District 1

Lola Royale

Age: 16

Weapon: Bow and arrow and knife

Weakness: Doesn't think ahead

Hair colour: blonde

Eye Colour: Blue

Strategy: Work with the Careers, and when she gets suspicious she'll kill them in their sleep

Interview Dress: A floor-length dress with a gold top, silver bottom and bronze shoes

District 2

Courtney Hart

Age: 16

Weapon: Throwing knife and throwing axe

Weakness: Swimming and running

Hair colour: black

Eye Colour: Green

Strategy: Follow Careers...then kill them all.

Interview Dress: A puffy, orange dress with flowers on it's belt, with tall, orange heels and her hair curled

District 3

Carmen Databyte

Age: 17

Weapon: Anything technology

Weakness: Works bad under pressure and a bit of a wimp

Hair colour: Black

Eye colour: Grey

Strategy: She doesn't really have one

Interview dress: A floor-length green dress, and the straps reach round the back of her neck, so it doesn't show any bits of strap on the back

District 4

Mollie Winthrop

Age: 14

Weapon: Trident

Weakness: Running and being a bit mentally unstable

Hair colour: blonde

Eye colour: Blue

Strategy: Listen to whatever she's told to do

Interview Dress-A short, puffy blue dress with several white underskirts and a blue, ribbon-like anklet

District 5

Liz Spark

Age: 15

Weapon: knife and sword

Weakness: Hates pain

Hair colour: ginger

Eye colour: Grey

Strategy: Hide during day, kill during night

Interview Dress: A silver, sparkling dress with a grey hair-flower and grey sandel-like heels

District 6

Helen Amor

Age: 16

Weapon: knife

Weakness: Scared of insects

Hair colour: brown

Eye colour: Brown

Strategy: Escape the Bloodbath without supplies, then figuere the rest out later

Interview Dress-A long, blue dress that shows off her left leg.

District 7

Stacia Lopez

Age: 17

Weapon: Spear and knife

Weakness: Has trust issues

Hair colour: Fanta orange

Eye Colour: Green

Strategy: Ally with her District partner, and listen to his strategy

District 8

Mackenzie Zita

Age: 18

Weapon: spear and bow and arrow

Weakness: running and hand-to-hand combat

Hair colour: redish-brown

Eye colour: Yellow

Strategy: Get weapons from the Bloodbath and hunt down the Careers (A.k.a. Suicide)

Interview Dress: A short, red dress with red heels

District 9

Jackie Clark

Age: 16

Weapon: fencing sword and knife

Weakness: Afraid of mutts (particulary Tracker Jackers)

Hair colour: black

Eye colour: Black

Strategy: Find a place to camp and avoid tributes

Interview Dress-An orange, strapless dress looks more like a skirt than a dress

District 10

Alice Ward

Age: 16

Weapon: Meat cleaver

Weakness: Afraid of fire and lightning

Hair colour: Jet black

Eye colour: Blue

Strategy: If in an alliance, listen to her allies. If not, than find a place to sleep and make sure she has enough food to last

Interview Dress-A blue dress that comes to her knees, that has many white underskirts and a blue hair ribbon on the back of her head

District 11

Rosa Corsiva

Age: 13

Weapon: Spear and sword

Weakness: bow and arrow

Hair colour: black

Eye Colour: Yellow

Strategy: Hide until the end

Interview Dress: A green jumpsuit that looks like a dress whenether Rosa puts her legs together

District 12

Kelly Springfield

Age: 15

Weapon: Blowgun and hand-to-hand combat

Weakness: Falls for guys easily (kinda desperate)

Hair colour: blackish-brown

Eye colour: Yellow

Strategy: Pursue the hottest male tribute

Interview Dress-A black dress that is light on the top, but gets darker and darker as it goes down

District 13

Alexandra Carter

Age: 13

Weapon: knife and spear

Weakness: Gets scared under pressure

Hair colour: brown with blonde highlights

Eye colour: Grey

Strategy: Kill animals for food

Interview Dress-A green, knee-length jumpsuit with a green necklace

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