So I want to do some User Games since I love those and I have a pretty good idea for these... Let's make these some sort of time killer for both until the Devotion Games and the RP Wikia start!


  • Don't get angry if you die, only one or two people will survive (Or maybe nobody will)
  • NO spamming. It makes you get hated.
  • I am allowing "69 LMFAO IM SWAGGY" Cause that way whoever gets 69 and 100 will recieve sponsors. 
  • Do not spam to get "69 LMFAO"
  • Yeah have a nice 69 LMFAO







District Male Weapon Female Weapon
1 Gold  Spear Emma Throwing Knives
2 Blake Knives Lexi Throwing Knives
3 Crust Spear Amina Swords
4 Wesley Trident Berry Spears
5 Aidan Sickle Charlotte Axe
6 Brendan Kukri Toast Garrote
7 Mitchell Bow and Arrow Bee Axe
8 Josh Katana Lacey Knife
9 World Throwing Knives Rebekah Mallet
10 Gabe Pickaxe Liza Bow and Arrow
11 Burn Blowgun ??? ???
12 James Sword Lady Slingshot



The arena is a city that has been abandoned and plants have taken over growing everywhere. The skyscrappers are covered in thick vines that can be climbed to reach many places of interest. Grass grows from the edges of walls and some trees' branches have broken through some windows.

In the center there is a park where the the tributes are transported to. The park is mainly a forest surrounded by a small wall with four exits to the city. In the center of the forest there is a small circular stone structure that is made by eight columns that hold a circular ceiling. The gaps between the columns are covered by vines that the tributes have to brush appart to reach to the items.

Other than the cornucopia supplies there are other supplies packs scattered around the arena. 

To the east of the city the city turns into some subhurbs that are next to a river. The river originally had a bridge to cross over to the other side but the bridge was destroyed and the tribute must swim to the other side. At the other side they can find a jungle with several paths that adventure inside it, one takes to a church that peaks over the trees, the other takes to a cave that has a waterfall that would take you directly to the river. However the cave has a little suprise inside it... Other paths can take you to fark spots on the jungle or directly to the forcefield where you will dry yourself.

Some of the main buildings in the city are a replica of the Capitol building that is near the north of the city which is placed near the river which caused the water to leak inside partially covering the floor.

The other main building is a huge skyscrapper with a huge pack of supplies at the top. To get to the top you have to move through the inside using stairs and furniture but you are sometimes forced to move to the outside of the skyscrapper to climb through vines.

There are several habitants in the arena that will be revealed after the games start.


  • The arena will be filled with all sorts of animals and "magical" creatures that are extremely dosile or extremely fierce. Whenever a tribute kills an animal or a tribute they automaticly become it. They can change shape with the watch they have in their wrists. Each animal has a different hability that can be used.


Day 1 - The Bloodbath - Fecking Rachel Tice!

The tributes emerge from the underground and looked around to spot the trees at their backs and the vine-covered structure infront them. All the supplies seemed to be inside that little temple that will be covered in blood in a few minutes. Suddenly a voice is heard.

"Hello? Everybody there? Oh yeah there you are! Anyways my name is President Rachel Tice and I have some special news for all of you, we are freeing in this moment many animals and monsters if you like to call them like that. If you kill them you can transform into them. Actually you transform into them automaticly and have to use your watch to transform back into whatever you where before by using the watch and then you-" The voice was suddenly stopped by the voice of one of the tributes that waited in it's plataform.


"Wow rude... But ok... MAY THE GAMES BEGING!"


The tributes rush to the structure and start trying to make their way through the vines. World suddenly trips and sees there is a fox under his feet. He looks around before wrapping it's neck and snapping it. His body start shrinking and red fur emerges from his skin. He smiles before saying "What does the fox say?" and starts jumping towards the supplies.

Emma, Wesley, Rebekah, Toast and Berry are the firsts to make their way through the vines and they start looking through the chests to find very lame supplies. Emma only find three throwing knives hanging from a hook in a column and a small pouch with dried fruits in it. Wesley doesn't find a trident so he grabs one of the two spears inside a large chest and a small Dora The Explorer backpack.

Suddenly Gabe emerges through the vines and starts smiling "I've got swagger cause I'm 18. Now die bishes." He tries to tackle toast but Emma throws one of her three knives at him piercing through his head. BOOM!

Rebekah and Toast both didn't find their weapons so the boy grab a knife from a chest. The look at each other and nod "Alliance?" Rebekah asks. 

"Yup." Toast replies.

James emerges from behind Toast and grabs a rusty harpoon hanging in one of the walls and aims it at her neck just before Wesley yells at him and throws his spear piercing his chest. BOOM!


Death Chart

Place Victim Killer Method
24th Gabe Emma Throwing knife through head.
23rd James Wes Spear to chest

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