say BI was convinced by Anna to return making me see that I was being egoistic leaving all of my loved ones here and to celebrate my return I'm gonna make some user games since I noticed that so close to xmas nobody did them c; Btw if you are new here and while I was away I didn't have the blessing of meeting you I must say; Hey boyyyyy/gurllllllll mah name is Dora jkjkjk Joan c:

Ps; Guys being blocked wasn't fun when Anan made me pen my eys so no kink but sure I will make it funny c;


24 users of the hunger games wikia get kidnapped and  taken to the capitol. They go through a chariot ride, training and interviews and are freed on an arena to kill each other. Umm sounds like the Hunger Games right?

Anyways in these I won't do favoritism before you all yell at me "Alice is winning it anyways" so yeah, if you are the person i hate the msot or a newbie I never talked to you all have the equal chances!


Please fill this <3






Strength: (only one)

Weakness: (only one)

The Tributes

Name District Gender Age Weapon Strength Weakness
Chandni 1 Female 14 Bow and Arrow Hiding Climbing
Justin 1 Male 16 Sickle Flirting Ruthless
Liza 2 Female 14 Bow and Arrow, Knife Smarts Weak
Wesley 2 Male 17 Throwing Axes Strong Perfness
Rebekah 3 Female 13 Awkwardness Screaming DEAD Friends
Kekai 3 Male 13 Sickle Swimming Climbing
Alice 4 Female 16 Trident Speed Swimming
Blake 4 Male 14 Chained Sickle Speed Kittens
Haley 5 Female 15 Throwing Knives Hiding Speed
Szymon 5 Male 16 Spear Awesomeness Rolling
Jinx 6 Female 15 Teeth Having fun Killing
Erlend 6 Male 15 Ninja Doritos Swag Digging?
Annie 7 Female 15 Axe Cunning Size
Mist 7 Male 14 Crossbow Stealth Traitor
Marlene 8 Female 14 A roll-on deodrant Strong Not Strong
Kyle 8 Male 14 Machete Manipulative Speed
Kacey 9 Female 15 Knives Aim Purple Hair
Dustin 9 Male 15 Sickle Agility Strength
Tara 10 Female 16 Axe Flexible Swimming
Kaeghan 10 Male 13 Throwing Knives Speed Plants ID
Bridget 11 Female 16 Throwing Stars Aiming Strength
Eli 11 Male 13 Axe Speed Self Esteem
Emma 12 Female 14 Trident Strong Lazy
Nick 12 Male 13 Throwing Maces Speed Strength
Panda Panda Male 6 Bamboo Cuteness Camoflage

Arena - Frozen Nauka

The arena will be a set of islands scattered around the sea. The islands can vary from small to gigantic and are covered in dense vegetation and extraudinary flora. The cornucopia has been replaced this year for a ship that is wrecked in middle of the sea, the tribute plates are at a equal distance from the wreck they will have to swim about 20 metres to get to the firsts pieces of floating timber. The supplies can be found on crates that float around or directly floating or ontop of wooden floaters. The weapons are placed in the biggest piece of the ship that hasn't drowned. Weapons lay across the dock with supplies of major
User Games Arena

The closest island to the ship is also the biggest it is at 25 metres from the plates on a north east but from roughly 10 metres away from the island tributes may walk instead of swimming. 

The twist about this arena is that as soon as the sun sets the arena will freeze for the entire night making it pretty damn hard for the tributes to survive unless they have the skills, supplies or sponsors required.

Chariot Rides

The chariots are pulled to the city circle, the citizen start cheering and clapping as the first tributes appear. 

District 1 looks stunning, Chandni is wearing a white dress that is decorated with diamonds, she also wears silver jewelry that create elegant patterns of leaves and flowers all over her skin. She wears a crown made of shiny white feathers that makes her look like a native american spirit. Justin wears a tuxedo that is also coated with diamonds and wears silver bracelets that have feathers sticking out of them.

Liza and Wesley from 2 look brutal! They are wearing both leather gladiator skirts, Liza also wears a piece of leather covering her boobs. They have chains that go around their shoulders and fall to the floor, they also wear fake blood scattered over their bodies that makes their muscles shine.

District 3 suprise everybody this year, the chariot is made of pieces of metals that look like clockwork and the horses themselfs are robots! Kekai wears a suit made of little screens that have many animations, he wears a crown also made of the screens. Rebekah also wears a similar outfit in dress style. 

The next chariot really earned the chears, Alice and Blake looked amazing! They wear pieces of nets and blue strips of cloth fashioned into a dress and a kilt. Alice haves seashells attached to her hair and Blake wears a necklace made of starfish.

Haley and Szymon stormed in their chariots looking stunning, they where spray painted orange and weared yellow outfits that created some sort of wavy effect as they waved. The best of it all was that they shinned! No seriosuly, they shined like two orange stars!

Jinx and Erlend suprised everybody, they wore yellow drysuits that were covered on traffic signs! They also wore black gloves that reached their elbows and black knee-high boots. Jinx had dense red lipstick on and Erlend had a STOP sign attached to his head making it look like a hat more than a sign.

District 7 wore some sort of green dress and suit that at first didn't suprise anybody. But jsut then the green turned to leaves taht started falling off revealing animations of forest and animals crawling around.

The next chariot was wicked, Marlene and Kyle were coated on all sort of textiles, looking like two snowballs made out of colourful textiles. Marlene seemed pretty angry and in middle of the ride she started tearing off the outfit only standing smiling and waving on her tye-died Rupert style undies.

District 9 had to cross over the mess Marlene made, the viewers where more worried for the scarf that had landed on the horse's face rather than checking the outfits. Kacey and Dustin looked like they were two tribal chamans with their clothes amde out of weat and only weat, they also wore bronze bracelets that had patterns of weat.

Kaeghan and Tara are looking tasty! They are dressed as gaint hamburgers watering everybody's mouth.

Bridget and Eli are looking really nice! They wear red reflexant jumpsuits, they have braceltes and necklaces made out of dry vegetables such as corn and seeds. Bridget also haves her hair tied on a red ribbon.

Then District 12 arrive. Emma and Nick wore black costumes covered in black diamonds the thing is that those diamonds were falamable and when Emma farted the diamonds lit on fire from Emma's ultra hot fart. Luckly the dress was no flamable and Emma just screamed like a maniac until Nick started slapping her until the fire died. (Call that my revenge XxX)

And finally the best districts of all arrived! Panda arrived in his chariot that was made out of Bamboo that was being pulled by horses taht had their fur dyed to resemble the one of a panda. There was Panda sitting innocently smiling. HOW CUTE OMFG!

Training Scores

Name District Gender Score Reason
Chandni 1 Female 8 Very sneaky and smart. Expected to do great on the games.
Justin 1 Male 9 Cocky but good at fighting.
Liza 2 Female 9 Smart and cunning somewhat weak but still lethal.
Wesley 2 Male 11 Arrogant to a point that he can be considered real smart, like a genius. He has a nice arse tho. Darren Criss is hot.
Rebekah 3 Female 2 She was pretty much awkwnard all the time, showed no usefull skills.
Kekai 3 Male 10 Showed great skills that will be usefull at the arena.
Alice 4 Female 9 Great skills, we are concerned about her swimming.
Blake 4 Male 9 We noticed he couldn't hit cat shaped targets... weird.
Haley 5 Female 7 Sneaky but slow... She may struggle during the bloodbath.
Szymon 5 Male 8 Szymon. Is. Hot. But. Has. No. Taste. For. Haircuts.
Jinx 6 Female 7 Jinx showed good skills but lack at killing time.
Erlend 6 Male 6 Erlendo swagged, but can he survive?
Annie 7 Female 9 Annie was cunning and ruthless, her odds are really high!
Mist 7 Male 8 Mist shows good skills in everything he haves cahnces of getting far.
Marlene 8 Female 11 Marlene showed deadly skills, suprising skills with a deodorant...
Kyle 8 Male 8 Kyle showed great skills! He may struggle at the bloodbtah cause his lack of speed.
Kacey 9 Female 8 Kacey proved good aim but she has absolutly now stealth with that hair...
Dustin 9 Male 9 Dustin haves good skills but his lack of strength may create him problems in this hard arena.
Tara 10 Female 7 Tara showed average skills but she may struggle due to her horrible swimming skills.
Kaeghan 10 Male 8 Kaeghan showed good combat skills but we have spotted certain uncapacity for survival skills.
Bridget 11 Female 8 A suprisingly agile tribute, just that lack of strength...
Eli 11 Male 8 Good skills with the axe, we look forward on seeing this boy in the games.
Emma 12 Female 9 Emma shows great skills but is a hoe.
Nick 12 Male 8 Nick is a smart tribute but we are sure if he is prepared for the challenges on the arena...
Panda Panda Male 10 Panda is deadly, get out of his way or he will f*ck you up <3


Survivor Who? - Emma, Alice, Wesley, Liza, Panda, Chandni, Szymon, Justin

Dynamic Duo of Sadic bishes - Mist and Blake

District 6: The newb and the ghetto - Jinx and Erlend

THE GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 1 - Bloodbath

Dustin's POV

I open my eyes to be meeted by the blue of the sea. The waves hit my plate as I work my balance to not fall of. I search the cornucopia in the sea but only see a wrecked ship in the center. I see some wooden crates floating at about twenty metres from me, it will eb a tough swim but I can make it... Or shoudl I swim to the island behind me? I breath hard as I hear the number 30. I try to make out to see what is on the large piece of the ship that is the farthest away from all of us, just in the center.

I see the sun making shine something, weapons. To the pole that holds the damaged sail I can make out the figure of at least a sword attached to it. 15. I check again who I have near me, Kacey is to my left and Jinx to my right. They are wearing just like me a drysuit that is completly grey with the district number in white in our shoulder. 

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GONG!

I take a deep breath and jump to the water.

Bridget's POV

I hit the water as the sound of the gong dissapears. I quickly bob my head up to get air. The taste of salty water fills my lips. I start kicking the water with my legs to get towards the lumber scattered around the water. I look towards my left and see Emma swimming towards Alice's plate. Oh god is she going to kill her like that? Bare handed. 

Wait no, she helps Alice get to the water... and then helps her swim. I must concentrate before I drown myself! I continue going towards the ship jsut keeping my gaze on the teared sail that flows in the air announcing the killing that is to come. My arms begging to get tired when I reach a plank. I grab it and use it for support to get to the crate. The crate is pretty big and I am able to get ontop of it without problem. The crate slighly sinks under my feet but nothing major.

I look to my right to see Blake ontop of another crate. He ahs grabbed some sort of iron bar that must have been floating around to breake the crate open. I grab the plank I used to float to here and bash it with all my strength agaisnt the wood. It creates some cracks but doesn't create a hole. I stomp with my feet ontop the crack and I hear a crunch noice. Just as it breaks I slip off the crate and I am forced to get ontop again. Inside the crate their is a water proof backpack and a bag of oranges. I grab both and jump onto the water heading towards the ship.

Erlend's POV

I swim past the two crates nearest to me as I see Annie get ontop of them. I grabbed a stick I called yolo stick to hit peopel incase they attacked me. I come across a backpack floating on the sea when im roughly 15 metres away from the dock. I grab it and use it to help me float.

This nigga arena tires me! Damn you gamesniffers... I get ontop a plattaform of what I believe was one of the boat's walls and look around. Wesley has met up with Chandni ontop of a crate near me. Wesley smashes the crate's roof with his feet and Chandni bounces and claps in happiness when Wes hands her a blowgun. She then winks at me befor charging it and blowing. 

Lucky that ghetto gurl was bad cause it went into the water. I soon realised they wanted mah fake boobies and jumped into the water. I swam towards the dock as I leaned agaisnt the backpack for support. I saw how Kekai got ontop the dock and grabbed a weapon near a cannon  that was stuck in a hole. 

Just then I spotted Szymon arriving to the dock. Sh*t! They are all getting to the weapons! I jump into the water as Panda gets ontop the dock and runs to a green stick near the mast. I finally get ontop and run to what caught my attention, dem ninja doritos! They are metallic triangles inside a plastic bag that are sharp as hell, I grab them and look for somebody to attack. 

Then I hear my name from a female voice. Annie is near the top of the deck as she pushes that cannon out of the hole. It starts seeding towards me when we collide it sends me to the water making me drop spill whatever the backpack had all over the floor. Damn you Annie.

Emma's POV

I help Alice get ontop the dock and we run for the big supplies. We each take a big backpack that has a sleeping bag attached to it. We then spot two tridents attached to some barrils near the left side. We grab each one making the barrils stumble towards the sea. We look around and just then we see it Rebekah is screaming like a maniac as she waves her arms in spirals like she was a dead fish gasping for air. Me and Alice nearly react at the same time and throw our tridents. Alice's goes at Rebekah's head and mine at her stomach. BOOM! The sound of the cannon fills the air. First death more to come. Her body lays on the ground as we pull out the tridents. Then Alice gently taps Rebekah's corpse with ehr feet and she goes rolling towards the water leaving a trail of blood.

We look at each other before going to the top of the ship and jumping to the water. We then start swimming towards the isalnd that is north-east.

Liza's POV

"Look Wesley! Alice and Emma left towards there!" I shoated as Wesley packed a backpack with first aid kits and food. I slice open the bag of apples I grabbed while floating and put as many inside mine.

"It's ok atleast they killed somebody!" He shoated back while he zipped the pack closed and putted it on his back. I see Justin jump over board with a medium backpack and a sickle. He starts swimming towards where Alice and Emma went. 

I look around and spot Nick jumping off a crate as Chandni tried to snipe him with the bow we just found inside a barrel. PEOPLE ARE GETTING AWAY! 

I see how Tara is about to jump of board with the packed tent and I scream. I run to ehr and tackle her. We both fall to the water. She takes the worst part as the water impacts agaisnt her body. I grip my knife as I try to pin her agaisnt the boat but she struggles. I get fedup and stab her in the forehead. BOOM!

After this Wesley jumps to the water screaming my name. I decide to play dead as he swims to me. He shakes me begging me to breaze but I don't. He starts crying and I can't hold it; I burst to laughter and he slaps me. After this we start swimming away.

Jinx's POV

Me and Erlend swim toward the opposite direction of the boat, we managed to get a weapon each but that huge allaince tried to snipe us each time we approached a crate on the boat. Bridget is in a similar situation and leaves weaponless but with a big backpack.

Me and Erlend get ontop a already broken crate to catch our breaths. We look at another crate near the boat. There stands Dustin doing the middle finger at Chandni while yelling not very nice at her. She starts firing arrows at him and he doges them while laughing. BOOM! He didn't dodge that one... The arrow went through his head and he falls to the sea.

We shake our heads and start swimming towards land.

Kaeghan's POV

I managed to climb through the holes in the ship to get to the deck that haves the good supplies. I grab a big backpack and sneak away just as Panda spots me. Oh shit. He charges towards me and I jump the water. I see him slip and I am able to escape. I make my way to land as I see Justin, Panda, Chandni and Szymon jump to the water and swim towards the opposite direction. Phew I will luckly get away now...

Marlene's POV

Finnaly! After opening seven crates I found it! A roll-on deodrant! I grab it and I jump onto the auto inflatable boat I found in the third crate I popped open. Just then is start rowing searching for somebody to kill. I see in the distance Mist and Blake in another boat rowing in between two of the islands. Then I see Kyle getting near a beach: I swim as fast as possible to him and then I jump to the water. I tackle him and spray with face with my weapon. he screams and somehow manages to escape my grip. He runs to the jungle and I groan as I have to swim back to my vote. I decide to stay on boat getting dry and then row toawrds the island that is behind the one at the south. I must start building a camps soon...

Rest of Day 1

Wesley's POV

Me and Liza met up with everybody else and we smile as we all compare our bounties. I have two medpacks, some rope, two throwable axes, some crisps, dried fruit packs and a huge bottle filled with water plus the sleeping bag.

All of us have enough food and water to survive without hunting for roughly 2 days without having to eat. Liza had the tent she grabbed from Tara's corpse and we all start building the tent. Just as I try to start a fire with some matches a parachute flies down to me.

It's a sixpack of beer cans and they have a note attached. I read it. Wow they are poisoned... I wanted to get  drunk so bad! I place the cans next to my non-existant fire and go and find Liza as the note said. She is picking up some coconuts. "Hey Liza look at this." I tell her handing her the note. She nods and reads it.

"I have an idea!" She exclaims clapping her hands together.

"What is it?" I say immitating her joy.

"Lets make a trap!"

"With beer?!"



"We place the beer cans at the outskirts of the camp, some sneaky tribute will steal them and poison themselfs!"

"LIZA YOU ARE A GENIUS!" I exclaim hugging her.

"GUYS WHO GOT BEER?!" We hear Szymon ask back from the camp "IM FETCHING ONE!"

Me and Liza look at each other in horror "SZYMON DO-"


"OH MY GOD WE KILLED HIM WES!" Liza yelled as she shaked me


"SHUT UP!" She yells back slapping me

"NO YOU SHUT UP!" I yell back slapping her back

"Lets run away before they kill us!" She yells

I nod and grab my backpack and axes and we leave as we hear Emma's scream

Jinx's POV

We reach the other side of the island just as the anthem sounds. We see Rebekah's, Szymon's, Dustin's and Tara's faces as we drop our backpacks. We look at each other as he unrolls the sleeping back he got. I open my medium sized backpack and check what it had inside. 

An empty bottle (I also have another one with water), a box of chocolate cookies, an apple, wire, a small dagger and a battery. I sigh seeing the useless stuff I have and grab one of the cookies, the box is pretty big so we will have a decent ammount of them.

Erlend and me sit on a rock talking about what we each got, he has some dried fruit, a canteen filled with soup, a bottle with water, some bandages and his ninja doritos. I shiver as I notice that the temperature keeps going down and down. By now each time I speak or breath I create some vapour. Me and Erlend look at each other as we notice a thin layer of ice form ontop of the vegetation. He nods to the sleeping bag and we get inside. I put in a side the glue stick I got a while ago while we trecked through the island to a side as Erlend also gets inside. We are shivering and hug each other. The drysuits apparently get dry scarce seconds after you get out of the water so we are dry. As the temperature continues to decrease Erlend grabs the bandages and wraps them around his hands. He then gives me the bandages and I do the same. This way we will have less chances of getting frostbite.

Oh boy the water has formed a thin layer of ice and the waves stay still. We hug each other tighter and try to sleep curled against the rock.

Eli's POV

I hug myself as I lean agaisnt the tree. The ice hass also formed ontop of my drysuit and I sneeze. I should have gone to the bloodbath... Only 3 or 4 died... I could have escaped it and have something warm... I tried to build a fire but just then I see the light towards my left. A fire, in the beach.

I walk towards there to see Mist and Blake, they both have dangerous looking weapons and I duck behind a bush. They have used that inflatable raft to build a shelter and to one side they seeted a fire. I feel the warmth merely reach my body but I curl in a ball trying to enjoy it.

I see a stick lying on the floor near me and I have an idea. I grab it and approach the flame. It lights up and I then sneak behind the bush again. They luckly didn't see me and I amke my way towards the center of the island. In the way I see a cave that has a tiny entrance. I crawl isnside and manage to start a fire with some dried leaves that survived the ice. I then grab a frozen gaint leaf of a palnt that grew inside the cavea nd covered the entrance. I curled in a ball once more and slept.

Notes about Day 1


  • Bridget haves a big backapack and a bag with 10 oranges.
  • Chandni haves a blowgun, a bow and arrow and a big bacpack plus a sleeping bag.
  • Kekai haves a sickle, a jacket and a big backpack.
  • Eli got nothing.
  • Annie haves a big backpack, an axe and a parka.
  • Emma and Alice each have a trident, a big backpack and a sleeping bag.
  • Liza haves a knife, a tent, a big backpack, the only object inside the backpack that is confirmed are 7 apples.
  • Jinx haves an empty bottle, a box of chocolate cookies, an apple, wire, a small dagger and a battery.
  • Erlend haves some dried fruit, a canteen filled with soup, a bottle of water, some bandages and his ninja doritos.
  • Kaeghan haves a big backpack.
  • Marlene has a roll-on deodrant, two big backpacks, a sleeping bag, a inflatable boat and a bag of bananas.
  • Mist and Blake have an inflatable boat. Anything else they have is unknown.
  • The Survivor Who alliance each have a big bacpack, a weapon and a sleeping bag (With the exeption of Liza)
  • It is unknown what the other tributes have. It will be determined when they appear or get a PoV.


  • Blake got chained sickles.
  • Wes got poisoned beer but left it at the S.W. camp.
  • Kekai got a double sided sickle.
  • Chandni got some bread.
  • Chandni got fire wood.
  • Justin got a blanket.
  • Liza got a frying pan.
  • Nick got a jacket.
  • Mist got firewater.
  • Jinx got freshwater.
  • Kaeghan got bread.
  • Jinx got a gluestick.

Day 2

Kekai's POV

I wake up covered in that thin layer of melting ice and I sigh. I was dreaming last night about Julia sneaking into the arena to see me but it was only a monkey. I had to kill the monkey who was touching my forehead but before I could cook it an eagle flew down and stole it... Damn you eagle may Lucifer punish you.

I open my backpack and grab a sandwich and eat it. After this I take a gulp of freshwater and move on. I walk to the bitch and look around. At the other side of the sea I can see the camp of taht alrge allaince that pressured me off the boat at the bloodbath. If I got the right supplies I could make them all go boom... 

Just then i hear a mew. I turn around to see a plump brown cat. He haves green eyes and is tilting his head as he beats the sand with his tail. I grab him and kiss his ear. He mews and I smile.

"I'm gonna call you Apollo."

Nick's POV

The blanket and the jacket was what helped me and Kaeghan survive the night. We stayed together under a big tree's roots. The space below them was big enough for both of us and the blanket stopped the frost from coming inside. I have a small backpack with nearly nothing, just a sandwich, a string about 30 centimetres long and a small metal box I haven't been able to open. 

Kaeghan offers me half of his loaf of bread as we walk around the island. Just then we see Haley. She is sitting in a fallen tree checking her backapck before pulling out an apple and bitting it. I make Kaeghan stop walking and I sneak behind her. I grab a rock from the floor and when I'm close enough I smash it agaisnt her head. the only thing is that she moves and I hit her shoulder instead. SHe looks at me with her eyes wide before getting up and starting to run away, her shoulder pouring blood, she will survive unless we catch her. 

She is slow but manages to dissapear behind a layer of plants. I look around trying to find where she could have gone. Just then I spot her croaching between some tall grass. I jump towards her and try to grab her. She groans before pulling out a knife and stabbing my hand. I shoat in pain before getting all of the little amount of strength trying to pin her to the floor. I hear a crack. BOOM! She lays stilla dn I see what happened. her neck is in an strange angle. Under it a rock that is soaked in her blood. I killed her... with my own hands... I grab her backapck and pull the knife out of my hand and head off back to Kaeghan.

Marlene's POV

I have swimmed to where that big alliance has camped and see how they are doing. They have some fire, a tent and tons of memebers. Well hopefully I can change that. I prepare my roll-on deorant as I see one of the mebers get near as he picks up some stones for some reason. When he is near me I jump ontop hima nd drag him inside the jungle covering his mouth.

I spray his eyes to blind him and stomp in his feet making him fall. I then grab the deorant and sit ontop of his chest "Any last wishes hun?"

He just stays there looking at me. Ok fine then. I smash the deorant agaisnt his skull BOOM! I check his pockets, nothing. I run away as I hear them approach. I jump into the water and swim to the nearest island without being seen.

Kacey's POV

As the anthem plays I hurry myself inside the shelter I built. Im at the center of a medium sized island near a  small rock formation. I used some sticks and leaves to build a sheter against it. Insisde there is a blanket. The nights are still really cold and I know I might die if I don't get a sleeping bag soon... I sneeze and rub my nose with the sleeve of the drysuit. The ice now surrounds me and I curl into a ball. I reach the small pathethic backpack. I only have two tuna fish cans, a spoon, a water bottle and a coil of wire.

I grab the tuna can and eat half of it with the spoon. I am still hungry but I need to keep as many food as possible... I close my eyes and sleep.

Notes about Day 2

  • Panda got a Panda hat made out of real fur.
  • Annie got a mirror.
  • Erlend got a black dressing gown with spongebob on the back.
  • Eli got a self-esteem pamphlet.
  • Emma got some grapes.
  • Kekai got a crappy map of the arena.
  • Bridget got a spile.
  • Eli got a box of matches.

Day 3

Eli's POV

Rule number one, smile. I try to grin with all my stength to the point it hurts and read the next step. Rule number two, think good stuff about you. <After 20 steps>  GOOD JOB YOU ARE NOW A HAPPY PERSON! You may go tot alk to epople without feeling bad!


I throw the pamphlet to the fire and sigh.

Blake's POV

I knew I was in trouble as soon as I saw that handcuff near my wrist. "MIST DON'T"


"Because Joan get's blocked again if something kinky happens"

"Oh... So what should we do?"

I look around and sigh "We should maybe go tribute hunting?"


We walk into the jungle and start looking around, the palmtrees and other plants are wet from the ice, they somehow survive the cold of the ice... Just then we stumble near a rock formation. Just then we hear a noise. We see Eli with nothing at all his hands in hte air.

"Please don't kill me!" He pleads as Mist grabs his crossbow.

"Give us a reason"

"I don't have any!" He whines

"Ok I think thats enough." Mist smiles and we start walking to the beach.

Panda's POV

When we finish eating Chandni gets up and grabs her bow before looking at each one of us. "So should we go hunting?" She asks furrowing slightly pouting her lips. 

"Sure whatever my tummy is filled." Alice says pointing at the food pack she just gulped down.

"Yeah whatever" Emma adds as she packs a small pack to take.

"Do you guys think we will find Wes and Liza?" She asks, she has been asking about Wes every now and then.

"They'll probably be lost or trapped or something" Alice says as she packs another backpack

"Panda what do you think?"

"OINK" I say shrugging. We get up and go inside the jungle. I grab my bamboo stick and we continue marching. Just then we spot Kyle ontop of a tree with a small slingshot. He tries to shoot as I start climbing and he shrieks jsut as I jump ontop of him. We fall ontop the dirt and I grab his throat with my mouth. BOOM!

I spit the meat out of my mouth before wipping my fur cleaning the blood. The three girls look as me as I fiddle with Kyle's corpse cocking my head to one side and smiling.

Kacey's POV

It came in like a wrecking ball. The frost formed around me in a tenth of a second. I quickly got inside my sleeping bag as the anthem played. My eyes got blurry and I didn't see who died. I started shivering as I sneethed over and over. My fingers hurt as I clutched the sleeping bag. I felt how my eyes watered but it started hurting, my tears were freezing. My head hurt really badly as I fell backwards next to my backpack.


Day 4

Liza's POV

Me and Wes have made our way to one of the far islands and we now stand infront a temple. We look at each other as the wall of ice that formed infront the entrance melts letting us get inside. The stone is green from moss and plants grow from inside it. I touch a wall to feel it cold, of coarse it's cold the arena is just a nighttime antartica!

The staircase ends and we are in a huge room with a hole in the middle. Just as we set a feet isndie it a 'pop' noise is heard and I see fire everywhere. The holes in the walls are shooting fire balls! One hits Wesley In the shoulder and he whines in pain before throwing himself to the floor. We start crawling our way to the hole. A fireball lands on my backa nd I wimper in pain. We finally reach the hole and we drop inside it. We fall to a pool of water to see that we are surrounded by gold! Golden coins, golden swords! Golden armour! We swim out of the pool and we run to the bounty. We did really wrong by doing so... 

As soon I pick up an axe we hear another pop and see more holes like the ones of the fire pop all arpound us. Arrows fire everywhere and we jump behind a gold chest. I hear a scream and see an arrow land on Wesley's chest. 

"Wesley no!" I scream as I crawl to him. He just stares at me blankly and I hug him. "Please stay!"

"L-Liza..." He mutters crying as he reaches my hand. The arorws continue flying over my head as I squeeze his hand. "I'll miss you..." BOOM!

I cry loudly and fall to the ground I hug his bleeding dead body and squeeze it tight. Just then i feel the pain in my neck. Shit... BOOM!

Nick's POV

It's Day three and I don't know what to do. Just as finish packing a backpack I see Kaeghan coming back from grabbing timber for tonight. The two cannons we heard an hour ago really freaked me out since they sounded from a near island, I look at Kaeghan as he drops the wood next to his backpack. If I don't do this he'll do it later. I grab the dagger I got in the bloodbath and walk behind him. He doesn't look back. Perfect. I grab his neck and in a swift movement I slit it. BOOM!

I quickly grab his backpack and everything I can. I stuff it with as many supplies I can and run towards the beach. I start swimming somewhere else without looking back.

Bridget's POV

When the sun sets I prepare myself inside the sleeping bag to see the anthem. I see the faces of Wesley, Liza and Kaeghan appear. I smile knowing some threats are gone early on the game. I go sleep as the frost emerges.

Day 5

Alice's POV

It all started shaking, I screamed as I noticed water starting to cover the beach. The island is sinking! Wait no... The other islands are also moving... I look at Panda, then at Chandni and then at Emma. We quickly pack everything we can and run inside the jungle. Everything is shaking, I see a tree fall metres behind me. Was it even a good idea to get inside the jungle?

No it wasn't. I see something red in the distance, fire. How did it even appear over there? Just then the floor shakes hard and a black line forms between me and Panda. The ground shakes and the isladn start splitting in half. The soil under my feet starts elevating like a wave. I run away with Emma and Chandni leaving Panda behind. I hope he survives this one...

The groud starts moving towards where I saw Panda a second ago, he isn't there anymore. The fire is getting near. I and the other two girls run back towards the beach to see something similar to what is going over there. Our island is overlaping another one, pieces of the ship wreck in between. Some snap and fly away. BOOM! Who did just die? 

I look at Emma and Chandni and we nod, we run towards the edge of the semi-cliff and jump. Pieces of wood are flying around us, one hits my thig as I land in the other island. We don't think twice and continue running away the collison of islands.

Nick's POV

Im running down the hill as it shifts under my feet, I was just about to enter that temple before it crumbled. I see water running from my left side at a huge speed, it's like the island was a bowl and somebody titled it while it was floating in water! I twist my ankle as I try to climb up a rock formation, just then the rocks just fall down the hill. It hurts badly. The water smashes against my body and I try to grab a tree, wrong move, the tree falls with the pression of the water. I am under the salty water mixed with sand, soil and plants. 

I feel huge pain when i land next to a tree. I feel my arm break. I am yelling as water get's inside my lungs. It all goes blurry seconds after... They felt like hours...


Blake's POV

Me and Mist have jumped into another island as it collided. I hear a scream to see how the sail of what used to be the cornucopia snapped in many pieces, one goes through Mist's leg adn I run to help him as I feel the sticks rain under me. His leg is twisted in a weird position with the timber holding it against the sand. He looks at me with pleading eyes and I understand what he wants. I grab my sickle and slit his throat. BOOM! I then get upa nd run as another part of the boat snaps. A huge plank falls ontop of Mist. Bye my dear friend...

Just then another plank lands ontop of me pushing me into the ground. I feel my nose crack as I look up and start dragging myself out and then into the jungle. A thin layer of water is covering my feet now as I run towards the opposite direction of the ship wreck.

Bridget's POV

I have climbed a tree to see what was going on as I heard the chaos. I see how the islands are colliding against each other creating cliffs. I then hear a noice comming from above me and I look up. A flaming ball like the one I saw collide into a far island is decinding towards me!

I start climbing down cutting my hand many times, they are now coated in blood as I roll to a side just as the ball lands in the tree a metre away from me. The ground shakes again as the ball of fire breaks into smaller ones and they start flying in all directions. One gets to my outfit and I hit it off as I scream in pain feeling my skin turn blacka gainst it's touch.

I start running but I see there is nowhere I can go. The fire has created an entire dome with the diminute sparks. I look with fear to the brightness of the trap as it starts descinding ontop of me. I am knocked into the ground and I feel liek the net of fire shapes around my body. I see nothing after some seconds, then I know nothing.


Jinx's POV

Me and Erlend made our way to the top of the tallest hill of our island as the water chased us. From here we see how everything now looks smaller, like smallers islands made out of hills. The only difference is that where we had the cornucopia we now have a collosal fire built up in the heart of the new formed forest of cliffs and ravines. Then the water starts dissapearing. When it's gone we run down the hill opposite direction of the fire heart. Most trees are now in the ground and rocks have been scattered like the topping of this hell of a pizza.

Just then we spot Marlene. She turn around and lifts her hands before pointing forwards "Look..." She mumbles pointing forwards. Me and Erlend put our weapons in the backpack before joining her with our hands in the air like her.

"What is it?" Erlend asks as she approaches her

"Over there, behind the fallen tree." She replies

At first I only saw a huge boulder of stone but then I saw the details. It looks like a sea lion but haves the face like a crocodile. A sharp layer of teeth resp outside the mouth. It's eye is closed. We look at Marlene and near the creature.

It looks dead. Just then Marlene touches one of his car-sized flippers. RAWR! It's eyes opens and he snaps in air BOOM! It catches Marlene and her body deataches from her legs. Me and Erlend scream and run away dropping our weapons at the sea-creature that somehow revived.

We are no longer the only hunters of this game...

Day 6

Death Chart

Place Name Method Killer
25th Rebekah Speared on head and stomach Alice and Emma
24th Tara Stabbed in the forehead Liza
23rd Dustin Shot it the head Chandni
22nd Szymon Poisoned Wesley/Liza
21st Haley Neck snapped Nick
20th Justin Got some higene Marlene
19th Kyle Throat torn appart Panda
18th Kacey Froze to death Arena
17th Wesley Shot in the chest Arena
16th Liza Shot in the neck Arena
15th Kaeghan Throat slit Nick
14th Panda Crushed Pangea
13th Nick Drowned Pangea
12th Mist Neck Slit Blake
11th Bridget Burnt alive Pangea
10th Marlene Eaten Alive Sea Dinosaur

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