So last night I rewatched Survivor: Micronesia - Fans vs Favorites and I got this idea! Anyways the introduction to the quarter quell twist is bellow :D Enjoy!

The Twist

Minerva Lagae walked up the stairs towards the valcony that faced to the City Circle. Everything looked different since the dark days. The Mansion looked cold and metallic. The architecs that rebuilt the Capitol, after District 15's attempt to take over Panem by the use of several bombings, had used dull grey metals and white marble. Cubic structures circled the City Circle itself, large squared windows and valconies on them, filled with citizens that preffered to stay home to see the Quell be announced. 

Minerva was a 44 years old lady, who since the age of 32 has been incharge of Panem. An aura surrounded her making her appear elgant and peaceful, bu that aura could be described as a burqa, it hid who she was, a tyrant that had murdered her own assistant for plotting a meeting badly, a psycopath who had forced the gamemakers to build horrors that only appeared in nightmares you never woke up from. The soul-less president who visited weak districts just to see the law-breakrs be punished. 

All of that were pulled back into her hazel eyes surrounded by a circle of gold. Her brown hair that layed over her shoulders turning grey. The thin lips stained in dark red lipstick. The defined cheekbones that made her seem to always have a glint of joy inside her. She wore a blue dress covered in ribons and black roses on her shoulder. 

She stepped outside the room to be surrounded by the cheers of the crowd. The wind blew wildly, if it was like this in the arid districts she knew that the streets would be already flooded by sand. It was like the sky tried to warn the folk of her prescence.

Minerva took a deep breath as the ribons flapped being tugged by the wind. She cleared her voice as the announcer introduced her to the crowd. When he finsihed Minerva's lips curled slightly in the edges before talking.

"I'm proud to be here to announce the 7th Quarter Quell. But before that, as your president I want to take you through the glorious history of Panem." The crowd applouded but Minerva's eyes darted towards the crowds and they quickly shutted up. "300 years ago, after the Dark Days, the Hunger Games were introduced as a punishment for the Distirct's rebellion. The Games soon became what joined the Districts and the Capitol and to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Games, the Quarter Quells were created. Twists that would change the rules for a year, masterpieces that created respect all around the nation. In the first Quarter Quell, the 12 Districts voted for a male and a female from each District to take part of the Games. In the Second Quarter Quell, double the amount of tributes were reaped. In the Third Quarter Quell, tributes were reaped from the existing pool of victors. The Third Quarter Quell never ended. The rebellion exploded during the games, the arena was destroyed and war started."

Minerva took another deep breath and then continued. "After the war, somethign the the rebels called peace arrived. Everybody believed they were soemthing. No leaders and no slaves! A disgrace for the country, us who through the rules and the games created serenity! A new District was created. District Zero, Astronomy. After 50 years of 'peace' the rebellious govern was destroyed after the war for serenity. Our true govern emerged from it's ashes and the Games were re-started. After 25 years of new games, the fourth Quarter Quell arrived. Tributes were reaped without regarding the age that year. Shortly after the fourth Quarter Quell Districts 14 and 15 were created to help the country by producing Muttations and other devivecs for the games and military training to protect the nation. In the fifth Quarter Quell, a total of 340 tributes were reaped, creating the most bloody games till the date. Four years later, District 15 attempted to take control of Panem by bombing the Capitol. District 13 destroyed completely District 15 with a nuclear bomb."

Minerva looked to the silver case in the wooden stand infront of her. "This year, the seventh Quarter Quell, the Districts and the Capitol will reap only half the tributes." The crowd gasped, shocked at how boring the games will be with only 16 tributes. Just then Minerva started talking again. "The other half will be composed of revived tributes hand-picked by myself. The revived tributes will be the designated as 'favorites' and to show that the niceness of the Capitol has a cost, the reaped tributes will not be ordinary reaped, they will have to volunteer. If no tributes volunteer after 5 minutes the escort asked for said ones, he or she will proceed to reap a random name. The owner of the name will be taken to the stage. Where the escort will ask for a volunteer. If nobody volunteers after 10 seconds, the reaped person will be killed. This process will continue until somebody volunteers. If nobody volunteers after ten deaths, sixteen randomly picked people, reapable or non reapable, will be killed. After this the five minutes process will be used again. This will continue until each district has a volunteer."

Minerva smilled as everybody's face paled and eyes widened in shock. Minerva turned around and started marching inside the mansion as the wind finally ripped off one of the black roses of her dress. The rose landed in the un-touched floor of the City Circle. Blood was going to come.


I don't care about what template you use. I want good tributes, I know 99% of the tributes are brilliant, so I guess I won't say no to any of them :D Btw the tribute maximum is 2! Oh and I would preffer of you posted with your tribute a RL picture, if not I will find one instead.

Reservations are for 24 hours!

Method of picking the favorites

I am going to talk to roughly 10 people to pick a total of 16 tributes I love. So if you think that I like allot one of your tributes don't submit me and if your tribute was in one of my past games try to submit a new one. (Mist if you decide to join these, don't you even dare to submit Mist or I'm cutting your balls <3)


District Name Gender Age Weapon
0 Sabrina Wong Female 16 Daggers and Hatchets
Favorite  Cassandra Oracion Female 15 Tridents and Throwing Axes
1 Cicero Aquila Male 17 Trident
Favorite Jade Seeku Female 18 Spear, Throwing Knives and Whip
2 Evaine Mejai Female 18 Knives and Steel Claws
Favorite  Jinny Billtrox Female 16 Traps and Throwing Knives
3 Winston Jacob Male 15 N/A
Favorite  Konami Aretino Male 14 Trident and Crossbow
4 Alvida Pearl Female 16 Sword
Favorite  Pinkamena "Pinkie" Pie Female 14 Sickle and knife
5 Scott Bow Male 17 N/A
Favorite  Mist Scorchil Male 14 Axe and Dagger
6 Twix Juniper Male 14 Swords and Shurikens
Favorite  Yasmin Veleno Female 17 Poison, Knives and Awl
7 Zorin Calpe Male 18 Axes
Favorite  Oceania Seacrest Female 16 Trident
8 Nikhita Akshaya Female 15 Spear and Bow and Arrow
Favorite  Baord Jolice Male 17 Throwing Stars, Sword
9 Pharmacy Rivera Female 16 Throwing Knives
Favorite  Melinoe "Mel" Ryzom Female 14 Bow and Axe
10 Aliya Andropov Female 15 Dagger and Machete
Favorite  Kronos Blade Male 18 Stakes, Poison and Sickle
11 Erin Miller Female 14 Traps and Sickles
Favorite  Dome Citadel Male 16 Hatchet and Ice Pick
12 Cordelia Vilora Females 14 Daggers and Knives
Favorite  Mimic Slaughter Female 16 Knives, Spears and Tridents
13 Beemo Xra Female 14 Spears and Traps
Favorite  Zak Slaughter Male 16 Knives, Spears and Tridents
14 Liana Thorns Female 14 Poisons and Blowgun
Favorite  Piper Quinn Female 18 Bow and Arrow
Capitol Landon Daitius Male 18 Long Knives
Favorite  Pilar Seychelles Female 18 Axe





Gamemaker Headquarters - 2 Months Until The Reapings

Minerva was wearing a black suit with white gloves as she walked down the City Circle towards the tower in the other side, the Gamemaker Headquarters.  The City Circle was closed most of the year now. It was only used for special events and occations. Minerva was one of the limited amount of people that had access to it. She was an ant compared to all the huge structures that emerged to ehr sides. She reached to one of the walls after a walk under the beating sun. She walked to the iron door in the black wall. It was the backdoor to the skywrapper. She punched into the pad the combination and the door opened. She entered a dark room with some green neon lights in the edges of the walls. She walked to the door at the other side. She punched anothe code and the door opened revealing an elevator. 

The elevator moved up roughly thirty floors until she reached the attic. There was a large white room with screens that acted like paintings in the walls. Each showed a different arena. it sometimes changed so it showed the bloodiest deaths and most deadly traps. In the center of the room there was a white table filled with papers and a floating screen that acted as a computer. behind it a young lady with orange hair tied back into a pony tail. She wore some bright yellow lipstick, she looked over the screen to meet Minerva's eyes. Her body jerked in suprise, nearly knocking to the floor a cup of coffee and some papers.

"P-President M-Minerva... We didn't expect your prescence until tomorrow." The woman said.

Minerva walked up to the desk and drummed her gloved fingers against the table. She took a look at the orange haired lady's work and smilled. "Sometimes it's good to suprise the others. Expectations are extremely boring and they never end up happening. Do you agree with me Prosperina?" Minerva said. Each word felt like a bee stinging into your skin.

"Yes miss, I do agree." Prosperina said trying to look around to find somebody to rescue her from Minerva. "Mister Manners is in the hologram room."

"Good, I was planning to go and visit him." Minerva said as she walked to one of the huge glass doors in one of the sides. She opened it entering a room with blocks with diffewrnet projection on them. From something as simple as a rock to a Huge bird with dented teeth. "So how is the arena, Clark?"

A extremely handsome man turned around and he glared at Minerva for a few seconds before smilling. "Problems are occuring, but it will be completed just in time."

"I want to know all the details Clark." Minerva said while she walked to a black sofa and made herself confortable there.

"The Willow is nearly finished. But we still have to find a way to transport the tributes to the cages but they still have the feeling they are hanging." Clark informed.

"Did you make the terrain rough? I don't want another Career pack staying on their pretty tents and sleeping bags all the games!" Minerva snarled.

"We made the floor be covered in water so the tributes could jump down without getting execesively harmed. The rocky ring is nearly finished and the floor is way too muddy for those pretty kids to stand in it way too long." Clark said flashing his hand over the hologram of a purple willow with 32 cages hanging from it. water started emerging so it was surrounded by it. Patches of mud emerged so that it wasn't all water. Then a circle of works appeared around the willow and the swamp-like terrain. the rocks started growing into an 'o' shaped mountain that had pointy tops, it looked really harsh to climb. "Minerva, what do you thinka bout it? The head of vegetation proposed we included some vines to make it easier for the tri-"

"-Those vines bettwer be poison ivy inspired or the vegetation person is getting shot!" Minerva snapped.

"Indeed Minerva, tributes must learn that nothing is easy in this life." Clark agreed flashing another hologram of a vine. He typed something into the pad and little hairs emerged from the stem. 

"Especially when they are fighting to death." Minerva laughed walking over to Clark and watching the holograms. "What about the muttations?"

"I have planned visiting District 14 to check the breeds the farmers have been working on for the last 4 months. They will get injected with the gene just before the games start." Clark said.

"Remind me how powerfull that gene was, please." Minerva said.

"Powerfull enough to act like a ghost. The gas would get through the walls and attach organisms. Even if you don't breath, it will get through your chest into your lungs and heart and destroy everything. Two scientists got killed when we tried the gene in some rats. Floor -17 downwards has been closed until we finish building the anti-body." Clark informed, moving to a hologram that showed the building. He moved his left hand from the tip of the buildign downwards. The hologram moved upwards revealing the floors underground. Near the bottom of the building the hologram glowed red. Three small spots moving around.

"You could just starve them" Minerva offered.

"Believe me, we tried but the bastards found a way to the poisonous plants garden. They grew inmune to them." Clark answered back.

"We could always bomb the building." Minerva said carelessly.

"The gas would take over the streets, we could evacuate the population until the gas dissapears but that would a while. We can't do that with the Quell happening in two months." Clark said, zooming out the image so the entire Capitol was visible. The red glow was over half of it.

"Then we will wait. If the gene is not gone in a month, we will kill your entire genetics team. Them and their families." Minerva said getting up and leaving.

Outskirts of District 14 - 2 Weeks Until The Reapings

Zak Slaughter's POV

Water everywhere. I looked up to Mimic as I dissapeared behind the blue. Then everything was dark. Until now...

Memories pouring back, my head hurts from everything I'm remembering. Light inpacts against my eyes as I open them. I cover my face with my arm. I can't hear anything fora few seconds and then I hear the noises of people moving. I look down from the white ceiling to see about three-hundred teenagers, is this the heaven for those who died in the games? Did Mimic survive?

I am wearing some brown cargo pants and a sleeveless black t-shirt. Everything around me looks the same. I see different faces looking around. Everybody is still sitting, some even laying. I look to my left to see a girl with light brown hair tied into two braces.

"What the hell is this?" I ask her.

"I don't even know, the only thing I can think about is that knife that slit my throat..." She muttered rubbing her throat. I looked close to her and saw a scar right there.

I don't reply to her and stay sitting there as I try to udnerstand what this is. After about fifteen minutes everybody is awake. A girl with black hair dyed in the tips white got up frowning. "What the hell is this?!" She yelled at the ceiling. No reply. 

After another minutes I see the black haired girl walking to a wall and touching it, like if there was a hidden door behind it. A redhead girl walked up to her and mumbled something to her. The black haired one just pushed the redhead away.

"Dear revived tributes-" Revived tributes, so was I dead? "- we thank you for your sacrifice for the nation in order to pay for your ancestor's mistakes. Now we are going to thank all of you by giving you an oportunity for redemption. Only sixteen of the threehundred and twentysix of you will survive today." A wave of mumbles and some screams are heard "You will all try to get to the other side of the hallway that is going to appear in the northen wall. Be carefull because redemption isn't something free, the hallway is filled up with traps."

After this everybody started standing up and lookin around. A noice is heard and one of the walls started moving upwards revealing a huge hallway where you couldn't see the end of it.

"You may start your attempt for redemption" The voice said. Everybody started running towards the hallway.

Jinny Billtrox's POV

I see how everyvody is running towards the hallway. Going first into the wolf's mouth isn't the martest thi- BOOM! -ng... 

Everything shakes as the wave of about 30 teens get's blown to pieces. A huge hole forms in the white tiles revealing a bed of spikes. "Some of the tiles are landmines!" yells somebody. I look up to see how from the walls emerge some metal bars. They start moving to form some sort of iron cobweb over the spike bed.

Soon a girl jumps and grabs one of the bars. People start following her and cross to the other side. Just then a boy with a  black weave shoves a blonde girl to side, her hands nearly slipping off the bar. She grunts and kicks him with her legs in the stomach. Soon they boy swings his fist at her. She punches the girl in her throat and she starts falling off. She is inpailed by the spikes and I see how one off them go through the back of her head and out through her left eye socked...

Everybody screams and starts rushing. I don't know how but a boy with blonde hair joins the girl in the bed spike, getting a spike through his neck and chest. I shiver at the sight as I see that Im near the bars. I grab a bar and start moving. I notice how somebody shoves me to a side and I groan. I move throught he gang of hanging kids and jump into the other side. While I was crossing about other 5 kids fell to the spike bed.

The people continue running down the hallway and suddenly a beep is heard... What could that beep mean... Fire!

Blue flames emerge the ground and ten tributes are setted on fire, they cry as they burn. They fall like flies to the floor pilling over each other. The flames stop but then start agaian in another random point. They dissapear. And then they are infront of me! I jump to a side I keep runnign as more flames keep burnign people. Then I see something leaking through the ceiling... Water...

Cassandra Oracion's POV 

The water hits me hard. I stumble backwards and start being pushed backwards. I see how people are being dragged towards the spike pit. I notice a girl grabbing a tube from the wall. I do the same as I feel all the pressure from the water against my body. I squeeze my eyes shut. Each time the water is harsher towards my skin. I think Im going to slip off.

I open one eye and through the water I see more tubes in the walls. I spot a buff guy using them to move towards the other side of the hallway. I do the same. I dare to look backwards to see how the spike bed has moved up the walls and is now acting like a meat grinder. Every now and then closing itself stabbing the many teenages that couldn't fight against the pressure of the water. I keep holding my breathe, how long has it been, 5 minutes without breathing?

My lungs burn and I do something stupid. I loosen my grip of the tube I'm holding right now and kick my legs against the wall. I shoot up and take a gasp of fair air and then I'm dragged by the water again. I grab the first tube I find and conrinue making my way towards the end of the hallway. I see the same girl I spotted earlier fainting from lack of oxygen and she goes right into the grinder. I do not look long enough to see how she is destroyed. 

I am now in the highest pressure point, just bellow the hole that leaked all the water. My lungs are burning once more as I try to reach another tube when I do the water just switches and drags me. My face smacks against the floor as Im being dragged by the water towards the other side of the hallway. When Im there I look around and see a much smaller number of people than in the start. 19... The hallway closes when a sheet of metal falls infront the water hole.

Against the walls there are 20 different tables. The voice speaks again.

Kronos Blade's POV

"Congratulations, you have made it to the Final 20 living revived tributes. Sadly four more of you will have to die. Infront of you are 20 different survival stations that can be finded in the training center. You have five minutes to pick a station and read the rules for it. When I say so you have to try and complete them. When 16 of you have completed your tasks the other 4 will be killed at the instant. Good luck."

We are all wet from the water and my perfectly styled hait is now a mess that covers my eyes, I brush it off as I start checking the stations. A girl with green hair is already checking the book of a table with a huge pile of different leaves and flowers. 

In the table near the corner I see a redhead tiny girl glaring the book and then at the wires and mechanisms in the boxes. Next to her is a boy checking a book next to a pile of timber.

I see a table with a naked sleeping girl on it... She is bleeding and panting in her rest... I grab the book that is partially stained with red.

First Aids Tables:

For this challenge you must stop this human from dying. The life of the individual is not important since she is already condened to death. She has been injected with poison in three different parts of her body. Stop the poison from spredding through her body by chopping off the infected parts and then stop the human body from dying from blood loss. If you fail and she dies you will be eliminated and killed.

I smile and check the box of supplies. A hatchet, some poor looking bandages and an awl. Couldn't ask for more. This is going to be easy.

"You may start your challenge" The voice announces and I grab the awl. I quickly look to my sides when I hear a moan of pain. I look at the green haired girl as she tries to move a leaf filled with spikes to a side. She rips off a piece of her own t-shirt and uses it to grab it after she drops it. I can tell the spikes are going through the t-shirt from her pained expression.

Another girl is setting a snare with poor looking sticks, they snap and she swears. A boy is untying a not that is tied around another naked body, the ropes are strangling the person and I know that if he doesn't work fast enough the person will die. 

I move to my own body and with the awl I start touching the arteries from her arm. Suddenly I feel the touch of an artery be densier than usual and I poke it with the awl. Blood pour out mixed with a purple substance. Perfect. I grab my hatchet and chop off her arm from the elbow downwards. She cries in paina nd I feel half the eyes on me. I start bandaging her arm. The blood sips through the bandages "Fuck..." I murmer and continue bandaging it. I grab the awl and start inspecting ehr other arm. Nothing. I dont bother to check her heart, first because I know I would get distracted with her breast and probablt take her right now infront of everybody. I check her feet and see that in her ankle there is a small bump. I stab it with the awl and the blood with the purple liquid flows out. 

I then measure more or less where the poison won't be and chop her leg off. The girl cries and she shoots up, the drugs they must have given her shoot in and she then falls back to sleep. I bandage her as she pants. My hands covered in blood.

"Congratulations to Yasmin Veleno for completing her test. Yasmin feel free to help any other tribute." I look at the green haired girl as she moved away of her table. Her hands are covered in marks and stained red. She moves to me and smiles. 

"Let me help you" She says

"Sure, do you have anything on your table that could help me?" I ask.

"Absorbing plants." She responds walking there. She is pretty and I wouldn't mind allying her to them torture her... I start trying to find the final poisoned part as Yasmin uses the leafs to suck some of the blood.

I finally find it when other five are finished. It's inside her ear. Her hair was covering ehr ear fileld with lumps and I pop them with the awl and then I grab the hatchet. I must be carefull... I start cutting it off and she screams. Yasmin grabs a leaf and puts it in the hole where the ear used to be.

"Congratulations Kronos Blade on being the eight person on finsihing a test." The voice announces and I smile.

????'s POV - The secret tribute is revealed

My hands move over the pieces of metals when I realise that only 6 people are left working on their stations.  A girl called Jinny is looking over my shoulder chirping what pieces of metals I have to throw away and which ones I have to use. A girl and a boy with blue hair are looking at me suprised at the table I chose. The others are in the tables. I know that one of the tables had some humans bodies on it. They must be way more interesting than me...

Just then I hear the speaker announce one of the two final winners... Crap. Crap. Crap. 

The Jinny girl passes me a screw driver and I finsih it. The Pistola....

"Congratulations to Pilar Seychelles being the final tribute on completing her test. Please move away from the other 4 tributes. Thank you." The voice announces.

I can't help but jump in joy. Everybody has moved away from the four who didn't finish in time...  I hear a gunshot. A girl with purple hair falls to the floor, blood pouring out of her chest. Another gunshot... A boy with a weave also dies...

The other two scream and try hiding under the tables. Two gunshots and they are also dead...

Light suddenly flood the room as a door hidden in one of the walls opens. A man and a woman stand there. Smiling.

The Reapings

District 0 - Latrodoctia Willow

I from one side to the other of the train tapping the windows with my finger. Most of the furniture is made out of glass and I have to be extremely carefull each time I sit down on a chair. Getting a shard of glass up your bum is not fun. Not like I would have ever tried anything like that... Suddenly I remember about him. Crap i nearly forgot to get rid of him!

I run down the hallway to my room and open the door. In the white bed lays Arnold. Still anked and with the glass lamp sticking out of his chest. I sigh as I grab his body and start dressing him up. I have to improvise a bandage with a pillow to stop the intense bleeding.

I wrap his arma round my waist as I start dragging him through the hallway. One of the train engineers looks at me as I go though the dinningroom. "Good morning Mrs. Willow." He says. "Is he ok?"

"Arnold is still feel dizzy... Hell he just passed out from his severe headache while we walked towards here." I lied trying to keep away Arnold away from the engineer. "I am infact taking Arnold to his room."

"I thought his bedroom was next to yours." He answered.

I sucked my breathe as I looked around and then forced laughter out of my lungs. "Don't be stupid! His room is over there! God bless me if you have to gide me out of the train incase of a fire... Or something of the style." I replied as I dragged Arnold out of the dinning room. 

We reached the little garden built at the end of the train. It isn't exactly a garden anymore as all the plants were taken to the spa as we entered the district. The floor was partially wet since the snow could get inside but the heat of the motors melt it down. I dragged Arnold to the metal fence. I moved my lips to his one last time before kissing him. I then pushed his body and he fell into the snow covered grass. In a blink he was gone from my side... Now from my sight as the train moved away... 

Bye Arnold... I will miss you... Just like the others...

I sighed as I grabbed the gold ring covered in saphires and also threw it out of the train. They always have to ask for marriage... It makes it a pint harder.

I entered the train again and went to my room. As the houses started appearing outside the train I grabbed the blood covered blanket and used it as a bag for the broken lamp pieces. I putted it insdie my luggage and smiled.

The train stopped and I grabbed my black wolf fur coat. Each time this place is colder, I wonder why I never reap poor little things that are sick... I now have to wait until everything is ready for me to get down...

After half an hour somebody knocks on my door and I get up and open it.

"We are ready to start the reaping." A man in a suit tells me.

"Ok" I say as I walk to the wall of my room and grab the black case laying on a table. I walk out of the train and I walk towards the Justice Building. The building is made out of stone and wood I walk through it to the exit to the stage. The three districts the District has are sitting on chais on the edge of the stage. I smile and start walking towards the glass wall.

"Hello District 0! I am Latrodoctia Willow and Im gonna be your escort for the twelve year in a row!" I announce as I walk around the stage looking at the kids shivering in the cold. "This year it's a Quarter Quell so we have different rules! Instead of reaping two people we will only have one tribute! Who has to volunteer!" I cheer but drop my smile "If nobody volunteers I will reap a name! That person will be killed! If we don't have a volunteer after ten deaths I will kill 16 random people! Anyways any volunteers?!" I yell. Everybody has a blank face and I smile sitting next to the victors. 

I look at my watch and see the five minutes tick on the red arrows. Nothing. It's time to get a kill!

"Ok nobody has volunteered so let's kill somebody!" I yell pissed off at this coward people. I grab a paper and smile "MARCUS CRYSTAL!" Everybody looks at a pretty hot 16 year old as he walks to the stage... He has warm brown eyes and matching brown hair...

I help him get to the stage and he looks at me in fear "Can I volunteer?" He mumbles and I laugh loudly.

"No! Somebody has to volunteer to save you!" I laugh. Nobody volunteers and I walk to the black case and open it. Inside it there is a katana and I grip it. Move to the boy and he shakes realising he is about to die... Poor thing. I swing the katana and his head falls to the ground. I hear some screams and smile.

"Ok if in the following 5 minutes somebody doens't volunteer I will have to kill somebody else... So let's see who is brave enough!" I sit again and nod a slave to bring me a cup of tea. I take some sips as I see the clock tick. "1 minute left!" I yell.

And then Im suprised "I VOLUNTEER!" My neck snaps as I glare at an asiatic-descent girl step into one of paths that led to the stage. She had black hair that flowed in the snow. She also wore a navy blue parka and black gloves. I smiled as I helped her make her way to the stage. 

"Be careful with the blood I don't want you to slip and break your neck honey." I smile at her. Her face pales as she moves over the hot kid's corpse. "What is your name honey?"

"Sabrina Wong" She said.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, most of you cowards, Sabrina Wong!" I cheer before dragging her into the Justice building. 

The Capitol - Presidental Mansion

Minerva sipped on the cup of tea as she watched the screens from the white coach. Clark sat on the other side holding a grey tablet that bleeped each as all the informations where rushed into it as the computers tried to find everything about the volunteers. 

"When will bloody District Six volunteer? They have already gone through the massive kill phase twice!" Minerva grumbled as she saw Marian Crevka, the escort laughing as she rushed ten more people into the stage and swang her shotgun and fired at them at incredible speed.

"Has Eight volunteered yet?" Clark asked as he checked the sentimental status of Cicero Aquila, the tribute from one.

"No- Wait she just did." Minerva replied as Nikhita stepped onto the stage on Eight. The escort shaking her hand crazily, he was covered in blood from when he slit the throat to a twelve year old who layed in the stage liveless.

"All the District but Six have volunteered from what I have been informed." Clark said as the hologram on the tablet flashed from Cicero's data to a map of Panem with dots indicating the trains as they started moving. The tribute fromt he Capitol was locked inside a room until the arrival of all the other tributes.

"Can't we just bomb that hole of rats and drugs already? We will just one of the survivors." Minerva said scrowling as she placed down the tea cup.

"Unfortunately no, the revived tributes are promissed to return to their homes if they win. What if one from six wins?" Clark said.

"We kill him or her before they claim victo-" Minerva shrugged before being interrupted.

"-Wait somebody volunteered" Clark informed searching from information about Twix.

"I want that boy dead for wasting my time so much. Can you make sure he gets blown up by a landmine or something?" Minerva asked inpatiently.

"Sadly not. He better prove himself if he wants to live." Clark said before getting up and walking out of the room.

Gamemaker Headquarters - Training Scores

Minerva moved around the room filled with people trying to find Clark. Most of the assistant Gamemakers where chatting away about hteir work in the arena or who they thought will win. She finally spotted him talking to a lady with black hair and spiky hair. "Hello Minerva, this is Calypso." He said smiling.

"I see you already got some company to celebrate the start of the games Clark." Minerva said not caring to look at Calypso.

"Excuse me Mrs. Lagae but Im actually the Head Trainer." Calypso replied glaring at Minerva clearly offended.

"And Im the President so shut it." Minerva snapped returning the galre before moving to Clark. "So Clark, in what did you base the scores?"

"Many tributes where desesperate to be the one that stands out and messed it pretty bad. I assure you the scores have been harsher than ever, even with the revived tributes." Clark assured.

"Good." Minerva replied as she ehard int he background the presentor talk about how the tributes have been tetsed.

"Ok so let's move to the volunteers first. Sabrina Wong from District 0, one of the tributes that volunteered quickly only having one death on her entire district. Proves her good heart but she only haves a four!"

The presentor continued and Minerva saw the harsh scores as Clark explained her why he gave each score.

District Name Score Odds Reason
0 Sabrina Wong 4 1-45 Dull tribute, harsh chances of surviving.
Favorite Cassandra Oracion 7 1-29 She is a good fighter but what will stop her from getting killed by a trap?
1 Cicero Aquila 6 1-34 Typical career, not the sharpest tool.
Favorite Jade Seeku 6 1-32 Memorable one but she isn't ready enough for the arena.
2 Evaine Mejai 5 1-38 Average tribute. Ddidn't stand out that much.
Favorite Jinny Billtrox 3 1-40 Smart but very weak. I will be shocked if she survives Day 1, even more Night 1.
3 Winston Jacob 1 1-67 Didn't even know how to handle a weapon. Weak tribute that somehow volunteered. Maybe to delay his death?
Favorite Konami Aretino 5 1-34 This kid annoys me and I believe his stupidity will cost him his live again.
4 Alvida Pearl 6 1-35 The Pirate girl didn't do that bad. But she is going to be screwed on the arena like everybody else.
Favorite Pinkamena "Pinkie" Pie 5 1-37 Crazy one. She damaged herself so badly on her first games... Those games only had a swamp with crocodiles. I wonder what she is going to do in hell itself?
5 Scott Bow 2 1-49 Average dull tribute on my opinion. I didn't bother about him that much.
Favorite Mist Scorchil 7 1-29 A legend. But he is gonna struggle so much...
6 Twix Juniper 4 1-38 The kid that had me waiting for an hour... I despise him.
Favorite Yasmin Veleno 5 1-36 Crazy bitch. She is going to have fun with so many poisons that she may kill herself accidentally.
7 Zorin Calpe 5 1-38 An okay one... That's all I can say.
Favorite Oceania Seacrest 6 1-32 Good one, but she is going to struggle away from the sea.
8 Nikhita Akshaya 4 1-39 Average one. She may have a chance.
Favorite Baord Jolice 5 1-37 Too much Brawn, little Brains. Luckly her sister mentoring him will help.
9 Pharmacy Rivera 4 1-42 She was okay...
Favorite Melinoe "Mel" Ryzom 4 1-41 She is one of the dullest revived ones.
10 Aliya Andropov 3 1-47 Minerva can you pass me that cup?
Favorite Kronos Blade 7 1-27 Thank you. Oh wait, Kronos is actually one of the best ones I've seen.
11 Erin Miller 3 1-46 I don't remember what she did...
Favorite Dome Citadel 6 1-30 A brutal one. I really want to see him.
12 Cordelia Vilora 1 1-75 She is blind... Why the hell did she volunteer?
Favorite Mimic Slaughter 5 1-35 She knows everything and nothing at the same time.
13 Beemo Xra 3 1-47 A good tribute but she is not prepared at all.
Favorite Zak Slaughter 5 1-33 Same as his sister.
14 Liana Thorns 2 1-48 Very weak and not the kind of tribute for this arena.
Favorite Piper Quinn 4 1-39 An ok one. Luckly that annoying kid isn't here to ruin her game.
Capitol Landon Daitius 4 1-37 Good tribute, red is a very fashionable tribute.
Favorite Pilar Seychelles 12 1-55 Erm... She managed to break into the ventilation system and sneak into the gamemaker balcony and... She proved some good skills...

Minerva's eyes widened and she slapped Clark before turning around and walking away. "Slut."

The Games


Jinny's POV

I walk down the corridor. This time nobody escorts me but I know there are cameras watching me. The tracker was injected to me would probably kill me if I tried something. I finally reach the door at the end of the dark path. I open it and get inside the room. The door shuts closes behind me and I turn around. I look around the room and see nothing. It's empty. I touch the walls panicking. What is this? Why is the room empty?

I see how a grey smoke emerges from the corners in the walls and I panic even more moving to the center of the room. The smoke circles me like it was dancing and teasing me. Closing the gap between us as I start feeling that Im looosing it. I fall to my knees and try to crawl to the door. I band my palm against the iron crying for help. My voice is failing and my sight is blurring. I see nothing. I feel nothing. I think nothing.

Just like if I was dead.

Day 1 - Worse Than Any Nightmare

Alvida's POV

It was all darkness until I felt the hot air brushing my skin. I slowly open my eyes and I see the blood stained sky behind the roof of purple leaves. I feel how the ground bellow me was somehow tilting. Just then I realised I was in a cage. Hanging from a tree. The bars where made from what seemed branches decorated with vines. Bellow me was a mud pit with some water parches that by sight I could know I could jump into without harming myself. I saw some small bags scatted around the mud half covered and dirty. Then I tried to find a way to get out of here when I had everything I needed. We where in this sort of willow tree inside a crater. I spotted some vines that were probably meant for helping us climb out of here. I checked the other branches of the tree and I saw that all the other tributes were hanging inside cages too, the cages were all in differnet heights and distances from the others. 

I don't know what to do. The moist air sticking into my skin. I then check my outfit. It's a black plain shirt and some kargo trousers. I have two leather straps running from my hips to my shoulders forming an 'X'. One has a metal bar sticking out, I grab it and pull it out to reveal a blade. I could try to throw it at somebody else to kill them... Then I spot Oceania a few cages away from me using the blade to slice through the vines and start to cut through the branches of the cage. I start doing the same finding it at first easy seeing how the vines were like butter. Then I had to actually cut through the iregular branch. It was so hard. I pressed the palm of my empty hand against the side of the blade that isn't cutting the wood, carefully to not cut myself. The pressure helps and Im already over halfway through the branch. I lay on my back and kick the damn stick so it snapped. I then made a gap big enough to me to fit through and I exited the cage. 

With a hand I grabbed one of the bars as with the other I left it to hang loosely as I tried to spot the closest water parch. I started moving around the circunsference of the cage as I felt it tilt and loose stability. As I swapped my hands from bar to bar I suddenly felt something go wrong. I missed a bar. The cage tilted to an innatural angle and I was falling. As I collided with the small layer of water before feeling my back reach the mud ground. It ached like hell and I stayed there for less than a second as I noticed that Oceania was already climbing out of one of the water parches and Cicero landed nearly perfectly in the mud. I gripped the blade hard as I made my way to a small green backpack a few meters away from me. I grabbed it and palced one of the strips over my shoulder. There was nearly nothing in this damn place!

Yasmin's POV

I jump down and land on my side yelping in pain. I quickly move to a pouch of cloth and check what is inside, enough rice for less than a meal. Great. I stuff it into one of my pockets and look around. I see the wimp from three crawling out of the water. Just then I see Pinkamena hanging from a branch seven metres over him like a monkey. She let's the branch go landing ontop of the kid and she starts grabbing his throat and stabbing him over and over in the head. BOOM! A fountain of crimson formed on him tainting him forever as Pinkie got up and ran towards me. Crap. We collide and she knocks me to the ground. I groun as I try to push her off but she doesn't allow me.

She then punches me in the face and everything goes dark. After a few seconds...