Dear Users,

Over the next days you will receive letters that will invite you to the ball of the year. When you receive the invitation you should write me back telling me who will be your partner in the ball. Partners are auto invited to the party an there is no way they can say no. Letters will be flying and the secrets will be revealed.

Thank you for the sacrifice, Joan

Confirmed Invitations

Cass - Alice

Anna - Wes

Mist - Kekai

Kaeghan - Emma

Mia - Oli

Dani - Kiki

Gruff - Justin 

Zach - Jay

Sam - Em

Berry - Erlend

Ryan - Jade

Name Weapons Place Cause of Death
Cass M16, knives, Wesolini inspired gun
Alice M16, knives
Anna Mace, first aid kit
Mist SWAT mini k 13 Poison in bracelet
Kekai UZI, daggers 14 Arrow in les nuts by Emma, blown to pieces
Kaeghan Grenades
Emma Crossbow
Mia 2 Axes, 2 first aid kits, UZI, G17
Oli Shotgun, grenades, Annamisasa inspired gun, 2 M16s
Dani 16 Injuries/Poison in bracelet
Kiki 18 Shot by Justin with Annamisasa gun
Gruff 15 Poison in bracelet
Justin Swords 17 Shot by Dani with G17
Zach 19 Shot by Oli with shotgun
Jay 20 Axe thrown by Dani in his head
Sam Butcher knive 21 Poison in bracelet
Em Knives 22 Shot by Cass on the head
Berry G17
Erlend Axes
Ryan M16, Everderp mace comb
Jade M16
  • A statue that can be finder in the garden of the mansion
  • The temple of rape at the far end, the access to the garden's maze is behind it
  • The center of the garden
  • The Mansion

What this is?

A group of users are invited to a ball in an old mansion to after play a weird game. The game is killing eachother, but they don't know this and will all walk to the trap not knowing.

The Arival

It was a hot afternoon, the sky was red as the sun hided behind the trees that surrounded the mansion. A car parked outside. Mia, Oli, Dani and Kiki got out of it. They where all dressed in 'nice' clothes, the girls wearing long dresses. They were greated by a korean maiden greeted them. Oli started blushing and smiling. Mia stomped on his feet and smiled. The maiden guided them through a path of rocks that was surrounded by bushes of colourful flowers. Near the middle of it the crossed over a small wooden bridge. Under the bridge a stream of water flowed smoothly, it was filled with fish and small frogs that crocked as they jumped rock to rock. 2 butterflies flied chasing each other. The group arrived to the stairs of the mansion, there Joan welcomed them they guided them inside the house. They where taken to a huge dinning room that had a long table filled with plates, glasses and forks. The chairs where made of wood and they had been made for the occasion, they had in them carved the name of the guest on it. A car was heard in the distance and Joan dismissed a young blonde maiden to welcome the new arrivals. As the maiden rushed to the road Joan gave Mia, Oli, Kiki and Dani each a golden bracelet.

"Joan for what is this?" Mia asked

"Oh, it's a gift for all of you." Joan replied

They smiled and putted on the bracelets then they went for a walk around the gardens. The blonde maiden arrived with Wes and Anna, Joan smiled and gave eah of them a bracelet. 30 minutes later everybody but Berry and Erlend had arrived. People started getting nervous and they started going for a walk in the garden since they wanted to get themselfs busy as they waited. Suddenly the roaring of an engine was heard, Berry and Erlend appeared at the far end of the road on a red motocicle laughing and screaming. A maiden rushed down the path to welcome them but ias soon as she arrived to the road the motocicle passed next to her and went a few metres into the pass, spoiling some of the bushes. Erlend and Berry got down of the motocicle and started walking towards the mansion.

The Feast

Everybody starts going to the dinning room and sit in their chairs. The korean maiden arrives with a platter with salad in it. Oli starts blushing again and Mia grabs her fork and attempts to stab Oli in the hand. Kiki sees this and grabs Mia's arm. The maiden puts the platter in middle of the table and smiles. As the maiden bends down Erlend starts doing that strange noice "heuheuheuheuheu" Another maiden arrives with some drinks and starts serving. As a maiden served Jade's and Ryan's drinks Erlend points at a window distracting them. He then drops a pill in each of their glasses and smiles. After a while Jade and Ryan start smiling at each other. A maiden arrives and picks up the remains of the salad and brings some meat. They start eating and Mist and Kekai start talking about bloody deaths. Anna looks at them annoyed and says "Please don't talk about those things... we are eating." Mist and Kekai smile at her and continue talking. Wes gets annoyed and kicks Mist under the table and he quickly shuts up. After everybody has finished the maidens bring some desserts. Jade and Ryan continue doing strange things. Finally when everybody haves finished they all start looking at each other awknardly until Cass get's up and says loudly "So are we dancing or what?!" And with that everybody started walking towards the dance floor.

The Dance

Everybody goes to the dance room, all is decorated neatly. The music starts and nearly everybody starts dancing. Emma and Kaeghan are acting really snuggly and all that stuff. Erlend and Berry start doing dirty dancing and Cass sees them. She forces Alice to sit down and starts giving her a lap dance. Alice's eyes widen and she smiles. Ryan and Jade are bouncing and giggling. Sam and Em act really aknard with each other since they barely know each other. Gruff and Justin instead of dancing are grabbing all the snacks they can. Zach and Jade are having alot of fun since both of them are horrible dancers and they are being clumsy all the time. Anna and Wes are one of the most normal pairs since they are dancing without doing weird things. Mia is telling Oli how she will cut his balls if he dares to flirt again. 

Cass and Alice decide that they want a more private place and they leave the dance they go up the first stairs and  see a half opened door. They get near it and look inside it. They see two of the maidens moving boxes, suddenly the younger maiden drops her box and all kind of weapons fall from it. The older maiden turns around and hisses at the other maiden "Be careful! You stupid! You could have killed both of us!" "Sorry..." The other maiden says and starts picking up the weapons. Suddenly a cold hands lands on Cass' shoulder and she jumps in suprise and she turns around to see a maiden. "Sorry hun but you can't be here!" The maiden says bitterly in a strong russian accent. The two girls rush back to the dance floor and act like they didn't see nothing.

2 hours pass and people continue dancing and having fun. Kekai and Mist have been playing the knife song game.    Suddenly the door burst opens and Kekai cuts his thumb. He whines in pain and looks at the door. There standed Joan and two of the maidens, each holding a gun. "What the fuck Joan?" Berry yelled. 

"So this is my mansion and this is going to be the game you are going to play. While you where all dancing we filled my house with weapons. You all have 5 minutes to gather as many as you can. The bracelets you all are wearing are designed to inject you poison if you try to get away from the mansion's surroundings. So you should not try that. When the 5 minutes end you are allowed to kill each other, but if your partner dies you will also die because the bracelet will inject you poison. When 10 people remain alive this will be desactivated so you may kill your partner. The final 2 survivors will win more money than he or her could never earn in their entire live." Joan explained "By the way don't try to kill any of my maidens, as soon they feel attacked they may trigger your bracelet. You have 5 minutes!"

The Weapon Gathering

Everybody rushed towards the corridor. Cass and Alice rushed up the stairs to the room they saw the two maidens moving boxes. They finded a set of knives, a first aid kit and two M16s ontop of a table they grabbed them and started running back to the entrance. They where the first pair to have weapons. Mia and Oli met up with Dani and Kiki on the dinning room, there they finded some grenades, two axes, two first aid kits and a shot gun. They grabbed them and runned out of the house. Erlend and Berry find some axes and a G17. Kekai and Mist decided to divide and took different corridors. Kekai entered a bedroom and finded a UZI and some daggers on the bed. Mist finded a SWAT mini k and grabbed it he meeted up with Kekai and started running towards another room. Gruff and Justin finded some swords and a M16. Gruff grabbed M16 and Justin grabbed the swords. Emma and Kaeghan runned to a bathroom, inside the shower they finded a crossbow and a set of arrows, there was also some grenades. They grabbed the weapons and runned out of the hosue. Anna and Wes went to a balcony to find a mace, a UZI and a first aid kit. Zach and Jay run up to the attic, there they find  G17 gun, an UZI and M16. Jade and Ryan are back to their normal attitudes and they run to the entrance of the house, they see two M16s infront of a window and they grab them, they run out of the house. Sam and Em are one of the last peopel to get out of the room and go to the kitchen, they grab a butcher knive and some knives. Suddenly a voice is heard "The 5 minutes have ended, you may start killing each other!"

The Killing

Everybody started running out of the mansion, Wes was about to get back inside the mansion but Anna saw the vines that where hanging on the wall. "We could climb done..." Anna said "Ok" Wes said and they started climbing down. 

Cass and Alice saw Sam and Em running out of the kitchen. Cass pushed Alice behind a table to protect her. Cass grabbed M16 and started shooting at them. Em and Sam start running towards a corridor but Cass fires again and the bullet lands on Em's head. Em falls to the floor and Sam starts screaming and suddenly the poison kicks inside him and he falls to the ground dead. Cass grabs Alice and they run towards the giant bush maze in middle of the night.

Zach and Jay arrive just when Cass drags Alice out of the door. Suddenly from the dinningroom Mia, Oli, Dani and Kiki emerge. Oli fires his shotgun twice and one shot hits Jay on the shoulder and the other misses. Zach panicks and fires his G17 gun, he hits Kiki in the leg, she whines in pain and Dani yells at Zach and throws her axe at Zach but it ends up on Jay's head. Jay falls dead and Zach panicks knowing he is going to die. He starts shooting at them as the poison kicks in a shot lands in Mia's stomach and Oli screams, he grabs Mia and shoots at Zach making him fall dead. Dani grabs the corpses weapons and they are soon out of the house and inside the maze.

Jade and Ryan decide to break a window and jump to the garden. Kaeghan thinks of something similar and he and Emma exit the mansion through the small window that is in the bathroom. Berry and Erlend run to the entrance and escape to the maze just as they saw Kekai run down the stairs while he shooted at them. After 5 minutes everybody was out of the house and inside the giant maze.

Cass and Alice are running through the maze as they heard the shots suddenly in middle of the darkness they spot a building in middle of the bushes. They run to it, in a column there is written 'Wesolini'. In the middle of it a statue of Wes with babies, alot of babies in his arms. Infront of the statue a gun that had carved in it babies. Alice grabbed it and putted it in her pocket. Then they continued running through the maze, they took random paths wanting to get away f the people.

Oli dragged Mia through the maze until they arrived to a little stream. Kiki and Dani had been following. They start treating Mia and cleaning her. Mia feels better and they continue going deeper into the maze.

Jade and Ryan run into another building that haves in it a column that says 'Everderp' in middle of the temple a statue of Alice with her really frizzy hair. Her hair kind of looks like snakes that are about to attack somebody. Infront of the statue ther is comb. Ryan inspects the comb and notices that it's made of spikes and could be used as a mace. They grab it and continue running away.

Gruff and Justin runned through the maze. They suddenly finded themselfs on a dead end. They runned back and turned left to find a small temple, this one had in it's column 'Annamisasa' In middle a statue of Anna holding a book filled with rules. Infront of the statue was a gun that had 'BAN' written on it. Justin grabbed the gun and turned to see a smiling Oli aiming his gun at him. Justin grabbed Gruff and dragged him behind the statue as Oli fired bullets, Gruff recieves a bullet on the shoulder and cries. Justin fires one bullet and Oli rolls to one side. Kiki screams as the bullet goes through her heart and Dani goes mad knowing she will die in a few seconds. Dani kicks Oli in the nuts and runs towards Gruff and Justin, she is firing her Wesolini gun as Gruff and Justin shoot at her. She receives bullets on her stomach but she doesn't care. She shoots at Justin hiting him on the heart and then Gruff tries to shoot her not realising that Justin is dead. The poison kicks in both teens bodies and they fall dead to the ground. Mia and Oli watch at each other and start grabbing the weapons that are left from the bloody mess.

Erlend and Berry went through the maze in a steady pace. Berry went infront of Erlend causing Erlend to smile at the view. They suddenly arrived at a temple, this one had in a column 'District3' in the center of it standed a replica of Joan. It was holding in one hand a dagger and in the other a bunch of leaves. Berry got kind of mad and punched the statue in a leg making it slighly tilt. Infront of the statue was a small bottle of poison and a blowgun with some darts. Berry grabbed them and stuffed them into one of her dress' pockets. They continued walking down the maze and they saw another building. The column said 'Rainbow Shifter' they entered it and saw a statue of a girl that was smiling. Infront of it there was a gun that had in it 'Fear Dat Admin' Erlend grabbed it and they exited the temple.

Mist and Kekai walked to a temple that haves in it's column 'TheFireJay' in it standed a statue that was a replica of Justin. They inspected the temple and they found nothing. Nothing at all. Suddenly they saw Anna and Wes run infront of them. They chased them until they all arrived to a dead end. They all had their guns pointing towards eachothers' chests. Suddenly an arrow flied from the other side of a bush and landed on Kekai's nuts. He yelped in pain and fell to the floor they all looked at Kekai and didn't notice the granade flying over the bush. Anna noticed it and screamed "GRANADE!" She started running away, Wes and Mist followed. Kekai layed on the floor and didn't notice how the granade rolled to his chest and exploded. All was a bloody mess and Mist fell tothe floor dead. Anna and Wes looked back and continued running. When they where far away from the corpses Emma and Kaeghan appeared from a corner and grabbed the weapons they smiled and continued walking.

Cass and Alice arrive to a pond in middle of the maze and take off their shoes. They dip their feet in the water and start talking how they need to win. The moon is shinning in the water and they hold each others hands. Cass suddenly gets up and throws her dress to a side and jumps naked to the water, Alice does the same and they are about to kiss when suddenly they spot Ryan and Jade. Cass puts under the water her gun aiming at Jade's head. Ryan and Jade decide to go to the left and thay dissapear from Cass' view.

Anna and Wes are walking around starting to get tired, they arrive to a dead end and look around. They start walking back towards where they had came from and they suddenly spot Ryan and Jade. Wes sneaks behind Jade and puts his gun in her back. Anna is looking from a corner of the maze as Wes triggers his gun firing some bullets into Jade. Jade falls to the ground dead and the gun barely did noice, but the little noice that it did alarmed Ryan. Ryan knows he may die at any moment so he turns himself around and smacks his spiked comb into Wes' chest. He does this again making Wes bleed and fall to the ground. Ryan grabs his gun and fires a bullet killing Wes. He knows he is about to die and that Anna will also die but he doesn't care. Minutes pass and Anna is in a corner sobbing knowing that she is going to die but the death will not arrive. Suddenly a voice is heard.

"Congratulations to the 10 finalists! 8 more to go!" Said the voice of one of th maidens. "As you may know from now on the poison in your bracelets will not kick in when your partner dies!" With that the maiden stopped talking and everybody was kind of happy, atleast they now have more chances of living.

Anna runned away from Ryan as Ryan collected the weapons knowing he will try to kill her as soon as he cans.

The Finalists

Kaeghan and Emma sat inside Justin's temple talking about how easy it had been to kill Kekai and Mist. Suddenly Kaeghan heard a noise, giggling. He told Emma to stay hiden as he grabbed one of the guns and started walking through the maze. He saw the pond with naked Cass and Alice in it. He got his gun and shot. It hitted Alice in the stomach. Cass yelled and grabbed her own gun and started firing. Kaeghan fired again hitting Cass in the shoulder. Cass shot hitting him in the chest. Kaeghan falls dead to the floor. Alice is bleeding allot and she grabs Cass' hair "Cass Im not going to make it..."

"You are going to live, you are..." Cass said crying

"Cass I love you..." And with that Alice passed away, her body in the water. Cass cried out load. She hugged the copse in the red water. She grabbed her gun and putted it to theside of her head she shooted killing herself.

Mia and Oli walked around the maze and when they turned aaround one corner their eyes widened. Berry and Erlend under a tree. KISSING. Kissing was not the write word, lets say they where heating each other's bodies in the cold night. Mia grabbed her UZI and started shooting. All the bullets landed on Erlend's back Berry screamed as she used the corpse as a shield. She dragged the corpse untils she arrived to a corner, there she dropped it and started running. Mia and Oli started chasing her. Berry attempted to shot them but failed. Mia was constant shooting at Berry but Berry kept going to other paths. Mia fired again but she had no more bullets. "Oli I run out of ammo!" She yelled. Oli stopped and gave Mia his M16. Berry used this to run away from them.

Emma is walking around when she suddenly bumps into Anna. She aims her SWAT mini k at Anna's head. Anna looks at Emma with hurt eyes and Emma bites her lower lip. Suddenly a bullet flies into Emma's head. Ryan appears from a corner and Anna looks at him with fear. "Thank you..." she says before running away. Ryan sighs and grabs the weapons that Emma had. Her corpse's eyes where filled in surprise.

Anna had been running for a while, she turned a criner and saw Berry, Berry run towards Anna and tackled her. Anna screamed but Berry covered her mouth with her hand. Anna bit it and Berry used the same hand to slap Anna. Anna then tried to grab her mace but Berry stomped on Anna's hand. Berry then kicked the mace away. "Now there is nobody to save you. Right?" Berry said bitterly "You have been hiding all the night. It's time you die Anna." and with tht Berry grabbed her gun and fired into Anna's head. She pushed it aside and took away all Anna had. She then continued walking.

The Finale

"Congratulations the final four survivors! So it's about 4 am and we are all tired! You don't know how tiring it is to make sure none of you escape the garden!" A maiden said "Ok so we would like you to all go to the mansion so this ends up soon and the winners win all the money and the losers die! So let's say: You have 15 minutes to get your asses near the mansions or you are dead!"

Mia and Oli looked at each other and started walking towards the mansion. Ryan sprinted to the exit of the maze and he walked out of it. He took one of the paths that lead towards the mansion. Berry arrived to the exit nearest to the mansion just before Ryan could see her. She rolled towards a group of bushed and hid inside them. Just then Mia and Oli appeared from the exit of the maze. Ryan Started shooting at them but being away from them he missed. Berry prepared her G17 and fired. The bullet went into Oli's shoulder as he tried to escort Mia to a tree. Ryan spotted Berry in the bushes and started firing at her. Berry sprinted to Mia and Oli and grabbed Mia by the neck of her dress. oli punched Berry in the face and Mia shooted at him, the bullet went between his eyes and he fell dead. Mia screamed and was panicking. She started running away but just then Ryan fired not caring who the bullet will kill. The bullet finded it's new owner's neck and went through it. Mia fell to the floor and knew she was bleeding she looked at Ryan as he walked to her. She was sobbing. Then Mia looked behind Ryan, she saw Berry leaning against a tree. She fell. Ryan turned around and swiftly fired a bullet, this one hitting Berry in the forehead. He then walked to Mia and gave her his hand. Mia took it still sobbing and they walked towards the door of the mansion. Mia looked behind her and saw Ryan's corpse.

When the entered they founded Joan and a group of maiden with a variety of weapons. The corpses of Sam, Em, Zach and Jay still layed on the floor.

"Both of you did well." Joan said "Here you have this: Each of this suitcases contain clothes, food for a long trip and more money that you will ever need." He handed each of them the suitcases. "Also here you have fake identities and all the information you will need. Ryan from now on you will be Morgan Hudson and Mia you will be Patricia Ball. You have a car in the road, there you will find the direction of each of your new houses in LA and the information about your past. Good luck."

Mia and Ryan walked to the car, Ryan sat in the driver's seat. Mia putted the suitcases in the back and sat in the co-pilot seat. Ryan turned on the car and they started dissapearing into the forest. Mia looked at Ryan and said "We should take turns. Wake me up when you are tired..." Ryan just nodded Mia snuggled into her seat and started sleep.

The End

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