So this is a fanfiction using tributes :3 If you don't know what survivor is this is how it works: a group of people divided into 2 tribes stranded on an island. They take part in challenges and each 3 days they vote somebody off. I will write the challenges and the only thing you must do is vote for your tributes. HAVE FUN.


  • 2 tributes perf user :3
  • Don't bish if you loose
  • Send cheers and maybe your tribute's tribe has an advanatge ;3
  • If you dont vote it will count as an auto vote for your tribute.
  • I accept links since I only look for the key thingies 


Tbh I accept any template or link :3







Name District Original Tribe Placing
Angelica Sinclair 1 TBA
Allan Pisces 4 TBA
Auburn Friday 5 TBA
Delilah Brooklyn 12 TBA
Jason Universal 2 TBA
Wayde Heartby 9 TBA
Cole Harrison 1 TBA
Sexia Lomoco 11 TBA

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