So this games are for keeping me distracted for a while. This is basicly the final day in the hunger games where the 4 finalists fight each other until one remains. RESERVATIONS ARE FOR ONLY 1 HOUR!


Only 3 words:




I random.orged the tribute spots and this is what I had:

Tribute Name
D2F Rio Salazar
D3F Lilli Wong
D4M Vandenyno Bangas
D7M Markey Primal-Omega

So please make the tributes like standard tributes of their districts. No awesome mad people. (I love them so much I will make them victors)

So use this template.



Kills: (maximun 3)


Plan for the final fight:

Any allies they had:

Extra information about the games

Day 1

The D3, D5, D6, D8, D9, D10, D12 males died in the bloodbath and the D6, D7, D10, D11, D12 females also died in the bloodbath. The D11 male died when he tasted one of cotton candy trees. 

Day 2 

The D8 female also intoxicated herself when she decided to eat some gingerbread stones.

Day 4

The D9 female was killed. The D1 male was killed.

Day 5

The D4 female was killed nearly at the same time of the D2 male.

Day 7

The D5 female was killed.

Day 8

The careers end their alliance. The D1 female was killed. 

Day 10 

This is the day where I'm going to write the final fight.

The Final Day

Vandeyno's POV (D4)

Final 4 I still can't accept it. So many people dead. I killed 1 of the careers so thats good. The arena is a plain night-mare. Many people died because it. This tested myself, I have been so tempted to grab a piece of a chocolate tree. Suddenly the entire arena shakes and a giant candy snake appears emerges from the gingerbread with pepermint chewing gum grass patches. I start running away. The snake is yellow and red, it haves inocent round eyes but I see evil in them as I run I spot Markey (D7) running away of a blue and green giant snake. He also sees me and while running he tries to get near me but a wall of cotton candy separates us. I finally reach a clearing. In the center there is a gingerbread cornucopia with blood from Day 1 staining it's walls. To my far left Rio (D2) emerges a purple and turquoise was chasing her stops. I turn my head around and I see that my snake also stopped. Markey (D7) also arrives the cornucopia, his tomahawk haves a bit of his snake. Both Markey (D7) and Rio (D2) run towards me. I roll forwards and they collide. Markey (D7) tries to slit Rio's (D2) with his tomahawk but she grabs a knife and tries to stab him in the leg. I run and I'm about to stab my trident in Markey's (D7) back when I see a blue and yellow snake chasing Lilli (D3) until she arrive the cornucopia. She tries turning around and running around but her snake hisses and opens it's mouth. She puts an arrow in her bow and aims towards our direction mouthing to not get near to her. Markey (D7) and Rio (D2) also stopped fighting they then Rio (D2) kicks Markey (D2) in the groin and runs towards the cornucopia. I get in her way and throw a net towards her. It traps her legs and she falls. She starts to cut it with one of her knifes and she sets free one leg when Markey (D7) starts running to her. I also run towards her and throw my trident towards her. She rolls to her right and the trident misses for barely 2 centimiters. Rio (D2) grabs the net that had lost grip of her leg as she rolled and putted it around Markey's (D7) legs and pulled it making Markey (D7) fall. She then runs towards me and I get the only net I have left and throw it towards her. She sidesteps and continues running. She then throws a knife that goes through my chest. BOOM!

Lilli's POV (D3)

I'm so nervous. I worked out that the snakes are designed for keeping us near each other. I continue aiming my bow at Rio (D2) as she stabs over and over Vandyno's (D4) body. In any moment she may decide to go for me. Markey (D7) runs towards the cornucopia and hides inside it. I suppose he wants to be safe from my bow and he will have certain advantage if Rio (D2) tries to attack him.

Markey's POV (D7)

Okay I hide behind some empty crates inside the cornucopia and open my backpack. Rio (D7) was to busy stabbing Vandenyo (D4). I could have killed her as I sprinted for the cornucopia but she was enjoying the kill so much. I understand her the feeling of how the body looses it's life. How the blood flows. The last screams that fade to silence. It is so great! From my backpack I grab my crossbow and then with the tomahawk I start cutting a hole in the gingerbread. Perfect. I have perfect view of Lilli (D3) she is scared I can tell. I aim through the hole the crossbow at her. She can't see me but I can. I shoot one arrow. Damn. The arrow goes over her shoulder and she looks around panicked. I prepare another arrow and shoot it. It goes straight to her chest. She screams and falls to the floor. BOOM! I cut a bigger hole in the cornucopia and go through it.

Rio's POV (D2)

I run towards the cornucopia and see how from the left side Markey (D7) appears, he pushes me to the floor as he drops his crossbow and gets a proper grip of his tomahawk. I grab his leg and pull it he falls banging his head into the gingerbread cornucopia, a piece of gingerbread falls and crumbs falls over his shoulders. I get up and back a few steps. I throw a knife towards him, he moves but he doesn't completely dodge it. It lands in his shoulder. He slightly opens his mouth but doesn't scream. He grabs the knife and charges towards me, my knife in his right hand and his tomahawk in his left hand. I sidestep as he slices me just under the ribs. I punch him hard in the face and grab another knife. He throws my knife to my left foot. It goes through my boot. That one hurt, I scream. I stab him in the shoulder again and he backs away. My foot hurts but I attempt to kick him. He grabs it again and sliced my leg with his tomahawk. He after pulls of my leg and I fall. He stands over me. I plead hopelessly for him to not to kill me. I never fell so low. He grabs a rope from his backpack and ties my legs together, I couldn't get to far away with my injured foot. He grabs my arm and slowly cuts it ,when its so cutted It is completly red he licks his tomahawk's blood. He after sucks some blood of my arm. He after violently stabbed me in the chest with his tomahawk. BOOM!

Markey's POV

Ladies and gentlemen Markey Primal-Omega from District 7 this year's victor!

This felt so good! I usually don't suck blood directly from my victim's cut but this was a special occation. When i got picked up my mentor is seating in a sofa. He had a bowl full of candy and he said. "Kid fancy any candy?" and I awnsered "Any haribos there?"


Oh my god guys I feel so happy about this games I plan on making more of this. Congrats to Oli (EvilhariboMadness) for his sadistic tribute! I also want to congratulate TheMysteriousGeek for her greatcharacter! I felt so bad killing it! I also wanna say great job to Berry for his sadistic tribute. I kinda ship her with Markey... Finally but not least I wanna congratulate TDR97 I didn't want to kill your tribute but I picked randomly the deaths with since they all had equal chances. Peace out!

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