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  • District 2 Tribute

    If there were no Hunger Games or Districts, I wonder which tributes would be paired up.

    Glimmer/Cato: Not bad, considering they're both careers. They were holding hands a couple of times, and Glimmer flirted with him a bite. They also snuggled up together when they were sleeping under Katniss' tree. They would have made a cute couple.

    Clove/Cato: I don't think so. For them, it seems more like a brother/sister relationship. When Clove died, Cato was seen begging her to stay with him. They also had a bit of an age difference.

    Katniss/Cato: Hmmmm...If Cato were a tad less brutal and bloodthirsty, he might have been ok for Katniss. It might be a little love/hate sort of thing. He would have been a bit like Gale, in a way. He was seen looking at K…

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