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  • I live in You know, remember? We were friends(: WHAT YOU DONT REMEMBER ME? IM HURT OMG
  • I was born on June 17
  • My occupation is Being a Cool Nugget
  • I am A Unicorn
  • District3 luv

    HI everyone! its me D3L! I came back to wiki because I missed it so much! I've been gone for.. what, 5 months? Idk, but when I came back I was so happy and pumped! But I'm literally like crying now because, cloveismywife is no longer here, IKR IM SO SAD!!!! 

    Anyways, my writing and descriptiveness has improved INCREDIBLY over the months so I'm glad(:

    Sorry, but the 101st Hunger Games.. I'll be redoing it, ok?

    YAYAY I'll get the blog posted right away!

    ~ D3L


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  • District3 luv


    September 15, 2012 by District3 luv

    HEY guys, so sorry but I Cant do this anymore, I dont get enough tributes, Im not popuar, i make mediocre games. Im leaving, but maybe ill come back if I get a sudden burst of tributes on my 101st Hunger Games and good responses, I like enthusiasm, I just hate that Im working soooooooo hard and there are only a few people that really participate. Thank you to cloveismywife, maxoconnell, dedejacob, and others that have been supporting me. Bye

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  • District3 luv

    Hello everyone!!!!! This year is a quarter quell bc last year was supposed to be a quell but I messed up:/ So our Head Gamemaker is also very lazy so it is only twice the amount of Tributes. Enjoy!

    President Blake

    Happy Hunger Games!!!! This year's quell will be twice the amount of tributes, 48!!! The games will hopefully be interesting:) May the odds be ever in your favor! That's all. Oh Yeah!!! We will have 4 Victors this year.:D


    The Cornucopia sits in the middle of a large expanse of bright green grass. There is a desert to the North filled with sand traps and explosives, a beach and ocean with man eaters in the waters to the South, A volcano, huge boulders, and rubble to the East, and a Forest with surprises to the West. There is an…

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  • District3 luv

    Hey everyone!!!! I'm new to this website and I'm really enjoying it so far:) This is my first hunger games:D

    This will be a regular games so start adding tributes!!!!


    Welcome citizens of Panem!!!! To the 100th Hunger Games!!! I am your new president President Blake

    This is a regular games and our Gamemaker has something special for you!

    Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor!!!


    I do NOT like perfect tributes and if you submit a perfect one I will either remove strengths or add weaknesses.

    Try to make the tributes interesting, so we can have an interesting games!

    Do not get mad at me or curse on the comments if your tribute dies.

    You can submit 2 tributes.

    Reservations last for 2 days.

    No on my profiles.


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