So I came up with this while I was bored and though that you guys would enjoy it... It's pretty simple I made this map and divided it into 12 sectors... Each person grabs a sector and they all start trying to defeat each other...

How it works

You were asked to divide ten points and this is for what each section is used for:

  • Defense: Each time somebody attacks your kingdom I will divde their attack number by your defense number and your kingdom will recieve that amount of number.
  • Attack: This is how much harm you initially do to another kingdom.
  • Speed: Players with either 1 or 0 can only post every 24 hours however players with more than 1 speed points can post up to the number of times their speed number is (Such as if your speed number is 3 you can post 3 times every 24 hours.)

Other factors:

  • Objects: Lower bellow you will see a chart with certain objects that you can use to help yourself out.
  • Climate: Each day three random kingdoms will be under some sort of extreme weather meaning that it will be harder to attack that kingdom depending of the change in weather. (The Climate during the first three days will be neutral)

Every day you (or time you post) you can either:

  • Attack another country.
  • Farm/Fish/Hunt/Mine to double your kingdom's daily earnings of the day.

Rules About Attacking

  • When you attack you must post "I attack <kingdom's name>"
  • You can only attack neighbour countries until you have have a boat or a balloon to travel over seas and other countries.
  • You may only cross a country to reach another one by having the permission of their king/queen. The king or queen of that kingdom must post "I allow the <name of kingdom>'s army to cross through my country to join me in my war against the other countries." and also the allowed kingdom must post "I cross <kingdom name> to be able to attack <victim's name>"

How to sign up

Fill the follwoing:

  • Name of Kingdom:
  • Color that represents kingdom:
  • Location: (Pick one of the 12 letters bellow)

Also fill this by dividing ten poins in the following:

  • Defense:
  • Attack:
  • Speed:


Kingdom King/Queen Stadistics Life Coins
Hotties Lady
  • Def: 6
  • Att: 2
  • Spe: 2
100 120
Nathland Nlby
  • Def: 5
  • Att: 2
  • Spe: 3(5)
100 60
Hajime Harai
  • Def: 2
  • Att: 3
  • Spe: 5
100 130
La'Catsa Le Bekah Rebekah
  • Def: 3(4)
  • Att: 3
  • Spe: 4
100 95
Kurosuji Blake
  • Def: 3
  • Att: 5
  • Spe: 2
96.4 150
Baguette Bee
  • Def: 3
  • Att: 4
  • Spe: 3
100 205
Wanoo Meoryou
  • Def: 4
  • Att: 3
  • Spe: 3
95 115
Salami Eli
  • Def: 5
  • Att: 3
  • Spe: 2
98.6 70
Land of Cyan Cas
  • Def: 0
  • Att: 10
  • Spe: 0
94 65
Paradise Maré Marina
  • Def: 3
  • Att: 4
  • Spe: 3
100 190
Yoonieland Yoonie
  • Def: 7
  • Att: 1
  • Spe: 2
100 130
Sparkla Joan
  • Def: 2
  • Att: 7
  • Spe: 1
100 110
Lizaka Liza
  • Def: 4
  • Att: 3
  • Spe: 3
100 125
Erlandia Erlend
  • Def: 4
  • Att: 5
  • Spe: 1
100 115


Name Prize Usage
Little Ship 75 You are able to navigate small distances of water to reach nearby countries. However you can't reach a country that is going through a water related disaster.
Walls 80 Your defense increases by one for every set of Walls you buy.
Builders 125 They will re-build your cities healing 10 Health Points.
Winter Clothes 80 Will allow your army to have +1 attack point while attacking the kingdom of Hajime being able to move better in the snow.
Fire Making Kit 140 You are able to set fire to a neighbour's country forest taking up to 10 Health Points from them. Note that kingdoms that are touching to the kingdom you setted fire may also catch fire. 
Bridge 120 You are able to build a bridge over a small water gap to reach another country (Allies can also use that bridge but however enemies can also cross it)
Big Ship 140 You can reach any country by sea. However you can't reach any country that is going through a water related disaster.
Water mine 120 Other kingdoms wont be able to reach your kingdom by sea.
Water Cannon 110 You are able to stop fires from spreading and put off fires with this. Your harm against the Hotties kingdom also increases by 2 points.
Horses 75 For every horse you buy your speed increases by one point.
Camels 75 You can attack the kingdom of Salami twice having camels.
Wizard 200 With a wizard you can wake up one disaster in a single natural disaster of your choice on a kingdom or cancel Hotties' smoke.
Balloons 150 You can reach any location (Minus Hotties unless the fire is cancelled) it doesn't matter if they have Water Mines since you can fly over them. However if there is a wind related disaster happening in that country you can't reach to it.

Extra Information in the Kingdoms

Kingdom Terrain Industry Daily Gainings Object
Hotties Lava/Island Gold Mining 20 Water Mines
Nathland Tropical/Forest/Mountain Fishing and Coconut Farming 10 Horse x2
Hajime Snow/Mountain Hunting 5
La'Catsa Le Bekah Mountain/Forest/Lake Iron Mining 15 Walls
Kurosuji Mountain/Plain Coal Mining 10
Baguette Mountain/Forest/Lake Rock Mining and Hunting 15
Wanoo Forest/Plain Hunting 5
Salami Desert/Lake/Mountain Hunting and Rune Mining 20 Water Cannon
Land of Cyan Mountain/Lake Multiple Mining 20 Lil' Ship
Paradise Maré Plain/Forest/Lake/Mountain Fishing and Average Farmining 15
Yoonieland Plain/Lake/Forest/Mountain Hunting and Average Farming 10
Sparkla Forest/Plain/Mountain Hunting 5


  • Sun: Nothing happens. 
  • Clouds: Farming countries loose 1 coin.
  • Rain: Farming countries will gain 1 coin.
  • Thunder: Forest countries have a 50% risk of having a fire. Fishing countries can't earn money that day due to not being able to fish.
  • Sandstorm: Salami can't work for that day.
  • Fog: Enemies can't see so they loose two attack points.
  • Earthquake: The country affected by the earthquake looses 20 health points.
  • Volcano: The country affected by the volcano looses 30 health points.
  • Tsunami: The country affected by a Tsunami looses 20 health points.
  • Snow: Enemies move slower so they loose one attack point.

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