Welcome To the household games. This is the hunger games as if you were using household items as weapons and other supplies. Also, the arena is a giant mansion. I will do reaping, training, Private training sessions, Interviews, and the games.


  • Shovel (Like Mace)
  • Kitchen Knife (Like Knife)
  • Chairs (Like rocks)
  • Basebal Bats(Like Club)
  • Towel (for choking someone)
  • Matches
  • Duct Tape
  • Chainsaw (Like Sword)
  • Broom
  • Pan
  • Fork (Like Trident)
  • Pencil (Like Awl)
  • Sheet (Like Net)
  • Straw and Needle (Like Blowgun and darts)
  • High Power hose
  • Chemicals
  • Stapler
  • Hot Iron
  • Boiling Water
  • Hammer
  • Letter opener
  • CD
  • Nerf Gun

I am looking for suggestions.

Tributes: Districts 1,2,3,4,5,7 are completely taken

District f/m Name Weapons
1 F Aurora Gold Chainsaw, Kitchen Knife, Chemicals
1 M Austin Dettsworth Bats, Kitchen Knife, Fork
2 F Riso Nickson Chairs, Bats, Shovel
2 M Ryan Isner Kitchen Knives
3 F Enigma Fay Pan, Chemicals, Kitchen Knife, Scissors
3 M Preston Emery Bat, Rocks, Chemicals, Matches
4 F Quiley Glade Fork, Decerative Stars, Kitchen Knife
4 M Mickey McAlister Fork, Kitchen Knife, Scissors
5 F Misty Calliden Hose, Pan, Chainsaw, Stapler
5 M Gunner Pann Chainsaw, Kitchen Knife, Stapler
6 F Sofía Lawrence Pan, towel, hose, throwing objects
6 M Vroom Rouge Nerf Gun, Chainsaw
7 F Demi Callitor Broom, pan, shovel
7 M Gabe DiPablo Kitchen Knife, Chainsaw
8 F
8 M Roberto Juarez CDs, strength
9 F Demi Campbell Kitchen Knives, Straw and Needle
9 M Alex Donaque Chainsaw, Needle and straw
10 F Allianna "Allie" Whittle throwing kitchen knives
10 M Navy Wonders Kitchen Knife, Chainsaw, Bat
11 F
11 M
12 F
12 M

Pre-Training Betting Board

Name Odds Weapons
Aurora Gold 5-1 Chainsaw, Kitchen Knife, Chemicals
Austin Dettsworth 7-1 Bats, Kitchen Knife, Fork
Riso Nickson 5-1 Chairs, Bats, Shovel
Ryan Isner 6-1 Kitchen Knives
Enigma Fay 9-1 Pan, Chemicals, Kitchen Knife, Scissors
Preston Emery 12-1 Bat, Rocks, Chemicals, Matches
Quiley Glade 10-1 Fork, Decerative Stars, Kitchen Knife
Mickey McAlister 8-1 Fork, Kitchen Knife, Scissors
Misty Calliden 14-1 Hose, Pan, Chainsaw, Stapler
Gunner Pann 13-1 Chainsaw, Kitchen Knife, Stapler
Sofía Lawrence 6-1 Pan, towel, hose, throwing objects
Vroom Rouge 10-1 Nerf Gun, Chainsaw
Demi Callitor 17-1 Broom, pan, shovel
Gabe DiPablo 19-1 Kitchen Knife, Chainsaw
Roberto Juarez 25-1 CDs, strength
Demi Campbell 21-1 Kitchen Knives, Straw and Needle
Alex Donaque 19-1 Chainsaw, Needle and straw
Allianna "Allie" Whittle 16-1 Throwing Kitchen Knives
Navy Wonders 14-1 Kitchen Knife, Chainsaw, Bat


The arena is a grand mansion. It has five floors, a courtyard, a basement, a garden, and a backyard. On the first floor is the kitchen, dining room, and movie theatre. Showing in the theatre is the televised version of the games. From the first floor, there is access to the courtyard and backyard. In the backyard is the cornucopia. On the second floor there is the master bathroom, master bedroom, and library. On the third floor is the pool and showers. The fourth floor has bedrooms, a music room, and a giant closet. The fifth floor has a basketball court. Every floor has a fireplace. The kitche and all bathrooms have running drinkable water. The basement has a garage with four cars, a playroom, and an art room. There is one elevator and two sets of stairs leading to every floor. The Garden is on the roof.


D1--Austin Dettsworth's POV

Reaping day. I'm at my career school. Today the boy and girl with the best grades in this career school will volunteer. They tell us. "The girls--Aurora Gold. For household games, you show finess with a chainsaw and kitchen knife. Your level of understanding of chemicals is beyond district 3". I sigh. She is really good. If I am chosen, it will be hard to take her down at the end...

"Now, theree are two people for the boys who tied. Tory Hinrich is slightly better though. Tory? Tory! If he is not here, then second place was Austin!!" I am shocked, happy, and ready. I'll win glory for all of district one. I will devour the household games!

D2--Riso Nickson's POV

I am awaken by my clock. I immediately think, reaping day, this is my chance. I wake everyone else up and bring them downstairs. "I will volunteer!" I say. Everyone is smiling. "You will win. You have killed two people who tried to rob our house. If the escort choses you, you will win!" We get down to the square. It is near a large mining mountain. Now I prepare to volunteer. The mayor makes a speach. The escort then comes up. "Who wants to win?" Cheering. "For the girls, Riso Nickson!" I am mad. The worst thing for a career is to be reaped, because then they can't volunteer, and someone else can. When nobody does, I smile. I am a tribute! The boy comes and I don't recognize him. He must be from the northern section of 2. Whatever. He won't win!

D3--Enigma Fay's POV

I woke up early and snuck out of the house. I went to the justice building, just to see my chances. I might win, I strangely think. Then it hits me: I will volunteer for anyone younger than me. I'll try to be with the careers, because I'll volunteer for a non-family member and I'm good enough. I sneak back into bed. We soon wake up, have a decent breakfast, get some nice clothes on, and head to our meeting place.

The mayor makes a speach which is long, boring, and talks of the history of Panem. The reaping: "For the boys, Preston Emery!" I look to the stage. A blonde, blue eyed, scared teenager is there. Easy. "For the girls, Enigma Fay!" I am extremely happy that I didn't need to tell my family that I would volunteer. I smile as I walk up to the stage.

D4--Mickey McAlister's POV

I Think I will win. I will volunteer. I know I was planning to do it next year, but this year is good enough. We get to "the deck", the place on the water where the reapings occur every year. I tell my parents that I will be a career. They are happy. "I know that you'll win Mickster". The mayor makes his speech. Our escort is a stupid girl in her 20s who has a weird accent not from the capitol. She speaks slowly, and says a weird word instead of the word you. Our mentor was one of the original mentors in the household games. We haven't had a victor yet. That will change soon.

"Far the galls. Quiley Glide!" Nobody volunteers. I study her. She is attractive. I have seen her in school before, and she is also very smart. I hope she agrees to be my ally. I don't even listen to the boys, I just prepare to say that I volunteer the second after the boys name is called. Soon I am brought to the stage. Happy household games!

D5--Gunner Pann's POV

I think about my chances. I just need the satisfaction of killing the D1 male. I need to. For my brothers. Also, If I die, I'll see them in heaven. I don't care about anything, Just volunteer.

D6--Sofia Lawrence's POV

I wake up and just hope that I don't get reaped. I get dressed before everyone else. It is so annoying that they only allow us to walk on reaping day. We walk from a whole 6.3 miles away. I'm tired, sweaty, and thirsty at the square. Our escort seems nice and maybe useful. "Let's just get this over with. Ladies." I hope... "Sofia Lawrence." Her enthusiasm is true of everyone's. Is it possible that she isn't from the capitol? I don't care, cause I'm dead. Too bad, I won't feel anything. Now for the boys. "Vroom Rouge." GREAT! he is the biggest jerk I've ever met. If I can kill someone now, it would be him. I was hoping to have an ally from home. Instead, an enemy.


Private training Sessions

Betting odds and training scores

Name Score Betting Odds




Death Chart

Place Person Killer How Location

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