Ok seriosuly this place is dying, we bully each other, we bitch about each other and scare people away.

I've been talking yesterday with a series of people and we agree that this place is dying. We scare people away and won't be nice at them. We have such a social pyramid built that the newbs are at the bottom and so they usually make them feel awknard unless they start saying stuff we like. 

Like Cass said we need to stop saying some people is perf and others are not. One year ago this wikia used to be fun and stuff. People will join games and since what I've been told chat was warm and welcoming. In a way I contributed into turn it into the high school drama that it is now. But I've stopped. From midnight I started acting normal. 

Instead of bishing about Wikia Contri. We should help them make themselfs users and welcome them. We may be 30 users at this moment but we are starting to hate the guts of each other and starting fights. 

I hope this is of some sort of use.

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