These names/victors are not fictional or made up they are from the real moive. You can see at this link


14 out of 76 victors were not able to participate in these games due to sickness or death.(including Katniss and Peeta)

Orchid Edenthew and Velorum Lathmore- District 1

Griffin Naysmith, Leonis Elestren, and Magnus Sterlingshire- District 2

Honorius Perthshire- District 3

Mags Cohen- District 4

Fir Yule Eero Nitya - District 7

Savera Inchcape- District 8

 Mizar Aldjoy- District 9

Wolfmark RedpathFallstreak Ivory- District 11

Katniss and Peeta-District 12

G Name District Age Weapon Year Won Trainig Score
M Raff Lockhearst 1 66 Knives 24th 9
F Terra Kinnimonth 1 49 Spears 42nd 9
M  Struve Ballantynn 1 47 Bow and Arrow 44th 10
F Scorpii Inchcape 1 37 Knife 52nd 9
M Grey Fretta 1 40 Sword 53rd 10
M Rendwick Keene 1 29 Axe 61st 11
M  Gloss Ritchson 1 26 Knife 63rd 10
F Cashmere Ritchson 1 26 Knife 64th 11
M Gauis Flamsteed 1 22 Sword 68th 9
M Baron Overwhill 2 72 Axe 29th 10
F Zenobia Rivendell 2 60 Sword 34th 9
F Berglind Jonsdottir,  2 45 Bow and Arrow Unknown 8
M Brutus Gunn  2 44 Spear 48th 10
M Kurt Bonatz 2 41 Knife 52nd 9
F Abigail Jackson 2 37 Sickle 55th 9
F Lyme Rabe 2 33 Knife 58th 10
F Enobaria Golding 2 29 Sameri Sword 62nd 10
M Wade Rankine 2 24 Axe 69th 8
F Fawn Odinshoot 3 61 Knife,Brain 30th 7
M Beetee Lantier 3 57 Wire,Brain 35th 7
F Wiress Plummer 3 54 None 38th 5
M Yohan Fairbain 3 26 Spear 66th 8
F Muscida Selkirk 4 63 Spear 29th 10
F Librae Ogilvy 4 44 Spear 49th 9
M  Finnick Odair 4 24 Tritent 65th 11
M Ron Stafford 4 26 Axe 67th 8
F Annie Cresta 4 22 Machete 70th 7
F Gliese Dugald 5 63 Axe 28th 6
M Soren Galloway 5 58 Bow and Arrow 33rd 8
F Venture Allardyce 5 51 Sickle 40th 10
M Thorburn Chlodowech 5 49 Axe 41st 9
M James Logan 5 48 All weapons 44th 9
F Ashleen Ballyregan 5 33 Sword,Axe 57th 10
F Ivette Li Sanchez 5 32 Knife Unknown 10
F Tressa Spectral 6 42 Sword Unknown 9
M  Ivo Lockhearst 6 43 Spear, Dagger Unknown 10
M Justin Hix 6 33 Camoflage Unknown 5
F Megan Hayes 6 33 Camoflage and Sickle Unknown 5
M Jago Portshore 7 42 Bladed Whip Unknown 10
F Sabille Rosehearty 7 39 Sword Unknown 10
M Blight Jordan 7 26 Knife 66th 10
F Johanna Mason  7 21 Axe 71st 10
F Pliny Arausio 7 20 Axe 72nd 10
M Woof Casino 8 77 Fire,Spear 24th 4
M Indigo Weaver,  8 61 Knife 31st 6
F Cecelia Sanchez 8 30 Sword 60th 8
F Laurel Flamsteed 9 65 Knife,Axe,Bolas 27th 8
F Jomilee Lapworth 9 49 Sameri Sword 44th 10
F Marian Green 9 51 Knife,Speed 46th 9
M Daniel Bernhart 9 41 Machete,Strength 56th 10
M Tule Roxen  10 58 Axe 35th 11
F  Phox Yule 10 50 Spear Unknown 9
F  Greir Rollo 10 45 Machete Unknown 11
M Alto Combe 10 34 Sword Unknown 8
F Tiffany Waxler 10 23 Axe Unknown 9
M Jackson Spidell 10 22 Sword Unknown 9
M  Wolfmark Redpath 11 53 Knife 32nd 6
F Seeder Howell 11 52  Small sword 33rd 7

Chaff Mitchell

11 45 Sickle 45th 9
M  Parry Ogilby 11 40 Scythe 51st 8
M Haymitch Abernathy 12 42 Knife 50th 8


For training I will do one tribute from each district

District 1-Scorpii Inchape

"You have 10 minutes to present your chosen skill." said the head Gamemaker. Scorpii walked to the weapons simulator and picked up some throwing knives. The simulation begins. A hologram runs at Scorpii with an axe. It throws the axe at her head but she rolls out of the way and throws a knife into its head. Another hologram appeared behind her with a bow and got a knife to the chest.

District 2- Wade Rankine

District 3- Yohan Fairbain

Dsitrict 4- Librae Ogilvy


The arena is a giant maze with walls made of bushes and vines like plants. There are several twist and turns and the maze can change at any moment. Vines and roots can come to life and attack the victors, Walls can colide and crush them, and There is also poisonise fog and many large beast that rome at night.

The Bloodbath

The tributes rise up into the arena in a large half-circle and find themselves in a large field. 400 meters in front of them sits the golden Cornucopia. In-between the tributes and the cornucopia is a field scattered with individual supplies and piles of supplies and crates. Beside the Cornucopia is a giant 17 foot high pile of supplies. 10,9,8,7.... All the tributes get ready. 3,2,1...GONG! Annie(4)Collapsed off her plate and starts screaming and sobbing her head off making Tressa(6) stop and look in her direction. Librae(4) suddenly tackles her to the ground. Tressa(6) tries to get up but Librae(4) pins her down and slapps her face over and over again. Indigo(8) runs to the nearest pile of crates and grabs a small axe. He sees Annie(4) hiding behind her plate and runs at her. Annie(4) sits curled up behind her crate, her hands over her ears, and rocks back and forth mumbling, "Finick, Finick,Finick." Indigo(8) popped out from behind the crate and rose his axe to strike when a voice from behind said "Annie." All of the sudden a trident flew into his chest and he collapsed to the ground. BOOM! Finnick(4z0 bent down and frabbed Annie(4) by the sholders. "Its ok. Our allies will get supplies and meet us in the maze." he said to her in the calmest voice possible. Venture(5) grabbed a purple backpack and Ivo(6) pushed Haymich(12) to the ground. Scorpii(1) found Wiress and grabs her by the back of her hair. Scorpii(1) swiftly stabs Wiress(3) in the side with her knife making her gasp. BOOM!Sabille(7) ran around a pile of crates and came face to face with Berling(2). Berling(2) loaded her bow and fired an arrow at Sabilles(7) chest. Sabille(7) dove behind the pile of crates, the arrow still hitting her arm. Muscida(4) was walking with a spear when she saw Lauren(9) and Seeder(11) fighting over a yellow sleeping bag. Muscida(4) grabs Lauren(9)by the back of the jacket and thrown her to the ground, making her scrape her elbow. When Muscida(4) was about to kill Lauren(9) when Woof(8) runs out at her with a knife. Muscida(4) jabs him in the liver and he falls to the ground. Not dead, but almost. Justin(6) ran to the giant pile looking around frantically. He jumps onto the pile and starts climbing as fast as he can towards the orange camouflage box at the top. Right when he grabbed it something grasped his foot. he tumbled off the pile, slaminging into his attacker, and landed on his back. Before he could even move Ivette(5) stabs him in the chest with her knife, blood flying everywhere. She stabbed him 4 more times before the cannon sounded.BOOM! Brutus(2) punched Ivo(6) for the third time, making his nose bleed. Lyme(2) saw Ivette(5) take a pack of throwing knives and ran at her. Lyme(2) grabbed Ivette(5) by the her and launched her backwards into the Cornucopia. When Ivette(5) stood up Lyme punched her across the face and brought Ivette's nose to her knee. Lyme(2) then pushed Ivette(5) against the Cornucopia wall and started punching her has hard as she could. Ivette(5) put up her hands over her face but Lyme(2) kept punching. In the middle of one of the punches Ivette(5) swung at Lyme(2) hitting her in the chin. She quickly kneed Lyme(2) in the stomach and pushed her over a crate. Ivette(5) grabbed her pack of knives and a orange backpack and left the Cornucopia to watch battles unfold. Blight(7) was running in the middle of the field when Kurt(2) and Alto(10)ran at him from both sides. He dropped his stuff and clinched his fist. With a grand roar he spun around and punched Kurt(2) in the throat. He then turned around again and grabbed Alto(10) by the shirt in mid run. Alto(10) gasped as he soared threw the air and landed 10 feet away from Blight(7).Blight looked over his shoulder and saw Johanna(7) fighting with Tiffany(10) fight over a tomahawk. He walked towards them. Tiffany(10) and Johanna(7) stand with an tomahawk in-between them. They play tug war thrash and pull at the axe but neither of them will let go. Tiffany(10) punches Johanna(7) in the face making Johanna(7) let go. Tiffany(10) swings the tomahawk at Johanna's but she ducks and grabs a nearby crate. She slams the crate into the side of Tiffany's head, knocking her over, and takes the tomahawk. Her and Blight take there supplies(a black backpack, curved dagger, and axe) and run into the maze. As they leave Woof bleeds out. BOOM! Sobille(7) ran for a sword on the weapons rack at the same time as Cecilia(8). Cecilia grabs the sword and swings at Sobille(7) but she jumps to the side. Cecilia(8) tries to punch Sabille(7) but she grabs her hand and twist her rist. Cecilia(8) swung her sword at Sabille's(8) head but she grabbed the sword with both hands in mid air. Cecilia(8) punches Sabille(7) in the face and kicks her to the ground. Yohan(3) was being chased by Tule(10) when he fell. Yohan(3) tried to crawl backwards but Tule slashed his stomach with his machete. BOOM! In the field, Cashmere(1) was running with a backpack when Phox(10) tackles her. She leans her head up and gets slapped across the face. Phox(10) pins her down and brutally starts strangling her. cashmere gasp for air but can not get any. Without thinking Phox(10) slightly takes his wait off of Cashmeres stomach. She bends her knee at an angle so she can reach her boot where her knife is. When she gets it she stabs Phox(10) in the left shoulder and rolls on top of him. Phox(10) grabs the collar of Cashmere's(10) shirt but before he could do anything Cashmere(1) head butted him. She rose her knife and stabbed him in the chest. She stabbed him 4 ,ore times before Phox(10) died.BOOM! Seeder(11) was hiding behinde a crate when she saw Abigail(2) push down Wolfmark(11). She ran out at Abigail(2) and stabbed her in the thigh with a small black sword.Abigail(2)  screams and reaches for Seeder(11) but gets Seeders yellow sleeping bag shoved in her face. Abigail(2) geabs a small square knife off a crate and plunges it into Seeders(11) stommach. Seeder(11) crumbles to the ground. BOOM! Abigail(2) smiles with preasure but then Chaff(11) runs at her. Chaff(11) picks up Agigail(2) by the shirt callar amd slamms her into the Cornucopia wall. He pulls out a small sickle ad places it to her throught. She screams as he slowly draggs the blade agross her skin. BOOM! Librae(4) now had Tressa(6) by the hair and was dragging her. Librae(4) kicked and punched Tressa(6) so much that she couldnt even fight back.Sturve(2) had just grabbed a bow when Marina(9) ran at him with a knife. He quickly loaded an arrow and shot her in the chest. BOOM! Ivo(6) had a large backpack and a spear and was now running into the maze. Thornburg(5) had grabbed an aze and was now fighting with Rendwick(2) over a backpack. Rendwick(2) elbowed Thornburg(5) in the stomach and knocked him down. He then used the backpack to hit Thornburg(5) over and over again.

Rest of Bloodbath.

Gauis(1) killed Alto(10) by stabbing him in the stomach with a sword. 'BOOM!                                                 Fawn(3) tried to grabb a coil but Redwick(2) threw an axe into her back.BOOM!                                     Tiffany(10) battled Zenobia(2) and killed her with a axe. BOOM!                                                                Beetee(3) was trieing to wake up Fawn(3) and Gloss slit his troat.BOOM!                                              

Raff(2) was killed by Venture(5) BOOM!                                                                                                    Gliese(5) was brutally stabbed to death by Kurt(2). BOOM!                                                                        Baron(2) tried to attack Jombilee(9) but she cut off his left leg. BOOM!                                                    Daniel(9) hit Ashlee(5) on the head with a canteen then strangled her. BOOM!                                             Parry(11) tried to kill Brutus(20 with a scythe and cut his arm but was eventually speared by Brutus. BOOM! Cecilia(8) attacked Librae(4) with her sword and after a brutal fight Cecilia(8) was hit with a spear.BOOM! Pliny(7) found Ron(4) and hit him in the stomach with a axe. BOOM!                                                                 Haymich(12) tried to stabb Lyme(2) with a knife so she snapped his neck. BOOM!


All of District 1 and 2 still alive.

All of District 4 are in one allience.

Soren(5), Venture(5), Thornburg(6), James(5), and Ivette(5)

Tressa(6) and Ivo(6)

Johanna(7) and Blight(7)

Laurel(9) and Jombilee(9)

All of District 10 that are left.

Day 1

Tule(10),Tiffany(10),Jackson(10), and Grier(10) all stood at a turn in the middle of the maze.  Tule had a backpack,water canteen, and an axe. Tiffany had the same thing but a bigger axe. Jackson had a purple backpack and a black sword. Grier just had a machete and no supplies. Where are Phox and Alto? asked Tiffany, breathing hard. Dead most likeley.replied Jackson. Tiffany gave him an angered look. C'mon! said Tule. And the group made the turn and continued running.

Were do you think the careers are? Laurel(9) asked Jombilee(9). At the cornucopia. They wont travel through the maze with a group as big as they have replied Jombilee. Good. Do you think Daniel will join us? 'Laurel asked. She had been Daniels(9) mentor and closest friend for years now and dreaded having to kill him to win. When the time comes... He will come. says Jombilee bending down and touching the grass. Threwout all of training Lauren had talkied about this big plan that all the tributes will participate in.

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