Hey hey! It's Joan, after over a year of leaving I want to practice my writting so I thought maybe some games would be good fun to do since I'll have time this christmas.







Any other stuff... A picture/avatar and a short backstory is nice, maybe personality too, but I honestly don't mind. 

Also since I don't know how active people are I'll just say three tributes per person, I also accept links.

Reservations last 24 hours


District Male Female
1 Manta Li Zapphire O'Quaid
2 Eugene Watson Valora Vista
3 Nick Maclachlan Jayda Idylwyld
4 Mack Waterborne Scylla Wells
5 Solar Powers Talia Mignonette
6 Zulfikar Zambrano Trina Maesin
7 Boston Van Ackerton Addie Benttham
8 Gannex Barathea Corin Greer
9 Fjord Holt  Poppy Stalkweather 
10 Harry Bell Arissa Stone
11 Garth Stormcloak Taliegelia Rendervault
12 Torin Fowlere Penny Wheatgrove

Arena - Winter Wasteland


The arena itself is rather small, measuring two kilometres in radius, however, the arena itself is filled with a dense Forest in the South-West area, with many trees and other features harboring animal life. South-East there is a barren Snow Field separating the Forest from the houses, the field itself has no shelter at all. There are shelled houses throughout the north area of the arena, serving as shelter and places points where the tributes can scout the arena, furhtermore northmost there is a frozen lake where tributes can obtain water from.

The Games

Day 1


The tributes rise to the arena, they are shrouded each with thick black trousers and wear jumpers that are of matching colour; yet there was a small variation on each, a small stripe of colour in the shoulder to differienciate the districts. As the timer ticked they all stood serene. Black figures against the snow, the wind blocking snowflakes that would land in their faces and melt, nobody dared to move.

Behind the tributes loomed 8 buildings, behind the 8 buildings a cyan horizon created by the forzen lake. As the wind blew the cackling of roof slab could heard, the weight of the snow on top of it was too heavy and it plunged into the depths of the house it belonged. The tributes did not notice it, they were too focused running their eyes over the supplies, the cornucopia was an old ruin, similar to the houses, it was however smaller. Weapons piled inside of it, the battle axes crossing each other forming butterflies and iron blossoms. Ceramic jars filled with gasoline sticking against the wall, no food or water. A ring running within the own ruin's wall ring, it was wide enough so swords could be swinged and a body could drop swiftly to the ground after recieving a stab to the back. 

Outside the ruins the walls had rusted hooks, rope loops clinging to them, swords and sacks attached to them. The ladders leading to the elevated base of the ruins also were filled with supplies, a bundle of bandages. A glinting hunting knife, served as a mirror to the snow bellow; it also had some supplies, but lesser supplies, leather pouches and smooth daggers of little to no reach, unless in skilled hands.

The faces of the tributes displayed their fear, insecurities, determination and might that formed part of the serene landscape. The gong sounded, the figures dashed towards the Cornucopia, rippling the previous image.

As the twenty four figures swarmed the snowy field and then the ruins, some were fleeing seconds after grabbing small pouches of leather. Poppy Stalkweather and Penny Wheatgrove both did this. They fled after signalling their ally Solar Powers a tall house made out of red brick. Solar was meanwhile grabbing a sword from the outside walls as the careers dashed in. Scylla gripped a harpoon, swung a parka over her shoulder and fetched a box fo matches lying in the staircase before leaving, giving her back to the Careers who were to ecstatic to notice. As Scylla left the final step of the ruin she felt the hot splatter of blood against her neck.

She did not turn around to see it, Manta Li had grabbed a sword and within seconds swinged it cutting through the tender flesh of small Arissa Stone, regret flashed through her eyes as she remembered Poppy's and Penny's offer to work together days before, when Solar had taken the two under his wing. She feared Solar so she declined, she knew odds were that he'd kill the two girls in the end. She had dashed for the large supplies, a parka, a large leather bag's strip resting against her shoulder as she fell with a clean cut through her throat, toppling down the staircase.

Zapphire O'Quaid shoved the corpse as it nearly fell on top of her and glared at Manta, an unspoken threat. She had finally adquired a dagger, having dashed past it and then having to return to fetch it - she did not expect her weapon of choice would be dropped in the outskirts; it deserved better! She caught a glimpse through the ruin of Jayda grabbing one of the hatchets in the staircase opposite to her. A second later the girl was gone. No, she wasn't, Zulfikar had emerged from the ruin gripping a massive, bulging hammer. He swung it, Zapphire felt the cracking of one of her ribs. She now layed in the snow. Zapphire started backing away using her shoulders to drag herself backwards as she glared at Zulfikar in spite. She then proceeded to say "You are a worthless piece of shit trapped inside the body of a prebuscent boy and-"

Zulfikar's body slumped, the heavy hammer fell first, it now laid in the snow under Zulfikar's body. Trina Maesin holded a bloody dagger in one hand, she offered the other to Zapphire. Zapphire took it and Trina pulled her up. Boston now fled after having grabbed a backpack lying outside the ruins, seconds after Taligea attempts to do the same, however she bumps int Eugene Watson. He kicks her in the shin knocking her into the ground "You are about to have a taste of all my length." He says grinning before proceeding to lower his sword, charging it with momentum, Taligea however pulled out a small dagger she grabbed while dashing for the Cornucopia, she digs it into Eugene's foot through his boot, the boy screams in pain as he continues thrusting his sword, slashing her shoulder as she got up and ran away.

Harry Bell had grabbed a battle axe and was waiting at the outskirts for the bloodbath to end. Nobody ran towards him as all the tributes were buzzing in and out of the circular ruin as if it was a hive. Solar had engaged into a sword fight with Manta Li, he constantly blocked attacks, Manta was annoyed by this and reached out for a nearby sack filled with some powder medicine that had to be mixed with water, he grabbed a handful of it and threw it at Solar's eyes blinding him. Solar Powers backed away, he fell off the ledge of the ruins into the snow and before Manta could stab him he hurried to get up and flee, now empty handed.

Addie Benttham rushed into the ruins after grabbing several items from the outskirts, by then many were fleeding and she figured she'd have better odds that way. She dashed by Corin Greer, who had stuffed a leather bag with items of her choice, she was now fleeing. Addie grabbed a battle axe from inside the Cornucopia. She believed she had no reason why to stay anymore, she left, but suddenly she felt the back of her hoodie being gripped. Manta Li shoved her into the pile of weapons in the center of the ruin, she started bleeding after a sword slashed her shoulder blade and felt the sting of a curved axe digging into her back. Manta gripped her head and placed it against a box with several flasks of ointmemts piled on top. He then pressed his sword against her neck, he kept pressing until he sliced it fully, dettaching is from the body, he then tossed it aside.

Valora Vista hadn't done a great amount of things during the first minutes of the games. She had been standing facing one of the walls, poised like a fly trap. She had been touching and feeling the stone wall, she was well aware of the short sword hanging from a rusty hook. She was just waiting for the moment. She felt it, the rushing pace of somebody approaching her ready to attack, she unhooked the sword and spun around. She stuck the sword into the attacker's chest. She wasn't aware who it was and neither did she care. Meanwhile a foot away from her Gannex Barathea was in the ground, his head hanging over the edge of the ruin's platform, blood and life leaking out of him.



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