Ok so I decided to make these, it will be survivor but instead of castaways we will have tributes!






Physical Description/RL Picture:

District: Capitol, 0-14





Castaway Original Tribe Finish Votes Agaisnt
284px-Tabby Euphoria Real

Tabby Euphoria

16, Capitol

180px-Valerie Moonshine Real

Valerie Moonshine

15, District 0


Riley Apocalypto

17, District 4


Fairy Luck

17, Capitol


Lyra Pluto

15, District 0


Ajax "Hercules" Emerson

17, District 3

Vivan RL

Vivan Incomstanti

16, District 10

Cole H

Cole Harrison

18, District 1


Tenzen Astray

17, District 10

Toscana large

Kiara Brazette

16, District 6


Rosette Lilith

15, District 10


Konami Aretino

14, District 4

Tumblr static large

Maleficent "Mal" Drake

18, District 2


Tynan Kearn

18, District 2



Kaori Yasu

17, District 4


Velia Caror

16, District 10


Star Sunkin

14, District 0


Xavier Doron

18, District 9



After the uprising of the districts after a third time came peace.

Now to celebrate this a old game before the formation of Panem has been re-introduced.

18 castaways between the age of 12 and 18 will be marooned to a remote location of what used to be Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and South America.

Episode 1 - To be named

A hovercraft flied over a bunch of islands in it where 18 teenagers between the age of 12 and 18. The islands had a set of trees with bright red leaves and some green ones. Waterfalls topped some of the rocky hills, the view was no doubt incredible.

"In this precise moment we are flying over what used to be Italy, once the house of the gladiators and then host of the best wine and fashion. Now a set of virgin islands. Multiple tsunamis and earthquates divided the land into what we have seen now. During 39 days we are going to abandon this 18 teenagers in them.

There they will face each other and face the elements in an epic battle for 1 million dollars!" Excalimed Beyoncé Martins, the host of the reality. She had wavy hair that looked like hot chocolate mixed with caramel. She ahd a tan skin and green eyes as she standed on her green coctail dress.

The hovercraft sopped and landed in one of the largest island's heart. Broken columns and structres standed in there. Beyoncé led the castaways out of the hovercraft and they all looked stunned by the views.

"This are the ruins of The Vatican. An emblem to he religion of that era. It's one of the few structures that can be found in many miles. In here we are gonna choose the teams. In the table behind of me are a total of 18 small chests, each with a necklace with the catholic cross. One by one you will walk and open a chest and take the necklace. The colour of the cross will determine your team." Beyoncé announced.

"I am here to win and make all this suckers feel the pain of loss. I just hope I get a team of strong people but easy to manipulate." - Mal, District 2

"I came here for the challenge of the game and for the price. I just hope i get a good tribe." - Riley, District 4

Beyoncé scanned the crowd and pointed her finger at Xavier "You, the boy with the fancy looking jumper, what is your name?"

"Xavier" Xavier repleid with a soft smile

"Ok Xavier go on and choose a chest" Beyoncé smiled as Xavier opened a chest and puleld out a silver cross with green gems. "Congratulations Xavier you are the first member Lazio head over to the green flag."

Xavier nodded and headed to the flag.

"Next one, let me see... You the girl with the beanie. Go and open a chest." Beyonce announced pointing at Kiara.

"Im Kiara." Kiara cheered and flung the lid of one of the chests open pulling out a golden cross with red gems in it.

"Kiara is the first member of Umbria!" Beyoncé cheered.

"Next one, the girl with the green dress." Beyonce nodding at Kaori.

Kaori walked to a chest and openned a chest retrieving a similar cross to Kiara's.

"Here goes the second member of Umbria!" Beyoncé said and after pointed at Star meanwhile Kaori and Kiara shaked hands "The gentleman with the red hair please step over here!" 

"I'm Star" Star stated vefore opening a chest grabbing the bronze cross with purple gems.

"And here goes the first member of Toscana!"

After a while Kaori, Kiara, Cole and Lyra had been sorted into Umbria. Xavier, Mal and Rossette into Lazio. Star, Velia, Tabby and Tenzen had been sorted into Toscana.

Beyoncé pointed at Fairy and Fairy skipped to the chests "I'm Fairy!" She announced and flung her chest open revealing the Lazio necklace. "Hey guys!" She said before embracing the three other members of the tribe in a hug. Mal tried to escape the hug while Xavier and Rossette returned it.

"I swear to god that I was about to dig my anils into the pink freak's face and rip it off!" - Mal, Lazio

"The girl with the black hair on that fancy style." Beyoncé announced pointing at Valerie. Valerie walked to a chest opened it pulling out the Umbria necklace.

After another few minutes this are the teams:


  • Valerie
  • Lyra
  • Cole
  • Kiara
  • Kaori
  • Konami


  • Tabby
  • Tenzen
  • Velia
  • Star
  • Riley
  • "Hercules"


  • Xavier
  • Tynan
  • Mal
  • Rossette
  • Vivan
  • Fairy

"Okay Lazio, Toscana and Umbria. Here are the maps for your beaches. You may go to them!" Beyoncé announced giving each tribe a map. The three tribes left in three different directions towards their beaches.


"It was a long walk and what happened was that I, Cole and Valerie walked at the front and through some looks from one to the other we kind of decided to work together after Valerie mumbled 'Alliance'" - Lyra, District 0

At Umbria the six members quickly started working Cole, Konami and Lyra started gathering wood to build the shelter while Valerie and Kaori cleared an area to build there. Kiara climbned some of the palmtrees to grab some coconuts and then took them ear the shelter area.

"I'm happy we are such an united group, none of us refussed to work and the shelter was built in less than an hour!" - Kiara, District 5

Umbri9a attempted to make fire but failed.

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