President Blake

President Blake

Hey everyone!!!! I'm new to this website and I'm really enjoying it so far:) This is my first hunger games:D

This will be a regular games so start adding tributes!!!!


Welcome citizens of Panem!!!! To the 100th Hunger Games!!! I am your new president President Blake

This is a regular games and our Gamemaker has something special for you!

Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor!!!


I do NOT like perfect tributes and if you submit a perfect one I will either remove strengths or add weaknesses.

Try to make the tributes interesting, so we can have an interesting games!

Do not get mad at me or curse on the comments if your tribute dies.

You can submit 2 tributes.

Reservations last for 2 days.

No on my profiles.







Appearance (or lunaii)








Individual Training Sessions: You can post your own or give me an angle and I will write it:)

Bloodbath Strategy:



District/Gender Name Age User
D1 Male Skyler Roke 18 Teamkattniss
D1 Female Icica Jewel 16 TeamKattniss
D2 Male Stoner Willsmith 18 HKTLovesGlimmer
D2 Female Tara Maser 15 HKTLovesGlimmer
D3 Male Trey Volts 17 SethMorris95
D3 Female Deirdra Gala 17 CloveJohanna
D4 Male Alder Claycomb 17 Captainsv
D4 Female Autumn Ace 16 Maxoconnell
D5 Male Navy Wonders 16 2legit2quit
D5 Female Kelsey Parker 15 Asfbn
D6 Male Wesley Greene 16 Wesolini
D6 Female Carmina Florance 16 Cloveismywife
D7 Male Jacob Gibson 13 dedejacob
D7 Female Cassie Lyn 13 dedejacob
D8 Male Craig Gulliain 18 Siesieo
D8 Female Elysia Kandle 16 AdaPayne
D9 Male Ryder Blask 16 Captainsv
D9 Female Sienna Goldsmith 16 Siesieo
D10 Male Gunner Pann 15 2legit2quit
D10 Female Alice Marsop 14 IHeartHungerGames
D11 Male Tyson Connors 15 ToxicGallagher
D11 Female Amera Olive 13 Thena.airice14
D12 Male Claran Gallagher 14 ToxicGallagher
D12 Female Mina Terry 14 Cloveismywife

District Lunaii
Skyler Roke

Skyler Roke

Icica Jewel

Icica Jewel D1

Tara Mazer

Tara Maser

Stoner Mason

Stoner Willsmith

Deirdra Gale

Deirdra Gala

Trey Volts

Trey Volts

Autumn Ace

Autumn Ace

Alder Claycomb

Alder Claycomb

Navy Wonders...

Navy Wonders..

Kelsey Parker

Kelsey Parker

Mac Manera....

Mac Manera....

Carmina florance

Carmina Florance

Cassie Lyn

Cassie Lyn

Jacob Gibson

Jacob Gibson

Elysia Kandle

Elysia Kandle

Craig Gullaian

Craig Gullaian

Sienna Goldsmith.

Sienna Goldsmith

Ryder Blask

Ryder Blask

Gunner Pann.

Gunner Pann


Alice Marsop

Tyson Connors

Tyson Connors


Amera Oliva

Clarance Gallagher

Claran Gallagher

Mina terry

Mina Terry

Victor ( After Capitol makeover)



Everyone starts with $1000

$50 each kill

Awl- $100

Axe- $250

Sleeping Bag- $100

Nuts- $20

Instant Relief(7 pills)- $350

Dried Fruit- $50

Water & Canteen- $50

Diamond Shards- $500

Cooling Pills(7 pills)- $200

Hot Packs(2 packs)- $125

Poison- $150

Jacket- $100

Throwing Knives- $100

Soup- $50

Trident- $200

Sword- $150

Net- $50

Bread- $25

Rope- $125

Machete- $125

BB Gun(15 Bullets)- $375

Mace- $200

Cut Cream- $123

Burn Cream- $100

Full Course Meal- $500

Name How much money left Location What they have What they Need
Icica Jewel 1000 Forest Diamond shards, bread, water, fruit. Nothing
Skyler Roke 1050 Cornucopia Everything Nothing
Stoner Willsmith 1000 Cornucopia Everything Nothing
Deirdra Gala 1050 Cornucopia Everything Nothing
Autumn Ace 1050 Forest 2 Tridents, nuts, bread, water, instant relief. Nothing
Ryder Blask 1000 Cornucopia Everything Nothing
Mina Terry 950 Desert Water, Cooling Pills, bread, throwing knives Nothng
Alice Marsop 1000 Desert Bread, sword, burn cream Water, Cooling pills
Cassie Lyn 875 Desert Water, rope, nuts, Machete, cut cream Nothing
Trey Volts 1000 Forest Dried Fruit Weapon,water, cut cream, bandages
Sienna Goldsmith 1000 Forest Bread, soup, Dried fruit water, weapon
Craig Gullaian 1050 Forest Soup, water weapon
Claran Gallagher 1000 Forest Awl, water, fruit nothing
Alder Claycomb 950 Forest Hot packs, 3 tridents, food
Jacob Gibson 725 Forest Jacket, Throwing Knives, hot packs, food, water
Gunner Pann 1000 Tundra Dried fruit, Knife Hot packs, Bandages, Cut cream, Water
Tara Maser 1000 Edge of Forest Bread, Bow and Arrows, Knives, Sword, Water, Cut Cream, Fruit, backpack. Instant Relief
Carmina Florance 1050 Oasis WaterKnives, mace.


24th D5 Navy Wonders Craig Gullaian Spear in head
23rd D11 Amera Oliva Deirdra Gala Choked
22nd D5 Kelsey Parker Carmina Florance Mace in back
21st D6 Mac Manera Tyson Connors Knife in head
20th D11 Tyson Connors Skyler Roke Sword in chest
19th D8 Elysia Kandle Autumn Ace Beheaded
18th D10 Gunner Pann Skyler Roke Knife in eye
17th D3 Trey Volts Tara Maser Arrow in head
16th D10 Alice Marsop Carmina Florance Mace on head
15th D12 Ciaran Gallagher Stoner Willsmith Stabbed
14th D2 Stoner Willsmith Craig Gullaian Mauled by a sharp branch.
13th D9 Ryder Blask Mina Terry Knife in head wound.
12th D1 Skyler Roke Autumn Ace Knife in back.
11th D8 Craig Gullaian Jacob Gibson Stabbed
12th D9 Sienna Goldsmith Alder Claycomb Strangled
10th D7 Cassie Lyn Mutts Torn to pieces
9th D7 Jacob Gibson Mina Terry Stabbed
8th D3 Deirdra Gala Icica Jewel SHard in back.
7th D4 Alder Claycomb Wounds Blood loss
6th D1 Icica Jewel Carmina Florance Mace on head
Ignore this


Careers: icica Jewel(D1), Skyler Roke(D1), Stoner Willsmith(D2), Autumn Ace(D4), Navy Wonders(D5),

Flashes: Mina Terry(D12), Alice Marsop(D10), Cassie Lyn(D7), Elysia Kandle(D8), Amera Olive(D11)

Bolts: Trey Volts(D3), Claran Gallagher(D12), Tyson Connors(D11), Craig Gullaian(D8), Sienna Goldsmith(D9)

Freezers:Mac Manera(D6), Alder Claycomb(D4), Jacob Gibson(D7),Ryder Blask(D9), Gunner Pann(D10),

Loners(Nobody): Tara Maser(D2), Kelsey Parker(D5), Carmina Florance(D6), Deirdra Gala(D3)

Day 1: Bloodbath

Carmina Florance(D6):

I wait for the gong to go off 5,4,3,2,1 GONG!!!!!! I sprint toward a diamond spiked mace and watch as Navy Wonders(D5) gets speared in the head by Craig Gullaian(D8), oh well he wasn't much of a Career anyways. I swing my mace at Kelsey Parker missing her by a hair, she retaliated by jabbing my stomach with her sword No! I fall to the ground holding my stomach when I see a Jar of cut cream and a bottle of instant relief pills I grab the box and bottle, along with a package of gauze and crawl towards the woods dragging my mace behind me. As I'm leaving I see Deirdra Gala choking Amera Oliva(D11).

Kelsey Parker(D5):

That Dumb Carmina got away!!!! Well she probably wont last long anyways so I focus on a target ah ha! Deirdra Gala seems like a good choice!!!! I start running toward her when a knife enters my leg. I scream and roll on the ground toward a jar of cut cream when I see out of the corner of my eye a renewed and refreshed Carmina Florance charging towards me, I hurriedly fumble with the jar's lid and just as I was going to apply it, i felt a horrible pain in my back nooooooo!!! I screamed and touched the large holes in my back from Carmina's Mace as my vision blurred and everything went black, BOOM!!!!!

Icica Jewel:

Everyone is running around hacking away at eachother. Skyler and Gunner are fighting it out I should help Skyler, nah. I'm examining my nails when a knife whizzes by my head and lodges itself into Mac Manera's head, BOOM!!!! I quickly turn my head and grab a diamond shard and hurl it towards Tyson Connors it lodges itself into his chest but he swallows instant relief, he gives me a wry smile and runs off with his alliance. Oh no! your not going anywhere I yell out, I grab 5 diamond shards and was about to throw them when Skyler threw his sword and it went through Tyson he looked for instant relief but it was futlie I watched with a huge smirk as he slumped to the ground. Ha!

Ryder Blask:

Our Alliance was Doing very well, despite the fact that Mac had died. We were running deeper into the forest when we heard rustling in a bush I throw my spear into it waiting for a cannon but when I dont hear it I look inside the bushes and see I have speared a mother bunny. Food! I'm about to call out to the rest of my alliance when I see the Careers standing behind me, smirking. I look for the rest of my alliance but they weren't there. When they saw I was looking for them Icica Jewel said. Oh Ryder you think your alliance was going to wait for you? Well they didnt!!!! she sneered. Your a good fighter we need you, said Autumn Ace, you can fill in for Navy Wonders, if you dont... Autumn's concerned and nice voice curled into the most horrible snarl at the end and she held up a blood-covered sword. Well, we have something for that! I shakily said, ok and started walking after them, I jumped when I saw Elysia Kandle's head by her body slumped by a tree, Icica and Autumn giggled. Stoner Willsmith walked past me and said, You make one wrong move and your dead. I nodded knowing I was walking into something horrible.


Navy Wonders(D5)

Amera Oliva(D11)

Kelsey Parker(D5)

Mac Manera(D6)

Tyson Connors(D11)


Careers: Doing well resting up at the Cornucopia, Skyler has a leg and stomach injury that is being taken care of by medicine and bandages, the injuries were caused by Gunner Pann.

Flashes: Really hot in a desert, need water.

Bolts: In the forest all are sleeping, Trey is on guard with a slight head injury.

Freezers: Freezing in an icy tundra need hot packs. Gunner has a head injury and back injury caused by Skyler Roke.

Carmina: At an Oasis in the desert. Her stomach is sore, soup would help her.

Tara Maser: Edge of the forest, twisted ankle.

Day 2:

Tara Maser:

I wake up, and try to stand up and walk. I bite my lip to suppress my scream, when Stoner tripped me at the Bloodbath I had twisted my ankle, and it hurt like crazy!!!! I guess my mentor thinks that I can win the Hunger Games with a twisted ankle because I didnt get a sponsor box, oh well. I guess some bandages will work for now. I open the package and take the roll of bandages out. I quickly wrap my ankle tightly in it than put my boot back on. I stand and find the pain in my ankle is tolerable. I open the bag of dried fruit and eat a couple apricots as I try to decide if I should look for anyone to kill today. I put my sword, cut cream, bread, and dried fruit in my backpack, then I align my knives in my jacket and hold my bow and arrow. I think I did pretty well at the Cornucopia. I grin and turn my back to the Cornucopia and the Careers, and walk deeper into the woods.

Gunner Pann:

I wake up gasping for air, my back and head were killing me. i desperately looked for cut cream and instant relief, or at least some bandages!!! My mentor is obviously ignoring me, or wants me to die. Skyler proved to be a very hard opponent I nearly killed myself fighting him. My vision was blurring in and out, I could feel my energy leaving me. No!!!! I cant let the D1 Males wipe out my whole family, I struggle up and desperately riffle through my alliance members' bags. Cold air bit mercilessly at my back. Why did we go to the tundra? As I was going through Jacob's bags. I just fell over and took his knife in my hands just as I was going to commit suicide, Skyler appeared out of nowhere and stabbed me in the eye. I died thinking that the D1 males killed all my brothers including myself. BOOM!!!!

Sienna Goldsmith:

I woke up, snuggled in the crook of Craig's arm. He is still sleeping snuggle up closer when all of a sudden I see an arrow lodge itself into Trey's head, I gasp as his cannon booms, I see a flash of red and blonde hair, Tara. well Trey was in pain anyways. The rest of the alliance woke up shocked at the sight of Trey. Well at least he didnt feel it I say and we pack our things and trudge deeper into the forest.

Mina Terry:

I pop a cooling pill into my mouth and feel the effects of it immediately, the blistering winds and sand were killing me, but as soon as I put a pill in my mouth I felt so good:)! I decided to be risky and took the heel of my bread and ate it slowly, Cassie had just taken a sip of water, we both locked eyes and looked at Alice who was mopping her brow with the sleeve of her jacket, she looked at both of us who were indulging in our supplies and looked at me pleadingly as I was going to take a sip of water, I begrudgingly give her a cooling pill and Cassie reluctantly gives Alice a couple gulps of water. We all decide to go somewhere cooler, when I see a silver sponsor box from my mentor. yes! some throwing knives:) Now I had a weapon, we see a green dot in the distance and decide to haed over there. I mean it could be something good, right?

Jacob Gibson:

Our good alliance of 5 was now down to 2 in only two days!!!! when Alder and I woke up. We saw Gunner's blue body clutching my knife and saw that he had gone through our bags for I guess, healing supplies. I also see a message written in the snow with Gunner's blood. You Guys Are Lucky- Skyler. I was frightened beyond compare! I now had 2 enemies, Cassie and Skyler great just great. I put on my jacket and sat on my hot packs that I was sponsored by and sipped my soup, Alder also sat on his hot packs and ate his soup as well. I was just glad to be alive:)


Trey Volts(D3)

Gunner Pann(D10)


Careers: Skyler, Icica, & Stoner are combing the forest for tributes. Ryder, Autumn, & Deirdra keep watch.

Flashes: Doing pretty well, making their way to the green dot(Oasis) HInt Hint Cloveismywife 2 tributes of yours are about to meet. ALICE NEEDS WATER! Or she will die tomorrow:(

Bolts: Deeper in the forest, they are all fine, for now...

Freezers: Sitting on hot packs and eating soup:)

Tara Maser: Unknowingly close to the Careers, she, like them is looking for victims.

Carmina Florance: Oasis, she is fine, doesnt know what is coming:0

Day 3

Autumn Ace:

I was sitting on a large case of throwing knives and fingered my trident, it had a slim gold handle with carvings of waves on it, the spokes of the trident was made of huge sparkling diamonds. They were very sharp and tough. If I won, which I knew I would. I would totally bring this with me! Icica and I were becoming close friends and we were equally upset that I was to stay here and she go tribute hunting. I was so lost in thought that I hadn't noticed Ryder stealing a sword and stuffing medicine and food into his backpack. Then I heard a metal clink of a water canteen clipping into place on his backpack. I whirled around and saw Deirdra parying with Ryder, they were both delivering blows, but I was busy grabbing throwing knives, I was scared that we were going to lose supplies so I hurled one at the straps of the backpack on Ryder's back, it fell off, Ryder looked surprised. He only had time to swipe at Deirdra's stomach than he took off with water and a packet of nuts. I screamed I'LL GET YOU!!! I'LL SNAP YOUR NECK!!!!!! I quickly put a glob of cut cream on Deirdra's wound and bandaged her up. Than worrying that she was in alot of pain I told her to swallow instant relief she took a pill and her tight face instantly relaxed we both waited for more stupid victims.

Cassie Lyn:

As we made our way towards the green dot I noticed Mina Terry fingering her knife nervously, we both locked eyes and looked at Alice again she was lagging behind, we had been traveling for the last couple hours and the effects of the pill had worn off long ago, we just kept walking. About an hour later, when my water was down very low in my canteen. We found out that the green dot had been an Oasis with a crystal clear pool of water in it. Alice nearly ran over to it with as much energy as she could muster. She dove her head in and began to drink the cool water. I grabbed my canteen and refilled it as well when I looked up I saw Mina frozen in terror as she saw a cackling Carmina Florance come from around a bush. Ah! So I see a little alliance came into my... Hmm how shall I say it? My ah humble abode, A sneer was on her face. We were just too shocked to answer. She swung her mace down hard on a open-mouthed Alice, BOOM!!!! Carmina kicked her out of the water so it wouldn't be contaminated with Alice's blood. A scream ripped through my throat when the mace hit me in my side and I started running away with Mina close on my heels. The last thing we heard was Carmina's laughing tearing into the hot air. We just kept running.

Stoner Willsmith:

We had been combing the woods for hours and we hadnt run into anyone to kill yet! I had been complaining in my head for quite a while when an arrow whistled by my head and hit a tree, I knew only one person could shoot an arrow like that, Tara. Tara probably did that to get my attention, Icica and Skyler stopped as well when they saw the arrow. There was a message written on a large green leaf tied on the arrow You are not going to live much longer- Tara. I ignored the note and kept walking. Why is everyone writing notes? Like wasn't it obvious that people aren't going to live much longer in the games? Duh! We kept walking when we ran into a sleeping alliance Ok, lets see, Craig, Sienna, and Ciaran. This should be easy. Icica whispered that we should try to pull off that tracker jacker brainwash thing. Good idea! I whispered back. Icica pulled out a roll of duct tape and took off pieces and taped Sienna's mouth and eyes we than tied her up with rope, Skyler tossed her over his shoulder and started running. Hey where are you guys going? I said,as I stabbed Ciaran BOOM!!! I guess I said it a bit too loud, Craig jumped up and began mauling at me with a sharp tree branch screaming for Sienna . I closed by eyes... BOOM!!!!

Sienna Goldsmith:

I screamed even though none could hear me. Everything was dark. Where is Craig? Who are these people? Why do they want me? So many questions ran through my mind at the moment when all of a sudden I heard cries of Hey Autumn! Hey Deirdra!!! Where's Ryder? There were muffled voices and a scream of HE WHAT? Than more muffled voices. OOOOHHHHH these must be the Careers, But why would they want me? I muttered. A very smart question Sienna, I recognized this voice as Deirdra she and I had talked for a bit at the training center. Funny how the Hunger Games can make a normally nice person into a monster. Deirdra ripped away the duct tape and all my eyelashes came with it. You see Autumn said, this is tracker jacker poison, this is a syringe. We will inject this into you and in a few moments you will believe everything I say, the reason we are doing this is because you will soon protect us with your life and kill Craig who is very dangerous to us ok? NOOOO!!! I yelled. But they had already injected it into me. I became woozy, Deirdra began, Sienna, you love me very much, you will die for us Careers so that we can live you will protect us. You love killing, you want to get rid of everyone except us. No! I love Craig, I love Craig I hate the Careers, I hate the Careers, wait what? what do I hate? I think I love Craig right? Careers are evil right? wait what's right? Wait a second, I said out loud. I love Craig right? Oh no, You hate him! Deirdra spat, he gave this wound to me. I should be glad right? I mean I hate you, I think, I say. No you love us, you love us all!!! They sang. My heart filled with joy, I love you!!!! I said. Ok, said Autumn now this cut on your arm is what Craig did to you.I look at the bloody cut, gross. Anger fills me and boils in my head. I hate him!!!! He should die!!! I scream. Yes, yes you do, said icica, they unbound me and I hugged all of them them I polished a knife I picked up. Yes, I will kill Craig Gullaian.

I'm in a rush right now I'll write this and Day 4 tomorrow:)


Alice Marsop(D10)

Ciaran Gallagher(D12)

Stoner Willsmith(D2)

Day 4

Alder Claycomb:

Ryder was freezing right now I was sharing my hot packs with him. Jacob was murmering something about now he had 3 enemies here, but wasn't everyone your enemy here in these darned death games? Ryder was pretty silent as well, he had a huge gash on his forhead and arm, little gifts from Deirdra. I finally spoke, we should go tribute hunting, I said. Why? mumbled Ryder, he was feeling woozy from blood loss. Because I want to get these friking games over!!!! Oh sure! why not? We're all gonna die anyways!!! Shiz!!! burst out Jacob. No we are not! Yes we are, Jacob said, just shut the frik up!!!! I scream, WE ARE GOING TRIBUTE HUNTING AND THAT IS FINAL!!!! Jacob cowered down and said o-o-ok, Ryder rolled his eyes, I ignored that. I felt like a Career, now I kinda wished that I had joined that alliance. Eternal weapons, never-ending food? Heck yeah!!! But I didnt and if I had joined I wouldn't be stuck with jerks like these people. We made our way to the forest and we ran into, Cassie Lyn and Mina Terry, Cassie had a bandage on her side, 3 against an injured person and a D12 girl, sweet!!! I lunged at them with my trident Cassie batted it away with her machete, like it was an annoying bug. Which made me angrier, I hurled my trident at Mina and she threw a knife it knicked the trident and the trident only hit her through the thigh, she screamed in pain and threw a knife at Ryder who didnt have time to block himsef from it.BOOM!!! I punched Cassie and Mina in the face but only knocking Cassie out cold and ran away into the forest.

Mina Terry:

I would've killed that D4 boy, but he punched me in the friking face!!! I popped my nose back into place with my fingers and blinked back the tears. I stole a look at Cassie and saw a large bruise forming on her face, when the cowards had run away I had dragged Cassie ALL the way to a cave with a small stream in front of it. I look down at my leg and decide it is time. I gingerly grab the trident imbedded in it and pull, tears pour out of my eyes as the pain is unbearable, when I finally pull it out, there is a chunk of skin on there with coagulated blood in thick strands, I'm sick. I take a Cassie's cut cream and spread the soothing thick mixture all over the wound, I tear off the bottom of my long too big shirt, and wrap my wound. Oh that feels so much better! I feel bad for Cassie and limp towards the stream, I rip off some moss and soak it in the water I crawl back into the cave and gently wash Cassie's face, stripping it of the blood and dirt, Cassie really was a sweet girl only filled with bitterness and hate. I sighed and lay down to sleep.

Craig Gullaian:

I was just walking weeping in my hands when I heard runnning footsteps, I turned around just in time to see Sienna rushing at me with a knife and an axe, what? I ducked as she swung, I easily grabbed the knife from her hand and held it in front of me, puzzled. Sienna? Don't you dare call me by my name you pig, she glared. I was so confused! Why was Sienna acting like this? She swung again this time, the axe blade slit my arm, i yelped, it was small but it hurt like heck!!! I held the knife out and stared deeply into her eyes. There was something in there, that was unhumane or insane. Tracker Jackers! Just as I was reaching that conclusion, Sienna lunged toward me, we wrestiled on the ground. Panting, I pinned her down and looked deeply into her eyes, the weird look faded for just a millisecond than her pupils dilated again and she began to thrash about. I held on more firmly and kissed her, it pained me to see her like this. She stilled and gave a small whisper, Craig?

Skyler Roke:

I had always loved Icica, ever since we met at Career Academy. She was vicious, cruel, and yet beautiful. A Career in every way, boys always flirted with her at the Academy and it drove me nuts, Icica was mine! There was one small problem, she always acted as if I barely exsisted as if I wasn't important in her life. She didn't know it but I kissed her everyight when she was sleeping. At District 1, nobody liked me, no girls flirted with me, I was a loser at the Academy, and I always would be. I saw Autumn get up from her sitting position and stretch than walk towards me, she sat down next to me and... was she flirting with me? I mean I liked Icica but, Autumn was definitely hot. She talked with me for a while and than she started to lean in, a girl actually liked me! I leaned in as well and as our lips met, I wondered at the same time, why would she like me and actually kiss me? When all of a sudden something dug into my back, I fell to the ground, breathless. Autumn, sat up, laughing like a maniac. I looked up in dismay at Icica cracking up as well. Autumn smirked and than said, come on Icica lets go. I coughed up blood BOOM!!!!


Ryder Blask(D9)

Skyler Roke(D1)


The Careers are now broken up, Deirdra as a loner and Icica and Autumn as allies.

Flashes: In a cave, all good.

Bolts: Craig has tied Sienna's hands and feet together just in case she loses it again.

Freezers: Sleeping in the forest.

Deirdra Gala: In a tree, with barely any supplies.

Carmina Florance: At the Oasis, running low on food.

Tara Maser: In a tree as well, perfectily fine.

Day 5

Jacob Gibson:

I was an amazing actor!!!! Oh yeah, it was perfect. I had set the perfect floorwork. Alder thought I was a pussy I'll show him... I was nonchalantly, whittling at a stick with my knife. I than thought I was being too cool, so I let a couple tears drip down my cheeks. Alder heard me sniffling, he gave a scowl than forcefully pulled his lips up into a smile, making it look like he was grimacing. I had to stifle my laughter. I turned away, grinning like the cheshire cat. When all of a sudden, caser's voice crackled through the arena. "Attention tributes! A feast will be occuring tonight at sundown, for those of you that have night vision goggles, good for you! For you people that dont have them. Lets just say goodnight forever. Oh yeah and there can be 3 victors" Crackle. Boy, Caesar sure knew how to freak us out. I packed up and began to walk away towards the Cornucopia it was already starting to darken and I didnt want people stealing my stuff. Alder ran up to me and we started jogging towards the golden horn.

Mina Terry:

Me and Cassie were making our way to the Cornucopia for the feast as we were walking in silence we heard terse voices, screams, than 2 cannons. BOOM BOOM!!! I wondered who it was, it could be the actor boy Jacob and his District 4 ally, who knows. We kept walking, occasionally munching on a piece of stale bread. Was it just me or was the sun in a different place than before, We heard growls behind us and was like, Oh hell no! I started running, and just in case I popped and instant relief into my mouth and felt energy surging through my body I grabbed Cassie's wrist and put on a burst of power. The world was a blur of green and brown and red? I turned and screamed when I saw Cassie being pulled from my hand and being bitten constantly, she screamed and than yelped "kill Jacob! Run!" BOOM! I screamed and cried, running and running, tears stung my eyes as I ran. When I saw the horn in the distance, I heard bonks from behind me, bonk bonk Huh? I didnt even turn my head and than I dove in the bushes and hid waiting for the right time to grab my bag, my lifesaver and Cassie's Lifetaker.

Tara Maser:

I took in the scene, a table, with numbered bags ok. I ran out letting my long legs carry me towards my bag I firmly grasped the straps and than nocked my bow and shot at Alder Claycomb but it was dark so I only hit him in the knee, he stumbled and Jacob stopped to help him up I was about to shoot again but than saw Mina Terry lunge blindly at both of them with two knives in her hands and began stabbing at Jacob, they started rolling around grunting and yelping. BOOM! MIna got up with large gashes on her arms and face but with a dtermined look. Alder had been crawling away so I ran into the forest and sat in a tree overlooking everything. I saw Autumn and Icica running from different directions, Icica ran and threw diamond shards at nothing in particular she had a lucky shot and hit Deirdra Gala in the back BOOM! Than a pain went through my legs, I screamed and fell out of the tree breaking both of my legs, tears streamed down my dirty face, the last thing I saw was Mina's hard grey eyes staring at me before she plunged a knife in my neck.

Carmina Florance:

Man! I was late! Looks like all the killing happened before I got here, wait a second. one...two...three...four! Including myself! I needed to kill one more person, I lunged at Icica and she was armed with a diamond shard, me a mace, this was too easy. We rolled around for a bit tackling eachother, than i hit a soft spot, her head, BOOM! Blood spurted from open wounds in my arms, and her head was like exploding or something, gross. Trumpets began to blare and Ceasar's voice came on, Congratulations to the 3 remaining tributes, you are now victors! Unfortunately one of you will be going into the 101st hunger games next year! But enoy for now! crackle. WOW JUST WOW! I scream in my mind. But the Hunger games was finished and I could go home to my crappy parents, yay!






Victor Makeovers!!!!

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