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For this special edition of the hunger games, General Paylor's great grandson has taken the podium. "For the special edition this year, Ten people will be reaped from each district! Then that district will have a mini games, with an excact replica of the arena in a different district. When ten are dead, the remaining two will go strait to the arena! Now, for the district pairings and mini arenas:

District 1 and district 11 in city ruins

2 and 8 in the mountains,

3 will be with 12 in the meadows,

4 and 9 on a tropical island

5 as well as 10 in the desert,

and 6 with 7 in the forest.

Now, each mini arena will have two reappearring weapons.

1 and 11 will have maces and clubs,

2 and 8 will have knives and daggers,

3 and 12 will have swords and wire,

4 and 9 will have spears and tridents,

5 and 10 will have blowguns and bow and arrows,

6 and 7 will have axes and nets.

Thank you.


Tributes from 1,11

Tributes from 2, 8

Tributes from 3,12

D12 Male Austin Mellark

Skills--Tree climbing, strength, Bow and Arrows

D12 Male Drake Dust

Skills--Running, Swimming, Knife, Sword, Swimming, Strength, Strategy

D12 Male Kurt Clausner

Skills--Sword, tree climbing

D12 Male Darren Hole

Skills--Wire, Technology, smarts, mace, mines

D12 Male Tyrone Frasher

Skills--Blowgun, dart gun, poison, strength

D12 Male Darcy Lyon

Skills--Axe, speed, throwing rocks

D12 Female Wilma Ojeda

Skills--Survival, swimming, climbing, martial arts

D12 female Beth Mori

Skills--Hunting, swords, human traps

D12 Female Adris Blaze

Skills--Strategy, Looks, Knives, Knots, climbing, swimming, slingshots, snares

D12 Female Azura Mellark

Skills--Bow and Arrow, Camouflage, climbing, swimming, speed

Tributes from 4,9

D9 Male Caleb Stoll

Skills--Flips, Hand to Hand, axe

Tributes from 5,10

Tributes from 6,7

Mini Battles

District 1

District 2

District 3

District 4

District 5

District 6

District 7

District 8

District 9

District 10

District 11

District 12

Kurt Clausner's POV

We're on our plates, but there isn't a cornucopia. Everyone just has a coil of wire, a sword, and one other object, in a box with a question mark on it. There is a sign that shows everyone's face and the time. 20, 19, 18

I look at Darren. He nods. We have been friendly, but he is now my ally. Important, because if we both survive, this will carry over to the real games. Six boys. Four girls. My ally uses the wire. I use the sword. I look up. 4, 3, 2, GONG!

We head away from what isn't a bloodbath because of no supplies. "What's our strategy?" Darren is smart. It is surprising for him to depend on me for this. "Be the careers of twelve I guess." He is happy. We are pretty far away from the middle right now, but we'll see where people are there. Maybe we could kill someone there with the same idea.

Adris Blaze's POV

I open the mystery box immediately, while I see Austin doing the same. He gets a pack of throwing darts. Well, I am in luck. I get a pack of throwing knives. Six. I take one and throw it at Austin. It hits his upper back. BOOM! First kill. I think of the other minigames ocurring now. Careers are fighting against careers. I bet less people volunteered. If I will win the real games, I must be a career. I find Wilma. She has a strong looking piece of bamboo, and what looks like a throwing torch. I sneak up on her, and behead her. BOOM! I check out what she had. The swords are of no need, same with the wire. The throwable torch has an off switch. I take it. One second it will be a stick, the next the death of an opponent. Two down. 6 to go.

I then see Darcy. He sees me. He might think I'm attractive. Allies? I casually ask him. "Definitely," he says. Confirmed. "Look at this," he says, pulling out a blowgun. I smile. "Mine wasn't that good. I take out the torch. He sees it and sees right through me. His blowgun is set in a flash, and i feel a pain in my hand. My vision is going blurry.

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