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District3 November 2, 2013 User blog:District3

So another Ultra Fast from my saga :3 This one will be survivor I will post the tribe of 5 people from chat and if you dont wanna just ignore this k?

I will post which tribe wins and which one looses and you all pm me and say who you wanna vote out :3


Name Original Tribe Final Tribe Final
Somebody :3 Savanes Day 3, voted out
Erlend Lagunes Day 6, voted out
Zach Savanes

Day 9, lost fire-making challenge

Chandni Lagunes Day 11, evacuated
Ian Lagunes Day 12, voted out
Berry Savanes BANANAS Day 15, lost fire-making challenge
Emma Savanes BANANAS Day 18, lost fire-making challenge
Wesley Lagunes BANANAS Day 21, voted out
Alice Savanes BANANAS Runner Up
Jade Lagunes BANANAS Winner

Challenge Results

Challenge Winning Tribe/Person
Reward #1 Lagunes
Immunity #1 Lagunes
Exile Island #1 Alice and Erlend
Reward #2 Lagunes
Immunity #2 Savanes
Exile Island #2 Alice and Ian
Reward #3 Lagunes
Immunity #3 Lagunes
Exile Island #3 Alice and Berry (Alcie finds the idol)
Reward #4 Savanes
Immunity #4 Savanes
Exile Island #4 Berry
Reward #5 Jade
Immunity #5 Wesley
Exile Island #5 Jade
Immunity #6 Alice
Reward #6 Alice
Immunity #7 Alice

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