Hey Guys so I have decided to also attempt the Hurt/Heal thing Blake and Mist are doing but it's gonan be a written version! Im going it like that to experiment with my own tributes. 

How it Works

You can either:

  • Sponsor
  • Hurt (When 3 people hurt somebody that tribute dies)
  • Heal (To safe a tribute from dying)
  • Send Advice, so yeah you can actually send advise to my own tributes to give me ideas for what to do with them!


Name Age District Gender Weapon Notable Moves One word to describe them
Troi Cian 15 0 Male Dagger or Spear Winning Once and Getting a 12 Betrayal
Zaphire Beux 17 1 Male Dagger and Spear Being a feared Career, Getting up four kills in one game and finishing 2nd. Aggresive
Satin Velvet 16 1 Female Dagger and Axe Haven't been submitted yet Messed up
Andrew/Andrea Feather 18 2 Transexual Mace and Spear Getting a 12 and getting 2 out of 8 kills in Day 1 Sassy
Petra Mines 17 3 Female Knife and Traps Getting 4 kills in one game and winning once Cunning
Christopher Kosmos 16 4 Male Spear, Net and Knife Getting 2 kills so far in the games I submitted him to Skilled
Lisa Manidad 14 5 Female Dagger Dying on the bloodbath ALWAYS Smart
Lana Khloros 16 6 Female Hatchet Games still ongoing Resourceful
Lemin Jolice 17 6 Female Curved Knifes Making it to the Final 4 once Seductive
Annastacia Bios 17 7 Female Axe and Poison Managed to get to Final 5 without a single kill and won once Stealthy
Pilar Seychelles 18 7 Female Axe/Chainsaw and Gun Killing me once while skyping Pistola
Chakra Fatalis 17 8 Female Dagger and Scythe Having sex with Ares in Pain Games Rough
Xenia Bloodhound 17 10 Female Mace and Knifes Being a feared Anti-Career, making it to the Final 4 where the three other tributes teamed up on her and the three of them got corwned victors -.- Bloodhound
Eleith Lightstorm 13 13 Female Blowgun and knife Surviving until the final 7 even being the weakest tribute of the games. Sneaky
Julius De Mort 18 Capitol Male Axes and Knifes Raping a tribute an hour after the bloodbath ;o Cruel
Flavia Heart 17 Capitol Female Butterfly swords and switch blade Being epic tbh Distant

Tribute Gallery

The Arena

The tributes are lifted into an arena that is a mixture of four arenas they have been been part off. 

The first sector is a tropical island from Jade's 4th Pain Games.

The second sector is the dry mountain from SuperTomato's 222nd Games.

The third sector is the volcano disguissed as a mountain from Sam's Past Games.

The fourth and final sector is the labyrinth from Zach's Victor Games.

The Games (I'll just post the deaths)

Day 1

Lisa was trying to get a backpack but Zaphire pushed her against a crate and stabbed her with a spear.

Annastacia and Petra runned for the same backpack making them start a catfight rolling over the area. Petra reached for a dagger that layed near by and stabbed Annastacia in the neck.

Lemin was trying to seduce Zaphire and form a quick alliance with him which ended up pissing off Zaph. Zaph pushed Lemin against the corncuopia and was about to stab her when Xenia threw a knife in their direction in an attempt to kill Zaph. Zaph dodged it and went to try and kill Xenia but Xenia escaped with Chakra and Lana. Meanwhile Lemin tried to crawl away. Christopher spotted her and he dug a spear into her back.

Day 2

Flavia was camoflaged among the rocks and dead bushes of the second sector when Eleith passed near by trying to put some distaqnce between herself and the Career Alliance. Flavia jumped ontop of Eleith and slitted her throat with a switch blade.

Day 3

Satin's cards told her to kill Andrew and she did so by poisoning his food and water with poison for a blowgun. She then said she thinked that she saw Pilar sneaking into the camp last night.

Day 5

Julius made his way outside the labyrinth into the tropical island just to stumble to the Career Pack who were hunting tributes down. Satin attempted to throw an axe at him but he dodged it. Zaphire threw a knife stabbing him in a leg. He then threw his spear stabbing him in the stomach.

Day 6

Flavia went to a stream to get some water and the Gamemakers, bored of her hiding strategy sended 5 giant flesh-eating eagles to try and force her to a near tribute. Flavia was weak from not eating enough, she tripped and the eagles tore her appart.

Day 7

Petra had setted several traps with wooden stakes, vines and barbed wire in the tropical island. The Anti-Careers were trying to sneak onto the Career camp setted in a large tree near-by when Lana triggered a trap. A set of stakes got fired towards the three girls and Troi. Lana managed to climb a tree to dodge the stakes. But when she got down she tripped over one of the vines rolling to a set of barbed wire covered by leaves. Bellow the barbed wire where a set of stakes cutting Lana all over her body.

While this Troi went to the Career camp to tell them the Anti-Careers where near.

Death Chart

Placing Name Killer Reason
16th/Bloodbath Lisa Manidad Zaphire She is my worst tribute...
15th/Bloodbath Annastacia Bios Petra Annastacia is awesome and a good tribute but I think she wouldn't last long against tributes such as Zaphire, Petra or Chakra.
14th/Bloodbath Lemin Jolice Christopher Lemin is a very powerful tribute but without her brother there is no reason to keep her around.
13th/Day 2 Eleith Lightstorm Flavia Eleith is weak, FLavia is also weak but Flavia is stronger between the both of them.
12th/Day 3 Andrew Feathers Satin Andrew is my least favorite career since I didn't apply much work in his making.
11th/Day 5 Julius De Mort Zaphire Julius is mentally unnastable and strong but he is nothing against somebody like Zaphire.
10th/Day 6 Flavia Heart Flesh-eating gian Eagles Flavia is weak and has a hiding strategy, the gamemakers would get easily bored of her.
9th/Day 7 Lana Khloros Petra Lana is a very smart and has tons of game but I wanted the Final 8 to be from the tributes that offer the msot game.

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