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Physical description: (I will find pictures)






District Name Age Weapon Personality
D1M Cole Harrison 18 Mace, Club and Spears Cole is a charmer, or in other words a ladies man. He knows the way with women and he can easily get girls, throught his life he has tons. Aside from his charming part of his persoanlity, he is easy going around District 1, he doesn't really care about anything or anyone. But when he gets to the training academy it is all down to buisness and if anyone screws up he will humiliate them.
D1F Vicky Meadowbrook 15 Axes She acts spoiled and she gets what ever she wants.
D2M Jeffrey Killheart 14 Knife, Martial Arts, Stealth Bloodthirsty, sadistic, sarcastic, mislead and downright terrifying
D2F Teresa Silver 18 Throwing knifes, sword

Teresa is a good friend, most of the time. She's actually quite caring, and she loves helping people. She volunteers to work at orphanages and animal shelters. She's also very outgoing. However, she's not very trustworthy, and she has a very short temper when she's mad. At that point she's loud and screams. 

D3M Sam De Winter 15 Throwing Knifes Quiet, reserved although kind and open when he gets to know somone. Shys away from leadership and despises arrogence and carrears. 
D3F Tristana Bombard 13 Explosives, knives Bubbly, sweet, energic, easy-going, hyperactive, humorous, sarcastic but sometimes serious, joker
D4F Cassandra Oracion 15 Tridents and throwing axes Cassandra is quiet and insecure, feeling a lot more safer in the background of things. She doesn´t like attention and publicity, as she is a seer and therefore likes to keep out of the spotlight. She doesn´t trust anyone, she thinks people are just using her to find out about their future. But even though she has as good as isolated herself from other humans all she needs is a friend, because deep down she is a nice and cheerful girl. Even though she is very unsecure she isn´t a quitter, and she will fight for her survival.
D4M Foxlip Dillard 17 Trident, sword Bit of a Mary Sue, gets angry easily, competitive
D5M Rengar Bloodmoon 17 Katana, Sai Savage, ruthless, doesn´t care for other than him except his sister Akali, selfish, brave, reckless, overconfident
D5F Akali Bloodmoon 16 Katana, Sai  Wise, calm, collected, caring, sweet, bad confidence, focused when it´s needed, intelligent, loves her brother Rengar very much
D6M Cario Paradox 16 Bow and Arrow Cario is more shy than outgoing so he tends to keep to himself more than talking to the whole world. Cario is also a person tat likes to deal with his pronblems, other than letting others deal with them for him so he is very self-sufficient and hard working.
D6F Maco Jerzy 16 Machete and Mace

Maco is a very srong willed person, if somebody says that she can't do something, she goes to the extenses to prove that person wrong. Also Maco has lots of high confidence in herself, she isn't cocky, but believes that she can do anything that she puts her mind to, and that's what makes her a strong player.

D7M Sam Mason 16 Throwing Axes Kind,determined, confident, brave, funny. Sam will honour his mothers stategy by honouring an alliance for a while, then at crucial moments turning on them and going solo , however he despises the careers and would never have anything to do with them.
D7F Cleopatra Andrews 13 Slingshot, blowgun or knife

Cleo isn't very nice and is really rude to anybody. She only cares about herself, so she is very conceited and has a big mouth. She doesn't care if she hurts somebody else's feelings. However, if someone could stand her enough to crack through that hard shell of hers, they'd find that Cleo is more of a pearl than a rock. She can be friendly and sweet, and she'd do anything to save her friends.

D8M Mist Scorchil 14 Axe/Tomahawk, Dagger, Hidden Blade Calm, collected. He is confident and has the heart of a warrior.
D8F Laila Bennet 17 Bow and Arrow, throwing daggers

Laila is sometimes quiet, she's nice and she is also helpful to the people she cares about. She wouldn't want to kill anybody, but if she had to she will get the job done.

D9M Jake Price 16 Sword Strong,Fast,Flirt
D9F Paris Caverly 15 Bow and Arrow, axe  Paris can be sweet on the outside, but in the inside she is a brutal killer, especially with her axe. Even though Paris isn't the nicest person, she can be a very good friend. Paris despises the anti-careers.
D10M Gamzee Makara 17 Clubs, Bow [for choking :o)] sledgehammer, fear, creativity.

Personality: Capricious

Stoned: Laid-Back, Mellow, Friendly, Protective

Sober: Evil, Psychotic, Bloodthirsty, Threatening

D10F September Rollo 18 Saber Claws or Bow and Arrow September is shy, really shy. She hardly opens up to anyone. The only way someone could speak to her, is if they spoke to her first. To her family and the friends she does have, she is sweet and kind, not wanting any conflict.
D11M Fabeae 14 Whip and Lasso  He is very quiet, and hates conflict. In 11 he was considered one of the smartest and helped make strategies to make the working day much simpler.
D11F Bayleaf Mangolia 15 Slingshot and Blowgun She is very quiet, likes to be alone. She is very smart, knows everything there is to know about plants. She is quite funny but not many people know this, as they dont talk to her much.
D12M Pyro Vuldren 12 Dagger and knife He is quiet and due to him spending his time in the mines he doesnt know how to communicate with people. He is also quite innocent, and really does not know what to do when forced into the eye of people does not know.
D12F Melanoi Jet 16 Death star, Shurikens She is very quiet and loves sneaking around. She doesnt like 12 so she sneaks into the forest to satisfy her love for nature.

Tribute Gallery

Scores and Odds!

Tribute Score Odds
D1M 9 6-1
D1F 8 10-1
D2M 10 4-1
D2F 10 3-1
D3M 8 7-1
D3F 6 18-1
D4M 9 5-1
D4F 10 4-1
D5M 7 14-1
D5F 7 16-1
D6M 6 17-1
D6F 7 15-1
D7M 8 10-1
D7F 5 28-1
D8M 8 9-1
D8F 7 17-1
D9M 7 19-1
D9F 9 7-1
D10M 6 20-1
D10F 6 19-1
D11M 5 30-1
D11F 6 22-1
D12M 7 19-1
D12F 6 15-1


Careers: D1M, D1F, D2F, D4M, D9F

Anti-careers: D3M, D4F, D7M, D8M, D8F

Brother and Sister: D5F, D5M

Loners: D2M, D3F, D6M, D6F, D7F, D9M, D10M, D10F, D11M, D11F, D12M, D12F

Arena- The Library of Corruption

A ruined giant arena made of old bookshelfs that are higher of any buildings and have books that contains arcane writting that people will wish to never know the meaning of. This library haves plants growing around it and those plants are really peculiar: bright yellow vines that climb up libraries making it possible to arrive to the top of the arena. Bright blue trees that grow wildly around the library, they may even grow from inside the old librabries... These trees have cyan glowing fruits that smell of mint and fresh air. They may smell good but they are deadly poisonous! One of the most frequent plant all over the arena are glowing white mashrooms that will shoot poisonous spores whenever they feel they are getting touched. Also in some parts of the bookshelfs there are some pitcher plants that unlike real ones contain water that is drinkable, this can only be seen by obserbing the wildlife of the arena. There are also small edible plants that grow around the arena.

The floor of the arena would have been beutiful mosaics but they are all damaged, covered in dust or covered by aqua green grass that grows between the mosaics. The cornucopia is setted on the center of the mess of bookshelfs. It will be oxidized and rusty, the supplies are covered on dust and look like they haven't been touched for years, actually some supplies even have cobwebs with spiders like most of the bookshelfs. 

The Games

Day 1

Bloodbath - 12:00

Tributes raise into the arena, they look around to see the mess of bookshelfs and plants. Light reaches them through the cracks on the ceiling all tributes search through the old looking supplies. Laila the girl from eight sees the damaged mosaics that spread around the floor. She then notices the picture one of them form, a girl being stabbed in the chest. She wants to back away but she knows she can't do so. September from 10 has spotted a backpack and is ready to go for it. Gamzee giggles as he is sober and looks how many time he haves left.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GONG!

Foxlip runs to the mouth of the cornucopia together with Teresa. He pulls a trident out of the cobwebs and looks around him. Fabeae has grabbed a small black backpack that was covered in dust, forming a dust cloud. Cleopatra was affected by this putting her hands on her eyes dropping the rusty water canteen she has grabbed. Mist had already grabbed an axe and a grey backpack and was looking for where to go when he caught in his sight Maco being knocked ontop of a crate by Vicky. She smiled as she dug a rusty axe onto Maco's chest. Mist then ran to Cassandra who was just grabbing a Trident. Cassandra rolled to the floor as Teresa threw a knife at her. Fabeae has been grabbed by Paris by the arm and he punches Paris on the face earning a slap him her and he was then jerked onto the floor. Paris kicked him on the ribs breaking one of them and grabbed an arrow from her quiver and stabbed him on the forehead. Jake had a silver backpack when Foxlip grabbed his trident and slammed it through Jake's back. Foxlip quickly eyed at the backpack and since he considered it important he threw it towards the cornucopia's mouth. Cassandra rolled to her side as Teresa attempted to jump ontop of her and stab her with a knife. She then kicked Teresa's ankle hard with the heel of her boot and started running with her trident in hand and a dull blue backpack swinged on her left shoulder. She meeted up with Mist who had lost a backpack when Bayleaf run next to him and taken it away. Mist grabbed another backpack. Cassandra and him started running towards the bookshelfs but they where stopped by the sight of Sam De Winter tackling Laila and about to stab her with a knife. Cassandra sprinted to Sam and stabbed him on the arse failing on stabbing him on the back. He fell ontop of Laila who muttered a Thank you to Cass. Laila grabbed her backpack and the one that Sam had. The three Anti-Careers then ran to the forest of books. Cleopatra hidded behind a crate filling her backpack with food as Teresa was stabbing Cario on the neck and then pushing the corpse ontop of a crate. Cleopatra started running when she finished but Gamzee grabbed her by the neck and slammed her onto the crate she had been using as a hiding place. Gamzee then smashed his canteen onto her head many times. He kept doing this even when it opened and blood flowed out. Foxlip has pushed Akali to the ground and stabbed her on the chest. Rengar screamed and ran to him slicing Foxlip on the leg with his katana. Foxlip backed away and Teresa threw a knife at Rengar's forehead. Tristiana has been looking through backpacks for weird stuff such as gunpowder. When she found all what she needed she ran away with a backpack and an empty water canteen on her hand. Sam from 7 has been searching through a crate he had opened from a kick Cole appeared behind him with a mace and smashed it into his head. Pyro had been pushed into the ground as September escaped the bloodbath with some backpacks being one of the few non-careers left alive. Vicky walked up to him and raised her axe and burried it deep on the child's head. Bayleaf decided to leave the bloodbath as she has filled her backpack with all kinds of supplies. She was suddenly tackled by Gamzee who had realized he had already killed Cleo. He started chasing Bayleaf who screamed. This scream reached Paris' ears who prepared her bow and fired. It went through Gamzee's neck. When Paris was about to fire another arrow Bayleaf has already dissapeared from sight. She looked around incase there was somebody else to shoot. There wasn't. Paris smilled and swinged her oxidized bow up her shoulder. She smiled and her and the other careers started recollecting supplies. 

Melanoi has been runned through the bookshelfs and has been making sure that she didn't step on grass so the careers couldn't track her. She has passed many glowing mushrooms that lit her sorroundings. She stopped when she saw a tree that growed from the inside of the librabry. She used it to climb to one of the levels of the gant bookshelf and started checking her supplies, a rope, a box of matches, a canteen filled with soup and some shurikens. She was rudely interupted by the cannons.


Rest of Day 1

September saw some yellow vines on the wall of bookshelf and decided touse them to climb up. She grabbed a bunch of them and started to climb. As she did so she got a better view of the arena. Plants and Books... A curious combination. She climbed a few metres and her hands burnt. She then climbed onto the level and lied next to the books. She took out the sleeping bag she had obtained at the bloodbath and layed it next to her. She then looked at the books. They where old and looked like they will turn to sand with touch. She grabbed one that had the drawing of an owl on it. She didn't understand a single word of the book.

Tristiana sat on the top of a bookshelf. It took her a few hours but she had managed it. She then saw that the bookshelfs where connected by wooden planks. Tristiana decded to not to cross over them knowing they may snap. She then walked down her bookshelf until she has a good view of the cornucopia. She saw how the careers where making piles of supplies inside the cornucopia. She then looked towards the other bookshelfs. She saw how Jeff climbed a bookshelf at the distance. She froze knowing he was extreamly bloodthirsty and ugly. She then decided to set camp at the bookshelf. She did two holes on the bookshelf and passed a rope through them. She then climbed down and tied them. When she finished tieing she climbed up again and squeezed herself under the rope she shifted herself to a side to test if she will fall but the rope didn't let her. She then removed the planks that connected to her bookshelf. She was now pretty sure that the only way tributes could catch her would be climbing up the vines or by shooting her from another bookshelf. She knew that three tributes knew how to use bows. Throwing knifes or axes would be pretty useless. The distance from bookshelf to bookshelf was big enough to make a knife miss and she was on the center which meant the odds of getting hitted where little to nothing. She was though really worried about archers... They would be really dangerous.

It had darkened even more and the three anti-careers had made space on a bookshelf by shoving books towards the side. Laila had some throwing daggers and a jacket she kept for herself, the air was cold and somehow there was brease inside the room. She also had some food and a water canteen. Mist had an axe and many survival supplies. He ha a box of matches and Cassandra said they could use it to burn bookshelfs. The trio was seating one next to each other and used a tree to hide from other tributes' sight. Suddenly the anthem played and the faces appeared in floating on the air.

The Fallen

Cassandra swore when she saw the face of two of her allies. She then said she will take the first shift. Mist and Laila started sleeping and Cassandra kept her eyes open until the last moment.

The Careers decided to stay at the cornucopia and go hunting next day since Foxlip had a wound on his leg. Teresa pointed at the fog that was appearing around the bookshelfs. But what she didnt notice was that everything but the cornucopia's area was covered on mist. Was it toxic? Paris asked on her head. But she shrugged and said "Im taking the night shift last!" and she went to sleep inside the cornucopia on her sleeping bag. Teresa rolled her eyes and ordered the girl from 1 to make a fire. Vicky gathered some books and setted them on fire. As the books burnt to crisps screams escaped them.

Day 2

Jeff walked through the bookshelfs until he saw the sleeping figure of September. She was at a bookshelf laying on next to some books. She wouldn't have been noticed but when she shifted on her sleep she moved the vines revealing her legs. Jeff smiled and climbed down to the floor and then climbed towards September. He knew she was sleeping since it was about 2 in the morning. When he arrived to September he sat next to her and looked how she slept. Jeff pulled out a knife from his pocket and raised it over September. He then dug the knife deep on her ribs. BOOM! September had her eyes wide open but they had no life on them. The corpse slipped from Jeff's hands and started falling from the bookshelf. She crashed against the mosaics covered by the mist, breaking some of the tiles. The grass was covered on blood and Jeff decided to get away from there.

Paris was doing her shift when she heard the cannon. She slipped an arrow into her bow and then tensed it. She looked around and then decided that she had done enough. She walked to Foxlip and gently shaked him. "Lip it's your turn..." She said. Foxlip opened one of his eyes in annoyance and got up. He grabbed one of the tridents and sat next to the fire. Some hours later it was Teresa's shift, when she decided that everybody had slept enough she walked towards the supplies and grabbed two empty water canteens. She started slamming them together making a horrible noise. "Wake up!" She shoated. Cole jerked awake followed by the others. "Paris grab your bow and some of those books!" She ordered at Paris. Paris nodded and followed. The two girls started walking through the now-not-so-dense mist. They arrived to the spot in which September's corpse has once layed. The broken mosaic tiles broken and coated on blood. Paris looked at the floor and then at Teresa "It must be the cannon I heard tonight." Teresa smirked and they walked back to the cornucopia.

Bayleaf walked through the libraries for ours she picked some edible plants that grew next to the bookshelfs. She suddenly notices that there is a great soarce of light in the horizon. She fastens her pace and in one hour she can clearly see what it is, a set of collumns that hold the roof. After the columns there is absolutely nothing. As she got near she saw that the columns where also covered on plants such as vines and flowers that looked like they where inviting the tribute to get near the edge to smell them. She turned around and started walking again. she has drank all her water and she knew that right now she was a easy kill. She decided to climb to the top of the libraries to have an advantage. But when she arrived at the top she was to tired and sat to get some rest. When an hour passed she decided to eat some some of the leaves she had. She then started walking back towards the cornucopia using the planks to be faster.

Mist and his alliance have been planning how to take over the careers. But then the anthem plays.

Day 3

The careers have decided to go hunting early on the morning. Paris had grabbed some of the papers on the bookshelfs and used them to make upgrade her arrows to fire arrows. Tristana was just waking up and looked down at the mosaics and saw the careers walking towards her bookshelf. Tristana ggrabbed her empty canteen which has been filled with gunpowder and some strange substances she optained at the bloodbath. She lit a thin rope that was attacked to the canteen and threw it at the floor. It landed next to the career pack and Tristana smiled. Cole grabbed the canteen and said "Look at this, somebody is pretty clumsy. Vicky smiled and got looked up at the libraries "Paris prepare a fire arrow." Paris lit one of her arrows and aimed at Tristana's bookshelf and when she was about to fire. BOOM! The canteen exploded. Cole's body got ripped to pieces. Vicky screamed as her left hand got blown apart. Paris got nasty burns on her leg, she let her arrow fly which went flying at the bookshelf. Tristana saw how the fire and the explosion started to make her bookshelf turn to crisps. She grabbed one plank and prepared it to cross to another bookshelf. As she crossed with her backpack on hand tristana shooted another arrow. This missed Tristana's head by 1 inch. Tristana tripped and fell ontop of the bookshelf. She  had twisted her ankle and she cried. She saw how the bookshelf fell to pieces. Tristana pushed Vicky to a side as a piece of the bookshelf was about to fall ontop of them. Foxlip grabbed Paris and carried her towards the cornucopia. The remains of Cole got crushed by the bookshelf. Tristana started to drag herself to another bookshelf and then to another one. When she had gained a good distance from the other she decided to set camp and she tried to improvise something for her leg. 

When the careers arrive to the cornucopia they see some supplies have been stolen and just catch a glimpse of blue hair. Foxlip sees that his extra trident is missing. Paris gets really frustated and starts swearing when she doesn't find some cream for her burns. All the carers only want one thing, revenge. 

After looking through extra backpacks Teresa found some bandages and covered the stump in which Vicky's hand once was. Paris uses water from canteens to make her legs burn less. Foxlip grabs some rope and does some nots to free himself from being bored. Teresa grabs some backpacks and gives it to each of her allies. "We aren't going to go thrugh this humilation again! Ok?" Everybody nodded "Each of you fill your backpack with all the important supplies and we are going hunting!" 

"Again?" VIcky protests. Teresa shoots daggers at Vicky with one look and Paris steps in.

"I think what she is trying to say is that we should rest, if we don't go with all our energy we are goign to get kill for sure." Paris said. Teresa sighed and agreed.

Bayleaf was really thirsty as she layed an a dark blue log. She saw how this pitcher plants that shinned bright blue swinged in the light breaze. The plants sprung from inside the bookshelf and it was for sure filled with a liquid. A small black bird with a long dark blue beak. It stepped onto the stem and inserted his beak onto the pitcher plant. It started to slurp water and then flew away. Bayleaf dragged herself to the plant and gave it a closer look. She inserted her finger in it and waited a few seconds. It didn't burn, melt or something like that. That was good. Bayleaf then putted the finger inside her mouth, the dry patches filled with water and soon Bayleaf cut the plant's stem and drank from it. Her throat thanking her for the water. Bayleaf heard the noice of footsteps and she quickly hid in the blue tree. She saw how the three anti-careers walked infront of her. Bayleaf thought about shooting them with her blowgun but she was clearly in  abad place to do so. She wouldn't be able to fire a second dart before they grab her and slice her to pieces. When she was sure that they were gone Bayleaf hurried herself towards another direction. As she started to climb to a bookshelf the anthem played.

Day 4

Melinoe walked around the forest of books as the first rays of sun appeared. She was hungry, she knew that. She hadn't eaten for days. Plants weren't enough to kill the hunger. She reached to a tree full of apples but turned her head, those were poisonous for sure.

Tristana had recieved some bandages through a sponsor after the gory kill. She recieved a bag of apples from another one. She was doing pretty well and after making a career blow to pieces she had became pretty popular. She started preparing another bomb using an empty can and the gunpowder and other things she had left. This one will be less powerful but will work enough to make a bookshelf crumble to pieces with a tribute on it. She smiled and started moving quietly over the libraries.

The anti-careers where getting prepared to take over the careers, the only thing they needed was one more of them death and they could take over them. Cassandra saw they where pretty badly injured and they didn't know who could have been able to do this but they where happy of it. The only reason they didn't attack them yesturday was because they weren't prepared. They had backpacks filled with food t give them a feast that night so they wouldn't have the need to eat for days. They waited all day for the cannon they needed but it never arrived.

Day 5

Jeff saw Melinoe laying on a bookshelf and he started climbing towards her. Melinoe suddely woke up and heard the noise coming from below her. She looked towards the floor she started getting each time nearer the edge and suddenly her hands slipped and she started falling she screamed as her legs hitted the library getting bruised. She landed on one of the trees that grew from the inside of the bookshelf. Her face hitted a branch making her a scar that went through her lips making her face bleed badly. He back was arched over the trunks and her arms where bleeding. Her cannon sounded but she continued there. Her tribute outfit slowly getting stained from the blood of the cuts. Her body slipped to the floor hitting the floor with a crash. She layed looking to the ceiling. Her head has opened from the fall damage. The grass getting stained and the mosaics gaining colour. She looked beutiful in a gory way. Her hair had blood all over it. Blood dripped from her lip's corner. Her eyes where wide open. She had one of her shurikens on her hand, it had cutted into it but she didn't let it go. Jeff smiled and grabbed her supplies and got away.

Teresa and Foxlip decided to go hunting. But she ordered Vicky and Paris to stay at the cornucopia just in case the anti-careers tried to steal again. Teresa and Foxlip walked in the direction they heard the cannon. They arrived to the bookshelf where Melinoe fell to the ground and started looking around. They saw the blue tree with blood splashed on it and then the blood. They started looking around for who may have done that.

Paris was hidden behind two crates that she has positioned so she could shoot tributes without the risk of being attacked. Vicky layed under some sleeping bags and empty backpacks. Her axe positioned to be grabbed quickly and kill. They then saw how the three anti-careers approached them. When they got near enough Paris fired an arrow. It landed on Cassandra's leg making her scream and drop her trident. Vicky started running and towards the anti-careers as Paris fired more arrows at Cass, who started dodging them. Laila threw a dagger at Vicky who got cut on the shoulder. Mist swinged his axe at Vicky when she was near him. Vicky ducked and swinged her leg at Mist's legs . Mist fell and Laila runned at Vicky as she was about to let her axe drop on Mist's chest. Laila tackled Vicky and they started a cat fight. Vicky dug her nails onto Laila's cheeks as Laila grabbed her hair. They both swore at each other as Mist tried to get up. When he managed to do so he had to throw himself at the floor as Paris fired an arrow at him. Laila bit one of Vicky's fingers as Vicky slammed her no-hand arm into Laila's stomach. Both of them had lost ther weapons and where fighting with their bare hands. Laila slammed her elbow at Vicky's chin making VIcky drip blood from her mouth. Just then Vicky rolled to side and got up. She then kicked Laila on the ribs breaking atleast one of them. Cassandra and Mist had escaped after seeing they couldn't get near the supplies without getting an arrow through their flesh. Paris decided to try and shoot Laila but she then realised she had run out of arrows. She ran and started to pick arrows from the floor. As Vicky grabbed her axe Laila had grabbed one of her daggers and slipped it under her sleve. Her body was way to sore to let her move. When Vicky walked over to Laila and shouted at Paris "This is ok Paris, don't worry I will just play with her for a while..." And with that she looked back at Laila. She raised her axe over Laila's neck. As Vicky cutted threw it Laila did her last move and threw her dagger at Laila's chest. The two cannons sounded so close that Paris thought it was only one. When she looked up from the bunch of arrows she was gathering to the two girls she screamed and started running towards Foxlip and Teresa appeared. "What the fuck happened?" Teresa asked in a bitter voice and Paris told her everything. "That's good, one anti less." Teresa said and they picked up all the supplies the two corpses had before the hovercraft picked them up. They watched the ceiling waiting for the anthem to play.

Day 6

The three remaining careers go hunting at midday wanting to find the anti-career pair. As they go through the fog they take note of all the plants they rip the vines of the bookshelfs since they gave some hidden places to the tributes. Suddenly in the distance they spotted Jeff climbing a bookshelf. Paris lit one of her arrows and started running towards the bookshelf. When she was near enough she fired and hit the bookshelf. Jeff continued climbing. Paris got more near and had a better idea. She grabbed a bungh of pages and set them on fire. She then backed away as the fire traveled up the library. Jeff saw the fire and started climbing faster. Then the bookshelf started to crumble. It dragged jeff to the giant bonfire. He agonized on pain as the fire cuted through his skin. He the fell to the floor and got incinerated. The careers started cheering as they got a kill over days of bad luck. They went back to camp and had a feast with their supplies. They didn't realis they had runned out of water and that with the feast they had got barely food supplies. Then the anthem played.

Day 7

Bayleaf walked through the bookshelfs and gathered more plants. She arrived to the dead bonfire where Jeff's ashes layed. She stayed near it for a while to get some heat and then started walking back to the bookshelfs. She climbed up a tree and sat there for a while she then continued walking.

Tristana had lost all her sponsors, not having a kill for days everybody has lost interest on her she had to find a way to gather some... She had a bottle of water she recieved days ago but she had barely nothing left of it. She layed on the bookshelf liking her lips.

The careers started yelling at each other but suddenly a parachute landed. It had food for three people. Each one of them took their part and they started eating. Teresa was the first one to say something. "We need to leave the cornucopia, we think we have to protect it but there is nothing left on it!" Teresa said "We are leaving it ok?" Paris and Foxlip nodded and they started walking towards the bookshelfs.

Day 8

Tristana was very thirsty, she didn't now about the pitcher plants and she had one hanging over her head, it was ironic. She suddenly got really nervous and ripped the pitcher plant's stem. She drank all the water that the pitcher plant had and prepared herself to die, thinking that she had just commited a stupid error. She didn't water flowed down her throat and she smilled.

'Dear tributes, we invite all of you to a feast tomorrow at the sunrise, may the odds be at your favour!'

Tristana smilled and started walking towards the cornucopia.

Day 9

Im really sorry but I kind of got mad since today I tried several times to write the feast and there was ALWAYS a problem that made me loose all my work. Sorry but you will have to coperate with a small sumary.

The Anti Careees and the Careers had a big fight during it Foxlip got killed by Mist. While they fighted Tristana sneaked to the cornucopia and grabbed her backpack without being noticed. Bayleaf saw this and thought she could also try to do it but she got trapped in a net thrown by Cassandra as the Anti escaped. Teresa payed her frustation with Bayleaf torturing her to death. 

Later that day The two remaining careers decided it was time to break the alliance and they both took different paths. Paris passed next to an explosive setted by Tristana and Tristana activated it blowing Paris' legs and leaving her to bleed to death.

Final 4

Name and District Weapon Kills Odds
Teresa, D2 Knifes 3 92%
Tristana, D3 Explosives 2 78%
Cassandra, D4 Trident 1 95%
Mist, D7 Axe 1 94%

Day 10: The Finale

Teresa sat on a bookshelf high above the ground, it was early in the morning but she couldnt sleep. She decided to climb down and started walking around the mess of bookshelfs. As she did so she sliced through the grass with her knife. She was still shocked of Paris' death. As she turned around a corner she noticed something, water. It flowed from the inside of the bookshelfs like it's wood was bleeding. She touched one of the wooden walls and felt how the water flowed out. She spended with her hand against the wood for some minutes just relaxing. She closed her eyes and when she opened them again she was shocked to see that the water covered her knees. She started walking though the water in a fast pace. She noticed how the water each time covered her more and more. Her legs where completely covered now. A few seconda more and she had to kick the ground and start swimming up. She swam to a vine and started climbing up the bleeding bookshelf. 

The books got ruined as the water swallowed them. Soon the room was 50% filled with water and the tributes where getting really nervous. Tristana jumped from branch to branch of a tree that grew from the inside of a bookshelf. The Antis where climbing up a vine as they got each time closer to the top. When they all did they could perfectly see each other. The water reached the roof of the bookshelfs and stopped. A rusty cage the size of a football pitch emerged from the water trapping the tributes together. Cassandra took a deep breath and jumped to the water. She had little light as she swam towards Teresa, Mist following her through the bookshelfs. She suddenly saw light below her. Fishes. They shinned as they somehow managed to grin, showing sharp teeth. They had a yellow glow in their eyes and looked like they have been struck by lightning. Cassandra shriked and swam to the neariest bookshelf. The sealife started swimming near the tributes like they where waiting to them to fall. Tristana spotted some dented purble octopus as she jumped to another bookshelf. She had a small knife and she was able to kill with it. Suddenly she felt pain in her back and turned around to see Mist with his axe pressed against it. She gave him a hurt look trying to convince him it wasnt a good idea. And just then as he pressed his balde even more starting a cut. Tristana turned around and kicked him in the legs making him loose his balalnce. Cassandra who was a few bookshelfs away after loosing time escaping the zombie fish threw a net at Tristana. The net tangled around Tristana's legs. Tristana fell into the water and startarted kicking as she started sinking. She grabbed the side of one of the bookshelfs and then she felt it. Small blades, teeth sinking into her skin. The fish started biting their way towards Tristana's she tried to drag herself to land but as she did an octopus grapped it's blade covered tentacle around her waist. She was dragged to the depths, blood flowed like a fountain from the depths and the cannon sounded.

Cassandra turned around to face towards Teresa, she was about to say something but just then the anthem played.

Congratulations to the 3 finalists of this year, this year there is a chance of multi victory you just need to follow this rules: in 1 minute the water section will be covered by iron bars, you must be at the water before this or we will inject you poison through your tracker. After being trapped by the iron bars you must survive 5 minutes in the water. The tributes that manage to survive will be crowned victors.

The three tributes jumped to the water and iron bars sprang from the top of the libraries. They bended and twisted forming an iron net over the tributes. The tributes took one last breath and went under the water. 

Mist and Cassandra swam near each other as they where chased by a bunch of vicious looking sea eels. One grabbed Mist's leg and bit it harshly making Mist shoat bubbles in pain. Cassandra slammed her trident against the mutt dazing it and they continued swimming. Teresa slice everysingle fish that got near to her. She noticed she was slowly floating down as she killed the mutts and she swam up again. She grabbe dthe iron bars and took a gasp of air, she then continued. Her hair flowed everywhere, having lost the pony tail an octopus was about to catch Teresa but she swam downwards evading it. 3 minutes passed and all tributes where covered in cuts and bruises. Mist had his arm covered in bites and his face bleeding into the water. Cassandra had a nasty cut in the stomach and she had to hold her insides with one hand. Teresa has completly bruised after being captured by an octopus and stung several times with jellyfish that nearly fried her. Just then the three of them turned a corner to face each other. Teresa grabbed a knife and dashed towards them. She cutted Cass in the shoulders just before Mist grabbed her by the neck. She kept waving her arm trying to slice her enemies. Mist ended this by sticking his axe on her head. The cannon sound and the two allies floated towards the surface. They still had one minute. A jellyfish brushed next their legs shocking them with high voltage that somehow didn-t manage to kill them. They both gave a look at eachother and they stopped kicking the water. They slowly moved towards the depths closing their eyes. Dead pr Alive the seconds passed. Their bodies didn-t move and just then.


Death Chart

Place Victim How Killer Time
24 Maco D6F Axe to chest Vicky D1F 00:00:09
23 Fabeae D11M Stabbed with arrow in the forehead Paris D9 00:00:14
22 Jack D9 Stabbed with trident on the back Foxlip D4 00:00:25
21 Sam D3 Stabbed with trident on the arse Cassandra D4 00:00:37
20 Cario D6 Stabbed with knife on neck Teresa D2 00:00:39
19 Cleopatra D7 Head smashed open with canteen Gamzee D10 00:00:47
18 Akali D5 Stabbed with trident on chest Foxlip D4 00:00:58
17 Rengar D5 Knife to forehead Teresa D2 00:01:05
16 Sam D7 Mace to head Cole D1 00:01:21
15 Pyro D12 Axe to head Vicky D1 00:01:35
14 Gamzee D10 Shot in the neck Paris D9 00:02:13
13 September D10 Stabbed with knife on the ribs Jeff D2 14:13:19
12 Cole D1 Blown apart Tristana D3 Day 3, 6:26 am
11 Melinoe D12 Fell from a bookshelf ... Day 5, 7:38 am
10 Laila D8 Decapitated with axe Vicky D1 Day 5, 16:08
9 Vicky D1 Stabbed on the chest Laila D8 Day 5, 16:09
8 Jeff D2 Burnt alive Paris D9 Day 6, 12:47
7 Foxlip D4 Axe in neck Mist D8 Day 9, 7:34
6 Bayleaf D11 Tortured to death Teresa D2 Day 9, 7:36
5 Paris D9 Legs blown apart Tristana D3 Day 9 19:58
4 Tristana D3 Dragged to the depths Cassandra D4, mutts Day 10, 5:23
3 Teresa D2 Axe to the head Mist D8 Day 10, 5:27
VICTOR! Cassandra D4

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