So yeah I basicly nearly died of boreness and made this :3

lalala... have fun seeing how a computer chooses the order and shiz <3

Le Cast

Captura de pantalla 2013-11-08 a la(s) 18.50.38

Day 1

Anti-Careers win reward; they receive a extra bag of corn and beans.

Sam and Emma are both save at their first tribal council since they got the idols.

Day 3

Anti-Careers win immunity. They also recieve flint.

At tribal one by one the careers vote.

Caylin recieves 6 votes.

Oli recieves 3 votes.

Caylin leaves.

Day 6

Anti-Careers win immunity. They also recieve fshing gear.

They send Cass from Careers to Exile Island. Cass finds the idol.

At council Cass plays the idol.

Emma recieves 7 votes.

Alice receives 1 vote.

Emma leaves ;-;

Day 7

Careers win reward. They recieve an extra bag of corn and beans. They send Wesley from Careers to exile island. Wesley doesn't find the idol.

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