So this a little proyect I planned for a while and decided to make it 10 people will be abdonned in a randomly generated world where they must fight to death. Whenever one of them die they get revived but earn a death point. After 30 days the person with less death points will win. The second dinner will be the person with most kills.


Team Name Death Points Kill Points Location
Amber Wesley
Gold Jade Forest
Silver Maxine Black Forest
Diamond Kiki Forest
Bronze Blake
Copper Toast Mesa
Iron Kaeghan Savana
Ruby Emma
Aquamarine Zach
Saphire Alice Snow Forest

The World

The world has many randomly generated landscapes/structures here are some of them:

The Biomes:

  • Plains
  • Forest
  • Mountains
  • Desert
  • Jungle
  • Swamp
  • Ocean/Sea
  • Islands
  • Snow Forest
  • Taiga
  • Black Forest
  • Savana
  • Mesa
  • Floating Islands


  • Caves
  • Rich Caves
  • Abandoned Mine Shafts
  • Dungeons
  • Desert Wells
  • Desert Temple
  • Jungle Temple
  • Witch Hut
  • The "spawn" hut


The world is habitated by many creatures:

  • Average animals (pigs, birds, fish etc...)
  • Giant Spiders (the size of a dog)
  • Skeletons 
  • Zombies
  • The Witch
  • Phoenix
  • Stone Bugs
  • Wolf-like beasts
  • Iron Guardian
  • Snow Spirit

Day 1

In a large field there was a white temple with 10 columns raising it's roof into the sky. Each column had a pattern representing each team of a single member. Team Amber had a spider made out of amber, Team Gold had a tiger made from a piece of gold, Silver had a wolf of it's respective colour, a bird made from a diamond merged with the white of the next column, Team Bronze had a snake what twisted around the pillar, next column had a lion that seemed to be staring straight at you, Team Iron had a bright fox made ot of the hardest iron, a red squirrel made out of rubies was the insignia for Team Ruby, Team Aquamarine had a sharky emerging from it's column but not moving and finally a blue swam for Team Saphire.

Shards of metals and gems emerged the ground and danced through the air colliding against each other violently and landing into the floor. Slowly the colourfull shards had formed the figure of 10 teenagers. The figures shinned and when the glow was gone it was actually ten teenagers that breathed! 

"Welcome to Survival Challenge! Over the next 30 days you will be tested to the limit. The only rule is to survive. You all have until tomorrow morning to gather supplies. Remember you ahve been setted free in this world with no supplies. You will have to build them from zero! Feel free to start your adventure!"

The ten contestants rushed away into the plains. Blake was the first to reach the trees quickly followed by the others, they have all chosen different direction. Jade decided to stop as soon she reached a tree that had many branches. She snaps one branch and grabs a sharp stone before starting to rub it agaisnt the branch. She quickly made a stake that could help her a little bit.

Kaeghan did something similar thing but with a longer stick making a spear. He then continues walking and arrives to the limit of the forest infront of him there is the start of a savana, at the distance Kaeghan can see a mountain. He starts walking through the savana gripping his spear.

Maxine arrived to a part of the forest where a river flowed dividing the forest from another forest. That forest had huge black trees. The brances completely created a rough and in some spots huge giant mushrooms emerged. Maxine dug her head into the river and took in some water. After this she crossed over to the dark forest.

Kiki had grabbed a rock just incase anything attacked her. She run in a straight line for about an hour she then arrived to the entrance of a cave Kiki entered it and walked around it. She saw that a wall could easily hide her. She then decided to grab some wood and took it to the cave. With the rock she sharpened them into multiple spears. She then went outside the cave and with a stone she dug a whole that was about half a metre deep. She placed the spears there and covered it with the dirt again. If anybody stepped there they will possibly not get hurt but will tell her if somebody is there. She then starts grabbing vines and a stick and fancies a bad quality bow.

Toast had walked in her direction for many hours when she arrived to a savana similar to the one Kaeghan found. The only differnce was that she could see the mounatins from much more closer. She ran towards them to see how the mountains turned red, it was a mesa. The red mountain curled around a lake. Toast saw how the lake had some fish she will be able catch later on. Toast touched one of the walls and was shocked to see how the sand of the wall fell with her touch. Toast started digging a little hole. She then made the hole wider so she fitted inside. She went out and grabbed a stick that was floating in the water. She used it to make the hole even bigger. Toast then went to search for some food. She looked around the mesa and spotted a cactus next to the lake with red fruits that had little spikes in it. She grabbed as many as she could and with a stick rubbed off the spikes. Then with her nails she peeled the skin off and ate it and drank the juice. She grabbed a big leaf and placed as many of the fruits in it and got back inside her hole. Toast walked around the lake grabbing stones. She then took them back to her hole and covered the entrance with them in a way that it seemed natural.

Alice walked around the snow forest making sue she didnt step on the snow. She was jumping from rock to rock. She came to a stop when she saw fallen tree with large brances covered in snow. Alice quickly grabbed them and moves them to build a shelter. Somehow she didn't feel cold... It was possibly so that the contestnats didnt have to worry about fire and be more worried about killing each other. As she moved a branch that was laying next to a small hill she was shocked to see the entrance to some sort of cave. When the branch brushed the snow off she saw the pieces of a rail that emerged from the cave. ALice walked inside what she considered a mine shaft. After a few minutes she saw a cart ontop the rail. Inside it there was a pickaxe. It could be used either as a weapon or to break metals... Alice grabbed it and continued. Cobwebs where forming in the ceiling and the light was now scarce. Alice felt liek somebody was looking her... She was damn right. Eight eyes to be specific were glarring her. A spider the size of a fat dog. When Alice walked past it the spider jumped ontop of her. Alice screamed and elbowed the spider in the space. She then ran away but the spide caught up. She had to do it. No choices left. She swinged the pickaxe at the spider. The tool went through the soider's abdomen. Alice breathed hard and rand away before more spiders appeared.

Blake didn't have to walk too much before he arrived to the sea. He standed in a beach that was a mixture of sand and rocks. He started gathering sea food such as crabs and mollusks. After a while Blake decides to find a shelter. He ends up building one with some wood in between the rocks. He doesn't have fresh water to drink and the beach is a mediteranian one, with tall pine trees instead of palm trees. He sighs and lays there for a while.

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