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    40th Hunger Games

    December 18, 2012 by District9Brody

    These are my first games, District2Career inspired me to write Hunger Games stuff.

    Here we go. 

    No cussing/swear, if your tributes dies, i'm sorry it's the Hunger Games. :( Please don't be mad!

    Pick up to as many tributes. I will do training scores. I will reserve spots for 2 days.

    Arena: The arena is in a forest (like in the 74th Hunger games). 

    Mutatations- Pink Toucan Birds (like in th 50th hunger games), Wolf mutts (like in the 74th Hunger Games), and cannibal squirrels.


    You get 300$


    Spear- 100$

    Bow and 12 Arrows- 125$

    Sword- 150$

    Trident- 180$

    Throwing Knives- 90$

    Axe- 80$

    Dagger- 30$

    Throwing Axes- 100$

    Sickle- 70$

    Blowgun- 90$

    Slingshot with 12 rocks- 80$

    Mace- 80$

    Cladus Sword- 130$


    Burn Medicine- 80$ (Heals cuts and burns.…

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