This are inspired of Cloveismywife's Mentor Games. Where apart from sponsoring you must mentor through the games. You jsut need to say something like "I'm in" And you get 3 characters to mentor. Btw Wikia Contributors can enter.

The Mentors

Number Name
1 Lauren
2 Jade
3 Emma
4 Justin
5 Sam
6 Kekai
7 Wikia Cont. A
8 Berry
9 Kaeghan
10 Cass
11 Fred
12 Alice
13 Wes

The Tributes

Name District Weapon/Skills Target Training Score Mentor
Cinna C Hand to hand combat station and camouflage station. Enobaria 8 Lauren
Effie C Fishing, Camouflage, Gauntlests and climbing stations. Snow 8 Kaeghan
Snow C Plant ID Katniss 5 Jade
Cressida C Stealth Snow 5 Wes
Marvel 1 Spear Rue 6 Jade
Glimmer 1 Archery, Survival, Knife Finnick 9 Cass
Cashmere 1 Knife throwing Wiress


Gloss 1


Beetee 6 Fred
Cato 2 Sword and Throwing knives Katniss 9 Justin
Clove 2 Knife Throwing Thresh 6 Alice
Enobaria 2

Knife Throwing

Snow 6 Wes
Brutus 2 Knives, clubs Peeta 10 Berry
Lyme 2 Spear Snow 6 Kekai
Beetee 3 Electronics Glimmer 4 Sam
Wiress 3 Climbing, Throwing knives, Speed Gloss 8 Wikia A
Finnick 4 Survival stations, Trident and net Clove 10 Lauren
Annie 4 plant, fish and insect knowledge stations, stealth and swimming stations. Morph F. 6 Jade
Mags 4 Weaving Titus 3 Fred
Foxface 5 Plant and berry identification Nobody 7 Sam
Titus 6 Combat, Swords and Knife Throwing Cato 9 Kaeghan
Female Morphling 6 Camouflage Effie 1 Justin
Male Morphling 6 Camouflage Brutus 1 Sam
Johanna 7 Axe Foxface 6 Wes
Blight 7 Axe Gloss 7 Justin
Woof 8 Spear and bow and arrows Gale 1 Alice
Cecilia 8 H2H, Climbing, Speed, Sword Glimmer 9 Wikia A
Thresh 11 H2H Clove 6 Emma
Rue 11  survival stations, knife throwing, slingshot ones. Climbing station  Marvel 7 Berry
Chaff 11 H2H Cato 5 Kekai
Seeder 11 Plant ID, Speed, Dagger Male Morphling 7 Wikia A
Katniss 12 Bow and Arrow Cato 9 Cass
Peeta 12 Camouflage, Swords, Spears Katniss 8 Cass
Gale 12 Snares station, Bow and Arrow Peeta 9 Lauren
Maysilee 12 Archery and dart station Annie 9 Berry
Prim 12 Knife Throwing Nobody 2 Emma
Alma Coin 13 Speed Snow 4 Fred
Boggs 13 Combat, Snares, Maces Brutus 10 Kaeghan
Leeg 1 13 Climbing Snow 2 Kekai
Leeg 2 13 Climbing Snow 2 Alice

Mentor Money

Number Name Money
1 Lauren 515
2 Jade 625
3 Emma 610
4 Justin 535
5 Sam 500
6 Kekai 500
7 Wikia Cont. A 575
8 Berry 535
9 Kaeghan 670
10 Cass 565
11 Fred 0
12 Alice 520
13 Wes 0

Money Extras

Kill: $10

Final 20: $50

Final 10: $100

Final 5: $200

Sponsoring Items

Axe: 150

Sword: 150

Spear: 100

Bow: 150

Quiver (12 arrows): 50

Knife: 75

Throwing knives: 175

Blowgun: 150

Darts: 50

Poison: 25

Trident: 275

Dagger: 80

Machete: 125

Rope: 50

Wire: 75

Coat: 150

Dried meat: 100

Dried Fruit: 75

Bag of Crisps: 25

Bag of Apples: 50

Water: 150

Net: 150

Iodine: 75

Spile: 100

Salt: 25

Sleeping bag: 100

Matches: 75

Burn Cream: 200

Sleeping pills: 80

Painkiller: 100

Note: 75


Le Fail Arena
The arena is a set of floating islands connected by bridges. (Ignore the gaps in the bridges >.<)

Each island takes roughly 3 hours to walk from one side to the other.

Cornucopia Island: A huge plain with the cornucopia in the center, it has some trees every here and there and the tributes must treck for atleast one hour to reach one of the bridges.

Jungle (To the north of the cornucopia): Has plenty of water and trees and places to hide in. 

Forest (Left Bottom Corner): It haves plenty of animals and places to hide. It also haves a caves under it that can be great to hide and find water.

City (the grey island): A city with a river in it. People can hide in it and find supplies there but the water is toxic and there is no food there. 

Volcano: It's the nearest island to the cornucopia and smart tributes may use the lava to their advanatage.

Desert: A hor desert filled with ruins. The ruins have many traps but they contain weapons and supplies for the tributes at the end of them.

For the Mentors

You have to say what your tributes will do over training and at the start of the game. Fill this;

Parade Outfit:

Training Areas:

Tribute to target during game: (If he/she kills the target the mentor wins 500 extra money)

Training Score Skill:

Interview Question: (Pick One)

A) What do you think of this year's tributes?

B) How could you win these games?

C) Did any tribute catch your atention?

D) Do you want to say anything to your loved ones back at home?

E) How did you find the Capitol?

Interview Answer:


Bloodbath Strategy:

What Island to go:

You have until the 9th to fill this.


This may change if the mentors want to.

District 12 - Maysilee, Gale

Capitol - Effie, Cinna

Careers - Marvel, Glimmer, Cahsmere, Gloss, Clove, Cato, Enobaria, Brutus District 3 - Beetee, Wiress

Morphlings - Male and Female Morphlings

District 4 + 7 - Blight, Annie and Finnick

Tributes Parade


Effie wears a big flourescent feathered head piece that in the back falls flourescent green, orange nd pink streamers that fall down and rap around her breasts and her vag. She also wears a pair of purple pumps. People cheer as they take note for their new season clothes.

Cinna wears just a fur coat he is really annoyed by that and he overs himself by pulling the coat down.

Snow and Cressida are naked and are having some horrible time.

District 1

Cashmere wears a thong that says dont you wish your girlfriend was hot as me. Some people leave towards the bathroom for some reason...

Marvel, Glimmer and Gloss are naked and together with Cashmere they are really sexy.

​District 2

Cato is naked with some sliver cover his grion. More people join the 'leaving to the bathroom' 

Brutus wears a leather speedo and carrying a hammer on his back. Him and Cato look extreamly hot together.

Clove is covered in glitter and Cato laughs as she sneazes as glitter enters her nose. She gets pissed and rips off the silver cover from Cato. Everybody leaves to the bathroom.

Enobaria is naked and people laugh but she shows her teeth and everybody shuts up.

​District 3 

Wiress wears a dress covered in silver wires with led lights under it. It doesnt really look good on her but people cheer.

Beetee is naked... it isn't nice to look...

​District 4

Finnick wearing a sleeveless blazer (that show his muscles) that is made of shimmering fluorescent blue material. He is wear blue trousers with a turquoise fin on the back of each trouser leg. His shirt is made out of black netting. His hair is dyed turquoise and he is holding a blunt trident and waving at the audience

Everybody loves him and cheers.

Annie wears long flowing blue dress with shimmering fluorescent material. It is tight enough to show her body but not too revealing so people still see her innocence. In middle of the ride she starts holding hands with Finnick and somebody dies.

Mags is naked... she ruins everything that FInnick and Annie did.

​District 5

Foxface wears a slutty dress with sparks on it. It's really nice and people cheer her.

​District 6 

The Female M. is dressed as a needle and people laugh at her.

Titus wears a complete robe made of bright orange tires. His skin will be airbrushed a light yellow colour and his hair will stick out and curl at the ends. It looks scary but attractive and people love it!

The Male M. is naked his ugly yellow skin shaking.

​District 7

Blight wears a really poor looking tree costume... Everybody ignores him.

Johanna is naked but she doesnt give a duck.

​District 8

Cecelia wears dress made of cotton flowers of different colours with a blue scarf around her neck. She looks like a sheep so ignore her...

Woof wears a birthday suit... People ignore him...

​District 11

Seeder wears red dress covered in cherries and a crown made with grapes. Chaff keeps grabbing the fruits spoiling her costume.

Chaff is naked and smiles as he waves at the people.

Rue is dressed in long red robes, with a bracelet made to look like it's blackberries. A circle of wheat on her head. She looks really pretty compared with everybody else.

Thresh is also naked... god looks hot...

​District 12

Gale wears a big massive piece of coal costume. Steam rises off him cause of some kind of capitol technology. It looks kind of stupid in it... people ignore him.

Maysilee is dressed as a Sexy Coalminer. Everybody likes it but they prefer District 2 over her.

Katniss, Peeta and Prim are naked... It is annoying by this point seeing everybody naked.

​District 13

Boggs wears a bug green body armour with dark blue stripes all around it. People love it and cheer.

Leeg 1 & 2 and Coin are naked. People boo at them pissed at the stylists.

Best Outfits

1st - Finnick +100

2nd - Annie +75

3rd -  Effie +50

4th - Rue +25

5th - Cato +5




Ceasar: What do you think of this year's tributes?

Cinna: Some of them are VERY sexy, Caesar. I mean, look at that Cato, those abs and that face.


Ceasar: What do you think of this year's tributes?

Effie: I think that the tributes this year are very well rounded and very intelligent. There are always the ones that have brute strength but that doesn't mean that the smaller ones can't win so I can say that there is an interesting bunch this year.

District 1


Ceasar: How could you win these games?

Cashmere: *She gets up from her seat and starts twerking*


Ceasar: Did any tribute catch your atention?

Glimmer: Oh, it just had to be Finnick. Getting past those delicious arms was enough, but when he took of his training shirt to wrestle... oh mama.

​District 2


Ceasar: Do you want to say anything to your loved ones back at home?

Clove: Yep. Hi.


Ceasar: What do you think of this year's tributes?

Brutus: I can't say what I think of 'em on live televison Caesar.


Ceasar: Did any tribute catch your atention?

Cato: Clove <3

​District 3 


Ceasar: What do you think of this year's tributes?

Wiress: They look stronger than me but Im way smarter. Muscle isn't everything you know?

​District 4


Ceasar: How could you win these games?

Annie: Well the truth is... I can't... Not unless I have the help of the amazing Capitol people to sponsor me.


Ceasar: How did you find the Capitol?

Finnick: I'm still amazed by everyone's great fashion sense. I'm very influenced.

​District 5


Ceasar: Did any tribute catch your atention?

Foxface: Joanna

​District 6 


Ceasar: Did any tribute catch your atention?

Titus: Yes Ceaser, one did actually. Cato from District 2. He is strong and well balanced. He will die, I am sure of it!

Female Morphling

Ceasar: How did you find the Capitol?

FM: I dont care i just want some morhling!

​District 7


Ceasar: Did any tribute catch your atention?

Blight: Johanna cause she got dem $%#$#

​District 8


Ceasar: What do you think of this year's tributes?

Woof: Well, I'm pissing myself


Ceasar: How could you win these games?

Cecelia: It's not how can I win this. Its for who Im going to win this. My three children, Im going to do everything I can to see them again.

​District 11


Ceasar: How could you win these games?

Rue: I'm fast, and can climb. If they can't catch me then they can't kill me.


Ceasar: Do you want to say anything to your loved ones back at home?

Seeder:  Yes, to my grandchildren; Grandma is going to stay strong and win this for you!

​District 12


Ceasar: How did you find the Capitol?

Maysilee: Amazing, so different to back home. So colourful, all your oufits are so stylish.


Ceasar: Did any tribute catch your atention?

Gale: Mmmm, dat Katniss babe *winks*


Ceasar: How did you find the Capitol?

Peeta: SO MUCH COLORFUL MANCANDY HERE MMMHHHMM! Like rainbow ibuprofen! I just wish I could tell this to Katniss..... *sighs*


Ceasar: What do you think of this year's tributes?

Katniss: Boy, whenever I saw all the fakeness, I wanted to barf. I cannot wait to get into the arena and rape and pillage. 

​District 13


Ceasar: How could you win these games?

Boggs: I think I am pretty smart and agile, but I am also very good at combat so I think I will just take each day at a time and not worry about anything else except what is happening.

Interview Ranking

1st - Effie +100

2nd - Cecelia +75

3rd - Annie +50

4th - Peeta +25

5th - Cinna +5


Day 1 - Bloodbath

The tributes stand in the semi-circle around the cornucopia. As time ticks away the tributes prepare themselfs. When the gong sounds Rue, Seeder, Foxface and Peeta run away. Seeder goes to the jungle and the other three go to the forest. Peeta tackles Foxface in the bridge but she punches him in the face and gets away.

Meanwhile at the cornucopia people are gathering weapons and supplies. Katniss grabs a bow and arrow and shoots an arrow at Snow's head. Cato has grabbed a sword and stabs Mags who was grabbing a backpack. Titus has grabbed Lyme from the hair and cutted her head off.

Effie and Cinna have grabbed a backpack each and they leave towards the volcano. Gloss has thrown a dagger at Cressida's head when Katniss shot him from the back. 

Marvel stabbed Leeg 2 with a spear. Leeg 1 sees this and tackles Marvel and slits his throat. Clove grabbed a pack of knifes and threw one at Beetee and another one at Coin. Both hitted their target. 

Wiress, Annie, Finnick and Blight fled the bloodbath with supplies and weapons.

Glimmer was looking through some supplies when Woof approached her from the back. She turned around and stabbed him with a knife. 

The Female Morphling was looking for supplies when Prim ran next to her with a first aid kit. The Female Morphling tackled Prim and started punching her until Prim died. She then grabbed the kit and ran away to the city.

Brutus grabbed a club and wammed Thresh in the head breaking his skull. Katniss left after she shot Enobaria in the neck.

Gale and Maysilee where fleeing when they bumped into Leeg 1. Gale grabbed her and snaped her neck. 

Johanna was about to flee but Casmere threw a knife at her chest. As Boggs left the cornucopia he spotted the Male Morphling and crashed his mace into his head. 

By this time Chaff was the last non-career at the cornucopia. As he fled Cato reached him and stabbed him in the back.

Tribute Status

Name District Target Mentor Island Supplies
Cinna C Enobaria Lauren Volcano Knife, Sleeping bag, water bottle
Effie C Snow Kaeghan Volcano Rope, Dried meat
Glimmer 1 Finnick Cass Cornucopia Cornucopia Supplies
Cashmere 1 Wiress Emma Cornucopia C.S.
Cato 2 Katniss Justin Cornucopia C.S.
Clove 2 Thresh Alice Cornucopia C.S.
Brutus 2 Peeta Berry Corncuopia C.S.
Wiress 3 Gloss Wikia A Desert Wire, Matches, Water Bottle
Finnick 4 Clove Lauren Forest Trident, Dried Fruit, Crisps, Water Bottle
Annie 4 Morph F. Jade Forest Net, Empty water bottle, Apples, Rope
Foxface 5 Nobody Sam Forest Nothing
Titus 6 Cato Kaeghan Forest Sword, Water bottle, Cheese, Bread
Female Morphling 6 Effie Justin City Knife, First Aid Kit
Blight 7 Gloss Justin Forest Axe, Sleeping pills, Coat, Rope, Water Bottle, Tent
Cecilia 8 Glimmer Wikia A City Sword, Dried Fruit, Water Bottle, Gloves
Rue 11 Marvel Berry Forest Nothing
Seeder 11 Male Morphling Wikia A Jungle Nothing
Katniss 12 Cato Cass Forest Bow and Arrow, knife, matches, bag of apples
Peeta 12 Katniss Cass Forest Nothing
Gale 12 Peeta Lauren Forest Wire, Knife, Rope, Coat
Maysilee 12 Annie Berry Forest Blowgun and Darts, Water Bottle, Berries, Coat
Boggs 13 Brutus Kaeghan Volcano Mace, Rope, Crisps, Empty Water Bottle

Death Chart

Place Name How Killer
38th Snow Shot in the head Katniss
37th Mags Stabbed Cato
36th Lyme Decapitated Titus
35th Cressida Dagger at head Gloss
34th Gloss Shot in the back Katniss
33rd Leeg 2 Stabbed Marvel
32nd Marvel Throat slit Leeg 1
31st Beetee Throwing knife Clove
30th Coin Throwing knife Clove
29th Woof Stabbed Glimmer
28th Prim Punched to death Female M.
27th Thresh Head cracked Brutus
26th Enobaria Shot in the neck Katniss
25th Leeg 1 Neck snapped Gale
24th Johanna Knife to chest Cashmere
23rd Male M. Head cracked Boggs
22nd Chaff Stabbed Cato

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