Hello and welcome! This is the 69th Hunger Games! Enter your tribute! Tributes will die randomly, they'll be given a number and be chosen on so I'm not really in charge of the deaths.

Tribute Template




Weapon-of-choice: (Everything isn't an option.)

Strengths: (Weapons aren't strengths. Strengths are climbing and swimming, etc.)

Weaknesses: (Everyone must have a weakness. No one's perfect.)

Alliance: (There's a max 7 per alliance)

Optional: Personality, appearence, bio, backstory, picture, etc.

If you don't use any pictures, please describe what your tribute looks like, and I'll make a Lunaii of them for you.

Tribute Chart

Name Age District Weapon Strengths Weaknesses
Noah Everest 13 1 Knife, throwing axe, intelligence Intelligence, quick-thinking Strong people
Ashley Diamond 17 1 Nightlock poison and throwing knives Fighting, running Fear of mutts, especially tracker jackers
Drake Mordan 15 2 Sword, axe Strength, hand-to-hand Isn't good with small weapons or people, fear of frogs
Roxanne 'Roxy' Samhuel 17 2 Bow+Arrow Swimming Full of herself
Wiranaty Trocute 17 3 Wire, Mines, anything explosive or electrical Smart, fast, good climber and hider  Not very strong
Surge Trip 14 3 Bow and Blowgun Agile, Stealthy, Accurate, Fast, Good Climber Not that Strong, Can Barely lift anything, Hand-to-Hand combat
Posiedon Scorp 18 4 Trident, Fish Hook, Net Swimming, running, smart and strong Doesn't trust others that easily
Eaux Orbruo 14 4 Trident and Net Swimming, Knowledge of fish and underwater things Not very fast, Bad Climbing skills, Hand-to-Hand Combat, Parasitophobia
Veto Magnate 13 5 Nunchucks and Metal Pole Climbing, Technology Physical Combat, Heavy Weapons, Vertigo
Sahara Araya 15 5 Bow+Arrow Stealth, Aim Climbing
Asper Dell 16 6 Axe, Blowgun Great climber and runner, good stamina Bad swimmer, doesn't like being made to make decisions, hates to be around others, vertigo
Swift Mage 12 6 Mace, Dagger, Seduction Very fast and stealthy, very good at seduction Arrogant, picky about food, isn't that strong, is hated by most, acrophobia
Edric Almas 18 7 Trident, spear Strategic, fast, strong, good at thinking plans Not very agile, not a strong swimmer, lyssophobia (a fear of becoming mad)
Arelia Night 15 7 Axe and spear Self-Confidence, Fast, Stealthy, Knows survival skills like making fires and shelters and food Close combat fighting, terrible swimmer, not good at being alone
Velour Coudre 18 8 Crossbow and Bow Accurate, can shoot from long distances, strong, fast Climbing, Swimming, Socially Awkward, Not the Best Stamina
Kumori Nikko 16 8 Daito (A Samurai Sword) Knows a lot about plants, great climber, good at adapting to tough situations Doesn't know how to tie knots, her hair is bright so hiding is difficult
Pamline Falcone 18 9 Axe, Mace Great stamina, good tree climber, calm minded Can't swim, doesn't like the company of others, pagophobia
Marie Rosalez 14 9 Throwing Knives, Snares Speed, Plant Identification Loud Voice, Swimming, Claustrophobia
Fletch Richards 12 10 Scythe and Kama Knowledge of plants and some weapons, surprisingly strong Swimming, running, climbing, Terrible accuracy, scared
Mylene Valente 18 10 Whip, Throwing Knives Smart, knows how to work with animals Not that strong, can't swim, afraid of heights
Mudpet "Muddi" Riveaxl 17 11 Throwing Axes, Spear Plant Identification, Hand-to-Hand Combat Agility, Leading Others, Fear of Bears
Lindsay Tereen 16 11 Bow+Arrow Aim, Swimming Climbing
Carbo Ferrum 17 12 Katana or sword Knows how to make traps, strong, can go a while without starving Bad plant identification skills, bad at swimming, finds it hard to hide himself
Kelly Thompson 17 12 Bow and Arrow Speed, Climbing, Botany (Study of plants) Strength, swimming


Name District Sponsor 1 Sponsor 2 Sponsor 3 Money
Noah Everest 1 Theman77 £1000
Ashley Diamond 1 Glitterday £1000
Drake Mordan 2 Theman77 £1000
Roxanne Samhuel 2 Equestria Gurl £1000
Wiranaty Trocute 3 Nhtomohawks22 £1100
Surge Trip 3 TBWTPT £1600
Posiedon Scorp 4 Nhtomohawks22 £1000
Eaux Obruo 4 TBWTPT £1500
Veto Magnate 5 TBWTPT £1500
Sahara Araya 5 Equestria Gurl £1000
Asper Dell 6 TBWTPT £2500
Swift Mage 6 TBWTPT £2500
Edric Almas 7 ViniciusDeAssis1999 £1500
Arelia Night 7 TBWTPT £2000
Velour Coudre 8 TBWTPT £1500
Kumori Nikko 8 Wesolini £1000
Pamline Falcone 9 TBWTPT £1500
Marie Rosalez 9 ViniciusDeAssis1999 £1000
Fletch Richards 10 TBWTPT £1500
Mylene Valente 10 Wesolini £1000
Mudpet "Muddi" Riveaxl 11 ViniciusDeAssis1999 £1000
Lindsay Tereen 11 Equestria Gurl £1000
Carbo Ferrum 12 Wesolini £1000
Kelly Thompson 12 Gurule2012 £1000

You can sponsor tributes even if you're not in the Games

Also, if two different users are in an alliance, they can buy items for their allies


Name District Wanted Alliance Allies
Noah Everest 1 Careers Ashley, Drake, Roxanne, Posiedon, Eaux
Ashley Diamond 1 Careers Noah, Drake, Roxanne, Posiedon, Eaux
Drake Mordan 2 Careers Noah, Ashley, Roxanne, Posiedon, Eaux
Roxanne Samhuel 2 Careers Noah, Ashley, Drake, Posiedon, Eaux
Wiranaty Trocute 3 No one None
Surge Trip 3 No one None
Posiedon Scorp 4 Careers Noah, Ashley, Roxanne, Drake, Eaux
Eaux Obruo 4 Careers Noah, Ashley, Roxanne, Drake, Posiedon
Veto Magnate 5 No one No one
Sahara Araya 5 Anyone No one
Asper Dell 6 ??? No One
Swift Mage 6 ??? No one
Edric Almas 7 ??? No One
Arelia Night 7 None (But is bad at being alone) No one
Velour Coudre 8 None No One
Kumori Nikko 8 Strong tributes who can keep her safe No one
Pamline Falcone 9 ??? No One
Marie Rosalez 9 ??? No one
Fletch Richards 10 None No One
Mylene Valente 10 Anyone from 7, 9, 10, 11 or 12 No One
Mudpet "Muddi" Riveaxl 11 Anyone who isn't a Career No One
Lindsay Tereen 11 Anyone who wants one but not a Career No one
Carbo Ferrum 12 Two allies, from outlining Districts (10, 11, 12) Kelly
Kelly Thompson 12 District partner and anyone else Carbo

Tribute Gallery

Tribute Parade

Ok, Tribute Parade time!

Submit your tribute's chariot costume, or they get a really awful one. Seriously, I'm not afraid to make them naked.

Deadline: 17th December not enough people have submitted their outfits so new deadline is 19th December.

District 1

Ashley Diamond

She's wearing a puffy hot pink dress with white flats and a diamond wristband. She also has pink lipstick with her hair in a curly ponytail

Noah Everest

District 2

Roxanne 'Roxy' Samhuel

She's dressed like Aphrodite, the Greek Godess of love

Drake Mordan

District 3

Surge Trip

She's wearing a ballgown dress made of 100% solar panel, and as the chariots go on they get lighter and lighter. They then smash which creates and explosion of smoke, but when the smoke dissappears, she's now wearing a long glowing dress covered in diamonds. Her hair is wrapped in a string covered with diamonds.

Wiranaty Trocute

District 4

Eaux Obruo

Posiedon Scorp

District 5

Sahara Araya

She's wearing a strapless, silver dress with silver bracelets that look like wires, to represent electrical power

Veto Magnate

District 6

Swift Mage

A silver, metallic-looking dress. The pattern is detailed so when she spins, you see a birdseye view of a road with little cars driving on and off it. Halfway through the Chariots, she splatters herself in paint. But instead of staining the dress, the colours mix in with the silver, causing the map of the roads and cars to become detailed with colour. The colours then come together to form the words 'We Love the Capitol' and afterwards, the colours leap out of the dress to form bursts of colour and light, and when it fades she's wearing a golden, metallic dress with a repetitive crown pattern.

Asper Dell

He's wearing a silver suit. It's patterned so when he spins, it looks like there are roads which twist and bend, with little cars driving on and off them. Halfway through, he'll pull out a paintbrush and splatter his clothes, but instead of staining them the colours mix in and add colour to the roads and cars. The colours then come together to form the words 'We Love the Capitol', and then will explode into lights and colours.

District 7

Arelia Night

A floorlength ballgown coated in leaves with a stitched green pattern. It's dark green, but gets lighter and lighter as the chariot rides go on. She's holding a long green fan with emeralds in them that catch light and send shimmers into the crowd. She's throwing small green orbs that burst into flowers that entangle her feet.

Edric Almas

He's wearing a tree outfit

District 8

Kumori Nikko

Velour Coudre

He's wearing a plain, blue top with casual denim jeans that show his figure. His shirt will keep changing colours in an ocean-like fashion. He's dressed like an ordinary kid.

District 9

Marie Rosalez

She's wearing a long, dark brown dress

Pamline Falcone

He's wearing a tight vest with no sleeves, only covering the torso. He's also wearing skin-tight trousers. They are all a light yellow colour that glows in the dark. They produce a pattern that looks like wheat blowing in the wind. His hear is covered in gold dust, with his skin covered in pale brown, creating contrast. He's also barefoot.

District 10

Mylene Valente

Fletch Richards

Pale green shirt which hangs from his body, and short green shorts with a dark brown wheat pattern stitched on. There are dark green vines wrapped around his arms and legs. He has gold make-up and gold dust in his hair, which is also covered on his body. He's barefoot.

District 11

Lindsay Tereen

She's wearing a bikini made of grass and a see-through skirt, along with flowers weaved into her hair

Mudpet Riveaxl

He's wearing a brown shirt with brown, mud-covered trousers

District 12

Kelly Thompson

Carbo Ferrum


District Tributes Prize Money Reason
D6 Asper and Swift £1000 Love the outfits and the car/road pattern, along with the colour
D7 Edric and Arelia £500 Love Arelia's outfit, the design and the chariot experience sounded amazing, and Edric's tree outfit represents District 7's stylists
D3 Wiranaty and Surge £100 Though Wiranaty didn't get an outfit, Surge's solar panel dress that ended up changing represents the technology of D3


Private Training!!! Please enter your tribute's private training, I'll give the Training scores!

Deadline: 20th January 

District Male Tribute Training Score Female Tribute Training Score
1 Noah Everest Ashley Diamond 7
2 Drake Mordan Roxanne "Roxy" Samhuel 7
3 Wiranaty Trocute 7 Surge Trip
4 Posiedon Scorp 9 Eaux Obruo
5 Veto Magnate Sahara Araya 4
6 Asper Dell Swift Mage
7 Edric Almas Arelia Night
8 Velour Coudre Kumori Nikko
9 Pamline Falcone Marie Rosalez
10 Fletch Richards Mylene Valente
11 Mudpet "Muddi" Riveaxl Lindsay Tereen 7
12 Carbo Ferrum Kelly Thompson

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