40th Hunger Games

These are my first games, District2Career inspired me to write Hunger Games stuff.

Here we go. 

No cussing/swear, if your tributes dies, i'm sorry it's the Hunger Games. :( Please don't be mad!

Pick up to as many tributes. I will do training scores. I will reserve spots for 2 days.

Arena: The arena is in a forest (like in the 74th Hunger games). 

Mutatations- Pink Toucan Birds (like in th 50th hunger games), Wolf mutts (like in the 74th Hunger Games), and cannibal squirrels.


You get 300$


Spear- 100$

Bow and 12 Arrows- 125$

Sword- 150$

Trident- 180$

Throwing Knives- 90$

Axe- 80$

Dagger- 30$

Throwing Axes- 100$

Sickle- 70$

Blowgun- 90$

Slingshot with 12 rocks- 80$

Mace- 80$

Cladus Sword- 130$


Burn Medicine- 80$ (Heals cuts and burns.)

Heal it all- 160$ (heals your hole cuts in just 2 hours)


Bread- 10$

Cake- 15$

Apple- 5$

Crackers- 5$

Chicken Soup- 10$

Tribute Template:







Bloodbath Strategy-


(You don't have to put down bloodbath strategy if you don't want to.)



1- Ember Pine 14 Blowgun- Training Score: 8

1- Mark Matthews 17 Spear- Training Score: 9

2- Blair Demetria 15 Throwing Knives, Axe, Sword- Training Score: 9

2- Suzuki Hickey 16 Machete, Poison- Training Score: 10

3- Aveara Copley 15 Throwing Knives, Snares, Hand to Hand Combat- Training Score: 8

3- Seth Blaque 16 Sword, Snares, Hand to Hand Combat, Camoflauge- Training Score: 9

4- Twix 16 Throwing Axes, Reg. Axe- Training Score: 9

4- Muzzy 16 Trident, Net, Spears- Training Score: 10

5- Lauren Rios 14 Knife, Wire- Training Score: 7

5- Mathew Giza 16 Bow and Arrow- Training Score: 8

6- Sabrina Wilkins 15 Spear, Axe, Sword- Training Score: 7

6- Matt 18 Sword, Knife, Spear, Axe- Training Score: 10

7- Dani Granite 17 Axe, Throwing Axes, Throwing Knives- Training Score: 9

7- Oak Woods 14 Axe, Knife- Training Score: 7

8- Alison 15 Spear, Bow and Arrows, Axe- Training Score: 8

8- David 17 Spear, Crossbow, Sword- Training Score: 7

9- Ria 12 Slingshot, Axe, Spear- Training Score: 6

9- Blake Nolan 17 Tazer, Bow and Arrow, Knives, Axe, Blowgun- Training Score: 8 

10- Grace 13 Bow and Arrow, Knife- Training Score: 6

10- Samuel Milkinson 18 Knife, Axe- Training Score: 8

11- Mo Ching 15 Knife, Axe- Training Score: 7

11- Taylor 16 Sword, Bow and Arrows, Throwing Knives- Training Score: 9

12- Sierra Waters 15 Throwing Knives, Axe, Bow and Arrow- Training Score: 7

12- Marcus Reid 17 Bow and Arrows, Trapping- Training Score: 9

May the odds be ever in your favor. :)


Blair POV-

I look over to my right and I see the boy from 3. On my left is the girl from 12. I spot some throwing knives and get ready to run. I look to my far right and see the girl from 3 throw her tribute token. It lands right in front of some tributes but not too close and it explodes. The boy from 8 flings back and blows up then the gong rings. I run off my plate and grab the throwing knives. I see the girl from 5 and throw it at her leg. She falls down and I throw a knife into her back. I look around and see Muzzy tackle the boy from 10. 

Muzzy POV- 

I tackle the boy from 10 and he kicks me in the leg. I fall down but get right up. I grab a spear and ram it into his chest. I run over and grab a sleeping bag and shove it in the boy from 3's face. He falls down and I stab him in the stomach twice and then I run off for more tributes.

Ember POV-

I run over to the girl from 8 and tackle her. I grab her neck and squeeze my hand then her face goes pale and I know that she died. I get up and run for a blowgun laying beside a crate. I then grab it and run into the cornucopia.

Suzuki POV-

I grab a machete and ram it into the girl from 11's chest. She falls down and I grab her pack. I put it on and run after the boy from 6. I grab his neck and ram him into the cornucopia wall. I pick him up and toss him in the air and slice his neck open.

Twix POV-

I grab some throwing axes and throw one into the girl from 9. She falls down and splurts out blood. I look around and see the boy from 7. I run at him and kick him down. He falls and I kick him in his temple. His head starts to bleed and I throw an axe into his head. I run away to find some supplies. 

Mark POV- 

I bend down and stab the boy from 12. He screams for his district partner I guess named Sierra. She comes running for him but I give her a death stare and she runs away with a pack and a axe. The boy from 12's eyes roll back in his head and he died. I get up off the ground and see me and the careers also the girl from 7 standing over dead bodies. We then start getting supplies. 

Summary of Day 1

The males from 3, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12. The females from 5, 8, 9, and 11. Everybody else is fine.

Day 2

Sierra POV-

I can't believe Marcus died. I look in my pack and find a rope, some crackers and a bottle of water. I also got an axe. I get up and start walking towards the meadow.

Aveara POV-

I start running back to the cornucopia to find my ring. I look by the remaing of the district 8 boy what the capital missed and looked near there. I should hurry up because the careers should be hear any minute now. I look around and see some silver shining in the grass. I run there and I see half of the hoop of the ring still laying there. I pick it up and run away.

Muzzy POV- 

I'm with the careers searching for tributes. I still can't believe Ember let the girl from 7 Dani come in the career group but she did get a 9 for a training score. We keep looking and then we see something up in the tree. It's a big tracker jacker nest and we all just move around it quietly. After we get past it we start running off to the cornucopia.

Summary of Day 2

Everybody is fine. Aveara got a part of her ring back.

Day 3

Ember POV-

Me, Muzzy, and Dani went hunting while the rest of the careers stade at the cornucopia. We look around and see the girl from 10 sitting on a stump. She looks behind herself and starts running the other way. We stop and Dani throws her axe into the girl from 10's back. She falls to the ground and her canon fires. We run up to her and Dani pulls out her axe. We decide to head back to camp.

Mo Ching POV-

I start walking around with my axe ready. I only got an axe from the cornucopia. I look around and see a mockingjay high up in a tree. I wistle a tune and it wistles back with the same tune. I smile and keep walking on.

Blake POV-

I hear a canon in the distance followed with a scream. I look around and hear a chitter of small teeth. I then see squirrels start running after me. I start running and trying to fend them off with my tazer. I zap a couple of them and   one bites my leg. I scream and run up a tree. Thankfully, the squirrels can't climb trees. The sun starts to go down and the squirrels start to decay. They start melting into this acid. I need a sponsor with medicine really bad!

Summary of Day 3

Grace died. Blake needs medicine.

Day 4

Sabrina POV-

I'm walking through the forest when I see the boy from 9 up in a tree. I ask him if he needs help. He said that he needs medicing really bad. I throw up some medicine and he applies it to his leg. He throws it back down and starts climbing down the tree. 

"Team?" he asks.

I smile and give him a nod and then we head off into the forest.

Twix POV- 

At the cornucopia we just sat down and started talking about what it's like back in our districts. Blair told us how she started throwing knives at the age of 3 and how she did it faster than the other kids. Then Dani told us about her forced into a group and then the leader ended up dying. After all our story telling we get up and start looking for tributes.

Dani POV- 

As we're looking for tributes I decide to back stab Muzzy. I can tell he doesn't like me hear. Okay so at night I'm going to grab a knife and stab him when it's my watch and run away. 

"You're watch Dani," said Mark.

He fell down on a bag and fell asleep. After a few minutes I grab a knife from the ground and stab Muzzy in the stomach. He grunts a little and then I stab him again. Before his gong rang out I grabbed a pack and ran for my life. Then his canon fired and I was off in the forest alone.

Summary of Day 4

Muzzy died. Dani left the career alliance. Sabrina and Blake are allies now.

Day 5

Suzuki POV-

I can't believe Dani traded on us. We all declared if we saw Dani we would kill her. She killed Muzzy and Twix is really upset. I walk over to her and put my hand on her shoulder. I tell her it's going to be alright and she nods her head yes. I walk away and then us careers leave Twix alone.

Sierra POV-

I sit on a stump and see a couple tributes run by a tree. I jump up and hide behind the stump so they don't see me. I grab one of my throwing knives and get up. I see the girl and throw one into her leg. She falls and I hide behind the stump again. I peek over and she's crying on the ground with her alliance from 9. I grab another knife and throw it into his throat. He cries and his canon fires. I decide to let the girl go and so I run away. She looks at me and she starts crying. I'm doing good.

Blair POV-

Us careers decide to split up. I'm going with Suzuki and Twix and Ember and Mark are together. We take all the supplies we can and I run away with Suzuki. Twix just decided to stay by herself and fend for herself. We let her go and head off into the forest. 

Twix POV-

I am going to kill Dani no matter what. I grab some throwing axes and a pack full of good supplies and head off in the other direction of the other teams went through seperatley. 

Summary of Day 5

Blake died. The career alliance split up. Sabrina needs medicine. BAD!!!

Day 6

Sabrina POV-

I'm just about to die when I remember in my pack was medicine. I sit up and look in my bag and I see the medicine. I smeare the cold stuff on my leg and hope it gets better. 

Mark POV-

Ember and I are walking through the forest when we see the alliance from 2. We start running at them and Ember shoots a dart into Blair's neck. She falls to the ground and Suzuki runs away. Blair's canon fires and we let Suzuki go.

Mathew POV-

I have a bow and 12 arrows and no kills. A canon fired just a couple minutes ago. I decide to head to into a cave to stay in for the rest of the games. It's very well hidden so i don't think anybody will find me.

Twix POV-

I'm walking around in the forest when I hear feet pattering. I look around me and see the boy from 11. I grab one of my axes and throw one at him. He ducks and it sticks in the grass. He runs after me and I slice open his stomach. He falls down and I slam my axe in his neck. I then run off when his canon fires.

Summary of Day 6

Blair died and so did Mo Ching. 

Day 7

Suzuki POV-

I look around and see the girl from 12. I run up to her and she cuts me arm. I kick her in the stomach and she falls. I pick her up and slam her into the tree. I hear a crack and she went pale. Her canon fired and I started running away. 

Aveara POV-

I look up in the sky and I know my district is rooting for me. There are only 9 left. 4 more will die. And then the final 5 will go home. And I will try to make me be in that final five.

Sabrina POV-

I jump up ready to attack. But all it was was the wind. I looked outside my cave and saw it started to snow. Oh yay, now we'll be able to see the blood in the snow. How pretty! Not! 

Ember POV-

Me and Mark decided we'll just wait for the tributes to attack so we'll be ready and have a ton of energy to take them on. So we sat down beside the cornucopia. We were determined to win but we weren't sure.

Summary of Day 7

Sierra died. 

Day 8

Dani POV-

The feast is today and only  of us left. We all stand in the trees ready to fight. This day is going to be the last and the final five will go home. We all start running to the cornucopia. That's when I swing my axe into the girl from 6. She falls back and her canon fires. 

Mathew POV-

I load an arrow and shoot the boy from 2 in the neck and he falls down and blood pours out of his neck. 

Twix POV-

I run over to the girl from 1 and punch her in the nose. She falls down and I slam my axe into her face. Her canon fires. 

"Stop! Stop fighting, Mark, Aveara, Twix, Mathew, and Dani. Congratulations on winning the 40th Hunger Games!" 

I just won the Hunger Games.

Aveara POV-

I just won. I'm coming home. That's when I start to cry. 

Mark POV-

I just won the Hunger Games. I can go home.

Dani POV-

Yes! I just won the Hunger Games! I can't wait to see my family.

Mathew POV-

I was just announced the victor of the 40th Hunger Games! That's when the hovercraft comes to pick the 5 of us up. Summary of Day 8:

Sabrina, Suzuki, and Ember died.

Congradulations to:

Mark Mathews- District 1

Aveara Copley- District 3

Twix- District 4

Mathew Giza- District 5

Dani Granite- District 7

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