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District Name Weapon
1 KEAP Chopstick... Spear
2 Dani Sword
3 Joan Axe
4 Callam Trident
5 Leslie Axe
6 Sam Sword
7 Annie Bow and Arrow
8 Colin Spear
9 Luka Knifes
10 Lady Bow and Arrow
11 Tyler Throwing knifes
12 Jay Knifes
13 Kekai Scythe


'Heating Gold'

A huge system of Giant Chambers covered in gold. Tributes walk over coin dunes and other treasures. In some points there are lava pools in the valleys of gold. Also there are golden golems trying to kill everybody they catch.

The cornucopia stands in a giant marble fountain, all weapons are made out of gold and all the supplies are inside crates filled with coins and gems. 

Death Chart

Placed Victim Killer
13th Joan KEAP
12th Dani Luka
11th Jay Callam
10th Colin Lady
9th Luka Kekai
8th Callam Golden Armour
7th KEAP Golden Armour
6th Leslie Lady
5th Lady Annie
4th Sam Annie
3rd Tyler Annie
2nd Annie Kekai


Tyler's POV

I prepare myself to run. Im in this huge fountain in this huge room filled with gold and marble collums. My plate is in middle of the water and I see nothing but crates stacked in pyramids inside and infront the cornucopia. I look to my left and see Annie. I look to my right and see Callam. Im screwed if any of these two catch me.


I jump to the water and run splashing water everywhere. I reach the marble island where the cornucopia stands. I see how Sam is already working on a crate and I go to my nearest crate. I open it and gold swarms out of it. I see a backpack inside the crate and I grab it and run away as I see how KEAP throws a spear at Joan.

Annie's POV

Me and Leslie work on a pyramid of crates. In one of the crates there is a bow and a quiver I see it and I grab it. Leslie passes me a backpack and we start escaping the fountain.

Dani's POV

Im in an alliance with KEAP and Callam. Im having serious damn problems finding my sword in all this gold Im opening the crates and just find first aid kits and weapons I don't know how to use. Shit I just turn around just to see how Luka raises a knife and all goes black.

Callam's POV 

Shit she died! I quickly shrug it off as I see Jay sprint infront of me. I throuw my trident at him and impale him.

Lady's POV

I just exited the fountain and I start climbing up the pile of gold. When i manage to get to the top I grab my bow and arrow and aim it towards the cornucopia. Only the two careers and Colin are there. I aim at Colin's head and shoot. After this I run away towards one of the giant wooden doors that are tall like a two stores house.

Leslie's POV

Me and Alice have reached a pretty tall of mountain of gold after running for some minutes. We've crossed two rooms and we think that's pretty good. The cannons sound four. Out of twelve it's pretty descent.

Rest of Day 1

Sam's POV

I have a sword and a backpack. I decided to camp near one of the walls. This place is extreamly big. I spot a big hole in the wall, it's just like a cave. I decide to enter it and stay there for the night.

Kekai's POV

Im pretty frustated with myself since I have no kills. I keep walking over the dunes. I spot Luka camping at the feet of a collumn that emerged from the coins. I sneak behind the column and walk behind him. I swing the scythe and slit his neck.


The faces play and me and Callam decide to go hunting.


As we walk around we suddenly see jump two golden statues from the the top of the door. They have this sort of light coming out of theur eyes and it soon lands on me and Callam. We run away as it charges towards us. It grabs Callam by one leg and smashed him against it's golden armour. Callam's head breaks and the mutt throws him away. I run but the statue catches me. It grabe me and tightens it's grip. I feel my ribs crack and I black out.

Day 2

Lady's POV

I walk around the piles of gold. The lava pools kept me hot last night I plan on hidding near them each night. I just walk around. I have plenty of food and stuff...

Leslie's POV

I walk around and suddenly I feel a sharp pain in the head and I then see black.

Annie's POV

What in god's name?! I spot Lady in middle of the gold and I prepare my bow I shoot and my arrow lands in her neck. SI've jsut lost my only ally... Final 4 Im screwed.

Day 3

Kekai's POV

Shit! the lava has started going up. Im jumping pile of gold to pile of gold. I decide to elave my backpack as I reach the cornucopia's room. I spot Annie entirng through the other room. Lava starts flooding in and I run to the cornucopia.

Tyler's POV

As soon as I reach I throw a knife towards Sam. He dodges it and Tries to slice me with his sword. He falls dead with and arrow in the back. I start running but it's too late. I also have an arrow. In the chest.

Annie's POV 

I try to search for Kekai as the fountain turns red and water shoots up. I see him and I decide to grab a sword fronm the floor I swing it towards him but he blocks it with his scythe. He kicks me in the stomach and I stumble backwards. I see a knife next to the crate Im leaning against and I grab it. I throw it to him and it lands in his leg. He swears and whines and I try to reach him. Wrong move, he grabs my hair and I feel the scythe cut through my neck.


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