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District Name Gender Age Weapon
1 Colton Thorne M 16 Knife, Sword, Wire Traps
1 Allie Long F 16 Knife, Sword
2 Ark Cindre M 12 Knive, Needles, Hands, Swords
2 Radiance Illumination F 18 Bow and arrow, deer horn knives
3 Shadow Reid M 15 Anything he can stick together, Deer Horn Knives, Throwing Knives

Artemisae 'Artemis' Hun

F 17 Blowgungun, Poison
4 Yuki Kokyu M 18 Brute force, spiked club, brass knuckles
4 Amore Madness F 16 Spear, Crossbow, Throwing Axes, Explosives
5 Jackson Silverspark M 13 Bow and Arrow, Dagger, Lying
5 Icelia Wintersmith F 16 Knive, Traps
6 Metallum Equitus M 15 Sword, stealth, throwing knives, dagger
6 Pinkamena Diane Pie F 14 Torture, Sickle, Knife, Trust

Connor Kenway

M 18 Tomahawk, Bow, Rope Darts, Hidden Blade
7 Haviana Greyson F 15 Throwing knives, Axe, Strength
8 Axel Greenwood M 14 Slingshot or knife
8 Hazel Underwood F 12 Throwing knives, Crossbow
9 Yoshi Holiday M 14 Sword, Throwing Knives
9 Lynn Bastford F 12 Knife
10 Tyson Ashford M 17 Pitchfork, Sword
10 Emma Brynne F 16 Throwing knives, Knife
11 Tails Power M 15 Throwing Knives, Sword
11 BeDazzilia "BeBe" Makkie F 13 Crossbow, Camoflage
12 Buzzy Tee M 12 Stinger, Awl
12 Greta Maverick  F 13 Meat Hook, Golok


497th Games

Credit to Tyler for being awesome

The cornucopia is in the center of a circular arena. The cornucopia holds nearly anything the tributes can think. From a small knife in the outskirts to a tent or a trident inside the cornucopia.

From the north to the south in the west side of the arena nearly everything is a swamp. The swamp takes to a huge lake, the only water source of the entire arena but the swamp is also really dangerous. 

There is a small forest about one kilometre squared at the south-west of the cornucopia. That is the best way to escape the cornucopia since it's the nearest hidding place to the cornucopia.

Some hills to the north-east that are the safiest place of the entire arena and have many rabbits and other animals.

And a huge set of mountains to the south-east. If the tributes manage to get high enough they can melt the snow for water.

Odds and Scores

Tribute Score Odds
D1M 9 6-1
D1F 9 7-1
D2M 9 9-1
D2F 10 4-1
D3M 6 24-1
D3F 7 18-1
D4M 10 4-1
D4F 10 5-1
D5M 8 14-1
D5F 7 16-1
D6M 8 10-1
D6F 12 2-1
D7M 8 14-1
D7F 8 15-1
D8M 6 25-1
D8F 7 27-1
D9M 6 16-1
D9F 5 20-1
D10M 9 11-1
D10F 8 15-1
D11M 6 14-1
D11F 5 16-1
D12M 2 99-1
D12F 7 20-1


Only allied in BB = * Careers- Allie D1F, Radiance D2F, Metallum D6M, Colton D1M

Anti-Careers- Tails D11M, Haviana D7F, Jackson D5M, Connor D7M, Yuki D4M, Tyson D10M, Ark D2M

Loners- Yoshi D9M, Buzzy D12M, Lynn D9F, Axel D8M, Hazel D8F, BeBe D11F, Shadow D3, Pinkamena D6F, Artemisae D3F, Greta D12

Female Alliance: Emma D10F, Amore D4F, Icelia D5F

If I forgot your tribute it means they are a loner :3


Day 1 - Bloodbath

The tributes raise into the arena in their plates. As their eyes get adapted to the daylight of the arena the Official Game Anouncer Marcus Fox cheers "Let the 497th Annual Hunger Games Beging!" 

As this words sound nearly every single tribute wakes from the trance they had some secnds ago. Tik Tok. They look over the supplies. In the outskirts really useless stuff, from knifes way to small to be uselful to pieces of plastic squares that will only be uselfull against rain. In the field there are the small backpacks that shine different colours calling the tributes. Some have packs of throwing knifes or an axe next to them. Then at the mouth where huge backpacks with sleepingbags attached at the top. Two tents on big backpacks and weapons scattered between pack and pack. Inside the cornucopia hanging from the ceiling wire nets holding weapons such as a crossbow tied with a string to the net, a trident hanged in a wall and swords holded by the net. First aid kits are in a bag made out of another net hanging from the ceiling together with other packs such as food or canteens.

The time ticked to zero and all the tributes ran towards the supplies. The Games have started and only one will get out alive.

Soon about six tribute have started gathering supplies from the outskirts as the others continued running. Lynn was shoving inside a tiny backpack a empty 2 litres plastic water when Colton sneaked behind her with one of the way to short knifes and dug it deep into Lynn's neck.

The Anti-Careers didn't take long until they tried to make themselfs noticed. Allie was cutting with a knife througth the nets to get a sword when Jackson tried to stab her in the ribs. Luckly for Allie, Metallum was near and tackled Jackson and they started having a bare fist fight as Allie shrugged and continued cutting the wire.

BeBe was running away with a small backpack and a jar of sick looking green paint when Radiance tackled her and stabbed her in the head with a deer horn knife. Blood covered Radiance's hands and grey hoodie as she got back her knife and looked around. She saw how Amore had a spear and a big backpack and she fighted her way out by stabbing Shadow in the chest.

Pinkamena tackled Yoshi as he grabbed the tent pack. She had a small sickle on her hand and she grapped it around Yoshi's throat and made a swift movement with her hand. Blood flowed out like a fountain and Yoshi's body stopped struggling. After this Pinkamena started stealing all the supplies the boy had and shoving them to her backpack. After this Pinkamena ran out of the bloodfield where there where two sides Careers and Anti-careers. Everybody else was trapped in the middle.

Hazel had a small pack and a short knife as she entered the forest. She knew that Axel, Artemisae and Icelia had used it to get away and she hopped to get away from those three before they killed her. 

Haviana tackled Colton and started punching him on the face as she raised the small hatchet she was using as an axe. She cut through Colton's chest as Radiance grabbed her neck and inserted a knife into her spine.

Buzzy had seriosu struggle grabbing an awl since it was hidden among the uselss weapons on the outskirts. When he did so he flied away with a small backpack that took him time to gather.

Greta was running towards the swamp when Metallum threw a knife at her neck. She fell to the ground and hugged her backpack as she left this world.

Emma was the only non-big alliance tribute left and she started running away with twwo backpacks. Unfortunatly as she ran towards the forest she was tackled by Yuki. They both started fighting each other and Emma managed to stab Yuki on the chest. She smiled as his body went limp and blood flowed out but she realised that Yuki was garbbing her. His cold fingers like steel grapped around her arms. She shaked and tried to get free of his grip but Connor spotted her and threw a tomahawk to her. It landed in her chest and she fell ontop of Yuki.

The three remaining careers saw they had little chances of surviving if they stayed and started running towards the swamp with big backpacks with sleeping backs and a tent. When the careers had enough distance Radiance got her bow and fired towards the cornucopia aiming at one of the Anti-Careers. She fired and Connor fell to the ground.


Amore's POV

I run down the forest shades of green leaves and dirty white trees. I stop when I reach the edge. Light hitting a huge body of water making it shine like a silver tray. Wind moving my hair as I catch my breathe. Is this all? An island surrounded by water? A small forest and a mountain? It can't be. Last years the arenas where extreamly boring. A plain giant temple that collapsed each time the a tribute died. At the end that year the victor was lucky because three tributes got squashed and three more sectors collapsed squashing the other two remaining tributes. A plain with a little number of trees. Lightning fell in the night and most tributes got fried since they camped near trees. Not good. And now we are stuck on a island where it will take less than two days to find each other?!

This is going to end up like those Glass Games... Not good, no test for survival, no smartness proved. Just then I hear a footstep to my left and swing my spear at whoever was there. Icelai jumped into the water and swore at me.

"What the hell bitch?!" She said as she got up and grabbed her set of short knives. I feel really sorry for her...

"Sorry Ice... I jsut didn't see you coming."

"You better be more aware next time. Let's get away from here. The forest is tiny and we will stand more chances in the swamp." Icelai says as she points towards where she came from

"A swamp?" i ask curiously

"Yeah, it merges into the lake and the plains that surround the cornucopia. We will stand more chances of not being found there." She shrugs

"But it's filled of dangers" I say

"We have supplies. We can survive. I managed to grab some rope and a canteen with water. It's pretty useless but I also have food." She say pointing at the small backpack swinged over her shoulder.

"I had some luck and got the big backpack" I say

"I can already see." She says frowning as she starts walking into the forest "What do you have inside it?"

I then realise I didn't check it all this time "Didn't check it"

"Ok" She says and we continue walking towards the swamp.

Buzzy's POV 

I fly over the hills, the backpack making me not fly as high as I want. I see nothing interesting so I decide to fly to the swamp. YAY! Swamps are fun! I can see the field of the cornucopia turning into marshes and I fly to the ground. I then walk jumping from bush to bush so I don't cover my feet in the poop-like mud and I arrive a little tree that looks kind of dead. I but my backpack on a high branch and I fly to the highest part possible. I cover myself with the branches and I start playing with my fingers as I wait for the cannons.

BOOM! Yay! The cannons 10 of them... Poor little children... I start trying to make myself a nest to sleep in but I can't so I shrug and I curl in a ball as I wait for the night.

Radiance's POV

How can we be so lame? We have lost the cornucopia and we are running through some marshes and bushes getting covered in mud. This is humilating. Careers already dirty and out of breath. I see some creatures jumping from inside the bushes and Allie jumps to the nearest piece of stable land. I roll my eyes and we continue walking. We find a big piece of land and start building the tent in it. I find some paint cans on the very bottom of my huge backpack and I have an idea. I start pulling it over the permeable tent. The white sheet slowly turns to a dry light browns and sick greens just like our surroundings. The swamp and the marshlands are huge but I can't take the risk of being spotted in the night and have my throat slit.

I grab some branches that float in the water and place them over the tent. My two allies see what I am trying to do and start to help me. We also work in a small barricade for the creatures in the water to not creep into us when it's night-time. I grab so sticks and stab the mud with it creating a pretty descent fence. At the end we are all pretty tired and we sit out of the tent jsut then those little winged insects came out from the water. 

They layed on my arm and bit me. It was annoying and it itched. We all got inside the tent and looked through our supplies. Metallum had a net that was so tighly weaved that it had only holes to breathe. We cover ourselfs with it and stay there sitting for a while. I grab an apple from my backpack and start to peel it with a knife. I put a piece of the fruit into my mouth and just then I realise how thirsty I was from the long treck. The juice of the apple is sucked by my tounge as I munch it slowly looking from Metallum to Allie. I had two kills. Metallum one. Allie not a single kill. Three kills. We, the careers have been loosing quality over the years. 200 years of games without stop have made us look weaker since the Anti-Careers have been going on for years and years. 

Stupid untalented kids. Some have trained on the academies but like the idea of 'the challenge' or thy simple feel better than a career. What the hell?! They have been training all their life?! I take a deep breathe and continue slipping pieces of the apple into my mouth. Just I put the last piece of apple in my mouth I hear the four first notes of the anthem and we all exit the tent. It is dark and we look up at the sky. The holograms of the faces appear.

Colton, The boy from 3, Yuki, Both Anti-careers from 7 I killed, Both from 9, The girl from 10, the girl called Baby or something like that and lastly the female from 12. 

I start thinking who is alive and images of them flash through my life. My 12 years old district partner that left us for the Antis. The weird eyed girl from three. Amore and Ice... whatever bt I seriously want to kill Amore since she also left us for a pathetic female alliance! Many of the Anti-careers are still alive and the Bee from 12 and the hairless girl. All the others are a blur and I don't remember them from training. Just then I remember that physco from 6 that scored a 12. 

There is a rumour that she grabbed a meat-hook and climbed to the gamemaker balcony and managed to sneak inside it. She then scared them so badly that one had a heart-attack and the next tribute had to wait for 1 hour until they took the gamemaker to hospital and managed to make Pinkamena leave.

Most tributes are just alme, but some can be seriosuly a pain in the ass. We get inside the tent and Allie satys doing guard as me and Metallum get inside sleeping bags. I have a deer horn knife next to my bag incase somebody manages to get in and I close my eyes. Three seconds later I open them.

A fucking mosquito has just passed next to my ear!

Day 1 - Tributes Status

District Name Gender Location Hunger Thirst
1 Allie Long F
Swamp land
9/10 7/10
2 Ark Cindre M
Cornucopia Supplies
10 10
2 Radiance Illumination F
Swamp land
9/10 8/10

Artemisae 'Artemis' Hun

Tsenkheriin Agui Cave
7/10 8/10
4 Amore Madness F
Florida freshwater swamp usgov image
8/10 7/10
5 Jackson Silverspark M
Cornucopia Supplies
10 10
5 Icelia Wintersmith F
Florida freshwater swamp usgov image
7/10 7/10
6 Metallum Equitus M
Swamp land
9/10 9/10
6 Pinkamena Diane Pie F
Swamp by Mike Love
8/10 8/10
8 Axel Greenwood M
7/10 7/10
8 Hazel Underwood F Swamp will add pic later 8/10 7/10
10 Tyson Ashford M
Cornucopia Supplies
10 10
11 Tails Power M
Cornucopia Supplies
10 10
12 Buzzy Tee M
6/10 6/10

Day 2

Hazel's POV

I wake up as the light hits my eyes. At first I cover myself with my hoodie and try to sleep again but just then I remember where I am. The Hunger Games. It will stupid of me to sleep while other tributes are trying to kill me. I cheek my supplies incase somebody stole something from me as I slept. I have all I recoled having; the way to short knife blade, the wire, the scarf, the water canteen which I have already drank half, the box of dried beef and the bag of extreamly salty chips.

I start walking around making sure I cover my steps so nobody can track me. Just then I see a creature that is long and haves green scales. It wiggles over the water as it was swimming. I don't want to get near it so I go towards another direction. I start walking in the water, my trousers didn't even dry over the night. This arena is designed in a pretty evil way, the hills are a great place if you know how to hunt but they can find you way to easily. The mountain is cold and is a horrible place to find where to sleep unless you have a tent. The forest is way to little and is very near the cornucopia making it a place you don't want to be in. The only place remaining is the giant swamp. Filled with trees and places to hide. 

Tyson's POV

I have waked up two hours ago. We slept inside the cornucopia with a small fire at the entrance of it. We have placed most supplies on the net on the ceiling. The strong wires hold everything, even the biggest rucksacks. Time goes slowly and the four off us don't really talk. We stay around the cornucopia moving supplies here and there. The grass haves in some places a coat of dried blood from the bloodbath. It's not nice. I try to ignore it.

Just then I have an idea "Guys what do you think about going hunting?"

"Sounds good" Ark replies

We start packing our supplies and leave.

Axel's POV

I have been walking around the forest and I've seen there is not much to do here. I decide to look through my backpack and see that my water has ran out. I could risk myself and go to the lake or treck up the mountain that peeks out of the trees. I start walking towards it as the sun starts setting down as I reach the bottom part of the mountain. I decide to camp in a cave. Just as I settle down I see two bright eyes appear in the darkness. Im about to grab the hatchet I grabbed in the bloodbath but pain goes through my neck. I scream and I feel blood inside my mouth. I feel the blood rising up my throat and I fall to the floor.


Day 3

Pinkamena's POV


Calm down Pinkie... CALM DOWN! Breath... Breath... Ok now we have to find a tribute and kill it. I look at the mud that stains my boots. Maybe I could find footprints... I start walking around looking at the floor. Nothing. I start walking in the water to cross to another piece of land. Water reaches my knees and it's a nice feeling. Like cold blood sticking into my clothes. 

I hear a noise and twist around to see a reptile with a huge mouth jump from a piece of land and how it starts swimming towards me. I try to get to the piece of land but it reaches me. I grab a knife from my belt and swing it at it. It's skin is covered in scales and I barely hurt it. It snaps and me and catches my leg with his jaws and I nearly scream. I stab it again hitting it's eye and it snaps again nearly ripping my hand off. I tackle it and stab it at the throat blood covers me and water turns red. I get back to land and sit there for some minutes catching my breathe.

Tails' POV

We have been 'hunting' for over a day now and nothing. This bloody swamp is so big that we can never find nobody. Early this morning we spotted a girl in the distance but she fled as soon as she saw us. We tried to chase her but the water made it pretty hard.

We are tired and dirty and we decide to go to the lake and clean ourselves. We return to the cornucopia and start a fire to get dried. The supplies are getting shorter but we know we can survive. At the end of the day we start checking the supplies. 3 more days I guess.

Day 4

Icelia's POV

Me and Amore are in a small camp we built next to some trees in middle of the swamp. It's a little island and we built a small hut for shelter when it rains. We are running low in supplies and our food is running out. Our water has runned out and we decide to go and fill our bottles in the lake. My rucksack had a 2 litres bottle that is pretty useful. We pack everything and walk over the water to the lake. There we fill the bottles and rush back always making the least noise as possible. 

We reach our camp and start drinking filling our stomachs with water. I take an apple from the bottom of my backpack and I cut it in half giving half of it to her. We chew it silently and just then it starts raining. We run to the hut and sit under the roof at it rains. We did a pretty descent job with it and lat back against one of the trees we used as a base.

Hazel's POV 

I have reached an arched tree and hided under it. I quickly grab my canteen and open it and start filling it with the rain. I cough and quickly cover my mouth. I can't risk being spotted... 

An hour has passed since the rain has started and my bottle is more than filled. I give myself the pleasure of opening my mouth under the rain and the parches in my tounge dissapear as water falls down my throat. When I hae more than enough I notice water in my righ hand and I nearly snap my own neck turning around to see what happened...

Oh no... The water has rised with the rain. It was stupid of me to think it would be just a nice camp under the rain.  I stay under the tree until the water reaches my boots. I put the hoodie on and I start walking towards the opposite of the water. I sit under another tree 10 metres away. I sight as I play with the scarf I wrapped around my neck. I hate this long hours.

Buzzy's POV

Oh no! My wings are wet! I cant fly anymore... I snuggle in a ball in a hole under a tree as I hear the anthem play I check the  faces and nobody appears... No poor little kids dead today...

Day 5

Radiance's POV

I wake up after that stupid storm finshed. We had to move the camp two times and now we are stuck in a tiny piece of land. I decide to go and check the closest islands and walk through the water that now reaches my waist until I reach the first one. Nothing. I took the knife instead of the bow since I didn't want to be slowed downa and Im pretty sure that if there was somebody I would have already found them. Because there isn't nothing better to do I walk for several kilometres and decide to take a rest.

I look at the sky and guess that it must be about midday and I reach my backpack to drink some water. The only thing is that here is no backpack. Im so stupid! Of coarse I didnt bring a backpack with me I was just going to check the nearby land! How far away from the camp I must be? One maybe Two hours? Just as I grab some soil in frustation pain shoots up my arm. I scream and see an arrow in my waist. I pull it out and look around. Blood pours out of the wound and I look around. Another arrow that misses my head by centimitres and goes into the tree. I start running towards the water and just then there is another arrow. 

It lands into the back of my leg and I fall to the mud. I grab myself water reaching my face. That stupid arrow doesn't let me get up. If I could reach a tree so I could get up... Water covers my chin but I know it won't get deeper. 

I feel how the water around my leg and my arm turns red. Just then I hear the footsteps. The Amore girl... That nerdy bitch that should have been allied with us. I spit into the water as I raise my head and look at her eyes behind those glasses. "Bitch... We shall have been a team but you wandered away. Now they are going to hunt you until you die!" I cough as she sits ontop of me ripping from my hand the knife.

"The thing is that you are going to die anyways and when the anthem plays the dead appear not their killers. I thought you learned that in the academy."

Im about to awser her but she stabs me on the back of my neck with an arrow. It all turns black.


Jackson's POV

We have camped inside the cornucopia as it rained and we where just way too lazy to move this morning. The sound of the cannon made us remember that people where still fighting. Tyler has been telling us how we needed to make a kill so that the careers stay hidden away. 

We move through the marsh towards the swamp towards where the screams where heard. Each of us have taken a weapon and a small ration of food in case we have to spend more than a few hours there. It takes us two hours and Im covered in sweat after the long treck most time inside the dirty water. We see how blood has done a trail starting from a tree. We reach a small puddle of water that was enough to cover a grown up adult laying on it. It is stained red and we know it was there where the tribute was killed.

We find the food prints in the mud but like everything in this stupid swamp it gets lost in the water. We start trecking back to the cornucopia as the sky darkens we have an hour or two until we found out who died.

When the face appears Im shocked. The girl that managed to get three kills in the bloodbath! I guess she wasnt prepared for the wild... I sight and go inside the cornucopia.

Day 6

Buzzy's POV

Yesturday I saw the anti-careers near my swamp and I had to hide like I never hided. My shoulders still hurt from squeezing under that tree into the mud. Im dirty and when I tried to clean myself in with the water but my wings just got worth after the rain. Now they are flopping around like wet paper and this is no longer fun! Im hungry! Im thirsty! And Im bored!

I sit in a log as I kick the air and I decide to go towards another part of this stupid swamp. Just as I walk through the water one of those things with sharp teeth and scales appears. I start running as I try not to scream. I manage to get to land but that thing catches one of my wings and starts bitting it. I scream as I feel how it gets teared and some blood flows out of my back. I run faster and faster and leaving a trace of blood until I reach the water and continue running. This sucks! This sucks so badly! 

I have hided in a tree and Im crying, I hate this game! It sucks! All of this sucks! The anthem! The stupid anthem is playing but nobody appears! Stupid anthem!

Day 7

Artemisae' POV

I've been in this cave for five days and I'm kind of scared that an alliance decides to come here. The mountain has ffered me water since I just need to treck some metres to get some snow but It's way to much of an obvious place. The swamp instead is enormous from here I can see all the area it covers and how it merges with the mist. I decide to go up to get some snow to fill my canteen and just then I hear an explosion. The top of the mountain has exploded! Lava flows from it and I start running. I reach the field that leads towards the forest and the cornucopia and go towards the forest. I know it may sound stupid since It can burn to crisps in a few minutes but if I reach the lake I may be safe.

I hear how the trees start catching fire as I reach the lake. I jump into it and start walking through the water to get to the swamp. Smoke is covering the sky behind me when I reach the swamp. Maybe Im safe...

Ark's POV

We see how the lava crosses the field towards the cornucopia. We panic as we throw as many supplies as we can into the big rucksacks. I drag a really heavy one towards the swamp as I see the lava covering some of the tribute plates. The grass is catchig fire and the forest is just a big bonfire.

I trip and and land in the mud of the marsh. My face is covered in mud and I have cutted my shoulder with a stone. I spot Tails running next to me not even stopping to check if I was ok. I get up and continue running. When I think i have a good distance I stop to catch my breath and see how the lava has started covering some of the crates we piled around the cornucopia. Their insides set on fire as the plastic of the outside melts. It reaches the inside the horn burning backpacks and weapons that made us feel so safe...

I continue running and enter the first trees. Ive lost all the others in the run and I don't even know if we are still allied. I camp in a pece of dry land and sigh as the sky darkens one more night. 

Day 8

Pinkamena's POV

I need blood. I need fucking blood! It has been a week since I last killed and Im getting really nervous! I have bandaged my leg with a bit that I cutted from my trousers. It has been pretty handy until the date. It's stained of red but I really dont care as I walk around the swamp. Just then I spot her. The bald girl sitting on a tree branch as she widens her arms to catch a sponsor parachute. THAT BITCH GOT A SPONSOR BEFORE ME?! Im furious as I run to her. She screams when she sees me shoving the gift into her backpack. 

She jumps into the water and starts running. I jump tackling her into the dirty water and I punch her bruising her lower lip. She screams in pain as I punch her a second time. I pull her head under the water with my arm around her neck. I count 10 seconds and let her face emerge to punch her again. Im enjoying this. I could keep doing it over and over until her face is so bruised nobody can recognise her.

I pull her under the water again but this time when I take her face out of the water she screams something "Behind!" I turn around to meet the eyes of an animal similar to the one that nearly tore my leg from my body. It jumps from the water and catches my face between it's jaws and I hear the bald bitch scream as she gets away. I feel the teeth rip my ear and punching three holes in my cheek. I pull my face out and I grab a knife from my belt and slit the beast's throat. I then notice that I can only see through my left eyes. My right eye ball is splitted in two floating next to the beast's head. Blood is pouring out of my face and I take off the coat and press it against my face. I walk to a piece of land and sit there as I try to make the blood stop.

Day 9

Tyson's POV

I have been alone since the volcano incident. All my supplies have run out. No water. No food. Only a sword and the empty backpack. I sit on a rock as I watch the water then the anthem plays. "Dear Final 12 today there will be a feast at the cornucopia in two hours. Good luck."

I must go. I will go I need the supplies so no second thought Im going. It takes me an hour to reach the marsh with high grass. I crouch behind some grass and look towards the cornucopia and see that the lava is gone. I think about the gamemakers pulling the lava that surrounded the cornucopia just for the feast. Twelve tables emerge from the ground each with a backpack and I run towards them.

Metallum's POV

I run together with Allie and Ark. Suddenly I hear a noise and Im in the air what the fuck? Shit the gamemakers reactivated the landmines! Im sended backwards but somehow my legs are still there. The mines must have been bad quality and I get back up and run. I see the girl with glasses from 4 being sended to the air and landing near one table. She looks around and grabs her backpakc and the one for the girl from 5. Just then Im tackled by Tyson he swings his sword through my neck. BOOM!

Icelia's POV

I reach Amore and she passes me the backpack and when Im about to run away she gestures me to wait a second. She grabs a small gardening shovel she got on her huge rucksack and starts digging. She grabs a landmine and Im about to freak out! THIS BIRCH WANTS TO BLOW HER ARMS OR SOMETHING?! She smiles as she twistes three wires that stick from below the plate and then punches the pressure plate. I jump behind a table but then I see it hasn't exploded. She throws it like a frisby towards Tails hitting him hard in the head. I see blood pour out and then BOOM! BOOM! The landmine explodes blowing him to pieces. Wow aparently Amore is cool after all. We then start running but Im shocked to see some sort of creature emerge from the tall grass. I then realise its a tribute. Pinkamena that mad tribute holes on her cheek and her face and body is covered in dried blood and scars. She has an eye missing and she has some patches of hair missing. We run away as we see her jump ontop a landmine being sended flying towards the tables.

Artemisae's POV

I grab my backpack and start running but just then Im tackled by a girl that looks like a zombie. Her cheek is falling apart and her lips hang loose as she punches my face. I try to kick her but I fail. Just then I reach for my blowgun and shoot a dart at her neck. As she pulls it out I run away with my backpakc and run away. Just then I step on another landmine and Im sended to the air again. I fall hard on my leg and I feel my leg crack. I scream as I drag myself towards the swamp but Im tackled again by the girl. She grabs a knife and slits my throat. BOOM!

Tyson's POV

I start running away when I realise I am loosing time here just as reach the tall grass I see a flash of black and yellow blur run infront of me. I feel two tiny hands grab my throat as I spike in my back "I want my cookies! I want my fucking cookies!" I recognise him as the mutt boy from twelve I scream and try to grab his head but jsut then I feel his stinger go through my stomach and for some seconds I see the sting emerging from my belly.


Pinkamena's POV

Bald girly escaed again! I am mad but I killed weird eyes girl! Blood... BLOOD! MORE BLOOD! I WANT THE FUCKING BLOOD!!! Oh look the faces... hehe.

Artemisae D3F

Metallum D6M

Tyson D10M

Tails D11M

Day 10

Jackson's POV

I ran with my backpack to the swamp where I stayed until now. We are only 8 left. I sigh as I finsih the rations of food I grabbed in the feast and continue walking.

Day 13

Death Chart

Place Name District How Killer
24 Lynn 9F Knife in Neck Colton D1M
23 BeBe 11F Deer Horn Knife to head Radiance D2F
22 Shadow 3M Spear in chest Amore D4F
21 Yoshi 9M Sickle at throat Pinkamena D6F
20 Colton 1M Hatchet to chest Haviana D7F
19 Haviana 7F Knife in spine Radiance D2F
18 Greta 12F Throwing Knife to neck Metallum D6M
17 Yuki 4M Stabbed in chest Emma D10F
16 Emma 10F Tomahawk in chest Connor D7M
15 Connor 7M Arrow in stomach Radiance D2F
14 Axel 8M Choked in his own blood Artemis D3F
13 Radiance 2F Stabbed with arrow in neck Amore D4F
12 Metallum 6M Throat slit with sword Tyson D10M
11 Tails 11M Blown to pieces Amore D4F
10 Artemisae 3F Throat slit Pinkamena D6F
9 Tyson 10M Stabbed Buzzy D12M

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