So I was requested to do these! They are some user games to celebrate Valentine! Many twists involving love and hate will nidufy these games to make them harder than ever... Oh yeah and they are going to be setted on today's time, they will be less futuristic and more "homemade"







The Couples!

Nickname Name Weapon Name Weapon
Couple 1 Rebekah Mallet
Couple 2 Erlend Twin Spiked Dildoes
Couple 3 Jade Bow and Arrow Wesley Throwing Axes
Couple 4 Alice Snow
Couple 5 Toast Garrote Kaeghan Throwing Knives
Couple 6 Alyssa Throwing Knives Sebastian Trident
Couple 7 Aspen Bow and Arrow
Couple 8 Lexi Bow and Arrow
Couple 9 Emma A ratchet
Couple 10 Blake Katana

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