Ok so I decided to do these because I love survivor. Before you start "You aint finsihing these" I'm saying the following: Im keeping updating User Games but they depend on sponsors so Im making these to update them whenever I feel like.

How it works

Instead of normal tributes you must submit conttestants from the show Survivor. Since Survivor is all about survival and eliminating each other to be the sole survivor it will be pretty ineresting to see how stuff goes when they have to kill each other...


Name and Surname:


Yep that's it I will check Survivor Wiki to find info about that contestant in case I don't knwo about them ;3


Name Weapon
Vytas Baskauskas Machete
Rachel Foulger Whip
Marissa Peterson Axes
Sandra Diaz Twine Bow and Arrow
Ciera Eastin Claws
Colby Donalson Butterfly Sword



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