• You can pick two tributes to roleplay
  • You may post every 10 minutes on day 1 on day 2 you may post once every hour. Only 24 of the listes tributes will make it to the games :3
  • Have fun :3

How it works:

First Post

Everybody starts with 5 Health Points in the cornucopia. The first post must be using this template:

Weapon to Grab: (Check Cornucopia Supplies)

Supply to Grab: (Check Cornucopia Supplies)

Tribute to injure: (It's optional to attack a tribute or not)

Where to go: (You may stay to try and and kill other users)


If you stay on the cornucopia after your first move you may injure other tributes that are still at the cornucopia posting this template:

Tribute to injure:

Where to go:

Grab weapon/Supply: (In case you used a net to trap somebody remember that you can only have one weapon and one supply at the time)

Post Bloodbath

When you are all scattered around the arena you can only attack tributes that are in the same zone as you. You will use this template until the end unless there is a feast.

Tribute to injure:

Where to go:


I will do one feast at some point where there will be weapons and first aid kits that will heal 1HP you will post this

What to grab:

Tribute to injure:

Where to go:

That's pretty much it have fun.


Name Health Strength Weapon Location Roleplayed by:
Katniss 5 7
Peeta 5 8
Glimmer 5 6
Marvel 5 8
Clove 5 8
Cato 5 9
Beetee 5 6
Wiress 5 5
Finnick 5 9
Mags 5 6
Foxface 5 6
Female Morph 5 5
Male Morph 5 5
Johanna 5 8
Blight 5 7
Cecelia 5 7
Chaff 5 5
Thresh 5 8
Rue 5 6
Chaff 5 7
Seeder 5 5
Gloss 5 9
Cashmere 5 8
Enobaria 5 9
Brutus 5 9
Annie 5 6
Lyme 5 8
Maysilee 5 7
Haymich 5 7
Prim 5 5
Gale 5 8
Buttercup 5 5
Titus 5 8

Cornucopia Supplies

All the supplies will be weapons since food makes it way to complicated each weapon adds points to your strength points helping you do extra damage. If you have more Strength Points than the person you attack you will make 2 damage points instead of one.

Name Strength Extra How many Extra Notes
Sword +3 3 Nothing
Bow and Arrow +3 1 Only haves 10 arrows
Trident +3 1 Nothing
Net 0 3 The user that is attacked with a net will not be allowed to post during 2 hours. You will loose the net when you attack somebody with it so better grab another weapon after using it.
Knife +1 4 Nothing
Axe +2 3 Nothing
Throwing Knifes +2 3 5 knifes in each pack
Spear +2 3 Nothing
Blowgun +1 2 Only haves 10 darts
Mace +2 2 Nothing
Camoflage 0 2 Will prevent your tribute from being spotted for 24 hours

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