• District Four Girl

    Hello! Today is the reaping for the 100th Hunger Games. I am President Six of Panem.

    This is the first Hunger Games in many years. It is back by popular demand! And this time... WE chose the tributes!
    That's not all. This year is double the tributes. So, folks, here are the tributes:
    District One girls- Anne Hallmark and Janine Sash
    District One boys- Sharp Speedster and Adrian Mark
    District Two girls- Canyon Peak and Sarah Johnson
    District Two boys- Jason Mellark and Tony Anderson
    District Three girls- Marion Key and Nancy Jones
    District Three boys- Johnny Smith and Andy Miller
    District Four Girls- Emily Silver and Sydney White
    District Four boys- Matthew Jerk and Cameron Martin
    District Five girls- Jane Jackson and Toni Lake
    District Five boys- Jef…

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