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District3 November 2, 2013 User blog:District3

So it was fun so here it so again :3


Name Starting Tribe Post Swap Merged Tribe Final
Jade :3 Day 3, voted out
Taylor C: Day 6, voted out
Kaeghan C: Day 9, voted out
Szymon :3 C: Day 12, voted out
Wesley :3 :3 ;w; Day 15, voted out
Joan :3 C: ;w; Day 16, quit
Ian C: :3 ;w; Day 19, voted out
Emma :3 :3 ;w; Runner Up
Alice C: :3 ;w; Runner Up
Berry C: C: ;w; Winner


Challenge Winning Tribe/Person
Immunity #1 C:
Reward #1 :3
Exile Island #1 Kaeghan and Ian
Immunity #2 :3
Reward #2 :3
Exile Island #2 Alice and Joan
Immunity #3 :3
Reward #3 :3
Immunity #3 :3
Immunity #4 Berry, Ian and Emma
Immunity #5 Emma
Immunity #6 Berry

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