So um... User Games... I try to do them as fast a possible... Cool... whore...


District Name Weapon
1 Cass Sword
2 Oli Throwing Knifes
3 Justin Knifes
4 Lauren Trident
5 Claudia Sword
6 Sam Dagger
7 Wes Axe
8 Mia Sword
9 Caylin Knife
10 Gruff Spear


A forest covered in snow and a frozen lake. Some caves there and here.


Everybody can sponsor 2 items. But they can't sponsor themselves ;3


The ten teens standed in their plates as time ticked by. The cornucopia was filled with all kind of supplies but what mattered most; heat sorces. Coats, Matches and scarfs near the mouth since in this games they would be more important than a sword.

The gong sounded and the tributes ran towards the supplies. Cass grabbed a coat and putted it on. She then grabbed a sword and stabbed Gruff with it. Mia has grabbed another sword and stabbed Claudia but just then Wes tackled Mia and slit her throat with an axe.

After this everybody headed different directions running. Cass and Wes stayed at the cornucopia.


Oli, Dani and Caylin have formed an alliance and they setted camp in a cave where they started a fire making sure it didnt make to much smoke.

Just as the sky darkened Sam was walking around the forest when a whitr wolf emerged from darkness. He started running away as the wolf chased him but the wolf catched him and bit him in the leg. Sam fell to the ground and the wolf started eating Sam.

Wolves continue coming out of nowhere and Oli is the last one standing.


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