District4 Tribute

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  • I live in In Wonderland
  • My occupation is Samuel Tan's wife
  • I am All girl :)
  • District4 Tribute

    Hello, I'll still be resuming the 69th Hunger Games. It's just I've wanted to do this quell for some time and I'm a little impatient so I'll be handling two Games at once.

    The Second Rebellion failed, Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark were executed. President Snow continued to reign, but shortly after the winner of the 99th Hunger Games, President Snow was running out of ideas for the Quarter Quell. He looked back to the both of the failed Rebellions, remembering how many children were killed, and how much Katniss Everdeen loved her little sister Prim. Snow than realized how obvious the next Quell rules would be...Something so devastating and shocking the Districts would never want to rebel again.

    I'm so evil for thinking up this Quell, but…

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  • District4 Tribute

    Hello and welcome! This is the 69th Hunger Games! Enter your tribute! Tributes will die randomly, they'll be given a number and be chosen on so I'm not really in charge of the deaths.




    Weapon-of-choice: (Everything isn't an option.)

    Strengths: (Weapons aren't strengths. Strengths are climbing and swimming, etc.)

    Weaknesses: (Everyone must have a weakness. No one's perfect.)

    Alliance: (There's a max 7 per alliance)

    Optional: Personality, appearence, bio, backstory, picture, etc.

    If you don't use any pictures, please describe what your tribute looks like, and I'll make a Lunaii of them for you.

    Name Age District Weapon Strengths Weaknesses
    Noah Everest 13 1 Knife, throwing axe, intelligence Intelligence, quick-thinking Str…

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  • District4 Tribute

    Hello peeps and welcome to the 80th Hunger Games! Rules are normal, tributes die randomly on 8 will die in the bloodbath and I'm skipping the reaping because it takes too long

    Use the template to submit tributes







    Name District/Gender Age Weapon Skill Weakness
    Arron Harthorn 1 Male 16 Sword Strength, seduction His leg injury
    Camielle Amberson 1 Female 17 Spear, bow+arrow Sleuth, intelligence, flexabillity Being too nice for a Career
    Troy Ventura 2 Male 17 Axe, sword Strength, hand-to-hand combat Talking about his past
    Saffron Ventura 2 Female 15 Throwing knifes, bow+arrow Fast and strong, very cunning and good at lying Her complete and utter connection to Troy
    David Knight 3 Male 15 Throwing kni…

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  • District4 Tribute

    Age: 16

    Weapon: Bow and arrow and knife

    Weakness: Doesn't think ahead

    Hair colour: blonde

    Eye Colour: Blue

    Strategy: Work with the Careers, and when she gets suspicious she'll kill them in their sleep

    Interview Dress: A floor-length dress with a gold top, silver bottom and bronze shoes

    Age: 16

    Weapon: Throwing knife and throwing axe

    Weakness: Swimming and running

    Hair colour: black

    Eye Colour: Green

    Strategy: Follow Careers...then kill them all.

    Interview Dress: A puffy, orange dress with flowers on it's belt, with tall, orange heels and her hair curled

    Age: 17

    Weapon: Anything technology

    Weakness: Works bad under pressure and a bit of a wimp

    Hair colour: Black

    Eye colour: Grey

    Strategy: She doesn't really have one

    Interview dress: A floor-length green dress,…

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  • District4 Tribute

    District Male Female
    1 Marvel Glimmer
    2 Cato Clove
    3 Noah Mailey
    4 Breck Marina
    5 Jayson Foxface/Finch
    6 Jason Tamora
    7 Kristof Regina
    8 Fuller Savannah
    9 Rye Demetria
    10 Barney Susan
    11 Thresh Rue

    What are the names of the tributes from the 74th Hunger Games? I know a few, but does anyone know any of the other names?

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