Hello peeps and welcome to the 80th Hunger Games! Rules are normal, tributes die randomly on 8 will die in the bloodbath and I'm skipping the reaping because it takes too long


Use the template to submit tributes








Name District/Gender Age Weapon Skill Weakness
Arron Harthorn 1 Male 16 Sword Strength, seduction His leg injury
Camielle Amberson 1 Female 17 Spear, bow+arrow Sleuth, intelligence, flexabillity Being too nice for a Career
Troy Ventura 2 Male 17 Axe, sword Strength, hand-to-hand combat Talking about his past
Saffron Ventura 2 Female 15 Throwing knifes, bow+arrow Fast and strong, very cunning and good at lying Her complete and utter connection to Troy
David Knight 3 Male 15 Throwing knife/axe Hiding, climbing trees, running Bad swimmer
Clarise Bens 3 Female 18 Knives, slingshot Brilliant Aim Anger issues
Tyson Phillips 4 Male 17 Bow+Arrow Camoflauge, amazing aim, very fast and stealthy Bad climber
Perdere Casey 4 Female 16 Trident, knife, spear Knots, traps, swimming, edible stuff Family
Russell Murphy 5 Male 14 Hand-to-hand combat, knives Climbing and sneaking around His method of distraction can backfire
Brianna Rielle 5 Female 15 Axe and throwing knife Hiding, running and climbing Surviving Alone
Marson McKellen 6 Male 17 Hooked Sword Survival and Allying Swimming and climbing
Terina Santos 6 Female 16 Sword and blowgun Fishing Boys and temper
Rory Slank 7 Male 15 Axe and awl Climbing and finding water Swimming and making alliances
Jade Herrera 7 Female 18 Knife, dagger, electric traps Intelligence, flexability, sleuth She has depression, so it's hard for her to find a trusting ally
Carl Los 8 Male 18 Spear Climbing Swimming
Carrie Smith 8 Female 18 Blowgun Climbing Swimming
Matthew Alexander 9 Male 16 Trident, nets, blowgun with poison Aim Bad swimmer
Annabelle Hopkins 9 Female 14 Dagger, throwing knifes Sleuth Mood swings, being young and short
Jesse Tommy 10 Male 13 Bow+arrow, knife Running, walking Swimming
Casey Richardson 10 Female 14 electric traps Same as weapon Hand-to-hand combat, scared of heights
Pablo Guevara 11 Male 14 Bow and arrows Climbing trees, fast, strong Always has to eat something
Brielle Hughes 11 Female 15 Bow and arrow, dagger Sleuth, sarcasm, elusive, makes good allies, climbing Swimming
Jacob Pribe 12 Male 14 Javelin, axe and throwing stars Edible food Making friends
Ryder Zayn 12 Female 16 Sword and knife She's strong and swift, making her unbeatable at hand-to-hand combat Afraid of fire


Everyone starts with £500, you earn money when you kill someone

If you get into the top 10, you get £100, if you get to the top 5, you get £300, if you get to the top 3, you get £500

Sponsor Tribute Money
SkytimeGirl Clarice Bens £500
SkytimeGirl Brianna Rielle £500
Italicos Matthew Alexander £500
CatnipKatniss Perdere Casey £500
Mysims Arron Harthorn £500
Mysims Troy Ventura £500
Mysims Saffron Ventura £500
CallamD97 Tyson Phillips £500
Cbuscrew344 Marson McKellen £500
Cbuscrew344 Terina Santos £500
Cbuscrew344 Rory Slank £500
Cbuscrew344 Jacob Pribe £500
Jakel David Knight £500
Dedejacob Carl Los £500
Dedejacob Carrie Smith £500
Ashtonmoiolover Camielle Amberson £500
Ashtonmoiolover Jade Herrera £500
Ashtonmoiolover Annabelle Hopkins £500
Ashtonmoiolover Brielle Hughes £500
FoxfaceMasonOdair Casey Richardson £500
FinnickisBOSS Ryder Zayn £500
P0bbs 99 Pablo Guevara £500
Tammydaisy Jesse Tommy £500

The Chariot Rides

Chariot ride time! Now that all the tributes are in, time for the chariot rides! Both tributes from each district must wear matching outfits, and anyone who doesn't post on time will get a terrible outfit and chariot. You must also describe the chariot. The best outfit gets £150 sponsor money.

You have until Tuesday 26th June to post the Chariot outfits

District 1

Arran wears a golden suit with Silver accents, its coated in glitter and when he spins it looks like he is a star, he is wearing a golden crown and has silver swirls painted on his face, hands and feet. He waves at the crowd and throws a rose, and later throws his clothes...o.0

District 2

Troy wears a roman toga with golden armour over it, it has dilver edging and he holds a large mallet, he starts encaved in stone, but then the stone begins to etch itself away until it leaves him, covered in silver dust and sparkles and looking pretty menacing. Saffron is the same as Troy, but a lot more girly, she wears a crown and her sparkles are pinkish

District 3

Chariot: The Ground Is Painted Black And Silver To Represent Computers. They're Platforms Levitate As The Horses Pull The Chariots. The Tributes Are Floating So They Seem Like The Tributes Are Actually Floating. The Glass Is Transparent And Under The Glass Chariot Is A Bunch Of Wires With Visible Electricty Flowing Through It. David Will Be Wearing A Silver Headpiece With Electric (The Similar Way Katniss And Peeta's Fire Was Like) Emantings. His Outfit Is Gray And A Black Jumpsuit With The Electric Accent. His Left Leg Is Exposed And His Boots Made Of Wire.

District 4

Perdere wears this dress that is long and blue and instead of being made to look like fire...its made to look like the sea, there are little fishies swimming around her dress somehow and she wears a blue tiara made out of water. She looks very beautiful and has shells for earrings that talk

District 5

District 6

Marson and Terina are wearing matching conductor oufits pulled by a grey chariot that resemles a train giving out steam, dark black horses pull the chariot

District 7

Rory wears a chopped up tree oufit, the chariot is a cart that resembles the pullig of trees. The horses are chocolate brown.

District 8

District 9

District 9 is wearing the typical harvester outfit but this time it's not just that...Their costumes are glittered with GOLD even their chariot is decorated with GOLD GRAINS that are actually GROWING!!! and both of them are carrying a bag...they both threw the bag at the audience and BOOM!!! A bag full of GOLD GLITTERS!!! and GOLD is in season for District 9

District 10

District 11

District 12

Jacob is in a coal outfit with flames coming out


Place Name District Money
1st --- --- £150
2nd --- --- £100
3rd --- --- £50

Group training

Private training and training scores


The arena

The Arena

The arena

1-Jungle. It's just a jungle, but it's full of tracker jacker nests

2-Mountain. A huge mountain, the top has supplies. There is a secret cave in the mountain that can be used as shelter and has a shortcut to the caves

3-Rainforest. A rainforest with trees that tributes can sleep in. It's the only place in the arena where it rains

4-Mutt canyon. It's a canyon full of mutts, of course. Every time one of the mutts in the canyon is killed, food, water, weapons or medicine is dropped into the Cornucopia

5-Beach. It's a beach with water, and the water must be purified before being drunk

6-Caves. There are 5 caves here, 3 contain mutts, 1 contains supplies and 1 contains nothing. One contains a secret entrance to the mountain

7-Desert. No supplies here, but if you walk through it for 2 days you get to the secret jungle

8-Secret jungle. The only way to get here is through a 2-day trek through the desert. There is supplies of epic proportions here (like a mini cornucopia, minus the bloodbath)

9-Grain field. A field of grain. In the field is a trapdoor that leads to the dungeon

10-Underground dungeon. There are mutts down here, and is only accessible via the trap door in the grain field

11-Glacier. A glacier with supplies frozen in the ice, a weapon could free them. The water around it can freeze tributes

12-Ruins. Ruins with supplies. Tributes can sleep here

The bloodbath

8 will die

And half way through the Games...there's a twist!!!

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