• District7!

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    For this special edition of the hunger games, General Paylor's great grandson has taken the podium. "For the special edition this year, Ten people will be reaped from each district! Then that district will have a mini games, with an excact replica of the arena in a different district. When ten are dead, the remaining two will go strait to the arena! Now, for the district pairings and mini arenas:

    District 1 and district 11 in city ruins

    2 and 8 in the mountains,

    3 will be with 12 in the meadows,

    4 and 9 on a tropical island

    5 as well as 10 in the desert,

    and 6 with 7 in the forest.

    Now, each mini arena will have two reappearring w…

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  • District7!

    Welcome To the household games. This is the hunger games as if you were using household items as weapons and other supplies. Also, the arena is a giant mansion. I will do reaping, training, Private training sessions, Interviews, and the games.

    • Shovel (Like Mace)
    • Kitchen Knife (Like Knife)
    • Chairs (Like rocks)
    • Basebal Bats(Like Club)
    • Towel (for choking someone)
    • Matches
    • Duct Tape
    • Chainsaw (Like Sword)
    • Broom
    • Pan
    • Fork (Like Trident)
    • Pencil (Like Awl)
    • Sheet (Like Net)
    • Straw and Needle (Like Blowgun and darts)
    • High Power hose
    • Chemicals
    • Stapler
    • Hot Iron
    • Boiling Water
    • Hammer
    • Letter opener
    • CD
    • Nerf Gun

    I am looking for suggestions.

    District f/m Name Weapons
    1 F Aurora Gold Chainsaw, Kitchen Knife, Chemicals
    1 M Austin Dettsworth Bats, Kitchen Knife, Fork
    2 F Riso Nickson Chairs…

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