So maybe some of you noticed but I'm kinda becoming innactive and yeah it's true... I plan on leaving the wiki... I will only get on chat in certain occassions mainly to talk to certain people... Anyways I just think that making some games would be a sweet way to say goodbye... I will message people I especially want to join since if they submit their tributes a piece of them will be in my creation meaning that I will also have a piece of them inside me <3

Conclusion Games


The Conclusion Games01:38

The Conclusion Games



  1. The tribute maximum is 4.
  2. Do not spam for 100 and all that stuff... Please...
  3. Reservations last 24 hours.
  4. Enjoy every single drop of it <3







Any other stuff...


District Name Gender Age Weapon User
1 Copper McPrice Male 17 Brass Knuckles Eli
1 Crystal Perrin Female 15 Throwing Knives Smiling
1 Sonic Blaze Male 14 Blowgun Smiling
1 Candy Orenson Female 15 Crossbow Bee
2 Hecarim Taylor Male 18 Spear Adrian
2 Thalia Combe Female 16 Long Bow Cas
2 Sebastian Hive Male 18 Butchet Knives Cas
2 Reya Isolfa Female 17 Daggers Kaeghan
3 Jrue Maclin Male 17 Traps World
3 Karla Flake Female 16 Knives Sam
3 Connor Smitherson Male 14 Scythe Harai
3 Seraphina Oaks Female 15 Sword Bee
4 Lysander Soulwalker Male 18 Axe Alice
4 Amy Oceania Female 15 Trident Eli
4 Kodai Hitogoroshi Male 14 Dagger Mist
4 Sharlet Free Female 13 Crossbow Harvey
5 Shade Spectrus Male 15 Crossbow Mist
5 Camellia Theacea Female 12 Pickaxe Erlend
5 Lance Ampere Male 16 Throwing Knives Amina
5 Allana Darkbloom Female 17 Knive Gloves Cas
6 Brendan Jack Male 14 Kukri Brendan
6 Louisa DIemena Female 16 Spear Vinny
6 Zulfikar Zambrano Male 14 Wrench Nlby
6 Bernice Amias Female 13 Knife Frozen
7 Jayson Huff Male 17 Axe Nlby
7 Clair Gravenstein Female 18 Throwing Axes Erlend
7 Mist Scorchil Male 14 Axe Mist
7 Bee Clio Female 14 Axe Bee
8 Banette Tsukomogami Male 15 Needles Mist
8 Naomi Islan Female 17 Knife Weird
8 Julius Spring Male 17 Sword World
8 Brenna Placida Female 12 Knife Frosty
9 Varcus Arclight Male 16 Bow and Arrow Adrian
9 Savannah Darnell Female 12 Blowgun Bee
9 Katta Wallace Male 16 Mace Weird
9 Hanna Stephanie Female 12 Sickle Weird
10 Raid Laced Male 12 Anything Brendan
10 Eliza Herader Female 14 Axe Eli
10 Eli Winersin Male 14 Axe Eli
10 Helena Krisp Female 18 Katana Sam
11 Textil Archeus Male 13 Throwing Knives Blake
11 Ashley Curtis Female 14 Bow And Arrow World

Kim Thorburn

Female 16 Sickle Nlby
11 Tim Thorburn Male 16 Sickle Nlby
12 Konami Aretino Male 14 Trident Blake
12 Drina Vox Female 14 Trident Cas
12 Falk Avian Male 13 Bow and Arrow Amina
12 Maya Thalassa Female 16 Throwing Knives Weird
13 Harley Swoop Male 14 Knives Sam
13 Piper Quinn Female 18 Bow and Arrow Sam
13 Enki Usinaus Male 15 Explosives Vinny
13 Ivora Zosimus Female 13 Knives VInny


The Arena is composed of seven different islands of different sizes and a large variety of traps built into them. The temperature of the arena is extremely hot during the day causing the tributes to get sunburns if they are exposed to much.

The Cornucopia Island

The Cornucopia is in the smallest island, it contains a huge variety of supplies to attempt to lure the biggest amount of tributes to it. The Cornucopia itself is shaped as a metallic pyramid of iron bars twisted around each other and some bars randomly emerge from the sand in the gap between the tribute plates and the structure. It is extremely large compared to past Cornucopias having an area of 25 metres squared and having different pedestals inside of it where specific objects of insterest are placed. There are a total of eight entrances dotted between the bars of the cornucopia offering the tributes a more or less fair route to it.

The island where the cornucopia is built has no vegetation at all and there is no cover from rain or sunlight, the gaps between the iron bars at the corncopia allow both of the elements inside it.






The Games

 Day 1 -Bloodbath

Reya's POV

I barely shut my eyes to protect them from the intense light, I must not waste time with that. The heat wave hits me nearly immediately as it travels through my skin and reaches my bones. The spandex shirt I wear grips my body tightly as I carefully investigate my own set of clothes in a few seconds. I wear a wetsuit ontop my spandex shirt, the wetsuit also covers my legs and I noticed that it has a small pocket in my left thigh, probably to place a knife inside. The right leg of my wetsuit is colored a dark red similar to red. I guess it's an indicator I'm from two.

50 seconds.

Crap I got distracted by a stupid costume. Let me see what is around here... The cornucopia looks so weird... It's like the gamemakers just made a tent of metal straws. A giant tent. I check the supplies and see how neat piles of boxes and backpacks are scattered around the island. They all look like they had some sort of glow which begged you to grab them and check their inside. The ones near the outskirts where bright colored and had colors like neon orange and pure white, while the ones nearer the "straws" where darker and of more saturated colors. 


Julius' POV


The clock continues counting down and I see no weapons. Not a single damn switch blade laying in the sand between the backpacks and crates. I guess they are inside the cornucopia. I must be faster than others to get all the good supplies. I decide to check the tributes next to me just incase I have a threat nearby. To my left is the girl from eleven, she has neat blonde hair that falls equally to both sides of her head. The scarred look in her face was pretty priceless...

I grin at her wickedly and she glares at me with a shocked face as I drive my small finger through my throat.

Ashley's POV

20 seconds.

I already have somebody targetting me... Great... Why did I do to deserve all of this? My live is already tough enough. I know I can beat this challenge. I do. So what is the smartes thing to do? Evade all the tributes and evade a pact with death. I slowly turn around facing away all the shinny backpacks that tried to lure me towards them with their invisible hands that brushed my skin tactlessly. I check if anybody else has turned around, I don't think anybody else did, from my point of view.

3 seconds...

My breath stretches itself like a cat while you scratch it and-

Hecarim's POV

1 second.


Everybody is like a snake darting to the cornucopia. Sand is kicked into the air as everybody rushes around. The island is pretty large and people scatter around the supplies. I don't stop together with most of the Careers and some idiots that think they can survive, as we try to reach the Cornucopia.

I see how the chocolate coloured hair girl from three grab with one hand a lime-coloured backpack and drags it as she continues her way to the cornucopia. I feel like the air is being sucked out of my lungs as my stomach starts to hurt and I feel pain in my limbs as I'm about to reach the corncucopia.

I march inside the Cornucopia and see the huge stack of weapons in the center surounded by pedestals, ontop of the pedestal nearest to me there is a set of knives and medical equipment I remember seeing a few times in the hospitals at two. I ignore them and pull a spear out of the circular pyramid of weapons when I suddenly see a flash of brown hair and I feel an arrow lightly touch the back of my neck.

I suck in my breath and don't dare to turn around.

"Shit, I nearly killed one of my own."

The tickle of the arrow dissapear and I turn around to see Thalia, one of my district partners. She probably did like me and ignored the supplies to get a weapon. Before I can respond I see two figures rush inside the Corncucopia together. Thalia turns on her heel and aims the bow at them, they are Crystal from one and Amy from four. 

Amy and Crystal don't move as they see that Thalia is still pointing at them with her weapon."

Crystal laughed nervously as she tried not to panic. "Tha-Thalia w-we can t-t-talk abou-"

"Move aside!" Thalia yelled and they side stepped to the right revealing one of the entrances to the Corncucopia. What is Thalia trying to do?

Thalia lets the string go and her arrow sails through the bunch of tributes trying to gather supplies and hits it's target, a girl wearing a braid's leg. I don't even know her name. She falls to the floor and screams in pain.

Thalia glares at us and then yells "Guys let's start gathering more weapons!"

Cole, Camby and Lysander arrive, it shocks me how little time has passed and still seems like an eternity, guess when your live is in play everything plays slower.

Helena's POV

I grab the grey backpack and the rucksack next to it before ducking behind the pipes that form the curncopia. Through one of the gaps I see how the entire pack composed of 11 kids have each grabbed a weapon. Idiots. We all lost our time grabbing backpacks while they got weapons. I check my backpack to see if at least I have knife, nope. It has an empty water bottle, a wire coil, what looks like a pocket mirror and a box of matchets, all laying ontop a small tarp that is folded.

I keep peaking as they discuss what to do as I start hearing screams, less than a minute into the game and somebody is already attacking somebody else. I don't even bother to check as I keep spying on the Careers. Suddenly one of the kids from six rushes inside the Cornucopia. It takes the Careers less than a second to shoot him to the floor. Sharlet fires her crossbow and the bolt stick into the kid's chest as he falls to the floor gasping for air. Then, he is dead.

The Careers snap into attack as one of them, an extremely attractive male from one yells the others to divide into two groups. Five of them run through the exit nearest to me. Fuck.

I get up and start running as I luck back and see one of the District 2 Males jerk from the hair the girl, Hanna or something like that. She was way too busy stuffing a backpack with a rucksack to notice him. She wimpered as she collided against the ground. The Career then dug the butcher knife into the girl's chest. It was like seeing a pig getting hacked to pieces back in home. He pulled the knife out and stabbed her again just incase she survived the first brutal hack. I must get out of here. I start running but then feel how I'm pinned to the ground.

Enki's POV

The shovel is heavy in my hands as the backpack makes it hader to run. The Careers have scattered around the Cornucopia but some stayed inside the Corncucopia to protect the weapons. I really don't need anything but the shovel since I can sneak back into the Corncucopia while they are hunting and dig up the mines. But maybe a knife or two could increase my odds...

I suddenly see how the smaller male from three dries to sprint into one of the entrances, he uses a neon blue rucksack to sield himself as the the girl with the bow and the one with the crossbow start shooting at him. It doesn't really work as they shoot at his legs, an arrow plunging into his knee and like that the kid is in the ground. Then only male Career, Lysandro or something runs to the kid and sheaths his axe into the neck of the kid opening a huge gash that splashes blood around the now dead tribute. Holy crap I must get out of here! 

I start rushing to the water and I open my backpack to retrieve the life vest I stuffed inside a while ago. I see how Sonic from one shoved the 12 year old kid from ten ontop a wooden crate and then used a small knife he had in the opposite hand of the blowgun and stabbed the weakling in the chest.

A twelve year old girl from eight is trying to drag herself into the water as I splash into it before she collapses in the sand, a bold sticking from the back of her leg and another one sticking from her spine. The image is just way too much, I've seen two twelve year kids slaughtered infront of me. That poor girl who was just trying to escape and live was now laying in the sand with her face in the water and her hair tracing crypric patterns in the water as the red ink flows from her back.

I start paddling pathetically trying to reach one of the islands as the screams and missery fade.

Lance's POV

I finish packing as I see how Reya, the Career from Two, pins Drina from 12. She tries to get out of the grip from the other girl but Reya finally approached a dagger to Drina's neck and slits an artery opening a fountain of blood and horror. I am distracted and it's too late when Reya looks at me and I notice she is pulling another dagger from her pack and threw it to me. I feel a terrifying pain in my leg as I stumble to the floor with a cry. Just then I see Mist from seven shove the Career girl to the floor. She lets her daggers drop to the sand beside her as the figure of Mist looks at her just before he snakes his hand to the pack he falls ontop of her. 

An arrow is sticking from the backof his neck. Blood stains the girl that is certainly struggling under the weight of the dead boy. I see Thalia running towards her ally and shoving the corpse to a side as I drag myself to the water.

That boy saved my life. He sacrified himself to let me get away from the Careers and escape. I pulled out the dagger from my calf and groan as the water turns red. I continue swimming as the fight keeps going.

Lysander's POV

I have shoved the tiny weakling from 13 to the floor and he was backing against the wall of the Cornucopia. I smirked as I twirled the axe in my hand and raised it as he mutterned his pathetic begging for survival. He is so scarred. I start lifting my axe but suddenly I hear a yell and I turn around to see how a girl from 13 shoves me to the sand. I drop my axe as she grips my body. She only has a metallic canteen in her hand but she starts banging it against my head. 

The pain shoots through my body as I keep trying to get out of her grasp. I feel a crack and how a hot liquid starts flowing down my hair, to the back of my neck. Everything starts fading. I'm such a failure.

Piper's POV

I killed him. Just to save Harley. I run to Harley and help him up. "We need to get the hell out of here." I tell him just before I grab his arm and start running. I see how the twins from 11 are handling three of the Careers at the time as they are hunted down. The girl has an arrow sticking out of her leg and the boy is bleeding from the chest. The male from 1, Copper is holding a huge knife as he is about to drive it into Kim's head but just then there a groan as an arrow lands on his back. The boy from 9 had somehow managed to get a bow and was now pointing it at the Careers. The body of Thalia was laying at Varcus's feet with a rope around her neck. I see how Thalia's chest is still moving so I bet Varcus only strangled her until she fainted.

She fired a second arrow at the now exposed Copper. It landed straight in his chest and he slumped to the floor.

The twins had made their way to the water in that time and I look at Harley. He nods and we also start running to the sea, each with a backpack.

Ivora's POV

It hurts allot. I'm bleeding from my stomach as I drag myself through the sand. I know I'm leaving a trail, just like a snail. I just stare at the bed of silverish blue as I use all my strength to drag my limp body with my arms. Suddenly there is a rain of sand next to me as a corpse collides with the sand. It's Karla from 3. She has a spear sticking from her stomach. She is already dead by the time I pass her body.

I must be fast and get away from here... So much blood... Sebastian... Damn you... My vision blurs. Just as I feel a pain. As everything turns black I twist my head to see my killer, Hecarim. 

Maya's POV

I am about to leave when I feel somebody grabbing my wrist. I try to shake it off but whoever grabbed my wrist shoved me now to the ground. I look up to see Crystal holding a knife over my throat I shut my eyes before she moves her hand but I hear her groan and I suddenly feel a huge pain in my stomach. An arrow sticked out of her shoulder and when she pulled it out she groaned as blood poared out. She seemed to ignore me so I decided to stay there, laying with the blood poaring out of my stomach. When nobody was looking I dragged myself towards a corpse of a boy and slid myself under his corpse.

Maybe if I stayed still I could survive the bloodbath and when the Careers flee the Cornucopia I can escape. I look up from the sand to see how the now more or less 24 tributes left continued battling. Savannah the little girl from 9 was covered in blood as she tried to flee the Corncucopia her eyes filled with tears. Sebastian from two grabbed her and was about to hack her neck with a knife when Katta shoved him to the ground. Sebastian smiled and threw one of his knives at Katta. Now the butcher knive sticked out of Katta's chest as he fell to the sand.

Savannah however had fled. I suddeny noticed a corpse near me... It had blue hair... It wasn't here a second ago.

I see how Falk from 12 decided to take the backpack from the blue-haired corpse. But what happens makes me want to jump. However the corpse ontop of me stops me. The blue hair brushes to a side revealing the face of a completely crazy teen from the same district as Falk. Konami has a switch blade on his hand and from behind the kid from 12 Kodai emerges and grabs his arms placing them against his back. Konami jumps towards Falk and stabs him with the switch blade over and over. 

How can somebody can kill so early somebody he shares his blood with? I don't know but I keep observing.

Julius' POV

I crash against the sand forming a cloud of yellow with red dots from the wet blood that stains everything. I have managed to grab a knife from the COrncuopia but before I could advance to grab any other weapon Thalia had fired a shot to my ribcage. She had then pulled out a small sword and started chasing me.

She know standed over me with a victorious grin as she lifted the small sword over my chest. Her spandex outfit was now covered in patches of sand that had sticked into the blood from all the deaths.Just then I try to grab her leg and jerk her into the floor. But the sword was already next the arrow, deep into my chest.

Sharlet's POV

There are barely any tributes left and that makes my hunt harder. While the fight continued I used the pipes that comprised the Corncucopia to climb high and have a view of the small island. There where roughly only 6 non-Career tribute after the blue haired freaks dived into the water. I aimed my crossbow at Bee who was trying to escape with a large backpack. I fired and I watched as the arrow went through her leg making her fall to the floor. Amy then ended her suffering by spearing her with her trident. 

Ok next target. I saw the boy from 10, Eli. I fired a shot and he fell right infront the sea. Blood flowing from the hole I punctured right in the back of his neck. I got lucky with that shot.

I aim my crossbow to the next target, a girl from 7 who was already severely injured. I fire and she falls to the floor. I may have killed her, I may not and just before I place another bolt in my crossbow-

I feel two hands grip my neck and send my face against the metallic straws. I distinct a knife used at medical operations in one of the hands. The person that attacks me leans over me while with one half she holds a metallic pipe. Bannette. Just then I feel the surgery knife into my left eye and scream in pain. Then two my right eye. Then to my throat. The dark just doesn't feel right.

Reya's POV

After Sharlet's scream everybody had fled. Only us and the corpses remained in the island which was dotted with parches of red. I knew that due to the large fight area provided this year for the initial bloodbath there will be deaths due to the infections caused by the injuries or simply by blood loss. All my allies come near me and we start checking the remaining supplies. Rope... Wire... Empty Water bottle... Flint... Box of matches... Compass... Sleeping bag... More empty bottles... Jackets... Life vests...

No food.or water. All the others say the same. We have not food or water.

This is gonna be a tough one...

Maya's POV

The Careers left a while ago after stacking all the supplies they wanted to keep next to the huge pile of weapons inside the Cornucopia. I drag myself towards a backpack and check it. Bandages. I treat my injuries and just then I realise how many blood I must have lost. I then move to the weapon pile and grab a full set of knives and throwing knives. I grab a backpack and fill it with the best supplies and I also grab a tent that is neatly folded inside a backpack. 

The sky had turned orange and I realise how long the Careers took to drag all the crates and backpacks to a concentrated area. I know they went to the shore that was directly behind me while I was laying so I go to the opposite side of the island. There a corpse that is completely wet but is laying in semi-wet sand about four or five metres from the water. He probably tried to drag himself to the water and failed. But that doesn't explain why he is wet...

I stop thinking about the corpse and I start swimming towards the nearest island. It's a huge island that like the others, is composed mostly of rock and little vegetation. I see many cave entrances in the collosal rock and I assume I could camp over night inside a cave. When I reach the rocky beach, which is purely made of plates of rock, I nearly slip as the dark stone was incredibly wet. I continue making my way until I reach the first cave I can see. It's not the typical cave you imagine, not that 'o' shaped hole in the wall that leads to a huge chamber, instead it's a porch that is placed inside the mountain the entrance is huge and I go as far as I can. The deepest part has parches of sand that seemed to be pretty dry. 

I open my tent backpack and pull out the black fabric and the poles. I guess people wont notice it from far away and anyways this island has many caves, I'll just move the tent to another one that is more hiden tomorrow morning.

I turn around to see in the distance how two hovercrafts start picking up the bodies. I never stopped to check who was alive and who wasn't... I'd say atleast two careers are dead but also some of the strong competidors that could have faced the careers died. 

When I finish building the tent I am not way too exited of how it looks but shrug it off as I go off to explore the cave. In the several puddles I find weird looking shells that seem to move. Maybe they are edible. I will try to gather them tomorrow.

Seraphina's POV

I reached an island a while ago and while trying to find a cave I saw another tribute arrive.I think there are only six or five islands in total meaning we are going to be constantly bumping into each other. I decide to check my backpack, which I snatched in middle of all the fights and fled with. 

I had a water canteen which was empty, a magnifying glass I could use to try to make fire, a piece of tarp that couldn't be bigger than a metre squared and a small sewing kit. This was pretty useless but I could start a fire deep inside a cave, boil the water and then move away from the cave where the smoke will attract people who want to get the killing going on.

I can surely use the tarp to shelter myself from the rain... But the cave is there for that. I hope I can find a food soarce soon or I'll end up starving...

I just stay inside the cave hidden in the shadows as the day continues.

Harley's POV

Me and Piper have been moving through a cave for a while as we wanted to make sure that there wasn't nobody here before setting a settlement. Piper had grabbed the Axe from the Career that tried to kill me. It was definetely scarry but it was obvious the Careers would try to take out as many people as possible. 

We reached a fork and Piper groaned. "Another fork?! This cave is way too much of a maze Harley, they could just sneak through the paths and get us. Let's get out of here."

I nod and follow her as she takes me through the paths. The cave itself was covered by a small layer of sand that made it pretty easy to know where we had already been and where not. Piper had insisted me that I shouldn't step too hard in the sand. But now she was stomping on it due to the frustation. I understand her, she had been trying to find a safe place for us but instead we ended up in a maze.

We are about to reach the final corridor towards the exterior but just then we notice two silhouettes in the light. I gasp and step backwards and Piper tightens her grip on the axe.

"Who are you?" I hear a male voice ask.

"How about you reveal who you are first?" Piper snaps at them. "I rather die now if you are one of those Careers, so tell us, are you them?"

"Those idiots tried to kill us both. We are Kim and Tim, from Eleven. Now tell us who you are?" A female voice said. They walked towards us and I saw it was true, they were the twins from eleven. Both of them where covered in blood and had bandages stopping the blood to flow out of their wounds.

"I'm Piper, he is Harley." Piper started, "I saw how the Careers tried to kill both of you. They also tried to kill us too."

"So that creates a link between both of us, we nearly died because the Careers. Isn't that great?" Tim asked.

"Well I think that makes us allies right?" Piper asked and I glarred at her. 

"I guess." Kim said "Also have you guys seen what happened outside?"

"No, what is going on?" I ask.

The twins seem to notice me for the first time we met. "It's better if you see it with your own eyes." Tim says.

We follow the twins out of the cave, Piper extremely cautious as she lifts her axe everytime she feels like something is going to happen.

I then gasp when I see bellow the now dark sky, sand, no water. When we arrived to the island there was water entering the cave but now, there isn't a single drop of it. The air is still moist but it doesn't feel right. The arena has just transformed into a giant desert. 

Before we can say anything the anthem fills my ears.

Ashley's POV

I now standed looking down at the corpse of Textil. He had a huge cut running from the chest to his stomach. He probably got injured and somehow escaped the bloodbath. I snatched all his supplies and then I heard the anthem. I already knew about the water sinking into the sand since I basically stayed all the day checking the entrance of the cave to see how many people died.

I gasp as the first face to appear is the male from one. He is followed by one male and one female from 3, it was easy to predict that 3 will have deaths since they were one of the most physically weak districts. Another shocking sight was a male and a female from 4, both of those tributes seemed extremely strong. So that means that the Career pack has already lost more or less a quarter of it's members. But I'm pretty sure they will end up getting weaker tributes to ally them just for the numbers, they always do that when they are in trouble. 

There was nobody from 5 which was suprising. From six there were both males. From seven there was the strong looking male and the sweet looking girl, both suprised me since they seemed to be the kind of tribute that made it far into the game. From 8 there was Textil, who layed behind me, and a girl. Nine lost two tributes, a male and a female. Both males from 10 died but the females survived. From eleven, my district... Nobody. The anthem skipped to 12 as I am left in shock. I quickly turn my eyes return to the hologram in the sky as the face of ofone of 12's males fades and the one of a girl from 12 appears. The last district to appear is 13 and it only lost a female. I start counting and realise that 17 died. The number was huge but it didn't reach the half of us.

Before I start thinking about who is left and who is dead the sound of sand falling distracts me. I look down at the dunes of sand that once were covered by water as they shift. The sand is falling in spirals that each time moves faster. I then hear allot of noice and turn around to see tons of sand running down the cave. I scream as the sand hits me and sends me flying to the non.existing sea. I am getting covered by the sand and I take a deep breath as the sand keeps falling. I am being dragged underground and my lungs burn. How long will I survive before suffocating?

Allana's POV

I was crossing the valley of emptyness between two of the mountains that at the start of the games seemed to be islands. After the anthem I decided to start moving under the stars but then, the sand started shifting. It was as if two hands dragged me to the enter of the earth as my arms waved in the air trying to pull myself out of the hole. Waves of sand arrived and they covered my head.

The feeling was horrible as I couldn't breath. My lungs burnt as I kept moving downwards and then it was if I managed to free myself and pop out of the sand. The only thing was that I was popping out of the sand in the other side.I feel and I hitted a surface that felt like glass. I saw how all the tributes started falling down to the glass floor. Wait this isn't a floor. It was curved and in the center of the enormous chamber was a huge hole. Then the sand was released in the sides of the circular room and like waves they reached all the tributes and brushed us towards the huge hole.

Where they trying to fucking kill us all?! Some tributes tried to run against the sand but we all ended falling and being brushed by the army of sand. I reached the hole and saw it was just as big as the Corncuopia Island where everything started. When I brushed the curvy edge and I stopped feeling the sand I realised there was nothing under me and that I was free falling.

I screamed but just then I stopped moving. It was as if I was frozen. I looked upwards to see how the sand adated to the ceiling and how from the sand emerged trees and structures. What seemed to be a huge orchard formed in a circle towards my left. To my back a set water puddles and grass ripped through the sand. Finally to my right there was a final circle, this one was filled with gems, diamonds and coins in shaped of mountains and hills. 

I gasped as the arena started shifting around me. The landscape ceiling started rotating to my left and it ended up being under my feet. It was roughly three metres under me and I could see clearly the marsh that I described. I staryed moving downwards very slowly until I reached the ground. Then a violent vibration hit my body and I saw darkness. 

Day 2 - Marsh, Orchard and Golden Hills

Jayson's POV

I wake up feeling dizy as hell as the sun annoyingly hits my closed eyelids. I push myself up and nausea hits me and light collides against my eyes making my head go round and round. When I adjust my eyes instead the rocks and sand I see red spheres hanging from branches, apples. There is green strips of grass making a carpet under me. There are more trees everywhere each one filled with fruits. Just then I remember how hungry I am. I haven't eaten in over 12 hours. I reach to an apple and grab it. I examine it and then take a large bite. I swallow and my stomach seems to calm.

I keep eating my apple as I walk through the field of fruits. The trees create small shadows that protect me from the sun. I start remembering how the floor swallowed me and spit me into that cold glass where I slided into the nowhere. Then I saw how the new arena emerged from nowhere as if I was a god. I was surrounded there by the stars that seemed to curve arounf the edges of my viewing field.

I check my backpack and grab my backpack before starting to fill it with fruits. Just then I see a silver flag cutting through the blue sky, the only thing was that the flag was a parachute. A parachute that landed right in my feet. I dash to the box attached to the textile and open it to see a black steele knife. The light didn't seem to reflect in it but there was one thing for sure, it was sharp.

On the lid of the box there was a thin, tiny parchment. I grabbed it and looked at the thick black ink in it.


Thalia's POV

When we wake up the entire pack is there, laying under the fruit trees. One by one we all wake up and explore the area. We decide to fill some backpacks with the fruits we find and eat some fruits ourselves. Then we stop and think. What if there were more tributes that woke up in this orchard?

"Guys I think we should all search for other tributes. They may be also be picking up fruits." Says Candy and I feel the urge to smack her right in the face for being so innocent with the 'picking up fruits'. We are in the Hunger Games, not the end of year field trip. I groan and we all agree with the girl. We divide into two groups. One that leaded which consisted of me, Hecarim and Amy. The others stayed behind to just give us the capacity of moving around in a sneaky manner.

I nodge an arrow into my bow and start looking around. Then we see the silver parachute sailing down the sky and we all smile at each other. It was about time to get some advice from a mentor and some homemade cookies or whatever comes with that piece of paper.

Then we realise it wasn't for us. A boy was standing in the clearing that was surounded by trees dotted with oranges. I tense my bow as he notices us and starts running. I fire and it barely misses him as he continues running. He is too far away and there are too many trees between us to allow me to shoot into his chest.

We are catching up when suddenly we realise the trees are each time more spread appart and that the grass is each time of less quality. Then there is only sand and when the kid sinks his feet into the boiling sea of sand he manages to trip over. Hecarim quickly grabs him and places the tip of his spear in his chest.

"Wait. Stop." Amy interupts. I'm shocked, she doesn't talk that much. "We should take him to the others and see what they think."

Hecarim forces the boy up and I place my arrow in the back of his neck. We walk into the orchard and see the others. Sebastian is holding someone with a knife to her throat.

That girl looks like she is 12 and she may be that tribute from 5, Camellia.

I smile at Sebastian and inspect the girl from the distance. "Well what do we have here? Looks like a little girl got caught doing something she shouldn't do. How did this happen?" 

"She was trying to steal one of the backpacks we left resting against that pear tree. She wasn't succesful. Why hasn't his cannon fired already?" He replied.

"Well Amy wanted him to live a while more." I gave Amy a little smile and she returned it.

"You know what? I'm extremely bored right now... I have an idea, let's make them fight." Sebastian said and I stared at him.

"What? What do you mean by fighting?" I ask kind of confused.

"We give each of them a knife. Who kills the other before lives and joins. Who gets killed gives us a big time laugh."

I stop and think for a moment. "I like that idea."

Camelia's POV

My skin goes pale like snow when I hear what they plan and I start shivering trying to not make the knife resting against my gut sink into my skin. Oh god I'm gonna die... I am now way more scarred than I was at the bloodbath. I'm so scarred I want to cry... I feel how a tear falls down my cheek as the big guy holding the knife pulls it away and shoves me to the floor

Death Chart

Place Name District Method Killer
52nd Brendan 6 Shot in chest Sharlet D4F
51st Hanna 9 Stomach sliced open Sebastian D2M
50th Connor 3 Axe to neck Lysander D4M
49th Raid 10 Stabbed in chest Sonic D1M
48th Breanna 8 Shot in the spine Sharlet D4F
47th Drina 12 Throat slit Reya D2F
46th Mist 7 Shot in the neck Thalia D2F
45th Lysander 4 Head cracked open Piper D13F
44th Copper 1 Shot in the chest Varcus D9M
43rd Karla 3 Spear to chest Hecarim D2M
42nd Ivora 13 Spear to back Hecarim D2M
41st Katta 9 Stabbed on chest Sebastian D2M
40th Falk 12 Stabbed in stomach Konami D12M
39th Julius 6 Stabbed in Chest Thalia D2F
38th Bee 7 Speared with Trident Amy D4F
37th Eli 10 Shot in the neck Sherea D4F
36th Sharlet 4 Throat Slit Bannette D8F
35th Textil 8 Bled to Death Unknown

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