So these are ultra fast user games, my plan is ending this within two hours of creating the blog<333333 Enjoyyyyy<3

District Name Weapon
Capitol Kaeghan Throwing Knives
1 Mia Hatchet
2 Connor Sword
3 Oli Throwing Knives
4 Sam Knives
5 Emma Trident
6 Justin Sickle
7 Wes Axe
8 Summer Spear
9 Claudia Blowgun
10 Eli Knives
11 Anna Crossbow
12 Jay Sword
13 Panda Spear
14 Zach Axe


The arena will be a normal forest with lakes and stuff... I feel very original so I will add a beach to the south of the cornucopia. Yay.

Day 1 - Bloodbath

Tick Tock, the games beging. 

Mia grabs a hatchet and throws it at Jay. BOOM! Just then Panda grabs Mia and swallows her alive. BOOM! Claudia has her blowgun and attacks Wes but doesnt kill him. Emma throws a Trident at Sam BOOM! Everybody flees the cornucopia cause it will explode in three, two, one, lol it exploded. Everybody ahs a weapona and food.

Justin and Panda have a tent and are cheeling near the river when Oli arrives and with a box of matches lights the tent on fire. BOOM! BOOM! Oli then keeps the supplies that weren't burnt. Sucks for Panda and Jsutin to be hot dogs.

The Fallen






Day 2

Emma is walking near the beach gathering coconuts when Eli sneaks behind her and stabs her in the neck  BOOM! Eli then finds Zach and also stabs him BOOM! Lol DOuble Kill

Everybody else is cool.

Day 3

Kaeghan and Connor stumble upon each other. Connor offers an allaince, Kaeghan offers a knife in the back. BOOM!

Summer runs out of water and dies from dehydration. BOOM! Lol tis funneh cause she called Summer.

Day 4

Nobody does nothing. Anna ate a butterfly.

Day 5

There is a feast. Lol Eli gets stabbed by Wes BOOM! Wes is shot by Anna BOOM! Everybody gets lollipops! Yay! Woot! Twoot!

Day 6

Claudia choicks with a lollipop. BOOM! Eli gettah reviva cause he et sou cewl

Day 7

Tha gameemakes relaese dem chiguagauas Oli gets chiguaguad to death. BOOM! Ay carambaaaaaaa... Eli stabs Kaeghan in the chest while a Chiguaguatalapa bit of their balls to both of them BOOM! Anan got doggeh fodd froms spoonsers and fed doggies. Eli got chiguaguad ro deatho 2.

Don't Mess withg Anna and dah dogah foodah. It willah fecka yah lifellaaaaaaa <3

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