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The 76th Annual Hunger Games - Role-play Games Sign Ups!

Hey guys so after a looooooooooong while I decided to use the official roleplay games wiki! This is how it will work: To make things easier the roleplays will be done in different threads/pages so yeah... I will make a thread that will show how to roleplay in the wiki when all tributes are reaped.

Anyways let me explain how this will work...


You basically post in the comments as many tributes you can since I will select randomly the tributes making a more or less similar number of tributes per user.

The mininum requirements are:

Name, Age, Gender, District

It is recommended to post as many tributes as possible :3


An entire week will be given to the tributes to make friends and enemies and post their private trainign session where their writting skills and creativity will be tested. Depending on their private session they will be rated in Strength, Speed, Survival Skills and Stealth plus their weapon of choice.

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