So I was being a creepy stalker cheaking blogs and found this thing called Lunaii comp. It looked fun and it was basicly that the users had to do lunaiis of Hunger Games characters. Ang guess what? It's a chat edition so instead of making a lunaii of Katniss you need to make a lunaii of a pickle!


  1. So if you wanna join post a comment saying 'Im going to join!' style
  2. Every 24 hours I will create a round and will do what the round asks you to.
  3. The best lunaii of the round wins immunity for the next round, the worst one will mean the user's elimination
  4. btw only 10 competidors :3


User Rounds won Placing
Kitty N/A
Alice N/A
Sam (D22) 0 10th
Marlene N/A
Connor 0 9th
Mist 1
Claudia 1
Zach N/A
Mia N/A
Danny N/A

Round One

Ok so this is the challenge: 

Create a lunaii of Alice (Everderp).

So this are the little details you may wanna to remember:

  • She haves epic brown frizzy hair
  • She is just awesome

Good luck! And Alice haves to do this too! You have 24 hours!

I will also accept lunaiis that are based on her personality! So stalkas gonna stalk!



1st place (immunity for next round):

Claudia, I love it an it really looks like Alice.

2nd place:

Danny, it looked alot like Alice but some more details where required. Anyways I loved it.

3rd place:

Mia and Zach, Yes it's a draw. Mia decided to use the mermaid tail and the idea was great. In the other side Zach decided to risk himself to do 100% Alice's appereance and didn't include her personality. It was risky and at the end it went pretty good, he used a hair style that nobody else used and I liked that.


Sam, it was good but the eyes messed up everything. Nobody haves those eyes (Maybe Erlend) amd they where blue... I didn't understand what it was trying to tell about Alice's personality though I think he is the one that should be eliminated.

Round 2

I have to remember you that from now on the time you will have will be about 16 hours since I will from now on anounce the winners and loosers when I wake up.

You need to make Oli! (Evilharibomadness)

Things that may help (or not :3):

  • He is perf
  • In his tumblr there is a photo of himself.
  • He haves chesnut brown hair
  • He will be judging this round so you better be nice to him ;3



This was 100% decided by Oli and I agree with all of them, enjoy bishes ;3

9th: Connor (eliminated)

8th: Claudia

7th: Danny

6th: Marlene

5th: Zach

4th: Mia

3rd: Alice

2nd: Kitty

1st: Mist (Immunity)

Round Three

So next user is Dani (RawrImmaEatYa)

So here is the special help you will need:

  • She is adorable and perf
  • Brown hair and eyes eyes. C'mon she is perf!
  • You can find her on TC, if you do so you must admire her beuty for ever!
  • Oli and possibly Dani will help me decided, bettah be nice to them bishes ;3


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