma
  • Alice pack - Colin and Justin

Day 10

The super awesome Immunity challenge that everybody from this wiki will love

Each castaway wakes up in a little room under ground. In it there is a tv and a circular tube. The tvs of all the rooms turn on and in them Anna wearing a Effie Trinket wig and Joan a fake Seneca Crane beard.

"Welcome tributes to the first Hunger Island Games!" Joan says.

"Ok guys you will have to kill each other until only one of you remains. But don't worry if this was dangerous I will be the first one to stop it." Anna says

"Please enter the tubes" Joan anounces

Each 'tribute' enters his or her tube. They are raised to the 'arena'. The arena was basicly the cove in which the did the bridge challenge. In middle of the water standed a cornucopia. It was surrounded by plataforms with all kind of weapons and supplies. In the sand little boxes where scattered. The tributes standed on pedestals in the sand and in middle of the air an hologram of a clock counting down standed. 



Everybody is getting used to the bright light of the arena.


Erlend looks to his left and sees Jade, Emma and Berry he whispers to both of them "Alliance" They nod.


Mia, Kiki and Dani nod at each other and then look at the cornucopia


Mist spots an axe sumerged under the water


Gruff spots a plataform full of supplies


Vatonica sees wire inside one of the backpack, he wants to see what is inside it


Kaeghan looks for a sword in the plataform, there isn't any he will have to go to the cornucopia


Dustin prepares himself to run towards the water


Emma suddenly spots Gruff and mouthes to him "Join us"


Berry suddenly sees that she haves a pack of throwing stars next to her

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GONG!

Berry grabs the throwing stars pack as soon as she lands on the sand. Gruff runs to the water and starts swimming towards the plataform. Mist sprints into the water and grabs the axe. Emma and Erlend are swimming one next to the other towards the cornucopia. Dustin arrives to a plataform and grabs a spear. Vatonica swims to a plataform and grabs a bacpack that haves traps. He jumps back to the water and starts swimming back to the beach. Mia, Kiki and Dani take over one plataform and grab the weapons in it. Mia haves a small dagger, Kiki a sickle and Dani a mace. Dustin jumps to the water and Dani sees him, she jumps ontop of him and starts drowning him as she smashes his head with her mace, at the end Dustin's head opens and the water turns red. Berry has arrived to one plataform and she sees Mia and Kiki in the plataform, she throws two stars, one goes to Kiki's forehead, she falls ontop of Mia, Mia screams and shakes Kiki but she doesn't move. Mia then throws Kiki's corpse to the water. Kaeghan swims to the cornucopia there he finds Emma and Erlend. Emma haves a bow and a quiver of arrows. She prepares an arrow and shoots it. It goes through Kaeghan's forehead and he falls backwards to the water. Berry spots Colin in a plataform and throws another star. It lands on Colin's throught, he spits blood and falls to the water. Berry jumps to the water and starts to swim towards the cornucopia. There she joins her allies. Jade also arrives she starts gathering supplies but suddenly she falls to the floor. An arrow in her back. Emma looks at one plataform, there Justin stands with a crossbow in his hands. She yells and aims at him with her bow, she shoots and the arrow hits Justin in the shoulder, he falls of the plataform. Gruff jumps of his plataform when he finishes gathering the supplies, a backpack with food and a curved sword. He starts swimming to the cornucopia. Suddenly Mist jumps ontop of Gruff. Both boys start wresling under the water. Mia sees this and jumps to the water, she buries her dagger deep on Mist's head. Gruff then swings his sword and cuts Mia's head off. Dani starts swiming away from the cornucopia and runs into the forest. Justin bleeding does the same leaving a small trail of blood behind him. The only remaining people in the cornucopia are Erlend, Emma, Berry and Gruff. They are all allied and they soon start to gather supplies.

After Bloodbath


As the cannons sounded as Vatonica prepared some traps he heard somebody approaching, he climbs a tree and sees that Erlend, Emma, Gruff and Berry. Gruff walks infront of all of them and he steps on a wire. The wire snaps and a net falls ontop of Gruff. Gruff struggles under the net but suddenly he realises he is bleeding. The net was made of barbed wire. He looks at his allies and all goes black BOOM!

Emma screams and jumps backwards. Berry runs away towards the beach. Erlend spots Vatonica in a tree and he smiles. "Emma pass me the matches." 

"Ok..." Emma says as she opens her backpack and hands the matches. Erlend grabs a bunch of leaves and puts them next to Vatonica's tree. Vatonica is trying to find a tree near him but his tree is too far away from others. Erlend sets fire to the tree and the fire reaches Vatonica. He screams and yells as he burns his body falls to the floor and the cannon sound BOOM! The fire continues expanding and Emma and Erlend run towards the beach. Emma spots Justin also escaping the flames. She grabs her bow and aims at him. She fires one arrow and misses by a few centimetres. Suddenly Justin falls to the floor. Dani has been chasing him for a while and she slams her mace against his face. BOOM! The three of them run towards the beach. Suddenly Berry  appears behind Emma and grabs her by the hair. Erlend continues running as Emma shouts his game. And Berry grabs one of her stars. She slits Emma's throat and Emma falls to the floor. BOOM!

Erlend turns around to see Emma dead. He is furious and grabs his spear. He throws it towards Berry but she dodges it. Dani joins the fight sneaking behing Erlend. She swings he mace at his legs and Erlend falls to the ground. Dani stomp with her foot on his head breaking it. BOOM!

Dani then runs towards Berry. She swings her mace at Berry's chest. It hits it breaking some of Berry's ribs. Berry yells and uses one of her stars to cut Dani's left eye. Dani hold her hand against her now useless eye and Berry uses this moment to kick Dani in the chest. She then pins Dani against the ground and holds a star against Dani's throat. "I hate you." Dani says

"I will also hate myself if i was you" And with that she slits Dani's throat. BOOM!

Congratulations for Berry Bitchlet for winning Immunity for District Badbisheslikemearehardtocomeby!

Death Chart
Place Who Team How Killer Team
14 Dustin Badbishes Head opened by mace as he was drowned Dani Tickledatpickle
13 Kiki Tickledatpickle Throwing star in the forehead Berry Badbishes
12 Kaeghan Badbishes Arrow through forehead Emma Tickledatpickle
11 Colin Badbishes Throught slit by throwing star. Berry Badbishes
10 Jade Badbishes Arrow in back Justin Badbishes
9 Mist Tickledatpickle Dagger to head Mia Tickledatpickle
8 Mia Tickledatpickle Head choped of head Gruff Tickledatpickle
7 Gruff Tickledatpickle Cuts all over the body by a barbed wire net Vatonica Tickledatpickle
6 Vatonica Tickledatpickle Burnt to death Erlend  Tickledatpickle
5 Justin Badbishes Mace to head Dani Tickledatpickle
4 Emma Tickledatpickle Throat slit with throwing star Berry Badbishes
3 Erlend Tickledatpickle Head stomped and broken Dani Tickledatpickle
2 Dani Tickledatpickle Throat slit with star Berry Badbishes
VICTOR! Berry Badbishes

After the challenge

Dani jerks awake. "What the fuck was that shit?!" All the contestants are on a beach. Joan and Anna are laughing  of Dani's reaction. "Berry you bitch you slitted my throat!"

"You are alive you stupid!" Berry yells back

Emma and Justin are shooting daggers at each other as Gruff attempts to get near a coconut to through it at Vatonica. Anna stomps on Gruff's hand making Erlend to put his hands in his head remembering his death.

"Ok guys this is what happened." Anna explains as Gruff backs away "This was an immunity challenge. We are not explaining how you are all alive because that is confidential information. The thing is that Berry won immunity for Badbishes and thst Tickledatpickle is going to vote somebody off tonight."

"Berry you live me blind for an eye and make me go to elimination!" Dani shouts

"Atleast she was not from your team! Mia stabbed me in the head!" Mist replies

"Vatonica trapped me in barbed wire!" Gruff whines

"Shut up! I got burnt alive by pervet boy!" Vatonica snaps back

"SILENCE!" Anna shouts "Since I see that all of you are going to kill each other for true if I don't do nothing. I will mix the teams after elemination!"

Joan suddenly is tiny next to Anna that is spitting fire "Tickledatpickles... Follow me to elimination beach..." He says awknardly


Both teams are taken to the elimination beach since they continue keeping attacking each other. Team Tickledatpickle sits on the benches while Badbishes stand near the jungle as Anna walks infront of them holding a baseball bat that haves in bold letters BAN in it. She smacks with it whoever dares to snap a evil sentence or tries to hurt somebody.

"Ok guys get inside that cabin and vote each other so we can make the new teams." Joan anounces. Everybody votes and Joan counts the votes. "Ok so this are the votes. Vatonica, Kiki, Dani, Kiki, Vatonica, Vatonica, Vatonica, that's enough Vatonica leave the island."

Vatonica starts walking to the boat and Gruff opens his mouth to say something but Anna waves her baseball bat. He shuts up.

"Ok guys so this is the deal: the Victor and the first person to die are choosing somebody. Berry you are the new leader of Tickledatpickle Dustin you are the new leader of Badbishes. Berry you choose the first" Anna says as she points at people with the bat.

"I choose Dani since I killed her... I wanna show her we could actually work together..." Berry says

"Dustin" Anna says indicating it's his turn.

"I choose... Mist?" Dustin says

"Dani pick somebody" Anna says

"MIA! I CHOOSE MIA!" Dani shouts




Some minutes later this are the teams:

Team Tickledatpickle

  • Berry 
  • Gruff 
  • Mia 
  • Kiki 
  • Dani 
  • Erlend 
  • Emma

Team Badbisheslikeusarehardtocomeby

  • Dustin 
  • Colin 
  • Kaeghan 
  • Justin
  • Mist
  • Jade

Final Day

A huge wave arrives injuring badly everybody but Kiki. They are all evacuated so Kiki is the winner of Hunger Island! Congrats Kiki!

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